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Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of Paul (Pesakh) Novick (1891-1989) 1897-1991, 2006 (bulk 1940-1988) RG 1247

Predominant Dates:bulk 1940-1988

ID: RG 1247 FA

Extent: 40.3 Linear Feet


The Original Documents series and the Photographs series were processed by Daniel Soyer in June 1989. The addendum was processed by Shloyme Krystal in 2006. The Newspaper Clippings series and the Files of Chaim Suller series were processed by Rachel S. Harrison in 2011.

The office files were alphabetically arranged when they came into the Archives, with correspondence and subject files integrated. This order has been maintained, with minor changes to correct folders that were not in alphabetical order. Photographs and clippings have been separated into distinct series. The photographs were rearranged. Many of the newspaper clippings were unarranged and many were loose in the boxes, while others were labeled but not arranged. These clippings have been put into folders and given titles, either by subject or by the name of the periodical. They have been arranged alphabetically, paralleling the order of the series of original documents. Materials are arranged according to the Latin alphabet even when they do not use Latin characters. Yiddish names and periodical titles have been transliterated according to YIVO standards except when the individual is known in English by another spelling. Additionally, if the name appeared in Latin letters anywhere within the folder, that spelling was used rather than a standard transliteration. Files of Chaim Suller, managing editor of the Morning Freiheit , have been arranged alphabetically and form their own series. The papers are divided into four series and an addendum. The addendum is arranged topically. Folder numbers run throughout the first four series but begin again at folder 1 in the addendum.

Languages: Yiddish, English, Russian, French, Hebrew, Polish, Spanish, German, Romany


This collection contains documents of journalist and left-wing political activist Paul Novick, consisting mainly of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, photographs, and newspaper clippings. These materials relate to Novick’s career as long-time editor of the Morning Freiheit (Morning Freedom), his important role in the worldwide Communist movement, the history of the Freiheit itself, and Jewish and general politics. These materials demonstrate Novick’s important, and changing, role in the history of Communism, as well as his career as a Yiddish journalist and author.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The papers in this collection pertain to Novick’s work as the editor-in-chief of the Morning Freiheit , and to his activities on the political left, in the Communist Party of the USA, the International Workers Order (IWO), and in Idisher Kultur Farband (IKUF). The collection contains a wealth of materials relating to the history of Communism, particularly as it relates to the Jews in the United States, the Soviet Union, Israel, and elsewhere. Much of the correspondence, including that with such individuals as Peggy Dennis, Alexander Bittleman and Howard Fast concerns the growing disillusionment with the Soviet Union and the Communist Party on the part of many long-time adherents. The history of the Morning Freiheit itself, particularly for the period during which Novick was the editor, is well documented by the voluminous correspondence and many manuscripts of Freiheit contributors and supporters. These materials also shed light on Yiddish literary circles, particularly those inclined towards the left. Jewish and general political issues are documented by statements and other materials issued by a wide range of Jewish and left-wing organizations.

Subject files, including those on individuals as subjects, containing significant material include: Antisemitism, Birobidzhan, the Bund, Cuba, the Holocaust, Israel, Trofim Kichko, H. Leivick, Moyshe Olgin, Poland, the press, the USSR, Morris Winchevsky, Chaim Zhitlowsky, and Zionism. Materials in the file of Lucy Dawidowicz concern the expulsion of the Jewish Music Alliance from the Jewish Music Council during the McCarthy era.

Organizations represented by significant amounts of material include: the Communist Party, particularly the American Comunist Party, Daily World , Jewish Daily Forward , Idisher Kultur Farband (IKUF), International Workers Order (IWO), Jewish Defense League, Morning Freiheit , and the United Nations. There is also material issued by the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Novosti Press Agency, and other organizations in many of the files.

Photographs include portraits of many individuals, particularly contributors to the Morning Freiheit and Soviet Jewish writers, as well as Soviet and Polish press photos, pictures from Novick’s trip to Poland in 1978, Freiheit -sponsored events, and other subjects. Among the most significant photos are: Sholem Aleichem with Reuben Brainin and an unidentified man, circa 1915; Herzl with a group of journalists at a Zionist congress in Basel, possibly in 1897; an inscribed portrait of Joseph Barondess, 1916; a group of delegates to the 1937 IKUF conference at the Paris train station; Brainin and others in Bnai Brak in the 1920s; a number of photographs of Jewish life in Poland in the immediate post-war period; Novick in Birobidzhan, 1936; Novick speaking at meetings of ICOR, 1937, and the Zhitomir Relief Committee, 1947; Novick with Communist leaders James Ford, Israel Amter, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Mike Gold, 1941; Novick with Soviet Yiddish writers and cultural figures, including Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Feffer, during Novick’s trip to the USSR in 1946; Itsik Feffer with poet I.E. Rontch in front of a Jewish bookstore on the Lower East Side, 1944; and scenes from camps Kinderland and Lakeland.

Office files include alphabetically arranged correspondence and subject files, including manuscripts of articles and speeches by Novick and other writers, reports, memoranda, brochures, printed materials, travel writings, flyers and press releases issued by a number of organizations on a wide variety of issues, pamphlets, photographs and clippings relating to Novick’s work with the Morning Freiheit , his activity with the Communist Party, including his expulsion in 1973, his affiliation with other organizations, and his concern with politics, current events and Jewish affairs in the United States, the Soviet Union, Israel, and elsewhere.

Correspondents include: Herbert Aptheker, Hertz Burgin, David Bergelson, Martin Birnbaum, Alexander Bittleman, Reuben Brainin, Bella Chagall, Marc Chagall, Peggy Dennis, Howard Fast, Lion Feuchtwanger, Bruno Frei, Joshua Gershman, Ben Gold, Mike Gold, Itshe Goldberg, Ber Green, William Gropper, Shmuel Halkin, Abraham Jenofsky, Efraim Kaganofsky, Moshe Katz, Leon Kobrin, Malka Lee, Rafael Mahler, Khaym Maltinsky, Ber Mark, Kalman Marmor, Abraham Maymudes, Gina Medem, Nachman Meisel, Jacob Milch, Michal Mirski, Otto Nathen, Kopl Novick, Melech Ravitch, Isaac Raboy, Sid Resnick, Isaac E. Rontch, Morris U. Schappes, Upton Sinclair, Hersh Smolar, Moshe Sneh, Dora Teitelbaum, Aaron Vergelis, Z. Wendroff, and Chaim Zhitlowsky. The file for Ber Green includes a number of letters by Alexander Mukdoni, Kalman Marmor, Yehoash, Bergun, Winchevsky, Bergelson, Milch, Peretz Hirschbein, Zhitlowsky, and others. The correspondence file for Aaron Vergelis includes material concerning the journal Sovietish Heymland (Soviet Homeland), of which he was the editor.

The newspaper clippings recreate many of the topics found in the Original Documents series. These generally seem to be topics Novick was interested and involved with, individuals and organizations he corresponded with, periodicals he wrote for, subscribed to or read regularly, and possible topics for articles. Chaim Suller’s files mostly concern the running of the Morning Freiheit , dinners and events related to the newspaper, Suller’s correspondence, copies and drafts of his articles, geographical files, some of which contain correspondence, and a great deal of information about tracking down war criminals and former Nazis, particularly in the United States.

The addendum is made up of brochures, printed materials, speeches and articles written by Novick and others, including Leib Kvitko, David Hofshtayn, Peretz Markish, and Anna Safran, travel writings from his trips to the Soviet Union, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and other countries, biographical notes, court proceedings, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and materials he gathered during his time as an editor of Morning Freiheit , 1924-1988. There are also materials about the conflict between the Sovietish Heymland and the Morning Freiheit , about the Jewish national problem, which contributed to Novick’s expulsion from the American Communist Party, some materials about Moyshe Olgin, who was the editor of the Freiheit until his death in 1939, when Novick assumed that role, about Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Feffer in America, about Alexander Belousov, the Russian Yiddish poet, Novick’s rehabilitation of the Yiddish writers murdered in 1952, the Ber Green memorial, and material for a book by Moshe Katz.

The collection dates from 1897-1991 with one article from 2006. The bulk of materials come from 1940-1988.

Historical Note

Biographical Note Paul (Pesakh) Novick was born September 7, 1891 in Brisk (Brest-Litovsk), Russia to Chaim Feivel and Chaya Esther Novick. His father was a shopkeeper and sent him to kheyder and then to the yeshiva to learn with Rabbi Chaim (Halevi) Soloveitchik. At the age of 16 Novick left the yeshiva. He became involved in the Jewish labor movement and joined the Jewish Labor Bund in 1907. At the same time he devoted himself to acquiring a secular education. Between 1910 and 1912, Novick lived in Zurich, Switzerland, where he earned a living as a machinist in a cigarette-casing factory, while continuing his literary pursuits in the evening. In 1913 he came to New York, working first in a raincoat factory, and later as an official and secretary of the Jewish Federation of the Socialist Party and its weekly organ, Di Naye Velt (The New World), in which he first began to publish articles starting in 1915. Following the February Revolution in 1917, Novick returned to Russia and resumed his activity with the Bund, first in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) and then in Minsk and Moscow, where he worked in a factory. He contributed articles to the Di Folksztyme in Kiev in 1917-1918 and Der Veker in Minsk in 1918. In 1919 and 1920 he was editor of the Bundist Unzer Shtime (Our Voice) in Vilna and co-editor with Zalmen Reisin of the Vilner Tog (Vilna Day). In 1920 he served as news editor of the Bundist Lebns-fragn (Current Issues) in Warsaw.

In October 1920, Novick resettled, this time permanently, in the United States. He rejoined the Jewish Socialist Federation and briefly wrote for the Jewish Daily Forward from 1920-1921. Novick sided with the left wing of the Jewish Socialist Federation when it split from the Socialist Party in 1921, at which point he joined the “Progressive Movement.” At the same time, he and some colleagues, including Moyshe Olgin, founded the Communist Freiheit (Freedom, later the Morning Freiheit ) in April 1922 with Novick as its first news editor. The Freiheit referred to itself as a “militant workers’ newspaper” and was also strongly aligned with the Communist Party and the Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union. Novick served at various times as secretary of the Freiheit’s editorial board, assistant editor and, after the death of Moyshe Olgin in November 1939, as editor-in-chief. He was a staff member of the Chicago Jewish Courier in 1923-1924 and served on the editorial board of Der Hamer (The Hammer) 1925-1937. He was particularly active in the International Workers’ Order (IWO), founded 1929, especially in its Yiddish educational and cultural activities, and with the Idisher Kultur Farband (IKUF), which was founded in 1937, including serving as a staff member of IKUF’s Yidishe Kultur (Yiddish Culture). He was also a staff member of other periodicals and organizations, including Jewish Currents , Proletpen, Zamlungen starting in 1955, Eynikeit , the journal of the leftist Jewish Tailor’s Group, in 1926-1928, and Dos Naye Lebn , the journal of the Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia (ICOR), from 1945-1949.

For many years Novick was an ardent defender of the Communist Party in all matters, even after the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1939, and the Freiheit reflected this approach. However, his position began to shift following Khrushchev’s 1956 denunciation of Stalin’s crimes at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party and the revelation in the Warsaw Folksztyme (Peoples’ Voice) that many of the leading Yiddish cultural figures in the Soviet Union had been executed in 1952. In 1957 the Morning Freiheit was officially declared free of Party control and began to exhibit a more independent position, although still generally sympathetic to Communism. The Freiheit first openly opposed Stalin’s Communism in 1962, reprinting the article about Khrushchev’s denunciation from the Folksztyme , although the Freiheit maintained its commitment to the Jewish left, espousing an independent brand of democratic Socialism.

While Novick himself remained a member of the Party and its national committee through the 1960s, he began to push within the Party for a position more favorable to Israel and supportive of its conflict with the Arab states, especially after the 1967 war when the Party condemned Israel. This was a reversal of Novick’s earlier strongly anti-Zionist writings. When the State of Israel was declared, Novick relinquished his opposition to Zionism and supported the Jewish state. His new position was a consequence of a “new Jewish consciousness which was born in Auschwitz.” He did not ever consider himself a Zionist, because he did not believe that Israel was the only solution to the Jewish national question, but he did recognize the centrality of Israel for the Jewish people. Eventually Novick openly declared himself against Soviet Communism and leveled charges of habitual antisemitism at the Kremlin. He criticized the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia and to question Soviet representatives regarding the USSR’s treatment of its Jewish minority. As the articles in the Freiheit began to express more independence from the official Communist position, Novick’s conflict with the Party leadership grew, until he was expelled in 1973 for “opportunistic capitulation to…Jewish nationalism,” for “Zionist bourgeois” leanings and for serving “United States imperialism.”

In addition to his activities as an editor, Novick wrote a large number of pamphlets and books on Jewish and general political issues. He also published Yiddish translations of English, Russian and German literary works, including Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle . From 1929 through the 1970s, Novick traveled extensively, visiting the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico on a number of occasions. He wrote about his travels in a series of articles and notes, some of which were published as a book, Europe – Between War and Peace , in 1948. The Freiheit had a daily circulation of over 14,000 in its heyday but ultimately ceased publication September 11, 1988 due to a combination of a lack of readers, a shortage of writers, rising expenses, and the deaths of several longtime benefactors. Shortly before his death, Novick stated that the end of the Morning Freiheit felt like an ending for him as well. Novick died August 21, 1989, two weeks before his 98th birthday, leaving behind his wife Shirley (Shulamit), his son Allan (Alter), a psychologist, and his brother Kopl Novick, who was also a writer.

Subject/Index Terms

Allgemeyner Idisher arbayterbund in Lita, Poylen un Rusland, Antisemitism, Birobidzhan (Russia), Clippings - Newspaper clippings, Communism, Communist Party of America, Documents - Administrative reports, Documents - Correspondence, Documents - Manuscripts, Documents - Memoranda, Forverts (New York, N.Y.), Goldberg, Itshe, Holocaust, Ikuf (Association), International Workers Order, Israel, Jewish Defense League, Kaganowski, Efraim, 1893-1958, Kychko, T. K. (Trokhym Korniĭovych), Leaflets - Brochures, Leivick, H., 1888-1962, Morgn-frayhayt, Newspaper editors, Newspaper publishing, New York (N.Y.), Novik, P., 1891-1989, Olgin, Moissaye J. (Moissaye Joseph), 1874-1939, Photographs, Poland, Russia, Schappes, Morris U. (Morris Urman), 1907-2004, Smolar, Hersh, 1905-1993, United Nations, Vergelis, Arn, Winchevsky, Morris, b. 1856, Yiddish newspapers, YIVO Archives, Zhitlowsky, Chaim, 1865-1943, Zionism

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Acquisition Method: Given to the YIVO Archives in January 1989 from Paul Novick, and in June 1989 from the offices of Morning Freiheit .

Separated Materials: Some of the photos were removed to RG 120, the Territorial Photograph Collection and some political cartoons were removed to RG 1290, the William Gropper Papers.

Related Materials: The YIVO Archives has materials by and about Paul Novick, including personal correspondence found in other collections, copies of his books and writings in Yiddish and English, including his Yiddish translation of Rip Van Winkle , and the Moshe Katz book that Novick edited. There are also books and other writings published in the Morning Freiheit or by the Morning Freiheit Association, as well as copies of the Morning Freiheit and Jewish Currents , edited by Morris Schappes, and books by Chaim Suller, managing editor of the Morning Freiheit .

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form: Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Paul Novick; RG 1247; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Original Documents
This series includes Paul Novick’s professional materials from his career as editor of the Morning Freiheit. These are arranged alphabetically under headings created for the most part by Mr. Novick. In most cases, correspondence is filed under the name of correspondent. Other material is generally filed by subject or issuing organization. Files under the name of an individual may include correspondence with that person, as well as material about him or her.
Folders: 317
Folder 1: A Correspondence and General

- Charles R. Allen, Jr., 1976

- Shulamit Aloni, 1981

- James Aronson, 1973-1975

- Dina Abramowicz, 1980 (Yiddish)

- Julius Adler, 1949 (Yiddish)

- William Abrams, 1943-1966 (Yiddish)

- Ronnie Altman Cintron, 1979 (Yiddish)

- Eva and Pesakh Alexander, 1978-1981 (Yiddish)

- Michael Alexandrovitch, 1961 (Yiddish)

- Nachum Alpert, 1981 (Yiddish)

- Pamphlets:

- Jewish Culture in America, by Nathan Ausubel

- Milestones of the American Jewish Committee

- Oyf der vakh far sholem un demokratic (On Guard for Peace and Democracy), United Cloakmakers Branch, 1939

Folder 2: Almazov, S.
- correspondence, manuscripts, clippings
Folder 3: Antisemitism

- radio speeches by Novick, 1966, and by Morris U. Schappes, 1966

- press releases by the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations, 1981-1984

- pamphlets published by the American Jewish Committee:

- The Many Faces of Anti-Semitism, 1967

- Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union 1977-1981, by Kampelman

- offprint of article by Morris U. Schappes, Anti-Semitism and Reaction, 1795-1800

- several issues of antisemitic Common Sense, 1969-1971

Folder 4: Aptheker, Herbert
- correspondence, notes on articles by Aptheker
Folder 5: Asch, Sholem

- chronology of Asch's collaboration with the Freiheit, circa 1946

- Hitler's Birth, article by Asch (Yiddish)

Folder 6: B Correspondence

- Selig Benjamin, 1967-1969

- Jerome Blackman

- Patricia Blake, 1960

- Carl Bloice, 1978-1980

- Marlene Booth, 1986

- Sam Borun, 1982

- Dora Bodek (Yiddish)

- Ben Bonus and Mina Bern, 1983-1984 (Yiddish)

- Y. Bakal (Yiddish)

- Henri Barboim, 1922 (copy) (Yiddish)

- M. Bornstein, 1943-1944 (Yiddish)

- Joseph Barsky, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Yosef Burg, 1980-1982 (Yiddish)

- Hertz Burgin, 1946 (Yiddish)

- B.J. Bialostotzky, 1962 (Yiddish)

- Anna Safran Bially, 1986 (Yiddish)

- Jacob Biber, 1982 (Yiddish)

- Tzalel Blitz, 1952 (Yiddish)

- Ray Becker, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Israel Bercovitch, 1985 (YIddish)

- Z. Brokhes, 1944 (Yiddish)

Folder 7: B General

- manuscripts of articles by Lawrence Bush, Jacob Biber, Martin Birnbaum, E. Bagramov, Sarah Barkan

- speech by Novick at funeral of Joseph Boruchowitz, 1943

- program for performance in Brooklyn by the Jewish State Theater of Bucharest

Folder 8: Babi Yar
1962, undated

- correspondence, accounts of visits to site, other materials, undated

- pamphlet of poems by Yevgeni Yevtushenko (Yiddish), published by IKUF, 1962

Folder 9: Bailin, Y.B.

- correspondence, eulogies by Novick for Bailin's autobiography, other material

- program for Bailin 75th anniversary and Sholem Aleichem centenary program of Jewish Music Alliance, 1959

Folder 10: Batt, Samuel
- correspondence
Folder 11: Bauman, S.
- correspondence, manuscript articles
Folder 12: Begun, V.
- account of a meeting of a few Minsk Jews with the writer V. Begun
Folder 13: Belenki, Moyshe
- correspondence, manuscript of article
Folder 14: Bergelson, David
1930-1933, 1964

- correspondence, 1930-1933

- interview with Tsipe Bergelson, with letter from Peretz Zelmanovski, 1964

- typescript of Khaver Shakhne (Neighbor Shakhne), by Bergelson

Folder 15: Bick, A.

