Vilna Collection
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Brief Description: The collection is comprised of discrete papers which previously were part of various collections in the YIVO Archives in Vilna. These, for the most part, are documents of various Jewish organizations active in Vilna before World War II.    Records of communal and social welfare organizations, among them ORT, OSE, Tsentraler Hilfs Komitet  (Central Relief Committee), YEKOPO.  Included are also charity organizations, orphanages and old age homes, child care agencies, soup kitchens, subsidized school kitchens, societies to assist the ill and the poor, (interest) free loan associations.      Records of educational and cultural institutions: schools, cultural societies, private study groups, artists clubs, musical societies, libraries, language clubs, theater groups, publishing houses.  Included are:  Yidisher Kultur Fareyn (Jewish Culture Society), Tiferes Bachurim, Strashun Library, Kultur Lige, Hevrah Mefitsei Haskalah, S. An-Ski Historical and Ethnographic Society.      Records of religious institutions, yeshivot, synagogues, study groups.  Included are Beit Hakneset Hagadol and the Vilna Gaon's synagogue.      Records of economic institutions.  Included are cooperative banks and savings and loan associations subsidized by JDC and YEKOPO.      Official government, municipal and legal documents. Topics include elections to the Duma (parliament in the Russian Empire), state appointed rabbis, activities of the Vilna municipality, budgets of the Vilna municipality, elections to the City Council, business disputes between Jews and non-Jews, police reports.      Records of the Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists.  Materials of other professional associations and trade unions.      Memoirs written during World War I, 1915.  Materials on the German occupation during World War I.  Materials on Soviet occupation, 1918-1920.  General statistical materials on the Jewish and non-Jewish population of Vilna, 1916-1920.      Records relating to Soviet and Lithuanian rule. Materials on refugees, 1939-1940.
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