Abraham Moshe Bernstein
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Brief Description: The collection relates to Bernstein's career and consists of the following:      Printed musical works by Bernstein.  Musical manuscripts by Bernstein. Liturgical works:  Friday evening prayer service;  Sabbath morning service;  High Holiday prayers;  Psalms; *zemirot*;  secular works;  children's songs, 12 notebooks.  Ethnomusicological works and transcriptions.  Arrangements by Bernstein.  Works attributed to by Bernstein.      Manuscripts of articles and essays by Bernstein relating to Gershon Sirota, Solomon Salzer, Abraham Baer Birnbaum.  Partial Yiddish translation of Ecclesiastes. Choral volumes and individuals part books in manuscript, used by A.M. Bernstein and his choir at Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna.  Printed music by others: Samuel Alman, Mattiah Bensman, Eduard Birnbaum, D. Deutscher, Aron Friedman, Sh. Greentsayg, Erno Hoffman, Louis Lewandowski, Arno Nadel, David Nowakowski, Aron Merko Rothmuller, Nakhum Sternheim, Joshua Samuel Weisser, Eliakum Zunser. Musical manuscripts by others.      Manuscript of A.M. Bernstein's autobiography, *Gilgalim*.  Obituaries of Bernstein.  A chart of photographs of famous cantors.  Family photos of the Bernstein and Punski families.
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Record Series Number: RG 36 /RG 36 
Created by: Bernstein, Abraham Moshe (1866-1932)
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: The collection is arranged as follows: I) Printed Musical Works by A.M. Bernstein (1/1-8/836); II) Musical Manuscripts by A.M. Berstein (8/837-20/2637); III) Works possibly by A.M. Bernstein (21/2638-2687); IV) Fragments & Unidentified Pieces (22/2688-2767y); V) Literary Works by A.M. Bernstein (23/2768-2800); VI) Documents Relating to A.M. Bernstein (23/2801-2802); VII) Choral Volumes & Individual Part Books (24/2803-2819); VIII) Printed Music not by A.M. Bernstein (25/2820-2863s); IX) Musical Manuscripts not by A.M. Bernstein (26/2864-3554a); a) Fragments from Part Books (26/3555-3668); b) Fragments & Unidentified Pieces (26/3826-3983n); Supplement A (27/3984-4223); Supplement B (28/4224-4327); Supplement C (29/4328-30/4529); Addendum (folders 1-20)
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Bernstein, Abraham Moshe
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