- correspondence, manuscripts of articles by Bick

- Novick's report on Bick's leaving Freiheit

Folder 16: Birnbaum, Martin

- correspondence, 1976-1984

- manuscript of poetry by Birnbaum

- Novick's greeting for Birnbaum's 80th birthday, 1984

- Novick's eulogies for Birnbaum, 1986

Folder 17: Birobidzhan
1937, 1975-1985

- reports, press releases, notes, articles, 1975-1985

- pamphlets:

- Jews in Biro-Bidjan, by Novick (Yiddish), 1937

- People I Know in Birobidjan, 1975, On the Banks of the Amur, 1984, by Yevgeni Bugayenko

- The People and Land of Birobidzhan, by Vyacheslav Kostikov, 1979

- Law of the RFSSR on the Jewish Autonomous Region (Yiddish), 1984

Folder 18: Bittelman, Alexander
- correspondence, other material
Folder 19: Bogen-Dua, Gershon (A. Ged)
- manuscript articles on Polish and Jewish politics
Folder 20: Bolshakov, V.

- Bolshakov's pamphlets:

- Anti-Sovietism - Profession of Zionists, Anti-Communism: The Main Line of Zionism

- notes, essays on Bolshakov's works

Folder 21: Botwin

- manuscript of Naftali Botvin's Death Sentence (Yiddish)

- issue 5 of Botvin, organ of the Jewish company volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Folder 22: Braginski, Joseph

- typescripts of articles by Braginski on assimilation

- pamphlet by Novick: Assimilation and the Jewish People

Folder 23: Brainin, Reuben

- letters from Brainin, 1937

- Brainin memorial speeches, 1945, 1950

- brochure for Brainin clinic

- Novick's speech at the clinic

- pamphlet: Immortal Speech (Umshaterblaekhe reyd), by Brainin, published by ICOR, 1940

Folder 24: Brest

- correspondence, manuscripts, publications concerning Brest (Brisk) and activities of Brisker landslayt in the United States and elsewhere

- pamphlet: The City of Brisk, by Kopl Novick (Yiddish), 1973

Folder 25: Buchenwald
- manuscripts, pamphlets concerning Buchenwald
Folder 26: Buchwald, N.

- correspondence, 1941-1943

- eulogy by Buchwald, 1956

- Yiddish translation of Lion Feuchtwanger's play The Devil in Boston

- pamphlet: Pogromchiks Flood America (Pogromshtshikes farflexzn Amerike), 1952

Folder 27: Bund
1927, 1985

- pamphlet by Shakhne Epstein: The Bund: What it Was, and What it has Become, 1927

- correspondence, 1985

Folder 28: Bush, Lawrence

- correspondence, 1981-1982

- transcript of interview with Novick, 1981

Folder 29: C Correspondence

- A. Churlin, 1975

- Robert S. Cohen, 1969

- Committee for the Free World, 1982

- Jack Cowan, 1978-1979

- N. Chernoy, 1975-1977 (Yiddish)

- Philip Cherner, 1972-1977 (Yiddish)

- Nahum Chanin, 1958 (Yiddish)

- M. Charatz, 1961 (Yiddish)

- Sam Carr, 1980-1985 (Yiddish)

- Esther Carol, 1968-1972 (Yiddish)

- Moshe Carol, 1972 (Yiddish)

- Louis Cooper (Yiddish)

Folder 30: C General
- notes, flyers concerning Alice Citron, Leslie Campbell, Croation dictionary definition of "Jew", China, Center for Socialist History, Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East
Folder 31: Chagall, Marc and Bella

- correspondence of Bella and Marc Chagall, 1942-1948

- manuscripts of articles by Marc and Bella Chagall

- Novick's speech at Bella Chagall's funeral, 1944

Folder 32: Communist Party
- correspondence, reports, memos, notes, statements, and other materials concerning Novick's activities in the Party, the Party's positions on Jewish issues and Novick's expulsion from the Party
Folder 33: Communist Party
Folder 34: Communist Party
Folder 35: Communist Party
Folder 36: Communist Party
Folder 37: Communist Party
Folder 38: Cuba

- notes, manuscripts of speeches and articles by Novick about and in Cuba

- Yiddish text of Castro's "Declaration of Havana"

Folder 39: Culture
1972, undated

- notes from discussion on the roles of writers

- statement on "Class and Culture" by Sara and Harry Boyte and Bob McMahon, of the New American Movement, 1972

Folder 40: D Correspondence and General

- Joe Dimow, 1983

- Shimon and Lucy Deitch (Yiddish)

- Shile Dillon, 1971 (Yiddish)

- S. Dingol, 1927 (Yiddish)

- I.L. Druker (Yiddish)

- obituary for Moyshe Dimant

- eulogy for Louie Dan, 1974

- poem entitled Elegy, for Israel Schwartz, by Shmuel Dan

- article by Reuben Gruyer of Novosti on Mark Donskey's open letter to Golda Meir

- articles by and about General David Dragunsky

- article on Isadora Duncan

Folder 41: Daily World
- letters and statements concerning articles appearing in the Daily World
Folder 42: Davar
- letters and statements concerning accusation in Sovietish Heymland that an editor of Davar had once called for stirring up antisemitism
Folder 43: Davidson, S.

- correspondence, 1953-1967

- manuscript of My First Story in the Freiheit (Yiddish)

Folder 44: Dawidowicz, Lucy
- correspondence, reports, minutes, and statements primarily concerning the expulsion of the Jewish Music Alliance from the National Jewish Music Council in 1954 and Dawidowicz's role in the proceedings
Folder 45: Dennis, Peggy
1950, 1975-1982

- correspondence and other material, especially concerning Dennis' disillusionment with the Communist Party, 1976-1982

- pamphlet on Eugene Dennis case, 1950

Folder 46: Domb, Leyb (Leopold Trepper)
- correspondence and other material concerning the campaign to secure Domb-Trepper's emigration from Poland
Folder 47: Doroshkin, Yankl
- correspondence
Folder 48: Drechsler, N.
- correspondence, articles from Argentina
Folder 49: E Correspondence

- A. Ebion (Yiddish, Romanian)

- Max Eisenberg, 1956 (Yiddish)

- Meyer Eisendorf (Yiddish)

- Gershon Einbinder, 1943 (Yiddish)

- Zalman Emanitotz, 1974 (Yiddish)

- Meyer Elin, 1966 (Yiddish)

- M. Epstein, 1974-1975 (Yiddish)

- Ilya Ehrenburg, 1961 (Yiddish)

Folder 50: E General

- eulogy for Shakhne Epstein

- miscellaneous notes

- Israeli Consulate statement on Egypt, 1976

- pamphlets on Eichmann trial: Expose, by Vaclav Kral (Czechoslovakia), Little Known Facts in the Criminal Career of Adolf Eichmann in Poland, by Zofia Krzyzanowska and Henryk Fiszer, The Eichmann Trial and the Rule of Law, by Yosal Rogat

- manuscripts: David Dervart Zikh...far Sotsialer Farzikherung, by Max Eisenberg, Novick-Lid, by Meyer Eisenberg

- transcripts of segments of letters by Engels and Marx

- flyers, reports and correspondence of Emma Lazarus Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs, 1978-1979

- notes on elections, 1974-1981

- excerpts from antisemitic article by Emelyanov

Folder 51: Einstein, Albert
1955, undated

- correspondence, typescripts of articles on Einstein

- pamphlets: Einstein - The Man, the Jew, in Yiddish and English, 1955

Folder 52: Eisenstadt, Shmuel
- correspondence, manuscripts of articles, anniversary pamphlet
Folder 53: F Correspondence

- Abraham H. Foxman, 1908

- Phil Frankfeld, 1974

- Bruno Frei, 1972-1973

- V. Falkovich, 1959, 1978 (Yiddish)

- A. Feitelson, 1971 (Yiddish)

- L. Feinberg, 1937 (Yiddish)

- Morris Field (Yiddish)

- Berl Fields, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Moishe Finkel (Yiddish)

- Sol Fishbein, 1979 (Yiddish)

- Jacob Fisherman (Yiddish)

- Israel Felhendler, 1969 (Yiddish)

- I. Freidkes, 1969 (Yiddish)

Folder 54: F General

- bopgraphical sketch of Abraham Foxman

- article by Novick on Leo Frank, 1951

- list of articles in the Freiheit by Fenster, 1939-1940

- pamphlet: The True Portrait of Bela Fabian, 1960

- manuscript article by V. Lutski on Jews in the French Revolution

- speeches by Novick honoring Y. Fried, 1968, 1979

- statement by Sol Fishbein, Anti-Israel Bias in the Jewish Currents

- press releases for American Friends of the Anne Frank Center

- review of book of anti-religious folktales

Folder 55: Fast, Howard
- correspondence, statements, especially concerning Fast's resignation from the Communist Party
Folder 56: Federman, S.
- correspondence, manuscripts of articles of Federman, Novick's eulogy for Federman
Folder 57: Feffer, Itsik
1980, undated

- offprint of "Zionism and Post-War Policy, Part Six: The Case of Itsik Feffer," from The Communist, published by the British and Irish Communist Organization in the U.K., 1980

- miscellaneous notes and typescripts of Feffer's poems

Folder 58: Feiler, Eliezer
- correspondence concerning the Bologna Palestinian-Israeli Conference, and the Israeli left
Folder 59: Feinberg, L.
- correspondence concerning Feinberg's series of articles on the Freiheit
Folder 60: Feuchtwanger, Lion
- correspondence
Folder 61: Folks-Sztyme
- correspondence, statements
Folder 62: Forward

- flyers, correspondence, other material

- pamphlet: Der Bashuldigungs-Akt Gegn Forverts (The Indictiment against the Forward), by Novick, 1940

- notes and manuscript history of Forward

- pamphlet: 60 Years of the Jewish Daily Forward, by J.C. Rich, 1957

- brief on behalf of Ab. Cahn in suit brought by Novick

Folder 63: G Correspondence

- Si and Sophie Gerson, 1977-1978

- Sidney Gluck, 1979-1981

- Edward Goldstein, 1974

- Judah L. Graubart, 1978

- Selma Greenberg, 1981-1982

- Bella Goldvirt (Yiddish)

- Goldene Keyt (Golden Chain), 1975 (Yiddish)

- Josef Goldkorn, 1984 (Yiddish)

- Haim Ishel Goldstein, 1981 (YIddish)

- Miriam Goldenberg, 1983 (Yiddish)

- David Guterman (Getzl Becker), 1980-1984 (Yiddish)

- Florence Glassman, 1980 (Yiddish)

- Yankev Glatshteyn, 1967 (Yiddish)

- Joseph Gershkovich, 1981 (Yiddish)

- M.B. Granit, 1981, 1986 (Yiddish)

- Asher Greenberg, 1985 (Yiddish)

- Selma Greenberg, 1983 (Yiddish)

- Noah Gris, 1978-1979 (Yiddish)

- Gary, 1981 (Yiddish)

Folder 64: G General

- manuscript of a poem written by Eva Goldgevikht, written in Auschwitz, 1943 (copy)

- manuscript poetry by Bella Goldvirt

- notes for Novick's speech honoring Goldvirt, 1979

- information sheet from Soviet Embassy: Jewish Cultural Life in the Soviet Union, by Ruvim Groyer

- transcript of UN General Assembly meeting, including speeches by Indira Gandhi, Francois Mitterand and Mika Spiljak, president of Yugoslavia, 1983

- letters concerning antisemitism in Guatemala

- pamphlets: Travels in the Soviet Union, by B.Z. Goldberg, 1966, and The Left Wing in the Garment Unions, issued by the Joint Board of Cloak, Skirt, Dress, and Reefer Makers' Unions, 1927

- speeches and articles honoring Ber Green

- Novick's notes and speeches on Germany, 1954, undated

- flyer for testimonial for Si Gershon

- miscellaneous other materials

Folder 65: Garfield, Nathan and Mary
- correspondence, manuscript articles
Folder 66: Genocide
1966, 1984

- letter from Senator Hugh Scott and report on U.S. ratification of the UN Convention on Genocide, 1966

- World Jewish Congress statement on "cultural genocide", 1984

Folder 67: Gershman, Joshua
- correspondence, other material concerning Gershman's activities as editor of the Canadian Vokhnblat (Weekly Newspaper), Communist Parties in Canada, Israel and the United States, other materials
Folder 68: Gershman, Joshua
Folder 69: Gershman, Joshua
Folder 70: Gershman, Joshua
Folder 71: Ghetto
1953, 1976-1987

- manuscript article by Novick: Revizies fun di Yudenratn (Revisions of the Judenrat)

- programs for ghetto memorials, 1976-1987

- manuscript of memoirs of Auschwitz

- pamphlet by G. Alef (Bolek): Dray Kemfer far a Fray Sotsialistish Poyln (Three Fighters for a Free Socialist Poland), Warsaw, 1953

Folder 72: Glicksman, Wolf
- correspondence, article manuscripts
Folder 73: Gold, Ben

- correspondence, 1968-1983

- manuscripts of articles by Gold

- typescript of editorial on the Furrier's Union in the Freiheit, 1923

- pamphlet by Gold: Di Prese in Itstikn Moment (The Press at the Present Time), 1946

- flyers concerning affairs of the Furrier's Union, 1957

Folder 74: Gold, Mike

- letter from Gold, 1966

- letters about Gold, including one from Al Richmond, 1967

- pamphlet by Gold: The Damn Agitator and Other Stories

- Novick speech at memorial meeting for Gold, 1967

Folder 75: Goldberg, B.Z.
- manuscripts of articles by Novick concerning Goldberg
Folder 76: Goldberg, Itche

- correspondence, 1962-1986

- Novick's remarks at a banquet honoring Goldberg, 1976

Folder 77: Goldman, Nahum
- press releases concerning Goldman
Folder 78: Goldstein, Chaim
- correspondence and manuscript articles
Folder 79: Grade, Chaim
1946, 1983

- note from Grade, 1946

- letter from law firm referring to the estate of Grade, 1983

Folder 80: Green, Ber

- correspondence, manuscripts, other materials, 1965-1985

- correspondence of Green with others, including Hinde Zaretsky, Moyshe Altman, Khaym Schwartz

- Blood, Fire and Pillars of Smoke: Excerpts from a Memoir, by Green, 1985

Folder 81: Green, Ber

- material filed under Green, evidently collected by N. Haykin: letters to Nachman Meisel from A. Mukdoni, kalman Marmor, K. Benek, Abraham Nusenevitsh, 1945-1951

- letters to Jacob Milkh from yehoash, Hertz Bergun, L. Shapiro, Morris Winchevsky, 1906-1941

- letters to Weinper from David Bergelson, 1929-1930

- letter to Winchevsky from Milkh, 1906

- letter to Marmor from Peretz Hirschbein, 1937

- letters to Haykin from Chaim Zhitlowsky, 1943, others

- lists of aphorisms and anecdotes

- unidentified manuscripts of poetry, stories and articles

Folder 82: Grol, Tevia
- correspondence, manuscripts
Folder 83: Grol, Tevia
Folder 84: Gromyko, Andrei
1947, 1975

- pamphlet of Gromyko's speech at the UN on A Palestine Solution, issued by the Morning Freiheit Association, 1947

- press release with Gromyko's statement at the UN, 1975

Folder 85: Gropper, William

- correspondence

- Novick's speech at testimonial for Gropper

- reproductions of works

Folder 86: H Correspondence

- Nathan Hurvitz, 1985

- Feige Hofstein, 1978 (Yiddish)

- Louis Heyman, 1938 (Yiddish)

- J. Hirsch, 1983 (Yiddish)

- T. Hirschkan, 1936 (Yiddish)

- articles by Tzvi Hirschkan, including one defending Moscow purge trials

- flyer on Haymarket commemoration, 1969

- biography of American Jewish Committee president Philip Hofman

Folder 87: Halkin, S.

- manuscript of poem: Un dos iz zi, Mayn Zorg (And This is My Worry), and a book of poems: Dos Gebot fun Mayn Blut (The Commandment of My Blood)

- article by Novick about a meeting with Halkin

- plate and proof of a reproduction of an inscription by Halkin to Novick

Folder 88: Hall, Gus

- "Notes by Gus Hall in opening a discussion on the importance of the Encyclical 'Peace on Earth'…", 1963

- pamphlet by Hall: Racism: The Nation's Most Dangerous Pollutant, 1971

Folder 89: Halpern, B.
- correspondence, from Vilna
Folder 90: Halpern, Dina
- correspondence, programs from Halpern's dramatic presentations, other material
Folder 91: Harap, Louis

- correspondence

- drafts of statement by Progressive Jewish editors on Jews in the Soviet Union

Folder 92: Helsinki

- Soviet press releases concerning human rights

- pamphlet: compilation of documents on human rights, published by the Senate Committee on Governmental Operations

Folder 93: Holocaust
1942, 1978-1979

- Novick's notes

- papers by Yehuda Bauer and Abraham Foxman

- brochure for Holocaust Library and Research Center of San Francisco

- program for Holocaust memorial at Capitol, 1979

- list of memorial books at Montreal Jewish Public Library, 1978

- catalog of Holocaust books by Avon books

- pamphlets: A Mapole far Hitlern in 1942! (Defeat Hitler in 1942!), by Novick

- The Holocaust: Maps and Photographs, by Martin Gilbert, 1978

- A Plea for the Survivors, by Elie Wiesel, 1978

- The Holocaust and Resistance, by Israel Gutman

- A Viewer's Guide to the Holocaust

- Extermination, Sauvetage et Resistance des Juifs de Belgique (Extermination, Resistance and Rescue of Jews in Belgium), by Maxime Steinberg, 1979 (French)

- The Record: The Holocaust in History, Anti-Defamation League, 1978

Folder 94: Honor, Philip
- correspondence, reports and notes concerning Honor's dispute with the Freiheit
Folder 95: Howe, Irving

- Novick's notes on World of Our Fathers

- letter requesting permission to quote passage in World of Our Fathers, 1975

- transcript of Howe's interview with Novick

Folder 96: Hungary
1956, undated

- newsletter on Hungary: The Facts, two issues, undated

- special issue of New World Review: Hungary in Travail, 12/56

Folder 97: I Correspondence and General

- In The Times, 1982

- Isaac Jonas (Yiddish)

- Yudka (Yiddish)

- statements and article concerning the Communist Party of Italy, particularly on events in Poland, 1981-1982

- International Ladies Garment Workers Union, special issue of Gerekhtikayt (Justice) on 50th anniversary of 1910 strike

- Novick's speech at ICOR 20th anniversary celebration, 1944

Folder 98: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)

manuscripts of speeches, reports and statements

- notes, minutes, other material

- pamphlets: Tsen Yor IKUF (Ten Years of IKUF), 1948

- IKUF Farlag (IKUF Press), 1959

- Tezisn tsum Tsentn IKUF-Kongres (Theses for the Tenth IKUF Conference), Buenos Aires, 1972

Folder 99: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)
Folder 100: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)
Folder 101: Immigration/Emigration
- reports, press releases and statements concerning emigration and immigration of Soviet Jewry
Folder 102: International Workers Order
1940, 1951-1954

