Union Generale Des Israelites De France (UGIF)
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Brief Description: These are fragmentary records of the UGIF in both zones and include the following:      Central Administration Records of the Coordinating Committee, a predecessor organization of the UGIF. Materials on the establishment of the UGIF, including meetings with and reports to Theodor Dannecker, a Gestapo official. Minutes of the Administrative Council.  *NORTHERN ZONE*      Group I: General Activities.  Records of the Bureau of the President and the General Secretariat. Minutes of weekly consultations by leaders of UGIF sections.  Correspondence relating to internees, deportees, interventions.  Materials relating to the enforced collection of 1 billion francs from the Jewish community.  Census of Jews in France, 1941, conducted in order to cover the 1 billion francs.  Memos, reports and correspondence relating to German authorities, the Police Prefecture of Paris, the provinces, the Refugee Tracing Bureau and dealing with various topics such as parcels to internees, travel permits.      Group II: Administration and Finance.  Budgets and financial reports of the UGIF.  Minutes of the Finance Committee.  File of 65,000 cards of Jews who registered with the UGIF in accordance with the ordinance of October 1940.      Group III: Social Services.  Memoranda between sections. Individual cases of assistance. Social services for youths.  Reports, correspondence on the activities of the relief organization, Rue Amelot.  Records of various social service offices.      Group IV: Youth Activities and Vocational Training. Correspondence with various centers for vocational training. Materials about: Jews employed on farms in the Ardennes; youth centers and clubs; the vocational school, ORT; sports for Jewish youth.      Group V: Children's Homes and Health Centers.  Minutes of the sessions of the Medical-Social Committee. Correspondence of OSE.  Nurseries:  daily reports, records of food cards, dates of arrival and departure of children, orphanages.  Rothschild Hospital:  correspondence relating to administrative matters, correspondence between the General Secretariat of UGIF and the hospital concerning internees, the sick, the aged.      Group VI: Canteens and Supplies.  Materials about food parcels, canteens.  Reports on number of meals in canteens.      Group VII: Provisioning.  Minutes of the Provisioning Committee.  Correspondence with German and French authorities about provisioning of the Drancy internment camp.  *SOUTHERN ZONE*      Minutes about the establishment of the UGIF in the South. Minutes of the Administrative Council. Correspondence of the General Director in Marseille with the JDC office in Lisbon.  Circulars of the UGIF offices in Marseilles and Lyons.  Reports, correspondence, and other materials from the seven directorates of the Southern Zone. Records of the 6th Directorate (HICEM): circulars, correspondence, about emigration matters, correspondence with the internment camps.  Materials from the 7th Directorate, the Alliance Israelite Universelle. *MATERIALS OF BOTH ZONES*      Files concerning Jewish veterans.  Correspondence of UGIF with Algiers and abroad.  Correspondence with Budapest, Vienna, and Germany, chiefly about tracing relatives.   *CAMPS*      Lists, correspondence, reports, statistical materials relating to the internment camps and pertaining to the following topics:  arrivals and deportations of internees, living conditions, medical services, working conditions, provisions, interventions.  Following camps are included: Drancy, Ost, Austerlitz, Levitan, Bassano, Compiegne, Pithiviers, Beaune-la-Rolande, La Lande, Rivesaltes.   *NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS AND OTHER PRINTED MATERIALS*      Issues of various magazines, including *Journal Officiel*  and the *Paris Municipal Bulletin* with decrees relating to Jews, 1941-1944.  Clippings relating to: decrees and statements of the French authorities about Jews;  German and French ordinances;  concentration camps;  labor camps; anti-Jewish actions such as internments, arrests, removal of Jews from financial positions, denaturalization; anti-Jewish propaganda in other countries.
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Record Series Number: RG 210 /RG 210 
Created by: Union Generale Des Israelites De France (UGIF)
Volume: 0.0

Organization: Correspondence folders arranged numerically; membership cards arranged alphabetically

Arrangement: The collection is divided into 10 series: I) The Establishment of UGIF; II) Group 1 in the Northern Zone; III) Group 2; IV) Group 3; V) Group 4; VI) Group 5; VII) Group 6; VIII) Group 7; IX) Materials from the Southern Zone; X) Miscellaneous Materials from both Zones

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Union Generale Des Israelites De France (UGIF)
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