- partial transcripts of hearings, flyers, court statement and other material on dissolution of the IWO by the state, 1951-1954

- pamphlet: Undzer Plan farn Voylzayn fun Folk (Our Plan for Plenty), 1940

Folder 103: Israel

- texts of speeches by Novick concerning Israel, 1954-1955

- pamphlet: Crisis in Palestine, by Moses Miller, 1946

Folder 104: Israel

- correspondence

- press releases and statements by Communist Party of Israel, MAKI and RAKAH, and its leaders S. Mikunis, T. Toubi, Yair Zuban, by the Israeli government and Abba Eban, Morris U. Schappes, Sid Rasnick, USSR

- information bulletins of CPI (both Mikunis - Sneh?MAKI and Vilner-Toubi/RAKAH factions

Folder 105: Israel

- correspondence

- Novick's notes

- press releases and statements by the USSR, MAKI, Senator Hugh Scott, Israel National Peace Committee, National Federation of Israeli Journalists

- information bulletins of CPI (both factions)

- pamphlets: The Six-Day War was on the Part of the People of Isral a Defensive War for Israel's Very existence, issued by Israel Peace Movement

- The Record of Aggression

Folder 106: Israel

- correspondence with Fray Yisroel (Free Israel), journal, Communist Party of Israel (MAKI), Israel Association for Cultural Activities

- manuscript articles concerning Israeli Communists

- statements and press releases by the USSR, MAKI, Israel Movement, Keren Hayesod

- bulletin of the Council of the Sephardi Community in Jerusalem

- article on UNRWA by James Sheldon

- Middle East crisis map

- information bulletins of CPI (both factions)

Folder 107: Israel

- correspondence

- manuscript articles by Novick, Moshe Sneh and Berl Balti

- statements and press releases by CPI (both factions), American Jewish Committee of Israel, Beyt Halokham, Israel Peace Committee

- information bulletin of MAKI

- pamphlet: Two years Since the June 1967 War, by Meir Vilner

Folder 108: Israel

- Novick's notes and drafts

- statements by Nadav Safran and Alfred Lilienthal

- information bulletins of CPI (both factions)

- pamphlets: Di Natsionale in Idishe Frage in Itstikn Moment (The National and Jewish Question at the Present Time), by Novick

- Struggling for a Peaceful Solution, by Jacob Majus

- Israeli Foreign Policy: A Time for Re-evaluation, by Nahum Goldmann

Folder 109: Israel

- pamphlet: Vos iz Forgekumen in MAKI? (What Happened in MAKI?), 1973

- article on Palestinian nationalism, by Amnon Rubinstein, 1974

- other material

Folder 110: J Correspondence and General

- Jewish Chronicle, 1972

- Gershon Jacobson, 1981 (from Novick) (Yiddish)

- letter to Israeli Consul, about Paul Juditz, 1953

- manuscript article on Max Jenkins, by Shloyme Davidson

- Novick's speech honoring "Jerome", 1952

- pamphlets: Der Emes Vegn Idishn Arbeter-Komitet (The Truth About the Jewish Labor Committee), Freiheit, 1949

- Ver Zaynene di Idishe Komunistn (Who are the Jewish Communists), National Jewish Bureau (of the Communist Party), undated

- American Jewish Committee statement on Jewish Studies in Europe

- fundraising letter for the Jewish People's Chorus

Folder 111: Jenofsky, Abraham

- correspondence with Jenofsky and with Frieda Jenofsky, 1974-1984

- Novick's speeches at Jenofsky banquet, 1963, and at memorial meetings, 1976

Folder 112: Jerusalem Conference

- materials concerning the World Conference in Israel for Yiddish and Jewish Culture, including letter from Yitskhok Korn to Itche Goldberg and a letter from United Jewish People's Organizations to Israeli President Efraim Katsir

- statement: Discriminatsie un Kultur Zaynen nit keyn Pr (Discrimination and Culture Do Not Go Together)

Folder 113: Jewish Cultural Clubs and Societies

- Novick speech, 1970

- programs for concerts, 1980-1982

Folder 114: Jewish Defense League

- flyers and statements by JDL

- statements on the JDL by American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Communist Party, Jewish Cultural Clubs and Societies, Progressive Jewish organizations, Workmen's Circle, the Soviet Consulate

- Novick's speech at anti-JDL meeting

- other materials

Folder 115: Jewish Life
- miscellaneous notes, texts of speeches and articles, other materials
Folder 116: Jewish Tercentenary

- manifesto on tercentenary by progressive Jewish organizations

- illustrated brochure for book, The Jews in the United States 1654-1954

Folder 117: K Correspondence

- Avram Kahn, 1983-1984

- Horace M. Kallen, 1972

- Leo Kaplan, 1980

- Aaron Katz, 1981

- Fred Katz, 1954

- Menke Katz

- Bel Kaufman, 1978

- Henri Krasucki, 1983

- Philip Kullback, 1982

- Chayim Kotliansky, 1949 (Yiddish)

- Israel Kolker, 1982 (Yiddish)

- Shimon Kantz, 1984 (Yiddish)

- Rivka Kope, 1983 (Yiddish)

- Jacob Kotzik, 1955 (Yiddish)

- Sam Karr, 1986 (Yiddish)

- J. Karo, 1984-1985 (Yiddish)

- Shmuel Klein, 1983-1984 (Yiddish)

- S. Abraham Kleinman, 1983 (Yiddish)

- Abraham Kwaterko, 1984 (Yiddish)

- Joseph Kermish, 1981 (Yiddish)

Folder 118: K General

- speeches by Novick: Kor-Kunts evening, 1945

- Kamenetzky evening, 1948

- Kirk banquet, 1956

- Hershl Kesler funeral, 1965

- Aaron Kurtz memorial, 1964

- M.L. King, Jr. memorial, 1968

- N. Kamenetzky funeral, 1970

- article on 1946 Kielce pogrom

- pamphlets: Di Role fun Anarkhizmus (The Role of Anarchy), by P. Kropotkin, Winnipeg, 1914

- Meir Kahane: In His Own Words, Anti-Defamation League, New York, 1985

- World Jewish Congress press release on Philip Klutznick

- notes on Kastner case

- manuscripts by Alfred J. Kutzik on East Germany and the Holocaust

- Yoysef Kotliar poems

- Aron Zelik Kuperblum stories

- Jesse Kleinman on Nicaragua

- Y. Kora

- Yudl Kohen poems

- Rivke Kope

Folder 119: K General
Folder 120: Kaganovsky, Efraim
- correspondence, list of stories published in the Freiheit
Folder 121: Kahan, Avrom
- correspondence, including letter from Yelena Kahan, on Avrom kahan's death
Folder 122: Kaminska, Ida

- programs and other material concerning Kaminska's performances

- notes, correspondence and other material on Kaminska

Folder 123: Kaplan, Tankhum

- correspondence, 1959-1960

- booklets with reproductions of Kaplan's work, 1962, 1973

Folder 124: Karski, Jan
- biographical sketch and photocopies of various articles on Karski
Folder 125: Katz, Moshe

- manuscript articles by Katz

- pamphlet by Katz: Der Sovetn-Farband un Finland (The Soviet Union and Finland), 1940

- souvenir booklet for Katz's 60th birthday, 1946

- correspondence and other material concerning Kat'z death, 1960

- correspondence with Esther Katz, 1960-1962

- annotated clippings of Katz's articles

Folder 126: Katz, Moshe
Folder 127: Kenig, G.
- correspondence
Folder 128: Kerler, Joseph
- correspondence
Folder 129: Kertman, Aaron
- correspondence
Folder 130: Khaver-Paver (Gershon Einbinder)

- correspondence, 1943-1962

- Novick's speeches honoring Khaver-Paver, 1948, 1961

Folder 131: Kichko, Trofim
1964, undated

- statements by American Jewish Committee, Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry, Conference on Status of Soviet Jews

- article by Kichko, Zionism - A Tool of Imperialism

- interview with the Ukrainian representative to the UN by the Freiheit

- statement by the Ideological Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR

- pamphlets: Judaism Without Embellishment: Recent Documentation of Russian Anti-Semitism, by Moshe Decter

- The Soviet Book That Shook the Communist World, 1964

Folder 132: Kinderland
- Novick's speeches at camp meetings
Folder 133: Kipnis, Itsik and Shimen
1961, 1979-1984

- correspondence with Itsik Kipnis, 1961

- with Shimen (Syoma) Kipnis, 1979-1984

Folder 134: Kish, Maurice

- correspondence, manuscript poetry, reproductions of Kish's art with article by Dovid Seltzer

- catalog of exhibit by Jerzy Bitter (Yurek)

Folder 135: Klarsfeld, Serge and Beate
- press releases, brochures, other material concerning Nazi-hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld
Folder 136: Kling, Jack
- correspondence, Novick's notes
Folder 137: Kobrin, Leon

- correspondence with Kobrin, 1942-1945, with Paulina Kobrin, 1947-1955

- Novick's speeches at Kobrin's anniversary celebration and funeral, 1946

Folder 138: Korey, William

- correspondence concerning Soviet antisemitism, 1978-1983

- pamphlets by Korey: The Legal Position of Jews in the Soviet Union, 1966

- The Soviet 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion': Antisemitic Propaganda in the USSR, 1967-1977

- article: A People on the Move

- article in Russian, by G.M. Manevitch

Folder 139: Korman, Yudl
- correspondence, speech
Folder 140: Korneyev, Lev

- translation of an article by Korneyev: The Poisonous Weapon of Zionism, 1977

- pamphlet: Israel: The Reality Behind the Myths, 1980

Folder 141: L Correspondence and General

- E. Liberman, 1966

- Emanuel Litvinoff, 1982

- B. Lapin, 1947 (Yiddish)

- Dov Liebermann, 1987 (Yiddish)

- Liuba, 1982 (Yiddish)

- Joshua Liubomirski, 1963-1968 (Yiddish)

- Y. Linkovski, 1958 (Yiddish)

- Chaya Lifschitz, 1981 (Yiddish)

- A. Lekhovitzki, 1943 (Yiddish)

- Letste Nayes (Latest News), 1984 (Yiddish)

- manuscript articles by Y. Linkovski (proof sheets), J. Liubomirski, and about Dvoyre Lazurkin

- mimieographed sheet on Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht

- pamphlets: The First Labor Day Parade, Tuesday, September 5, 1882, by Theodore F. Watts, 1983

- Provakatorn Zaynen a Shand farn Idishn Folk (Provocations are a Shame for the Jewish People), by Sam Liptsin, 1947

- Ferdinand LaSalle, by Y.B. Beylin, published by Workmen's Circle Children's Library, 1926

- photocopy of typescript of On Antisemitism (Russian), by A. Lunachursky, 1929

- speeches by Novick at funerals of Y. Leyzerovitsh, 1967, A. Lekhovitsky, 1973, and S. Liptsin, 1980

Folder 142: Lee, Malka
- correspondence, manuscript poems
Folder 143: Leivick, H.
1937, undated

- reports on Leivick's trip to Palestine in 1937, as well as on the political situation there

- polemical article by Novick against Leivick, Der Arbeter un di Idishe Literatur (The Worker and Yiddish Literature)

Folder 144: Lenin
1938, 1969

- Communist Party discussion outline on Lenin, 1938

- information sheet from UNESCO Lenin Symposium, 1969

Folder 145: Lerner, Sarah

- correspondence

- Novick's speech honoring Lerner

Folder 146: Levin, Nora
- correspondence
Folder 147: Liebermann, Dov
- correspondence
Folder 148: Lifschitz, Nehama

- correspondence with Meir Braudo

- press releases

- articles on Lifschitz

Folder 149: Lipski, Y.
- correspondence, manuscript articles on Israel
Folder 150: Lipski, Y.
Folder 151: Lipski, Y.
Folder 152: Los Angeles

- material concerning the L.A. Jewish Cultural and Fraternal Clubs, including statements on various issues, 1973-1975

- notes, articles, reports and minutes concerning Novick's trips to L.A., 1974-1986

- correspondence, 1977-1978

Folder 153: Los Angeles
Folder 154: Los Angeles
Folder 155: Lumer, Hyman

- manuscripts of Novick's polemic against Lumer

- pamphlets by lumer: Soviet Anti-Semitism: A Cold War Myth, 1964

- What Happened in Poland, 1969

Folder 156: M Correspondence and General

- Harry Magdoff, 1981

- Jacob R. Marcus, 1976-1978

- August Maymudes, 1978

- Bobby and Judd, 1982

- Raphael Mahler (Yiddish)

- Jacob Marinoff, 1939 (Yiddish)

- Gitl Meisel, 1968 (Yiddish)

- Hershl Meyer, 1981-1982 (Yiddish)

- MAPAM (United Workers Party), 1968 (Hebrew)

- Zita Meyer, 1985 (Yiddish)

- letters from Howard Spier and William Karey's secretary concerning the rabbis of the Moscow Choral Synagogue, 1983

- Novick's speech at funerals of Zuni Maud and Elie Marks

- excerpts from speech by Molotov, 1936

- pamphlet: Maidanek, Za Provolokoi Unichtozheniya (Maidanek, Extermination Behind the Wire)

Folder 157: Malach, Lottly

- correspondence

- open letter from Malach to Novick, concerning Israel, with Novick's response

Folder 158: Malik, Y.A.

- texts of statements by Soviet Representative Y. Malik in the UN

- drafts of texts of statement protesting antisemitism on the part of Malik

Folder 159: Maltinsky, Chaim
- correspondence, manuscript poetry
Folder 160: Margoshes, S.
1939, 1967

- correspondence, 1939, 1967

- pamphlet: A Briv fun Dr. Sh. Margoshes un an Entfer fun P. Novick (A Letter from Dr. S. Margoshes and Response by P. Novick), 1967

Folder 161: Mark, Ber

- correspondence with Ber Mark, Esther Mark and Ber Mark Memorial Book Committee

- manuscript articles and speeches about Mark

Folder 162: Markish, Peretz

- correspondence with Esther Markish and other family members

- miscellaneous material on Peretz Markish

Folder 163: Marmor, Kalman

- correspondence, 1940-1953

- miscellaneous manuscript articles by Marmor

- manuscript articles on Marmor, birthday greetings

- Novick's speeches honoring Marmor, 1942-1956

- pamphlet by Marmor: Joseph Bovshover, 1952

Folder 164: Marmor, Kalman
Folder 165: Massey, Norman
- correspondence, manuscript articles
Folder 166: Mates, David
- correspondence, manuscripts by Mates
Folder 167: Maymudes, Abraham
- correspondence, articles
Folder 168: Maymudes, Abraham
Folder 169: Maymudes, Abraham
Folder 170: Maymudes, Abraham
Folder 171: Medem, Gina
- correspondence, articles
Folder 172: Medvedev, R.

- Medvedev's essay: Blizhnyevostochnyy Konflikt I Yevreyskiy Vopros v SSSR (Conflict in the Middle East and the Jewish Question in the USSR)

- partial Yiddish translation

Folder 173: Meisel, Nachman

- correspondence, 1940-1965

- memoranda, meeting minutes and notes concerning IKUF

- Novick's speeches honoring Meisel and at memorial meetings, 1964-1986

- pamphlets: Prof. Shimen Dubnov un Dr. Khaym Zhitlovski (Prof. Simon Dubnow and Dr. Chaim Zhitlowski), by Meisel, 1961

- Nakhman Meisel Bibliografie (Nachman Meisel Bibliography), 1971

Folder 174: Meisel, Nachman
Folder 175: Miami
- notes and texts of Novick's speeches in Miami, and reports of visits in Miami
Folder 176: Miami
Folder 177: Miami
Folder 178: Mikhoels, Shloyme
- Novick's speech concerning Mikhoels' and Feffer's visit to the United States
Folder 179: Milch, Jacob
1920, 1940-1945
- correspondence, manuscript chapters of Milch's autobiography
Folder 180: Miller, Louis
- correspondence and other material (also with Rachel Miller)
Folder 181: Mirski, M.
- correspondence, manuscripts of articles on political issues
Folder 182: Mirski, M.
Folder 183: Mirski, M.
Folder 184: Mirski, M.
Folder 185: Mirski, M.
Folder 186: Morford, Richard
- correspondence with Morford, executive director of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc., primarily concerning Soviet antisemitism
Folder 187: Morning Freiheit
1923-1926, 1940-1980

- texts and notes for Novick's speeches at anniversary and other meetings, 1941-1980

- notes and minutes of editorial and other meetings, 1963-1981

- letter to post office concerning inspection of mail, 1956

- anniversary telegrams, 1967

- list of editors, transcriptions of editorials, 1923-1926

- lists of articles about Nazi war criminals, 1958-1959, about racism, 1971

- circulars, 1974-1975

- miscellaneous financial records

- programs for anniversary meetings, 1940, 1975

- founding resolution for Morning Freiheit Association, 1943

- pamphlets: Vos far a Tsaytung Darft Ir Leyenen? (What Kind of Newspaper Should You Read?)

- Vos iz a Tsaytung? (What is a Newspaper?

- The Character and Aims of the Morning Freiheit

- Far a Besern Lebn (For a Better Life), 1952

Folder 188: Morning Freiheit
Folder 189: Morning Freiheit
Folder 190: Morning Freiheit
Folder 191: N Correspondence and General

- New World Review, 1971

- Novaya Vremya (New Times), 1961 (Yiddish)

- Shmuel Norick, 1985 (Yiddish)

- New Outlook, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Charles Nemeroff, 1972 (Yiddish)

- Jack (Yiddish)

- Novick's speeches at meetings honoring Charles Nemeroff, 1960, 1969, at Nemeroff's funeral, 1972

- handmade birthday card to Novick from group in New Haven, 1976

- article on Nuremberg trials by Vasily Morozov, issued by Soviet embassy, 1981

Folder 192: Nathan, Otto
- correspondence
Folder 193: Naye Presse
- correspondence with editors, including Y. Hirsh-Yakob and Anna Vilner
Folder 194: Nazism

- material concerning neo-Nazi activities in the United States and Germany

- notes, press releases by American Jewish Committee, and others

- issues of Klanwatch Intelligence Report and N.S. News, published by National Socialist Party of America

Folder 195: Negroes

- notes for articles

- texts of Morris U. Schappes' radio talks on WBAI, 1967

- brochures and press releases of the NAACP, ADL, AJCommittee

- pamphlets: Martin Luther King Memorial

- The Image of the Jew in the Negro Community, by Paul Levenson

- The Black Panthers, Jews and Israel (Jewish Currents reprint)

Folder 196: Nelson, Steve
- correspondence
Folder 197: Novick, Kopl

- correspondence, 1955-1983

- articles by Kopl Novick

- Paul Novick's speech honoring Kopl, 1966

- pamphlets: Vos far a Yidn-Frage in Sovetn-Farband Baumruikt di Morgn Frayhayt (What Sort of Jewish Question in the Soviet Union Disturbs the Morning Freiheit), 1977, by Kopl Novick, with other articles

- Di Shtot Brisk (The City of Brisk), by K. Novick, 1973

Folder 198: Novick, Kopl
Folder 199: Novick, Kopl
Folder 200: Novick, Paul
1919-1932, 1957, 1967

- letter from Novick to J. Finkelstein, 1919

- greetings for Novick's 65th birthday, 1957

- miscellaneous speeches and notes

- Novick's statement to the House Un-American Committee, 1967

- list of articles by Novick, 1922-1932

Folder 201: Novosti Press Agency

- articles on Jews in the Soviet Union

- correspondence

Folder 202: O Correspondence and General

- Ruth Okuneva, 1981

- Hirsh Osherowitch, 1968 (Yiddish)

- article by Ruth Okuneva: Nasha Istoriya v Proshlom I Nastoyashchem ili Grimasy Sovremerinogo Antisemitizma (Our History in the Past and the Present, or The Ugly Face of Modern Antisemitism)

- reprints of articles by David Opatoshu about his father Joseph

- article about David Oshinsky by his daughter Billie Portnoy

Folder 203: Ogonyok (periodical)

- translations of Ogonyok articles: Invitation Into a Trap, by Evgenii Vistunov

- A Desant baym Eylbertn Breg Yam (A Troop Landing at the Olive Coast), by Lev Korneyev (Yiddish)

- The Ideology and Practice of Violence, by Dimitri Zhukov

- statement by MAKI (Communist Party of Israel) on Zhulov's article

Folder 204: Olgin, Moisey (Moyshe)

- Novick's speeches at Olgin memorials, 1940-1986

- programs for memorial meetings, 1978, 1980

Folder 205: Olgin, Moisey (Moyshe)
Folder 206: Olkin, Abraham
- correspondence
Folder 207: P Correspondence and General

- William Patterson, 1956

- Aleksander Aronovitsh Petsheski, 1965 (Russian)

- Boris Polevoy, 1956 (Russian)

- Benno Popliker, 1973 (Yiddish)

- Rita Pops-Sotsovska, 1978 (Yiddish)

- Dvore Platner, 1962-1963 (Yiddish)

- Simon Prusin, 1973-1981 (Yiddish)

- Rachel Pressman, 1977 (Yiddish)

- statements by William Patterson on the Jewish question

- Workmen's Circle Passover Haggadah

- book pf poetry: Dar Sertsa (Gifts of the Heart), by A. Platner, 1962

Folder 208: Peoples World
- correspondence and polemics with editor Carl Bloice
Folder 209: Peretz, I.L.

- Novick's speech at Peretz memorial, 1945

- postcard with Peretz and other writers

- pamphlet: I.L. Peretz als Sotsialer Dikhter (I.L. Peretz as a Social Poet), by Shakhne Epstein

Folder 210: Perlov, Max
1945, 1975-1985
- correspondence, manuscripts of articles
Folder 211: Poland

- correspondence with organizations and individuals in Poland, 1975-1983

- speeches, notes and articles concerning Jews in Poland, 1946-1980

- copies of antisemitic cartoons in the Polish periodical Zotnierz Welnosci, 1968

- catalog of Yidish Bukh publishing house, 1962

- correspondence and other material concerning Novick's trip to Poland, 1978

- pamphlets:

- KPP in Kamf Kegn Antisemitizm (The KPP in the Struggle Against Antisemitism), by T. Berenshteyn, 1956

- Vendung tsu di Tsentral-Komitetn fun di Komunistishe un Arbeter-Parteyen fun Langyorike aktivistn in der Revolutsionerer Arbeter-Bavegung vegn der Lage fun Yidn in Poyln (Appeal to the Central Committees of the Communist and Workers Parties by Long-time Activists in the Revolutionary Workers Movement About the Solution of the Jews in Poland)

- The Jewish Problem in Poland, by Novick, 1969

- Anti-Jewish Agitation in Poland, by Simon Wiesenthal

- The Monument of Ghetto Heroes

- Scenes of Martyrdom and Fighting of Jews on the Polish Lands, 1939-1945

Folder 212: Poland
Folder 213: Posner, Rafael
- correspondence and articles
Folder 214: Prague
1953, 1968-1974

- correspondence with Pragopress Features, 1968

- greeting cards from Jewish State Museum, 1968, 1971

- summary of Prague radio broadcast attacking Zionism, 1974

- flyer issued by Freiheit on the Slansky trial, 1953

- pamphlets: The State Jewish Museum in Prague

- The Old Jewish Cemetery in Pargue

Folder 215: Press

- texts and notes for Novick's talks on the Yiddish press, especially the Freiheit, 1941-1959

- notes and correspondence concerning circulation figures for Yiddish newspapers, 1936-1962

- pamphlets: Vos iz a Tsaytung? (What is a Newspaper?), published by the Freiheit

- A Briv fun Dr. Sh. Margoshes un an Entfer fun P. Novick (A Letter from Dr. S. Margoshes and Response by P. Novick), 1967

Folder 216: Priblude, Avrom
- correspondence and manuscripts
Folder 217: R Correspondence

- Sergei Radomsky, 1937

- Charles Raddock

- Al Richmond, 1969

- Max Rosenfeld, 1985

- William Rothberg, 1985

- M. Rumshinsky, 1975

- Russki Golos, 1970 (Russian)

- Jonah Rotsinov (Yiddish)

- Melech Ravitch, 1944 (Yiddish)

- M. Razumni, 1967 (Yiddish)

- Rosa, 1985 (Yiddish)

- Philip Rosenberg, 1968 (Yiddish)

- William Rothberg, 1985 (Yiddish)

- A. Rayski, 1947 (Yiddish)

- Leyzer Ran, 1983 (Yiddish)

- M. Rakowski, 1963-1967 (Yiddish)

- Rivka (Ruth) Rubin, 1952 (Yiddish)

- Rivka Rubin, 1975-1981 (Yiddish)

- Dina Rumanova, 1974 (Yiddish)

- Alexander Reinis, 1974 (Yiddish)

- Jurgen Rennert, 1979-1981(Yiddish)

Folder 218: R General

- Novick's speeches, notes about Sore Rotboym, 1963, Zalman Reisin, 1985, I.E. Rontch, Moyshe Rahinski, 1966

- manuscripts by Rivke Royznblat (Yiddish translations of works by Thomas Bell and Albert Maltz), Paul Robeson, Jr., 1981, Mark Razumni, Yoyne Radinov, Y. Rotboym, Melech Ravitch, Jurgen Rennert

- material about Shmuel Rozin, Vanessa Redgrave, Leyzer Ran, Hillel Rogoff

Folder 219: Rabin, Yosef
- correspondence
Folder 220: Rabinovich, S.
- correspondence and articles
Folder 221: Raboy, Isaac

- correspondence, 1936-1944

- manuscript of Raboy's story, Di Baytsh (The Whip)

- Novick's speech at Raboy's funeral, 1944

Folder 222: Rapaport, Joe
- correspondence
Folder 223: Redlich, Shimon
1945-1947, 1976-1982

- correspondence, 1976-1982

- interview with Novick on the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the USSR, 1976

- copy of transcript of interview with Novick at U.S. embassy in Moscow, 1947

- copy of telegram from Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee about the end of the war, 1945

Folder 224: Regelson, Avrom
- correspondence, manuscript
Folder 225: Reisin, Avrom
- notes, copies of poems by Reisin
Folder 226: Resnick, Sid
- correspondence, manuscripts of articles
Folder 227: Resnick, Sid
Folder 228: Resnick, Sid
Folder 229: Resnick, Sid
Folder 230: Resnick, Sid
Folder 231: Resnick, Sid
Folder 232: Resnick, Sid
Folder 233: Revolution

- notes, syllabi, lectures concerning Jewish participation in American Revolution, and other aspects of American Jewish history

- pamphlet: The Jew and the American Revolution, by Jacob R. Marcus

Folder 234: Robeson, Paul
1944, 1981

- form letter from Robeson, 1944

- letters by Lloyd Brown and Paul Robeson, Jr. concerning Robeson's relations with Jews, 1981

- Novick's answer to Brown

Folder 235: Rontch, Isaac E.
- correspondence, manuscript articles and poetry
Folder 236: Rontch, Isaac E.
Folder 237: Rontch, Isaac E.
Folder 238: Rontch, Isaac E.
Folder 239: Rontch, Isaac E.
Folder 240: Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel
1954, 1975-1983

- commemorative card, 1954

- press releases of the National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case, 1975-1983

Folder 241: Rotboym, Yankev and Sore

- correspondence with Yanken and Sore Rotboym

- program for recital by Sore Rotboym

Folder 242: Rubinstein, Annette T.
- correspondence
Folder 243: Rudawski, Michal
- correspondence, manuscript articles
Folder 244: Rumania
1962, 1972-1981

- correspondence with Franz Averbakh of the Bucharest Jewish State Theater, 1972-1981, Rabbi Moshe Rosen, 1962, 1972

- pamphlet: Jewish Life in Romania in 1978

Folder 245: S Correspondence

- Theodore Shabad, 1983

- Art Shields, 1968

- Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1982

- Upton Sinclair, 1940-1943

- Lea Slovin, 1969

- Jacob Sonntag, 1980-1983

- David Soyer, 1981

- Nathan Sabare, 1967 (Yiddish)

- Israel Silver (Yiddish)

- Raphael and Rivka Soyer, 1972-1978 (Yiddish)

- N. Samaroff (Yiddish)

- Yuri Suhl, 1975 (Yiddish)

- S. Simani, 1984-1985 (Yiddish)

- S. Seculer, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Yente Serdatski, 1943-1945 (Yiddish)

- Moses Shapiro, 1961 (Yiddish)

- M. and P. Shatz, 1967 (Yiddish)

- David Stockfish, 1986 (Yiddish)

- Moshe Starkman, 1945 (Yiddish)

- Mordechai Strigler, 1967 (Yiddish)

- Shiff, 1986 (Yiddish)

- L. Skolnick, 1976 (Yiddish)

- Sab, 1956 (Yiddish)

- I.B. Salzberg, 1956 (Yiddish)

Folder 246: S General

- Novick's speeches at memorials for Jack Stachel, 1966, Esther Sandler, 1976, Yuri Suhl

- notice of memorial meeting for Shloyme Silver, 1931

- correspondence concerning party honoring Sophie Supack, 1980

- biographical sketch of Jacob Sheffer

- article by S. Lvov on celebration of the anniversary of the Revolution in Moscow, sent out by the Soviet Yiddish Press Agency - ISPA

- report on work by M.A. Suhl researching press coverage of furriers

- song sheet

- notes on Sakharov

- Socialist Party, Downtown Jewish branch circular, 1916

- Soviet press release concerning Alexander Solzhenitsyn

- article by S.L. Schneiderman on Soviet Yiddish writers, 1955

Folder 247: Safran, Anna

- correspondence, manuscripts, 1962-1985

- Novick's speech honoring Safran, 1964

Folder 248: Sakharov, Andrei

- notes, congressional records, press releases by Sen. Henry Jackson, American Jewish Committee

- Yiddish translation of article by Sakharov, Di Kranke Gezelshaft (The Sick Society)

Folder 249: Schappes, Morris U.

- correspondence, 1971-1985

- texts of speeches by Schappes about Jewish Currents, Freiheit, other topics, 1967-1987

- Novick's speeches honoring Schappes and Jewish Currents, 1955-1982

- Novick's notes on Scahppes' books

- pamphlets by Schappes:

- Obstacles to Peace in the Middle East, 1968

- The Jewish Question and the Left - Old and New, 1970

- The Political Origins of the United Hebrew Trades, 1888, (reprint from the Journal of Ethnic Studies, Spring 1977)

- Irving Howe's The World of Our Fathers: A Critical Analysis, 1977

- souvenir journal for Jewish Currents celebration of Albert Einstein centennial

- bibliography of Schappes' writings

Folder 250: Schechtman, Eli
- correspondence
Folder 251: Schwartz, Khaym
- correspondence
Folder 252: Schwartz, Khaym
- correspondence
Folder 253: Schwartzman, Raya
1957, 1976-1988

- correspondence, 1957, 1976-1988

- article by Schwartzman on Santa Monica politics

- letter from Irving Howe concerning his book, World of Our Fathers

Folder 254: Seltzer, David
- correspondence
Folder 255: Sfard, Dovid and Regina
- correspondence
Folder 256: Sherling, Yuri

- letter from Sherling to Ben Bonus, 1983

- correspondence between Novick and Schappes, 1984

Folder 257: Singer, Isaac Bashevis
- wire service reports on Singer's reception of Nobel Prize
Folder 258: Sholem Aleichem
1940, 1981-1983

- letter from Olga Rabinowitz to H. Leivick, 1940

- text of lullaby

- invitations to annual reading of Sholem Aleichem's works, 1981, 1983

- Sholem Aleichem commemorative stamps

Folder 259: Shtern, Sholem
- correspondence, manuscripts
Folder 260: Shtern, Sholem
Folder 261: Shulshteyn, Moyshe
- letter from Shulshteyn to Kadia Molodovsky
Folder 262: Simonet, S.
- correspondence
Folder 263: Sloves, Haim

- correspondence, 1958-1984

- Novick's speech in honor of Sloves, 1970

Folder 264: Smolar, Hersh
1946, 1956-1985

- correspondence, 1956-1983

- manuscript articles by Smolar

- Novick's speech in honor of Smolar, 1968

- pamphlets:

- Fun Minsker Geto (From the Minsk Ghetto), 1946

- Der Tsadik in Peltz…Zamlung fun Artiklen (The Holy Man in Furs…Collection of Articles), polemical articles, 1985

Folder 265: Smolar, Hersh
Folder 266: Smolar, Hersh
Folder 267: Sneh, Moshe

- correspondence, 1959-1972

- pamphlets:

- Di Problemen fun dem Yidishn Folk un Zeyer Leyzung (The Problems of the Jewish People and Their Solution), by Sneh

- Materialn fun 16th Tzuzamenfor fun der Komunistisher Partey fun Yisroel (Proceedings of the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of Israel), 1968

Folder 268: Stalin, Joseph
1950-1951, 1961

- Yiddish translation of Pravda article: The 22nd Congress of the CPSU on the Liquidation of the Persecutions of the Cult of Personality, 1961

- pamphlets:

- Stalin in Folkslid (Stalin in Folksong), by P. Sandler, 1950

- Marxism and Linguistics, by Stalin, 1951

Folder 269: Suhl, Yuri

- letter, 1984

- article by Suhl on a trip to Prague

- Novick's speech at Suhl's funeral, 1986

Folder 270: Suller, Chaim

- correspondence, 1974-1977

- Novick's speeches in honor of Suller's 75th birthday, 1978

- program from 75th birthday concert

Folder 271: Szmulewski, Dovid
- correspondence
Folder 272: T Correspondence and General

- Umberto Terracini, 1973

- Wolf Tambur, 1979 (Yiddish)

- Luba Treper, 1984 (Yiddish)

- M. Tsanin, 1987 (Yiddish)

- A. Tsirlin, 1969 (Yiddish)

- Chaim Tseshinsky, 1983 (Yiddish)

- letter from Novick concerning death of Shmuel Tenenblat, 1982

- material concerning Leyb Treper

- print of artwork on Terezin

- postcard from Touro Synagogue

- pamphlet and notes from Treblinka

- book of poetry by Moyshe Teyf

Folder 272A: (Yiddish) Theater Correspondence

- United States, 1979, includes Yiddish Actors Club, Mina Bern, L. Liebgold

- Romania, 1973, includes Israel Berkovic

Folder 273: Talmy, Vladimir
1955, 1981

- correspondence, 1981

- Soviet rehabilitation and death documents for Talmy's father Leon, 1955

Folder 274: Taub, Muni
- correspondence, manuscript articles on Canadian Jewish affairs
Folder 275: Teitelbaum, Dora

- correspondence, manuscript poems, 1951-1975

- letter from reader criticizing Teitelbaum's poetry

Folder 276: Toohey, Pat
- correspondence
Folder 277: Tzirulnikov, Shlomo

- correspondence

- articles on Israeli politics

Folder 278: USSR

- miscellaneous notes

- pamphlets:

- Jews in the Soviet Union: Citizens and Builders, by Novick and J.M. Budish, 1948

- The Truth about Antisemitism in the Soviet Union, by Tom O'Connor, 1949

- How the Politburo Thinks and Letter to a Confused Liberal, by Leo Rosten and J.B.S. Hardman, 1951

- speech by S. Mikhoels in Ottowa, 1943

Folder 279: USSR

- Novick's notes

- press releases by Israel, Representative Hamilton Fish

Folder 280: USSR

- correspondence, notes, statements concerning August 12, 1952 murder of Soviet Yiddish writers, 1962-1982

- pamphlet: With the Peretz-Banner and Schwartzman-Tradition…Anthology of Credos, arranged by Leyzer Ran, 1982

Folder 281: USSR

- correspondence

- excerpts and translations of articles on Jews and Israel from Great Soviet Encyclopedia

- notes

- drafts and versions of statement of pro-Communist American Jews concerning Jews in the USSR, 1956

Folder 282: USSR

- correspondence mainly concerning Novick's planned trip to USSR

- article by Novick on Jewish Question in USSR

Folder 283: USSR

- correspondence, including letters from readers

- articles on Soviet Jewish culture and other subjects

Folder 284: USSR

- correspondence

- press releases and statements by Chicago Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, American Jewish Congress in USSR, others

- articles and notes

- pamphlets:

- remarks on: Anti-Semitism, the Swastika Epidemic and Communism, by Senator Thomas U. Dodd from Congressional Record

- The Answer to Soviet Anti-Semitism: Is Exodus Conceivable?, by Mark Richards

- The Fraud of Soviet Anti-Semitism, by Herbert Aptheker

- Soviet Aims to Destroy the Identity of its Jews, by Stuart E. Rosenberg

Folder 285: USSR

- correspondence

- miscellaneous notes and articles

- press releases and statements by MAOZ Society for Help to Soviet Jewry, American Jewish Committee, World Jewish Congress, Jewish War Veterans, National Council of American-Soviet Friendship

- pamphlets:

- Stikhi Yevreyckikh Poetov (Verses of Jewish Poets)

- Soviet Anti-Semitism: A Cold War Myth, by Hyman Lumer

- Soviet Jewry and Human Rights, by Isi Leiber

Folder 286: USSR

- correspondence

- statements, press releases, flyers, circulars and other material of New York Conference on Soviet Jewry, American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry, USSR, American League for Russian Jews, American Jewish Congress, Jewish Labor Committee, U.N., MAOZ

- miscellaneous articles and notes

- pamphlets:

- Soviet Justice and the Jews:Three case Histories

- The Shadow of the Synagogue - Further Documentation of Soviet Anti-Semitism, by Moshe Decter

- Soviet Jewry - A Reply to I. Leibler

- Idn in Sovetn-Farband (Jews in the Soviet Union), by Novick

Folder 286A: USSR - Kitchko
- Kitchko Affair
Folder 287: USSR

- correspondence, particularly about the trial of writers Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel

- statements and press releases by Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, World Union of Jewish Students, American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry, MAOZ, U.N., Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews, British Communist Party, Chilean Writers Union, L'Unita (official newspaper of the Italian Communist Party), others

- pamphlets:

- A Culture in Torment: The Plight of the Jews in the Soviet Union, by David W. Weiss

- Yidishe Autonome Gegnt (Jewish Autonomous Region)

Folder 288: USSR

- correspondence

- press releases and statements by USSR, Academic Committee on Soviet Jewry, Socialist International, American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry, Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews

Folder 289: USSR
- Soviet statements and articles concerning Jews in the USSR
Folder 290: USSR
- press releases and statements by American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Defense League, others
Folder 291: USSR

- statements and releases by American Jewish Committee, leaders of Progressive Jewish Organizations, Jewish cultural clubs and societies

- Soviet statements and articles

- pamphlets:

- AJC Activities in the Cause of Soviet Jewry

- The Status of Jews in the Soviet Union, by Max Geltman

- Deceived by Zionism, by B. Prahye

- The Deceived Testify

- The Jewish Religion in the USSR, by Zvi Gitelman

Folder 292: USSR
- press releases and statements by USSR, World Jewish Congress, others
Folder 292A: USSR
Folder 293: USSR
- text and material concerning memorandum of progressive Jewish editors concerning Soviet Jewry
Folder 294: USSR
- various statements, articles, other materials concerning Jews in the Soviet Union
Folder 295: United Nations
1975, undated

- material concerning Zionism as racism resolution, including transcript of debate

- statements by Israel, the Secretary-General, the United States, the U.N. Association, Americans for Democratic Action, L'Unita, 1975

- miscellaneous other material

Folder 296: Unzer Fraint
- correspondence
Folder 297: V Correspondence and General

- Vilner Albom Komitet (Vilna Album Committee), 1978 (Yiddish)

- notes and American Jewish Committee press release on Gore Vidal's antisemitic remarks, 1986

- pamphlets by Meyer Vilner:

- Der Kalter Krig un di Frage fun Kultur-Tetikeyt oyf der Yidisher Shprakh in Ratnfarband (The Cold War and the Question of Cultural Activity in the Yiddish Language in the Soviet Union), 1957

- Der Veg tsu a Gezikherter Medines Yisroel (The Way to a Secure State of Israel), 1955

- Vilna album brochure

Folder 298: Vergelis, Aaron

- correspondence, including with other Sovetish Heymland staff, 1956-1986

- correspondence concerning Vergelis

- notes and other material regarding Vergelis, especially visits to the United States, 1963, 1979

- articles by Vergelis

- pamphlets:

- Der Veg in Opgrunt: Di Prese vegn der Alie (The Road to the Abyss: The Press on Aliyah), 1980

- Sovetishe Yidn: Factn un Tsifern (Soviet Jewry: Facts and Figures), 1980

- Breyte Horizontn (Broad Horizons), 1984

- A Vort afn Ort: Polemishe Notitsn (A Word in its Place: Polemical Notes), 1984

Folder 299: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 300: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 301: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 302: W Correspondence and General

- Steve Wasserman, with Jacobo Timerman interview, 1981-1982

- James Weinstein, 1981

- Louis and Rose Weinstock, 1968

- William Weinstone 70th birthday tribute, 1967

- Saul Wellman, 1977-1981

- Stephen Wise, 1943-1946

- Shlomo Wasserman, 1974 (Yiddish)

- Elie Wiesel, 1967 (Yiddish)

- A. Weintraub, 1987 (Yiddish)

- Lazar Weiner, 1977 (Yiddish)

- Anna Wilner (Yiddish)

- L. Weiner, 1974 (Yiddish)

- Novick's speeches at tributes to William Weinstone, 1968, Avrom Weiss, 1963, 1970

- article on Hungary by Rose Weinstock, 1966

- material on Gabriel von Wayditch Music Foundation

- report by British Communist Alec Waterman on Soviet Jewry, 1966

- photocopies of letters exchanged by Shimon Weber and Julius Schatz concerning Ida Kaminska's Yiddish theater, 1971

- notes and press release concerning Elie Wiesel

- material concerning the Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1981, 1984

- Novick's speech concerning World Jewish Congress

Folder 303: Weinper, Zisha
1944-1963, 1977-1978

- correspondence, 1944-1956, and with Zita Weinper, 1977-1978

- poem by Weinper, Lomir (Let's)

- Novick's speeches honoring Weinper, 1948, 1963

- miscellaneous other material

Folder 304: Wendroff, Zalman
- correspondence
Folder 305: Winchevsky, Morris

- original manuscript, Kurtse Diburim (Short Words)

- texts of articles and poems written for the Freiheit

- Novick's notes on Winchevsky

- pamphlets:

- Erinerungen (Memoirs), by Winchevsky

- Morris Winchevsky, der Troymer un Kemfer (Morris Winchevsky, the Dreamer and Fighter), by Avrom Bick, 1956

Folder 306: Y Correspondence and General

- A. Yalti, 1937 (Yiddish)

- Yad Vashem, 1984 (Yiddish)

- P. Yutditch, 1965 (Yiddish)

- Abraham Yudin, 1963-1985 (Yiddish)

- Leo Yurman, 1940 (Yiddish)

- Meir Yellin, 1966 (Yiddish)

- Yisroel Shtime (Israel Voice), 1968 (Yiddish)

- Novick's speeches honoring P. Yuditch, 1954, 1968, A. Yudin, 1978

- YIVO programs, 1977, 1985

- pamphlet: Is Yugoslavia a Socialist Country?

Folder 307: Yardeini, Mordechai and Nina Rosenberg
- correspondence, manuscript articles
Folder 308: Yellin, Sarah Fel

- correspondence, 1963-1967

- Novick's speech at Yellin's funeral, 1968

Folder 309: Yevtushenko, Yevgeny

- English and Yiddish translations of Yevtushenko's poems, Babi Yar, and a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

- articles concerning Yevtushenko

- pamphlet of Yiddish translations of poems by Yevtushenko, 1962

Folder 310: Z Correspondence and General

- Arnold Zweig, 1958

- Shimon Zakhavian, 1960-1961 (Yiddish)

- Reuben Zaltsman, 1956 (Yiddish)

- Joseph Zokin, 1972 (Yiddish)

- Motl Zokin (Yiddish)

- Itka Zygmuntowicz, 1978 (Yiddish)

- Zalman Zylbercweig, 1961, 1968 (Yiddish)

- Peretz Zilmanovski, 1964 (Yiddish)

- Noah Zhelazo, 1984-1985 (Yiddish)

- W. Zuckerman, 1930 (Yiddish)

- Marvin Zukerman, 1986 (Yiddish)

- Novick's speech at banquet honoring R. Zaltsman, 1951

- articles by N. Zhelazo about Polish politics

- Yiddish translation of Dmitri Zhukov's article Zionism Without Embellishment, 1976

- Novick's speech at Zamlungen evening, 1954

- pamphlet:

- Di Sovietishe Yidn-Patriotn fun Zeyer Sotsialistishn Heymland (The Soviet Jewish Patriots of Their Socialist Homeland), by Genrikas Zimanas, 1984

Folder 311: Zakheim, Meyer
- correspondence, articles, resolutions of Progressive Jewish conferences in Miami, letter and cards from Bernard Maruch Zakheim
Folder 312: Zhitlowsky, Chaim
1937-1953, 1977-1987

- letter from Zhitlowsky, 1937

- Novick's speeches at Zhitlowsky funeral, 1943, and at memorials, 1943-1953

- notes and articles on Zhitlowsky

- seating lists of Zhitlowsky Foundation banquets, 1977-1983

- letter from Zhitlowsky's grandaughter, Nora Wainer, 1987

- pamphlet: An Entfer Sholem Ashn un H. Leyvikn (An Answer to Sholem Asch and H. Leivick), 1943

Folder 313: Zionism

- articles and speeches by Novick, 1945-1978, by Louis Harap, by Nahum Goldman, by others

- Soviet press releases and articles, 1970-1976

- press releases and statements by Breira, Neturei Karta, World Jewish Congress, Hashomer Hatzair, American Jewish Committee, L'Unita, Pioneer Women/Na'amat, World Zionist Organization

- pamphlets:

- Zionism Today, by Novick

- Presidential Support for Zionism and Israel

- issues of LaRouchian publication The Campaigner, 1978

- Zionism: Its Role in World Politics, by Hyman Lumer, 1973

Folder 314: Zionism
Series II: Photographs
1897-1987, undated
Photographs are arranged in broad subject categories, or by provenance.
Folders: 29
Folder 315: Personalities

- S. Anski (see Kacyzne)

- Joseph Barondess, 1916

- Shmuel Batt

- S. Boyman

- Yankel Dotoshkin, 1982

- Mrs. Doroshkin, 1982

- Esquival (see Muni Taub)

- Sam Finkel

- Nathan Garfield

- Mendl Goldman

- Goldsten (couple)

- T. Grol

- Shmuel Halkin

- Waldemar Hille

Folder 316: Personalities

- Alter Kacyzne, with S. Anski

- Alter Kacyzne, with Avrom Murewski

- Yitskhak Kagan, Wroclaw, 1946

- Ida Kaminska (3 photos, one with 2 men and the Oscar award)

- Jan Karski

- Izy Kharik, 1932

- Beate and Serge Klarsfeld

- Gina Medem, 1937

- Louis and Rachel Miller, 1962

- Yehudis (Justina) Minkova

- M. Moss

- Avrom Murewski (see Alter Kacyzne)

- Albert Norden, 1963

- Ruth Okuneva

Folder 317: Personalities

- Charles Raddock

- Aaron Reinharz

- Anatoli Ribakow

- Masha Rolnick

- Moshe Rosen, 1966

- Anna Safran

- M. and Fania Shats-Anin, Puza, 1967

- Dovid Shmulevski, Paris, 1970

- Hersh Smolar, 1966

- Moshe Sneh

- Jerry Spiegel

- Sonia Talmi, 1987

- Muni Taub, with Esquival

- Toufik Toubi

- Leopold Trepper

- Yankev Viernik, Wroclaw, 1946

- Morris Winchevsky, with unidentified groups

- A. Yalti (Kh. Klenbort)

- Arnold Zweig

- Stephen-Jerzy Zweig

- unidentified

Folder 318: Reuben Brainin
- includes one with Sholem Aleichem
Folder 319: Theodor Herzl
- includes one with a group of journalists at Basel Zionist Congress, possibly 1897
Folder 320: Aaron Vergelis
- includes many of his visit to the United States in 1963
Folder 321: Prague
- interior and exterior of the Altneushul, street scene during 1943 deportations
Folder 322: Ephraim Kaganovski
- funeral, Paris
Folder 323: IKUF Conference
- Paris, includes delegates at train station
Folder 324: Buchenwald
- Novick and others visiting site
Folder 325: Israel

- Brainin and others in front of Vaad B'nei-Brak

- publicity photos of Beit Halochem

Folder 326: Polish press photographs

- Gus Hall with Wladyslaw Gomulka and others, 1966

- scenes from international conference of Auschwitz survivors, 1967

Folder 327: Warsaw Ghetto Commemoration
- from Novick's trip to Poland
Folder 328: Poland

- youths from the Yosef Levertovski Home for Youth bringing a wreath to I.L. Peretz's tombs

- staff members of the Folksztyme bringing a wreath to the grave of I.M. Weissenberg

- a group of workers from the Boruchowicz Tailors Cooperative, Wroclaw with Reuben Zaltsman

- Reuben Zaltsman with members of the Morris Winchevsky Bakers Cooperative, Wroclaw

- Reuben Zaltsman with children from the Lignitser Childrens Home

- group of intellectuals including Hersh Smolar, S. Zachariasz, others

- the presidium at a meeting commemorating Peretz's 100th anniversary, including Hersh Smolar, Binen Heller, others

- a reception for foreign delegates, Warsaw, 1962

- unidentified youth chorus

- delegates at Holocaust memorial

- group of literary figures, including M. Rakovsky, Warsaw, 1960

Folder 329: Miscellaneous places

- Gina Medem with others in Havana, 1936

- unidentified Jew speaking with Pope John Paul II

- Winchevsky House in Toronto

- group of Vilna intellectuals, 1919

Folder 330: United States

- sweatshop scene, circa 1900

- presidium at Freiheit celebration, 1941, with James Ford, Israel Amter, Paul Novick, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, unidentified, Mike Gold

- street signs at Peretz Square

- Kalman Marmor with others

- Itsik Feffer with I. E. Rontch in front of Jewish book store on Lower East Side, 1944

- Novick speaking at ICOR, 1937, and at Zhitomirer Relief Committee, 1947

Folder 331: Tombstones
- Baruch Vladeck, David Edelstadt, Morris Winchevsky, S. Almazov
Folder 332: Camp Kinderland and Camp Lakeland
Folder 333: Freiheit

- staff members, 1920s

- staff members "signing for peace," 1956

- Novick with Freiheit supporters in Los Angeles, 1947, 1972, 1976

Folder 334: Soviet press photographs

- Yiddish theatrical personalities, Including Shloyme Mikhoels and Binyomin Zuskin

- Stalin Prize Laureates Yakov Frenkel, Boris Shapiro, Avrom Tankilevitsh, Boris Rubin Yevgeni Gublin

- Jewish political and military figures General Yakov Krayzer, Guard Captain V. Lutski, Ambassador Boris Stein, Deputies Riva Vishtshenikin and Aleksei Karepin

- Yiddish theater production of Hershele Ostropoler in Vilna, Jewish chorus and orchestra, Vilna

- poster of concert by Mikhail Alexandrovich, Moscow, 1962

Folder 335: Soviet press photographs

- Yiddish literary events sponsored by Sovietish Heymland, with G. Kenig, M. Maydanski, M. Shulman, Moysei Shapiro. Hirsh Osherovich, Yakov Shternberg, Riva Osherovich, Aaron Vergelis

- literary events, concerts, writers, and artists, including Margarita Aliger, Aleksandr Tishler, Yosef Tshaykov, Nehama Lifshits, Shmuel Halkin, Elye Shekhtman, Shira Gorshman, Khaym Maltiasky, Rivka Rubin, Zalman WEndroff, Note Luria, Hershl Polianker, Yosef Rabin, Shmuel Rozin

Folder 336: Jews of Riga

- photos sent by Yoyna Radinov of Riga:

- photos of the murder of the Jews of Libau, 1941

- photos of members of the Blokh family, murdered by the Nazis

- reburial of the remains of the Jakobstadt Jews murdered in 1941

- Yoyna Radinov with Geula Gil and Yakov Arkin

- Yoyna Radinov with writers Nokhem Kleynshteyn, Rivele Balyasne, Fayvish Arones

Folder 337: USSR - WWII

- flyer Polina Gelman with opera singer Deborah Pantofel-Nechetskaia, Deputy Shifra Kodzina, Lina Shtern

- Jewish partisans: B. Chaimowicz, S. Zorin, H. Smolar, Chaim Fejgielman, W. Krowczynski, N. Feldman

- captured German officers, 1943

Folder 338: Kopl Novick and family
- Paul Novick's brother
Folder 339: USSR

- Novick in Birobidzhan, 1936

- Novick with Mikhoels and Feffer, Moscow, 1946

- Novick with Mikhoels, Feffer, Maksim Rilski, Shmuel Halkin, Polina Gelman, Boris Shimelevitsh, 1946

- drawing of Stalin with Molotov and Voroshilov

- group at grave of Helena Chatskels

- Rabbi Arthur Schnerer with Soviet officials and at Babi Yar memorial

- Yosef Kotler and people at his gravesite

Folder 340: Holocaust monuments
- Brest, Kielce, Ponary, Auschwitz, Babi Yar
Folder 341: Babi Yar monument
- exhibit of models of proposals for the monument
Folder 342: Artwork
- works by Bernard Baruch Zakheim, Moyshe Horshman, Robert Falk, Semen Gruzberg, Shmuel Rozen
Folder 343: Unidentified group photo

- possibly Russia, circa 1920s

- negatives

Series III: Newspaper Clippings
The clippings in this series generally follow the same arrangement as those in the Original Documents series, in alphabetical order by author or subject. Clippings are generally very fragile.
Folders: 418
Folder 344: A Clippings
Folder 345: Afn Shvel
Folder 346: Africa
Folder 347: Algemeiner Journal
Folder 348: Amin, Idi
Folder 349: Antisemitism
Folder 350: Aptheker, Herbert
Folder 351: Arafat, Yasser
Folder 352: Arendt, Hannah, Adolf Eichmann
Folder 353: Asch, Sholem
Folder 354: Assimilation
Folder 355: Australian Left Review
Folder 356: B Clippings
Folder 357: Babi Yar
Folder 358: Bailin, Y.B.
Folder 359: Begin, Menachem
Folder 360: Begun, Vladimir
Folder 361: Belenki, Moshe
Folder 362: Bellow, Saul
Folder 363: Belousov, Alexander
Folder 364: Bergelson, David
Folder 365: Bialik, H.N.
Folder 366: Bick, A.
Folder 367: Birnbaum, Martin
Folder 368: Birobidzhan
Folder 369: Birobidzhaner Shtern
Folder 370: Bittelman, Alexander
Folder 371: Blitz, Tsalel
Folder 372: Bloice, Carl
Folder 373: Bolshakov, Vladimir
Folder 374: Borochov, Ber
Folder 375: Botwin Company
Folder 376: Braginski, Joseph
Folder 377: Brainin, Reuben
Folder 378: Brest (Brisk)
Folder 379: Broderson, Moshe
Folder 380: Buchenwald
Folder 381: Buchwald, Nathaniel
Folder 382: Bund (Zygelboim)
Folder 383: C Clippings
Folder 384: Cahan, Abraham
Folder 385: Cambodia
Folder 386: Canadian Jewish Outlook
Folder 387: Capitalism
Folder 388: Chagall, Marc
Folder 389: Chanin, N.
Folder 390: Chile
Folder 391: China
Folder 392: Communism and anti-Communism
Folder 393: Communist Party
Folder 394: Cuba
Folder 395: Culture
Folder 396: D Clippings
Folder 397: Daily News
Folder 398: Daily Worker
- later merged with the Daily World
Folder 399: Daily World
- later known as the People's Daily World, People's Weekly World
Folder 400: Daily World
Folder 401: Davar
Folder 402: Dawidowicz, Lucy
Folder 403: Dennis, Peggy
Folder 404: Dimitrov, Georgi
Folder 405: Distributive Worker
Folder 406: Domb, Leib (Leopold Trepper)
Folder 407: Dragunsky, David
Folder 408: E Clippings
Folder 409: Egypt
Folder 410: Einstein, Albert
Folder 411: Eisenstadt, Shmuel
Folder 412: Elections
Folder 413: Ellenstein, Jean
- about Soviet Jews
Folder 414: Emelianov, Valery
Folder 415: Eynikayt
- newspaper of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee
Folder 416: F Clippings
Folder 417: Fast, Howard
Folder 418: Feffer, Itsik
Folder 419: Feinberg, L.
Folder 420: Feinglass, Abe
Folder 421: Foley, Tom
Folder 422: Folks-Sztyme
Folder 423: Folks-Sztyme
Folder 424: Folks-Sztyme
Folder 425: Forward - Forverts
Folder 426: Forward - Forverts
Folder 427: Forward - Forverts
Folder 428: Forward - Forverts
Folder 429: Forward - Forverts
Folder 430: Forward - Forverts
Folder 431: Forward - Forverts
Folder 432: Forward - Forverts
Folder 433: Forward - Forverts
Folder 434: Forward - Forverts
Folder 435: Frank, Anne
Folder 436: Fray Yisroel
Folder 437: Fray Yisroel
Folder 438: Fray Yisroel
Folder 439: G Clippings
Folder 440: G Clippings
Folder 441: Garfield, Nathan
Folder 442: Genocide
Folder 443: Gershman, Joshua
Folder 444: Ghetto
Folder 445: Ghetto
Folder 446: Ghetto
Folder 447: Ghetto - P. Novick
Folder 448: Ghetto - Theory and History
Folder 449: Gliksman, Wolf
Folder 450: Gold, Mike
Folder 451: Goldberg, B.Z.
Folder 452: Goldberg, Itche
Folder 453: Di Goldene Keyt
Folder 454: Goldman, Nahum
Folder 455: Goldstein, Nina
Folder 456: Gorbachev, Mikhail
Folder 457: Gorky, Maxim
Folder 458: Grade, Chaim
Folder 459: Green, Ber
Folder 460: Grol, Tevia
Folder 461: Gromyko, Andrei
Folder 462: Gropper, William
Folder 463: H Clippings
Folder 464: Halkin, Shmuel
Folder 465: Hall, Gus
Folder 466: Halpern, B. (Vilna)
Folder 467: Halpern, Dina
Folder 468: Halpern, M.L.
Folder 469: Harap, Louis
Folder 470: Helsinki East-West Accord
Folder 471: Herzl, Theodor
Folder 472: Hoffman, Ben Zion
Folder 473: Hofshtayn, David
Folder 474: Holocaust
Folder 475: Holocaust
Folder 476: Howe, Irving
Folder 477: Hungary
Folder 478: I Clippings
Folder 479: Idisze Szriftn
Folder 480: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)
Folder 481: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)
Folder 482: IKUF (Idisher Kultur Farband)
Folder 483: Immigration
Folder 484: Israel
Folder 485: Israel
Folder 486: Israel
Folder 487: Israel
Folder 488: Israel
Folder 489: Israel
Folder 490: Israel
Folder 491: Israel lecture
Folder 492: J Clippings
Folder 493: Jerusalem Conference
Folder 494: Jewish Affairs (periodical)
Folder 495: Jewish Currents (periodical)
Folder 496: Jewish Defense League (JDL)
Folder 497: Jewish Life
Folder 498: Jewish Question - Communist Party
Folder 499: Jewish Tercentenary
Folder 500: Jews and Peace
Folder 501: K Clippings
Folder 502: Kaganovsky, Efraim
Folder 503: Kahan, Abram
Folder 504: Kalinin, Mikhail
Folder 505: Kaminska, Ida
Folder 506: Kaplan, Tankhum
Folder 507: Kastner, Israel
Folder 508: Katz, Menke
Folder 509: Katz, Moshe
Folder 510: Katz-Suchy, Juliusz
Folder 511: Kenig, G.
Folder 512: Kerler, Joseph
Folder 513: Kertman, Aaron
Folder 514: Kichko, Trofim
Folder 515: Kielce
Folder 516: King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Folder 517: Kipnis, Itsik and Shimen
Folder 518: Klarsfeld, Serge and Beate
Folder 519: Kling, Jack
Folder 520: Klutznick, Philip
Folder 521: Kobrin, Leon
Folder 522: Korey, William
Folder 523: Korman, Yudel
Folder 524: Korneyev, Lev
Folder 525: Krushchev, Nikita
Folder 526: Kulbak, Moshe
Folder 527: Kultur un Lebn
Folder 528: Kvitko, Leib
Folder 529: L Clippings
Folder 530: Landmanschaftn (periodical)
- Buenos Aires
Folder 531: Lansky, Aaron
Folder 532: Latin America
Folder 533: Left Politics
Folder 534: Leivick, H.
Folder 535: Lenin, V.I.
Folder 536: Lerner, Sarah
Folder 537: Letste Nayes
Folder 538: Lifschitz, Nehama
Folder 539: Lipski, Y.
Folder 540: Los Angeles
Folder 541: Lumer, Hyman and Herbert Aptheker
Folder 542: M Clippings
Folder 543: Malach, Lotty F.
Folder 544: Maltinsky, Chaim
Folder 545: Manger, Itzik
Folder 546: Margoshes, S.
Folder 547: Mark, Ber
Folder 548: Marmor, Kalman - book
Folder 549: Marxism
Folder 550: Marxism Today (periodical)
Folder 551: Mates, David
Folder 552: Maymudes, Abraham
Folder 553: Medem, Gina
Folder 554: Medvedev, Roy and Zhores
Folder 555: Meisel, Nachman
Folder 556: Memorandum
Folder 557: Mendele Moykher Sforim
Folder 558: Miami
Folder 559: Mikhoels, Shloyme and Peretz Markish
Folder 560: Miller, Louis
Folder 561: Milosz, Czeslaw
Folder 562: Mirski, M.
Folder 563: Modzhorian, Lydia
Folder 564: Morgn Journal
Folder 565: Morning Freiheit
Folder 566: Morning Freiheit
Folder 567: Morning Freiheit
Folder 568: Morning Freiheit
Folder 569: Morning Freiheit
Folder 570: Morning Freiheit
Folder 571: Morning Freiheit
Folder 572: Morning Freiheit
Folder 573: Morning Freiheit
Folder 574: Morning Freiheit
Folder 575: Morning Freiheit
Folder 576: Morning Freiheit
Folder 577: Morning Freiheit
Folder 578: Morning Freiheit
Folder 579: Morning Freiheit
Folder 580: Morning Freiheit
Folder 581: Morning Freiheit
Folder 582: Morning Freiheit
- 55th anniversary edition, bound in a notebook
Folder 583: N Clippings
Folder 584: The Nation
Folder 585: National Question
Folder 586: Naye Prese - La Presse Nouvelle
Folder 587: Naye Prese - La Presse Nouvelle
Folder 588: Naye Prese - La Presse Nouvelle
Folder 589: Nazism
Folder 590: Negroes
Folder 591: New Leader
Folder 592: New Masses (periodical)
Folder 593: New World Review
Folder 594: New York Times
Folder 595: Northern Neighbors
Folder 596: Notes from lectures and events
Folder 597: Notes from lectures and events
Folder 598: Notes from lectures and events
Folder 599: Novick, Kopl
Folder 600: Novick, Paul
- 80th birthday
Folder 601: Novick, Paul
- articles by Novick
Folder 602: Novosti Press Agency
Folder 603: Ogonyok (periodical)
Folder 604: Okuneva, Ruth
Folder 605: Olgin, Moisey (Moyshe)
Folder 606: P Clippings
Folder 607: People's World
Folder 608: Peretz, I.L.
Folder 609: Perlov, Max
Folder 610: Petran, Tabitha
Folder 611: Poland
Folder 612: Poland
Folder 613: Poland
Folder 614: Political Affairs (periodical)
Folder 615: Prague
Folder 616: Pravda
Folder 617: Press - Yiddish and General
Folder 618: Priblude, Avrom
Folder 619: Prinz, Joachim
Folder 620: R Clippings
Folder 621: Raboy, Isaac
Folder 622: Rapaport, Joe
Folder 623: Redlich, Shimon
Folder 624: Reich, Yakov
Folder 625: Reisin, Avrom
Folder 626: Reisman, Elijah
Folder 627: Reprints from the Soviet Press (periodical)
Folder 628: Resnick, Sid
Folder 629: Revolution - 1776 and Jews
Folder 630: Robeson, Paul
Folder 631: Rogoff, Hillel
Folder 632: Rontch, I.E.
Folder 633: Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Folder 634: Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel
Folder 635: Rosenfeld, Morris
Folder 636: Rotboym, Sore
Folder 637: Rubinstein, Annette T.
Folder 638: Rudawski, Michal
Folder 639: Rumania
Folder 640: Russky Golos (Russian Voice)
Folder 641: Rybakov, Anatoly
Folder 642: S Clippings
Folder 643: Safran, Anna
Folder 644: Sakharov, Andrei
Folder 645: Salsberg, Joseph B.
Folder 646: Schappes, Morris U.
Folder 647: Schneiderman, S.L.
Folder 648: Schwartz, Khaym
Folder 649: Seltzer, David
Folder 650: Senesh, Hannah
Folder 651: Sfard, Dovid
Folder 652: Shcharansky, Anatoly
Folder 653: Shechtman, Eli
Folder 654: Sherling, Yuri
Folder 655: Sholem Aleichem
Folder 656: Shulshteyn, Moyshe
Folder 657: Silver, Abba Hillel and Stephen S. Wise
Folder 658: Singer, Isaac Bashevis
Folder 659: Sloves, Haim
Folder 660: Smolar, Hersh
Folder 661: Sneh, Moshe
Folder 662: Socialism
Folder 663: Solzhenitzin, Aleksander
Folder 664: Soviet Jewry
Folder 665: Soviet Jewry
Folder 666: Soviet Yiddish Writers
- contains information about the writers murdered by Stalin August 12, 1952
Folder 667: Soviet Yiddish Writers
- contains information about the writers murdered by Stalin August 12, 1952
Folder 668: Sovietish Heymland
Folder 669: Stalin, Joseph and Stalinism
Folder 670: Stories
- many are by Avrom Shulman from the Forward
Folder 671: Stories
- many are by Avrom Shulman from the Forward
Folder 672: Suller, Chaim
Folder 673: Sutzkever, Abraham
Folder 674: Szmulewski, Dovid
Folder 675: T Clippings
Folder 676: Talmy, Vladimir
Folder 677: Taub, Muni
Folder 678: Teif, Moshe
Folder 679: Teitelbaum, Dora
Folder 680: Terracini, Umberto
Folder 681: Third World
Folder 682: Tog (Day)
Folder 683: Tog - Morgn Zhurnal (Day - Morning Journal)
Folder 684: Togliatti, Palmiro
Folder 685: Treblinka
Folder 686: Trotsky, Leon
Folder 687: Tsukunft
Folder 688: Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Folder 689: Tzirulnikov, Shlomo
Folder 690: United Nations
Folder 691: Unzer Fraint
Folder 692: Unzer Tsayt
Folder 693: USSR
Folder 694: USSR
Folder 695: USSR
Folder 696: USSR
Folder 697: USSR
Folder 698: USSR
Folder 699: USSR
Folder 700: USSR
Folder 701: USSR
Folder 702: USSR
Folder 703: USSR
Folder 704: USSR
Folder 705: USSR
Folder 706: USSR
Folder 707: USSR
Folder 708: USSR
Folder 709: USSR
Folder 710: USSR
Folder 711: USSR
Folder 712: USSR
Folder 713: USSR
Folder 714: USSR
Folder 715: USSR
Folder 716: USSR
Folder 717: V Clippings
Folder 718: Der Veg
Folder 719: Der Veker
Folder 720: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 721: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 722: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 723: Vergelis, Aaron
Folder 724: Gore Vidal Affair
Folder 725: Vilna
Folder 726: Vilner, Meir (Rakach)
Folder 727: Vochenblatt
Folder 728: W Clippings
Folder 729: Weber, Simon
Folder 730: Weinper, Zisha
Folder 731: Wendroff, Zalman
Folder 732: Wiesel, Elie
Folder 733: Wiesenthal, Simon
Folder 734: Winchevsky, Morris
Folder 735: World Marxist Review
Folder 736: X, Y, Z Clippings
Folder 737: Yardeini, Nina Rosenberg
Folder 738: Yellin, Sarah Fell
Folder 739: Yevseyev, Yevgeny
Folder 740: Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
Folder 741: Yidishe Kemfer
Folder 742: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 743: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 744: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 745: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 746: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 747: Yidishe Kultur
Folder 748: YIVO
Folder 749: Zagarell, Mike
Folder 750: Zhitlowsky, Chaim
Folder 751: Zhukov, Dmitri
Folder 752: Zionism
Folder 753: Zionism
Folder 754: Zionism
Folder 755: Zionism
Folder 756: Zydowski Instytut Historyczny (Jewish Historical Institute)
Folder 757: Miscellaneous Clippings
Folder 758: Miscellaneous Clippings
Folder 759: Miscellaneous Clippings
Folder 760: Miscellaneous Clippings
Folder 761: Miscellaneous Clippings
Series IV: Files of Chaim Suller
This series consists of the office files of Chaim Suller, co-editor of the Morning Freiheit. These materials are arranged alphabetically by subject. Most of the folders were given labels by Suller and these folder titles have been maintained.
Folders: 368
Folder 762: Affirmative Action
Folder 763: Afghanistan
Folder 764: Africa
Folder 765: American Imperialism
Folder 766: Amnesty
Folder 767: Angola
Folder 768: Annihilation
Folder 769: Anniversary Issue
Folder 770: Anniversary Issue
Folder 771: Anniversary Issue
Folder 772: Anniversary Issue
Folder 773: Anniversary Issue
Folder 774: Anniversary Issue
Folder 775: Anniversary Issue
Folder 776: Anniversary Issue
Folder 777: Annual Concert
Folder 778: Annual Concert
Folder 779: Annual Concert
Folder 780: Annual Concert
Folder 781: Annual Concert
Folder 782: Annual Concert
Folder 783: Annual Concert
Folder 784: Annual Concert
Folder 785: Annual Concert
Folder 786: Anti-Jewish Terror
Folder 787: Anti-Nazism
Folder 788: Anti-Semitic Literature
Folder 789: Anti-Semitism
Folder 790: Anti-Semitism
Folder 791: Anti-Semitism - USA
Folder 792: Anti-Semitism - USA
Folder 793: Appeal
Folder 794: Argentina
Folder 795: Arizona
Folder 796: Artists
Folder 797: Artukovic, Andre
Folder 798: Auschwitz
Folder 799: Australia
Folder 800: Austria
Folder 801: Babi Yar
Folder 802: Baltimore, MD
Folder 803: Barbie, Klaus
Folder 804: Belgium
Folder 805: Birch Society
Folder 806: Birobidzhan
Folder 807: Black-Jewish Relations
Folder 808: Blacklist
Folder 809: Blacks in the USA
Folder 810: Boston, MA
Folder 811: Braunsteiner, Hermine
Folder 812: Brazil
Folder 813: Bronx, New York
Folder 814: Brooklyn, New York
Folder 815: California - Miscellaneous
Folder 816: Cambodia
Folder 817: Canada - Miscellaneous
Folder 818: Captive Nations
Folder 819: Catholic Church and the Jews
Folder 820: Census
Folder 821: Century Village, FL
Folder 822: Chabad, S.
Folder 823: Chanukat Habayit (Dedication of the Home)
Folder 824: Chicago, IL
Folder 825: Chicanos
Folder 826: Children
Folder 827: Chile
Folder 828: China
Folder 829: CIA and Anti-Semitism
Folder 830: Circulation
Folder 831: Civil Rights
Folder 832: Civil Rights Martyrs
Folder 833: Cleveland, OH
Folder 834: Colombia
Folder 835: Colorado
Folder 836: Communist Party
Folder 837: Communist Party - Attack on the Morning Freiheit
Folder 838: Communist Party - United States
Folder 839: Communists in Europe
Folder 840: Connecticut - Miscellaneous
Folder 841: Correspondence
Folder 842: Correspondence
Folder 843: Correspondence
Folder 844: Correspondence - Foreign
Folder 845: Correspondence - USA
Folder 846: Correspondence - War Crimes
Folder 847: Cuba
Folder 848: Czechoslovakia
Folder 849: Daily World
Folder 850: Demjanjuk, J.
Folder 851: Denmark
Folder 852: Detroit, MI
Folder 853: Domb, L.
Folder 854: Dominican Republic
Folder 855: East Germany
Folder 856: Egypt
Folder 857: El Salvador
Folder 858: England
Folder 859: Entebbe
Folder 860: Ethnicity
Folder 861: Europe - Socialism
Folder 862: Europe - Trip
Folder 863: Europe - Trip
Folder 864: F and D Printing
Folder 865: Fabian, Bela
Folder 866: FBI
Folder 867: Fedorenko, F.
Folder 868: Feldman, S.
Folder 869: Financial Report
Folder 870: Florida - Miscellaneous
Folder 871: Foreign - Miscellaneous
Folder 872: Forward
Folder 873: Forward - Neo-Nazis
Folder 874: France
Folder 875: Frank, Leo
Folder 877: Freed Dinner
Folder 876: Freed, J.
Folder 878: Fundraising
Folder 879: Genocide
Folder 880: Georgia
Folder 881: German-Jewish Relations
Folder 882: Goldberg, B.Z.
Folder 883: Goodlett, Dr. Carlton
Folder 884: Greece
Folder 885: Guatemala
Folder 886: Guns
Folder 887: Hartford, CT
Folder 888: Hate Literature
Folder 889: Heroism
Folder 890: Hiroshima
Folder 891: Holland
Folder 892: Holocaust
Folder 893: Holocaust - Documents
Folder 894: Holocaust - New Historians
Folder 895: Holocaust - Resistance
Folder 896: Holocaust - Revisionism
Folder 897: Holocaust - Studies
Folder 898: Holtzman, Elizabeth
Folder 899: Human Rights
Folder 900: Hunger - USA
Folder 901: Impolievicius
Folder 902: Incident at Vichy
Folder 903: Indiana
Folder 904: Indians
Folder 905: Indonesia
Folder 906: Integration of Schools
Folder 907: Interpol
Folder 908: Ireland
Folder 909: Israel
Folder 910: Israel
Folder 911: Israel
Folder 912: Israel - Zionism
Folder 913: Italy
Folder 914: Jewish Collaboration
Folder 915: Jewish Congress
Folder 916: Jewish Defense League
Folder 917: Jewish Identity
Folder 918: Jewish Rights
Folder 919: Jewish Schools
Folder 920: Jews - USA
Folder 921: Jews and Peace
Folder 922: Johnson, Lyndon and Jews
Folder 923: Judaism
Folder 924: Judenrat
Folder 925: Kaganovsky, E.
Folder 926: Kaminska. Bronius
Folder 928: Kansas City, MO
Folder 927: Kansas, Kentucky
Folder 929: Kennedy, John F. - Assassination
Folder 930: Kennedy, Robert F.
Folder 931: King, Martin Luther
Folder 932: Kissinger, Henry
Folder 933: Klarsfeld, Beate
Folder 934: Koblentz - Trial
Folder 935: Korea
Folder 936: Kowalchuk, Sergei
Folder 937: Ku Klux Klan
Folder 938: Kurtz, Aaron
Folder 939: Labor
Folder 940: Lakewood, NJ
Folder 941: Latin America
Folder 942: Lechovitsky, A.
Folder 943: Lieder
Folder 944: Literature - Nazis
Folder 945: Los Angeles, CA
Folder 946: Lubavitcher
Folder 947: Luther, Martin
Folder 948: Maikovskis, Boleslavs
Folder 949: Management
Folder 950: Manhattan, New York
Folder 951: Manuscripts
Folder 952: Marxism - Documents
Folder 953: Massachusetts - Miscellaneous
Folder 954: Melting Pot
Folder 955: Mengele, Josef
Folder 956: Menten, Pieter
Folder 957: Metropolitan News Company
Folder 958: Mexico
Folder 959: Miami, Miami Beach, FL
Folder 960: Minneapolis
Folder 961: Minuteman
Folder 962: Missouri - Miscellaneous
Folder 963: Montreal, Canada
Folder 964: Morning Freiheit
Folder 965: Morocco
Folder 966: Morse, A. and R.
Folder 967: Moving
Folder 968: Music
Folder 969: National Conference
Folder 970: National Conference
Folder 971: National Conference
Folder 972: National Conference
Folder 973: National Conference
Folder 974: National Conference
Folder 975: National Conference
- 18-Jan-75
Folder 976: National Conference
- 14-Oct-75
Folder 977: National Conference
Folder 978: National Question
Folder 979: NATO
Folder 980: Nazi - International
Folder 981: Nazi - USA
Folder 982: Neturei Karta
Folder 983: New Haven, CT
Folder 984: New Jersey - Miscellaneous
Folder 985: New Orleans, LA
Folder 986: New York City - Miscellaneous
Folder 987: New York State - Miscellaneous
Folder 988: New Zealand
Folder 989: Newark, NJ
Folder 990: News Agency Contracts
Folder 991: Nicaragua
Folder 992: Ninth Fort
Folder 993: Nixon, Richard
Folder 998: Novick - Expulsion from Communist Party
Folder 995: Novick Birthday Dinner
Folder 996: Novick Birthday Dinner
Folder 997: Novick Birthday Dinner
Folder 994: Novick, Paul
Folder 999: Nuclear Weapons
Folder 1000: Oakland, Richmond, CA
Folder 1001: Ohio - Miscellaneous
Folder 1003: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1004: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1005: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1006: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1007: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1008: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1009: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1010: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1011: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1012: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1013: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1014: Olgin Meeting
Folder 1002: Olgin, Moisey (Moyshe)
Folder 1015: Palestinians
Folder 1016: Paraguay
Folder 1017: Passaic, NJ
Folder 1018: Paterson, NJ
Folder 1019: Peace
Folder 1020: Peekskill, NY
Folder 1021: Pennsylvania - Miscellaneous
Folder 1022: Pentagon
Folder 1023: Personalities
- writings about specific individuals
Folder 1024: Peru
Folder 1025: Petaluma, Cotati, CA
Folder 1026: Philadelphia, PA
Folder 1027: Photographs
- Hersh Smolar, Paul Novick, Chaim Suller, birthday dinners, meetings, Auschwitz, theater pictures, sculptures
Folder 1028: Poland
Folder 1029: Police
Folder 1030: Political Affairs
Folder 1031: Pope
Folder 1032: Portugal
Folder 1033: Post Office
Folder 1034: Poverty
Folder 1035: Press - Reviews
Folder 1036: Press - Yiddish
Folder 1037: Prisons
Folder 1038: Queens, Long Island, NY
Folder 1039: Quotas
Folder 1040: Racial Tensions
Folder 1041: Rat Finks
- Young Republicans
Folder 1042: Reagan, Ronald
Folder 1043: Religion
Folder 1044: Religion in Schools
Folder 1045: Reports
Folder 1046: Rhode Island
Folder 1047: Ringelblum, Emanuel
- photocopies of Writings from the Ghetto, Yiddish and Polish
Folder 1048: Robeson, Paul
Folder 1049: Rosh Hashonah Issue
Folder 1050: Rudolph, Arthur
Folder 1051: Rumania
Folder 1052: Sakharov, A.
Folder 1053: Samarin, V.D.
Folder 1054: San Francisco County, CA
Folder 1055: Saudi Arabia
Folder 1056: Shulle, Ervin
Folder 1057: Skokie, IL
Folder 1058: Smolar, Hersh
Folder 1059: Solzhenitzin, Aleksander
Folder 1060: South Africa
Folder 1061: South Carolina
Folder 1062: Soviet Anti-Semitism
Folder 1063: Soviet Anti-Semitism
Folder 1064: Soviet Jews
Folder 1065: Soviet Union - Trip
Folder 1066: Sovietish Heymland
Folder 1067: Spain
Folder 1068: Springfield, MA
Folder 1069: Statement of Ownership
Folder 1070: Statements
Folder 1078: Suller - 75th Birthday
Folder 1079: Suller - 80th Birthday
Folder 1072: Suller - Articles in English
Folder 1073: Suller - Articles in Yiddish
Folder 1074: Suller - Articles in Yiddish
Folder 1075: Suller - Articles in Yiddish
Folder 1076: Suller - Articles in Yiddish
Folder 1077: Suller - Articles in Yiddish
Folder 1080: Suller - Speeches
Folder 1081: Survivors
Folder 1082: Sweden
Folder 1083: Switzerland
Folder 1084: Symposium - Marxism and the Jewish Question
Folder 1085: Tennessee
Folder 1071: The Struma
- unsuccessful refugee boat to Palestine in 1941
Folder 1086: Timerman, Jacobo
Folder 1087: Tog (Day)
Folder 1088: Tom's River, NJ
Folder 1089: Toronto, Canada
Folder 1090: Treblinka
Folder 1091: Trials - Socialist Countries
Folder 1092: Trifa, Valarian D.
Folder 1093: Turkey
Folder 1094: Ukraine and America
Folder 1095: Ultra-Right
Folder 1096: Union, Newspaper and Mail Deliverers'
Folder 1097: United Nations
Folder 1098: Uruguay
Folder 1099: USSR
Folder 1100: USSR - Yiddish Writers
Folder 1101: Utah
Folder 1102: Varvariv, Konstantin
Folder 1103: Vialon, Karl Friedrich
Folder 1104: Vietnam
Folder 1105: Violence
Folder 1106: Walden Press
Folder 1107: Waldheim, Kurt
Folder 1108: War Criminals - USA
Folder 1109: War Criminals - USA
Folder 1110: War Criminals - USA
Folder 1111: War Criminals - USA
Folder 1112: War Criminals - USA
Folder 1113: Washington, DC
Folder 1114: Watergate
Folder 1115: Weber, S
Folder 1116: Welfare
Folder 1117: West Germany
Folder 1118: Wills
Folder 1119: Wills
Folder 1120: Winchevsky, Morris
Folder 1121: Wisconsin
Folder 1122: World Jewish Congress
Folder 1123: Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
Folder 1124: Yiddish
Folder 1125: Yiddish - Israel
Folder 1126: Yiddish Buch Publishers
Folder 1127: Youth
Folder 1128: Yudin Dinner
Folder 1129: Zech-Nenntwich, Hans Walter
Series V: Addendum
1926-1989, 2006
The materials in the addendum consist of materials from Novick’s professional career, including speeches and articles written by Novick and others, Novick’s travel writings, personal documents, newspaper clippings, and correspondence. While some of the documents recreate topics from the original collection, there do not seem to be additional copies of materials.
Folders: 130
Folder 1: Biographical notes and materials

- page from an article about Brest-Litovsk (Yiddish), with a photograph of Novick's parents, Chaim Feivel and Chaya Esther Novick

- article by I.E. Rontch, The Pen of P. Novick (Yiddish)

- biographical notes

- biographical notes, copy from P.N. witholding statement for 1961

- bill from Novick's trip to California, 6/62 (Yiddish)

- report on Novick's trip to Soviet Russia, 1959

- manual: The New World of Saint Simon, by Allan Novick (son)

Folder 2: Court proceedings before the Committee of Anti-American Activities

- statement of P. Novick before the House Un-American Activities Committee, U.S. Courthouse, Foley Square New York, 3/15/67

- U.S. Senate, report of proceedings of a hearing held before sub-committee to investigate the administration of the Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws of the committee on the Judiciary, testimony of Paul Novick

- transcript of proceedings of P. Novick's passport hearing, 4/6/56

- P. Novick before the Jenner Committee

- statement of P. Novick before the Security Committee, on the Judiciary, 6/17/55

- letter from the Morgn-Freiheit to Herbert Brownell, Jr., U.S. attornet, Washington, D.C., 10/23/53

- Morgn-Freiheit editorial - machinations against P. Novick are an attack on the freedom of the press, 9/6/53

- U.S. District Court for the District of N.Y. vs. P. Novick, 1/6/54, N.Y. Times clipping, 8/25/53

- American Committee for Protection of Foreign-Born, case of P. Novick, Jewish newspapers in France and Canada against the prosecutions of P. Novick

Folder 3: Yiddish Correspondence from Paul Novick

- his son, 6/25/53

- Aaron Vergelis, 11/9/62, 7/22/63, 10/16/72, 1/23/73

- Hersh Smolar, 6/24/73

- Moshe Sneh, 3/12/71, 5/7/71

- to the Morgn-Freiheit, 11/2/73

- L. Fogelman, editor of the Forward, 7/25/62, with an article by Y. Shmulevitsh, A Kartele Ash Geshikt fun Moskve keyn Amerike (A Postcard Asch Sent from Moscrow to America)

- Gershon Jacobson, editor of the Algemeiner Journal, 4/20/88

- telegram from the Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, marked urgent

Folder 4: Correspondence to Paul Novick

- International Symposium: Marxism and the Jewish Question, Tel Aviv (text in Yiddish) signed by Hersh Smolar, Yair Caban, 1/7/73, 2/20/73, 3/20/73

- Moyshe Belenki, 3/28/57, 11/28/57, 3/27/58, 4/11/58, 12/7/59, 8/1/85, 5/6/89 (Yiddish)

- Anna Safran Bially, 9/8/80 (Yiddish), 4/19/89 (English)

- Alexander Belousov, 5/27/71 (Yiddish)

- Alexander Bittelman, 12/12/56 (Yiddish)

- Wolf Glicksman, 9/23/88 (Yiddish)

- Muni Taub, 4/24/64 (Yiddish)

- Y. Lipski, 3/18/73, 5/1973 (Yiddish)

- Vladimir (Vova) Talmy, 4/18/89, 5/12/89

Folder 5: Correspondence to Paul Novick

- Esther Markish (Russian)

- Rive (Regina) Sfard, 11/13/88 (Yiddish)

- Aaron Vergelis, Sovietish Heymland, 12/14/62, 6/17/63, 7/3/63, 7/27/73 (Yiddish)

- S. Simonet, 5/23/88, 12/8/88 (Yidish)

- Moshe Katz, 3/18/58 (Yidish)

- G. Kenig, 2/6/62 (Yiddish)

- Siame/Shimen Kipnis, mentions an old photograph (Yiddish)

- Morris Schappes, 2/28/89, 6/6/89

- M. Rudawski, Stockholm, 1/11/87, 7/23/87, 3/6/88, 8/15/88, 8/19/88, 9/29/88 , with photograph from Hersh Shner, colleague from YIVO Vilna, 2/26/89 (Yiddish)

- postcard from Joseph and Chaya, 9/26/88 (Yiddish)

- Alfred S. Sabin, Professor of Law, 8/3/87

- Gus Hall, Hy Luner, 3/6/67

Folder 6: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Di Diskusye arum Holokost un Ire Lektsies (The Discussion of the Holocaust and its Lessons)

- 22 Yor Vornungen, vi Lang Nokh? (22 Years of Warnings, How Much Longer?)

- Lektsie fun 300 Yor Geshikhte (Lecture on 300 Years of History)

- Moshe Katz - Der Mentsh, der Tuer, der Shrayber (Moshe Katz - The Man, the Doer, the Writer)

- Yidn, Katolikn un Amerikaner Frayheyt-Printsipn (Jews, Catholics and American Principles of Freedom)

- Der Foroysgeyer in G? (The Precursor in G?)

- Der Gang funem IKUF (The Course of IKUF)

- Vos iz der Iker un di Printsipn fun IKUF (What are the Tenets and Principles of IKUF)

- Di Teme fun Opvishn 2000 yor Yidish Lebn un Ir Virkung (The Theme of Obliterating 2000 Years of Jewish Life and its Impact)

- Oykh in 1905 un der Bund (Also in 1905 and the Bund)

Folder 7: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- On Kultur Arbet oyf English Kon Men Boyen di Kultur oyf Yidish (Without Cultural Work in English Once Cannot Build Culture in Yiddish)

- Morris Winchevsky - Di Lebedike Traditsie (Morris Winchevsky - The Living Tradition)

- Avrom Bick - M. Winchevsky, der Troymer un Kemfer (Avrom Bick - M. Winchevsky, the Dreamer and Fighter)

- Bay Janusz Zarecki in Varshe (At Janusz Zarecki's in Warsaw), 1/6/65

- A Gever farn Lebn fun Folk (A Weapon for the Life of the People)

- Der Vunder - Yidish Poyln (The Wonder - Jewish Poland)

- Durkh Tunkele Briln (Through Dark Eyeglasses)

- M. Olgins Veg far der Yidisher Kultur (M. Olgin's Path for Jewish Culture)

- Amerikaner Film (American Film)

Folder 8: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Yidn un Polakn Unter der Natsisher Hershaft in Poyln (Jews and Poles Under Nazi Rule in Poland)

- Di Yudenratler in di Yidishe Politsey (The Judenrat Members in the Jewish Police)

- Tsvey Dates fun der Yidisher Geshikhte (Two Dates in Jewish History)

- Notitsn vegn Yerusholaim d'Lita (Notes on the Jerusalem of Lithuania (Vilna))

- Natsionaler un Sotsialer Yoysher (National and Social Justice)

- Tsvey Doyres Progresive Yidish Lebn - Olgin tsu zayn 20stn Yortsayt (Two Generations of Progressive Jewish Life - Olgin on the 20th Anniversary of his Death)

- A Tog tsu Dermonen - 8/12/52 (A Day to Remember - August 12, 1952)

- Provocator fun Forverts hot Ongehoybn zayn Kariere nokh in Poyln (The Provocateur of the Forward Began his Career in Poland)

- Di Rol fun Forverts in der Fabrikatsie kegn Rabay Veyz? (The Role of the Forward in the Fabrications against Rabbi Weiss?)

- Bamerkungen fun Pesakh Novick oyf Baratung fun Oyslendishe Ge?, 5/3/73 in Tel Aviv (Remarks of Paul Novick on the Conference of Foreign ?, 5/3/73 in Tel Aviv)

- Der Inhalt in Yidishn Lebn far di Rekht fun Yidish Loshn (The Subject of Jewish Life for the Rights of Yiddish Language)

- A Gever farn Lebn fun Folk (A Weapon for the Life of a People)

- Oyfshtayg un Gerangl fun Veltlekhkeyt in der Yidisher Amerike (Rise and Struggle of Secularity in Jewish America)

- Di Etnishe Bavegung in Amerike un di Yidishe Kultur (The Ethnic Movement in America and Jewish Culture)

Folder 9: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Amerikaner Yidn, der Tsionizm, Medines-Yisroel, Friling 1973 (American Jews, Zionism, the State of Israel, Spring 1973)

- Folk - Doikeyt - Yisroel (People - Hereness - Israel)

- Natsionaler un Sotsialer Yoysher (National and Social Justice)

- Vos Kenen Mir Ton far Yisroel? (What Can We Do for Israel?), 1958

- Natsionale Problemen inem Likht fun der Virklekhkeyt (National Problems in the Light of Reality)

- Revizies fun di Yudenratn (Revisions of the Judenrats)

- Yudenrat un Vidershtand (Judenrat and Resistance)

- Vos iz der Spetsieler Batayt fun Yidishn Khurbn? (What is the Special Meaning of the Jewish Holocaust?)

- Troyer, Foderungen un Khezhboynes (Sorrow, Demands and Accounts)

- A Gever farn Lebn fun Folk (A Weapon for the Life of the People)

- Zhitlowsky un zayne Sonim (Zhitlowsky and his Enemies)

- Rumkovskis Ofis - Bild fun Meir Balaban (Rumkowski's Office - Picture by Majer Balaban)

- Nachman Meisel - Tsu dem Tsveytn Yortsayt (Nachman Meisel - On the Second Anniversary of his Death)

- Sholem Aleichem (handwritten)

Folder 10: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Progres un Reaktsie in Yidishn Lebn (Progress and Reaction in Jewish Life), 1972

- Lektsies fun 300 Yor Geshikhte (Lectures on 300 Years of History)

- Notitsn far a Referat - 100 Yor Yidish Lebn in Amerike (Notes for a Lecture - 100 Years of Jewish Life in America)

- Farn Inhalt fun Yidish Lebn, far di Rekht fun Yidish Loshn (On the Subject of Jewish Life, for the Rights of Yiddish Language), 11/74

- A Historishe Yerung in Yidishn Lebn (A Historical Anniversary in Jewish Life), 1974

- Draysik Yor Nokhn Zig Iber Hitlern (Thirty Years After Victory Over Hitler), 1975

- Reaktsie un Progres in Amerikaner Yidishn Lebn (Reactions and Progress in American Jewish Life), 1972

Folder 11: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Amerikaner Yidn, Tsionizm un Medines-Yisroel (American Jews, Zionism and the State of Israel) (brochure)

- Yidn in Soviet-Farband / A Rayze in dem Sovietn-Farband (Jews in the Soviet Union / A Trip in the Soviet Union) (brochure)

- Yisroel, Tsionizm un Amerikaner Yidn (Israel, Zionism and American Jews), 1961 (brochure)

- 1981-1982 - Hundert Yor Yidish Lebn in Amerike (1981-1982 - One Hundred Years of Jewish Life in America) (brochure)

- Amerikaner Yidn un di Rol fun der Yidisher Prese (American Jews and the Role of the Yiddish Press) (brochure)

- Yidish Lebn in Amerike (Jewish Life in America), 1960

- Yidn in Amerike (Jews in America), 1957

Folder 12: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Kultur in di Sotsialistishe Lender (Culture in Socialist Countries), 1960

- Mir Shteyen far Groyse Oyfgabn (We Are Up Against Great Problems)

- Der IKUF un di Yidishe Yishuvim Iber der Velt (IKUF and Jewish Settlements Across the World), 1960

- Di Kvaln fun dem Dikhter Zishe Vaynper (The Sources of the Poet Zishe Weinper)

- Di Groyse Date - 25 Yor IKUF (The Big Date - 25 Years of IKUF), 1962

- Der Untergrunt fun der Kultur Tragedie in Sovietn-Farband (The Underground of Cultural Tragedy in the Soviet Union)

- Shafungs Troyer oyfn Toyt fun M. Kats (Creation's Sorrow on the Death of M. Katz), 1960

- Hemshekh in Kiem fun IKUF (Continued Existence of IKUF), 1962

- Yidish Lebn, Vuhin? (Jewish Life, Where To?), 1961

- Di Problemen Velkhe Shteyen far Undz (The Problems We Face), 1959

- Vos far a Yidishe Kultur (What Kind of Jewish Culture), 1945

- Di Teorie fun Opvishn 2000 Yor Yidish Lebn un Ir Virkung (The Theory of Obliterating 2000 Years of Jewish Life and Its Effect)

- A Grus fun di Fareynikte Shtatn (Greetings from the United States), 1964

- Sotsialier Umru Iber Amerike (Social Unrest Across America), 1/66

Folder 13: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Gemostn Loyt der Eygener Mos - Politishe Notitsn (Measured According to One's Own Measurement - Political Notes)

- Undzer Dialog mit Sovietish Heymland (Our Dialogue with Sovietish Heymland (Soviet Homeland)), 1971

- Ideologishe Diskusie vegn Tsionizm oder Historie (Ideological Discussion on Zionism or History)

- Di Komentarn fun Sovietish Heymland (The Commentaries of Sovietish Heymland (Soviet Homeland))

- Di Taynes fun Sovietish Heymland (The Complaints of Sovietish Heymland (Soviet Homeland))

- Di Rehabilitatsie fun Oygust 12 (The Rehabilitation of August 12)

- Dem 12tn Oygust 1983 (August 12, 1983)

- Notitsn tsum 12tn Oygust (Notes for August 12)

- Deklaratsie fun di Dray Progresive Yidishe Shrift in di Fareynikte Shtatn - Morgn-Frayheyt, Yidishe Kultur, un Dzhuish Kurents (Declarations from the Three Progressive Yiddish Newspapers in the United States - Morning Freiheit, Jewish Culture and Jewish Currents)

Folder 14: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Dos Bukh fun Yevgeni Eliseyev: Fashizm Pod Goluboy Zvyozdoy (The Book by Yevgeny Yevseyev: Fascism Under the Blue Star) (Russian)

- Notitsn fun Sh. Dimenshteyn: Der Kamf far Leninizm kegn Luksenbergizm, Moskve Emes (Notes by S. Dimanshtein: The Fight for Leninism Against Luxembourgism, Moscow Truth), 1933

- Notitsn fun Esther Markish Bukh: Di Long Return (Esther Markish Book: The Long Return)

- Notitsn tsum Barikht (Notes for a Report), 10/71

- Di Frage vegn der Sovetisher Yidisher Kultur (The Question of Soviet Jewish Culture)

- Notitsn tsum Artikl vegn Kongres Farher (Notes for an Article About a Congressional Hearing)

- Lektsies fun 1976 (Lectures from 1976)

Folder 15: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Der Amerikaner Yidisher Yishev (The American Jewish Settlement)

- Di Gezetsn fun Eynikeyt in Kamf Kegn Reaktsie (The Laws of Unity in the Struggle Against Reaction)

- A Khezhbm fun di Sovietishe Yidn (An Accounting of Soviet Jews)

- Far a Progresiver Yidisher Kultur (For a Progressive Jewish Culture)

- Aynshteyn - Der Humanist un Frayheyts Kemfer (Einstein - The Humanist and Freedom Fighter)

- Dos Vort iz a Shverd (The Word is a Sword)

- Der Foter fun Shund in der Yidisher Prese (The Father of Literary Trash in the Yiddish Press)

- Tif Zenen di Vortslen (The Roots are Deep)

Folder 16: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Fashizm un Antisemitizm in Amerike (Fascism and Antisemitism in America) (brochure)

- Farn Glik fun Folk (For the Luck of the People) (Yalta)

- Yidish Lebn in Amerike (Jewish Life in America)

- Far a Beser Lebn (For a Better Life)

- Yidn in Amerike (Jews in America)

- Yidn in Sovietn-Farband (Jews in the Soviet Union)

- Yisroel, Tsionizm in Amerikaner Lebn (Israel, Zionism in American Life)

Folder 17: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Di Role fun di Yidn in di Neger Kamfn (The Role of the Jews in the Civil Rights Movement) (brochure)

- Amerikaner Yidn un di Role fun der Yidisher Prese (American Jews and the Role of the Yiddish Press) (brochure)

- Amerikaner Yidn, der Tsionizm un Medines-Yisroel (American Jews, Zionism and the State of Israel) (brochure)

- A Briv fun Dr. Margoshes un an Entfer fun Pesakh Novick (A Letter from Dr. Margoshes and an Answer from Paul Novick)

- Sovietish Heymland - A Geshe'enish (Sovietish Heymland (Soviet Homeland) - An Event)

- Fun a Shmus mit Yitzhak Ben-Aharon (From a Conversation with Yitzhak Ben-Aharon), 5/9/73

- Bamerkungen oyfn Tsunoyfkum vegn der Konferents in Yerusholaim (Observations on the Gathering About the Conference in Jerusalem), 6/12/78

Folder 18: Yiddish articles by Paul Novick

- Folks-Khor (People's Chorus)

- Der Veg fun Yankev Sheyfer (The Way of Jacob Schaeffer)

- Dos Gezang (The Singing), 1948

- Rede bay Muzik Farband (Speech at the Music Union), Hunter College, 1/20/46

- Muzik Tsuzamenfor (Music Convention), 6/17/53

- Bagrisung tsum 11tn Tsuzamenfor fun Yidishn Muzik Farband (Greetings for the 11th Convention of the Jewish Music Union), 1/53

- Muzik Farband Kontsert (Music Union Concert), 12/1/51

- Oyf Lange Gezunte Yorn - Bagrisung (To Long Healthy Years - Greeting)

- A Khor mit a Groys Farmegn - Tsum 30tn Yubiley Kontsert (A Chorus with a Great Estate - On the 30th Anniversary Concert)

- Folks Gezang - Tsum 25tn Yubiley funem Nyu-York Yidishn Filharmonishn Folks-Khor (Folk Singing - On the 25th Anniversary of the New York Jewish Philharmonic People's Chorus), 7/48

- Tsum 50tn Yor fun Filharmonishn Orkester (On the 50th Year of the Philharmonic Orchestra), 6/73

- 40 Yor Folks Gezang (40 Years of Folksinging)

Folder 19: English articles by Paul Novick

- Kibbutzim in Israel

- Jews in the U.S.S.R.

- Jewish Life in the United States

- The Distorted World of Our fathers

- The Status of the Jews in the Soviet Union

Folder 20: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Fayerung - 300 Yor Yidish-Lebn (Celebration - 300 years of Jewish Life), 10/16/54

- Los Angeles, 4/24/54

- Geto Fayerung (Ghetto Celebration), 4/10/55

- Moshe Katz Fayerung (Moshe Katz Celebration), 1/56

- Tsvey Dates fun der Yidisher Geshikhte (Two Dates from Jewish History)

- Geto-Konferents (Ghetto Conference), 1/25/58

Folder 21: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Bamerkungen fun Pesakh Novick (Observations of Paul Novick), Carnegie Hall, 2/19/60

- Ershte May Rede (First of May Speech), Union Square, 5/1/60

- Ershte May Rede (First of May Speech), 1961

- Geto Miting (Ghetto Meeting), Los Angeles, 4/21/62

- 10ter Oygust - 1952-1962, Mord Iber di Yidishe Shrayber in Sovet-Rusland (10th August - 1952-1962, Murder of Yiddish Writers in Soviet Russia)

- A Nayer Tsugang in a Nayer Tsayt (A New Attitude in a New Time), 6/22/63

- May 1, 1963

Folder 22: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Tsuzamenkunft fun Shrayber un Andere in Sovet-Farband (Convention of Writers and Others in the Soviet Union), 11/21/64

- In Odes, Rusland (In Odessa, Russia), 12/16/64

- Gezegenung Banket (Farewell Banquet), 9/24/64

- Bamerkungen bay Shrayber Farzamlung, Kiev (Remarks at the Writers Assembly, Kiev), 12/14/64

- Bamerkungen bay der Barabtung fun Sovetishe Shrayber-Kritiker un Literatur Forsher (Remarks at the Conference of Soviet Writers, Critics and Literary Researchers)

- Memorial vegn Baby-Yar (Memorial to Babi Yar), 12/15/64

- Yisroel, Tsionizm, Amerikaner Yidn (Israel, Zionism, American Jews

Folder 23: Speeches by Paul Novick

- "Eynikeyt"-Yubiley ("Unity" Anniversary), 1/13/46

- "Ordn"-Oysshtelung ("Order" Show), 5/8/49

- Vegn Eynikeyt (On Unity), 6/13/46

- Medison Skver Garden (Madison Square Garden), 9/16/47

- Banket Rede (Banquet Speech), 12/31/41

Folder 24: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Notitsn vegn ? Shmues vegn Poyln, Tshekhoslovakie?, Los-Andzheles (Notes about ? Conversation on Poland, Czechoslovakia, Los Angeles), 4/8/65

- Tel-Aviv, 10/11/67

- 28ter Olgin-Yortsayt (28th Olgin Anniversary), 11/26/67

- Olgin-Rede (Olgin Speech)

- 90 Yor Yidishe Prese (90 Years of the Yiddish Press), 8/7/60

- Gezang (Singing), 10/26/67

- Doikeyt, Yisroel, Tsionizm (Hereness, Israel, Zionism), Los Angeles, 1/2/69

- 75ter Geburtstog Banket (75th Birthday Banquet), Los Angeles, 1/14/66 (P. Novick-75 Years Old)

- Statement by P. Novick, 2/19/65 at the Sheraton Hotel

Folder 25: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Yisroel Miting (Israel Meeting), 6/16/70

- Banket - 80ter Geburtstog (Banquet - 80th Birthday), 2/27/72

- Geto (Ghetto), Los Angeles, 4/16/72

- Undzere Problemen (Our Problems), 3/27/73

- Geto (Ghetto), Toronto, 4/20/75

- 85-Yoriker Geburtstog (85th Birthday), Los Angeles, 10/17/76

- Referat-Baym Yidish-Konferents in Yerusholaim (Paper - At the Yiddish Conference in Jerusalem), 6/12/76

- 85 Yor, a Por Verter in English (85 years, a Few Words in English), Philadelphia, 1/23/77

- 85 Yor (85 Years), New York, 4/10/77

Folder 26: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Asimilatsie, Yidisher Khurbm, Medines Yisroel (Assimilation, Jewish Holocaust, State of Israel), Miami, 2/23/78

- 40 Yor Geto-Oyfshtand (40 Years of Ghetto Uprising), 4/11/79

Folder 27: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Los Angeles Banquet, 10/11/81

- 12th August 1952, 10/11/81

- 12th August 1952, 8/12/82

- 1982

- 12th August 1952, 1983

- 12th August 1952, 8/9/84

- speech, 8/9/84

- Ershter Nusekh fun Rede (First Version of Speech), 8/12/84

- Notitsn far Rede - 12 Oygust 1952 (Notes for Speech - 12th August 1952), 8/9/84

Folder 28: Speeches by Paul Novick

- 8/12/52 Notitsn (Notes), 8/7/86

- Rede (Speech), Miami, 2/22/87

- Araynfir tsu Rede - Banket (Introduction to Speech - Banquet), 4/5/87

- Olgin-Rede - 48ter Yortsayt (Olgin Speech - 48th Anniversary), 11/22/87

- Mit Shtolts, Nakhes un Akhrayes (With Pride, Pleasure and Responsibility), 4/2/87

- IKUF, Slaves?, 10/15/88

- Banket Lekoved Pesakh Novick tsum 95tn Geboyrn-Tog (Banquet in Honor of Paul Novick on his 95th Birthday), program, 4/5/87

- Remarks by Novick

Folder 29: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Ordn Konvenshan (Order Convention), 11/1/48

- Rede (Speech), Chicago, 4/5/42

- Los Angeles, 4/16/42

- ICOR Konferents (ICOR Conference), 10/11/42

- Canada, 3/42

Folder 30: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Ordn Konferents (Order Conference), 6/13/47

- Ordn Konferents (Order Conference), 6/15/47

- Referat (Lecture), Canada, 1/49

Folder 31: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Bamerkungen tsum 75tn Yubiley (Remarks on his 75th Birthday), 9/7/66

- Shtot Komitet (City Committee), Los Angeles, 10/19/76

- Tsveyte Stantsie (Second Station), Miami, 2/13/83

- Derklerung fun Kol-Haam (Declarartions from the Voice of the People), 4/18/73

- Yidish Loshn - Haynt un Morgn oyf der Konferents vegn Sekularizm un Yidish (Yiddish Language - Today and Tomorrow on the Conference about Secularism and Yiddish), 5/16/?

Folder 32: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Rede oyf Konferents fun Yidishn Kongres (Speech at the Conference of the Jewish Congress), 2/14/?

- Tsum 12tn Oygust - Notitsn tsu Rede (For the 12th of August - Notes for a Speech)

- Ikh Vil Onhoybn mit a Perzenlekher Iberlebung (I Will Begin with a Personal Experience)

- Rayze Keyn Eyrope mit Mark Shagal (Trip to Europe with Marc Chagall)

- Der Geburt fun a Nayer Bavegung (The Birth of a New Movement)

Folder 33: Speeches by Paul Novick

- Di Gefar fun Anti-Tsionizm (The Danger of Anti-Zionism)

- Di Akshones far a Veltlekh Yidish Lebn (The Persistence of a World Jewish Life)

- Oyfhaltn Traditsie (To Maintain Tradition)

- Derklerung fun P. Novick (Declarations of P. Novick)

- A Grus fun Nyu-York (A Greeting from New York)

Folder 34: Travel impressions

- Israel (English):

- Kibbutz - Upper and Lower Galilee - Haifa, Golan Heights

- Tel Aviv

- Jerusalem

- Negev - Dead Sea, Masada, Beersheva

- Kfar Hayarok

- Eilat

- Plane Hijacking Episode

- Photographs

Folder 35: Travel impressions

- Israel, Warsaw, Paris (Yiddish):

- Notitsn tsum Barikht vegn Yisroel Bazukh (Notes for a Report about Israel Trip)

- Mitn Premier Eshkol (With President Eshkol), 10/16/?

- Yisroel Notitsn (Israel Notes)

- Gezegenungs-Vort fun Pesakh Novick (Parting Words of Paul Novick)

- Fun Prag keyn Varshe (From Prague to Warsaw)

- Notitsn far Shmues in Pariz (Notes for a Conversation in Paris)

- A Martirer Geshikhte - Oyf di Felder fun... (A Martyr History - On the Fileds of...)

- A Rayze in a Yidisher Kolonie (A Visit in a Jewish Colony)

- Yidishe Kultur in Yisroel un Sotsialistishe Lender (Jewish Culture in Israel and Socialist Lands)

Folder 36: Travel impressions

- Argentina, Brazil (Yiddish):

- Tsaytungs Oyshnitn - Oprufn vegn dem Bazukh (Newspaper Clippings - Reactions to the Trip)

- A Martirer Geshikhte Oyf di Felder fun Argentine(A Martyr History On the Fileds of Argentina)

- A Rayze in a Yidisher Kolonie (A Visit in a Jewish Colony)

Folder 37: Travel impressions

- Chile (Yiddish):

- Yidn in Tshili (Jews in Chile), P. Novick

- Santiago, Chile, 11/18

- Der Shtempl fun Inkvizitsie (The Stamp of the Inquisition)

Folder 38: Travel impressions
- Land In Land Oys - Maskes (From Country to Country - Masks)
Folder 39: Travel impressions

- Pesakh Novick - Redaktor fun Morgn-Frayheyt, oyf a Groyser Rayze (Paul Novick - Editor of the Morning Freiheit, on a Great Trip)

- Pitsburg - In Roykh un Mit Roykh (Pittsburgh - In Smoke and with Smoke) (impressions)

- Plan of P. Novick's Tour

- Kiev, 2/22/25

- A Grus in an Ernster Tsayt (A Greeting in a Serious Time)

- Rumenie - Ikh Gezegn zikh mit Rumenie (Romania - I Take Leave of Romania)

Folder 40: Jewish Teachers’ Institute

- First Semester:

- 1. P. Novicks Kursn (P. Novick's Courses): Fun Minkhen biz Fareynikte Felder (From Munich to the United Nations)

- Roza Luksemburgs Shtelung tsu der Natsionaler Frage (Rosa Luxemburg's Attitude to the National Question)

- Stalins Shtelung tsu der Natsionaler Frage (Stalin's Attitude to the National Question)

- 2. Di Natsionaler Frage - Palestine - Di Tsionistishe Bavegung (The National Question - Palestine - The Zionist Movement)

- 3. Der Noenter Mizrekh un Palestine (The Near East and Palestine)

- 4. Di Natsionaler Frage - Farsheydene Elementn fun Tsionizm (The National Question - Various Elelments of Zionism)

- 5. Tsuzamenshtel fun Yidn in Amerike (Composition of Jews in America)

- 6. Romantik fun Yidishn Yishuv in Amerike (Romance of the Jewish Settlement in America)

- 7. San Frantsisko Konferents (San Francisco Conference)

- 8. Landsmanshaftn (Immigrant Benevolent Societies)

- 9. Religieze Institutsies in Amerike, un Tsdoke (Religious Institutions in America and Charity)

- 11. Internatsionale Politik (International Politics)

- 12. Imperializm (Imperialism)

Folder 41: The Worker’s Laboratory Theater
- Oral History of the American left: The Workers Laboratory Theater - Review and Oral History, published by the University of Massachusetts,
Folder 42: Brochures by Paul Novick

- Jews in the U.S.A. and the Role of the Jewish Press (Brach)

- The National and Jewish Question in the Light of Reality (Brach)

- The Jewish Problem in Poland

- There is Hope for the Soviet Jewry

- Jewish Responsibility to Unite: An Appeal by the Editors of the Morgn Freiheit

- Assimilation and the Jewish People

- Judenrat and Resistance

- Hanukah and What it Means for the Present, 12/24/78

Folder 43: Brochures by Paul Novick
- The Rise and Fall of Abraham Cahan (Editor of the Forward)
Folder 44: Brochures by Paul Novick

- The Arabs in Israel

- In a Memo Which I Left with my Host, the Literaturnaya Gazeta

- Statement by P. Novick, 1/31/67

- The Jewish Question and the Question ?? The National Groups in the U.S.A.

- The Problems of the Jewish Community in the U.S.

- Novick, The Question of Soviet Jewish Culture

Folder 45: Brochures by Paul Novick

- True Internationalism, Nihilism and National Pride

- Assimilation and the Jewish People

- The Jewish Community and the Jewish Defense League

Folder 46: Articles by various authors

- Prof. Edward Bagromov:

- 1. Di Dernenterung fun di Natsies - A Gezetsmesikeyt fun der Komunistisher Boyung (The Approach of the Nations - A Legal Moderation of the Communist Structure)

- 2. Natsionale Batsiungen Baym Sotsializm (National Attitudes to Socialism)

- 3. Socialism and National Culture

- Spartek Beglov: Poisoning the International Atmosphere

- A. Bittelman: Dos Yidishe Folk Vet Lebn! (The Jewish People Will Live!)

- I. Barzilai: Di Asimilatsie, Yidishe Natsie, Medines Yisroel in Likht fun Nayer Komunistisher Teorie (Assimilation, Jewish Nation, Israel in the Light of New Communist Theory)

- H. Apthekar: Hoover, the Negro and Democracy

Folder 47: Articles by various authors

- V. Bolshakov: Anti-Sovietism Profession of Zionists?

- Carl Bloise: Israel's Image and Reality (A Journalist's Image First-Hand Report)

- Giuseppe Botta (Rome correspondent of L'Unita): Does Antisemitism Exist in the USSR?

- letter to N.A. Bulganin, Chairman of the Council of Ministries, USSR, and K.Y. Voroshilov, President, USSR, from members of Progressive Oragnization in United States

Folder 48: Articles by various authors
- Outlook (Canadian Jewish Outlook), 11/69, 10/71, 6/72, 11/12/73, 7/8/80, 4/84, 11/86, 5/88
Folder 49: Articles by various authors
- Political Affairs, on the 18th National Convention of the Communist Party, USSR, 8/66
Folder 50: Articles by various authors
- Memorandum on the 20th anniversary of the XX Congress of the Communist Party, United States, with remarks by P. Novick
Folder 51: Articles by various authors

- Jewish Currents, 5/7/89, With Pain and Pride, P. Novick

- Bail for Angela Davis - An Appeal from the Jewish people

- Shall Nazis be free to Incite Murder and Genocide

- Last year in the U.S. during the Discussion…4/70

- The Legend of Hannah Senesh

- The Warsaw Ghetto

Folder 52: Articles by various authors

- Soviet Antisemitism - The Status of Soviet Jews, 7/64 (Editorial Comment), Moshe Decter

- The Shadow of the Synagogue (further documentation of Soviet Antisemitism, 1965)

- William Foster - in Polish Affairs, 12/57

- A Rabbi Visits Germany, 9/10/59

- H. Fast (Russian) - The Business of Books (1944)

Folder 53: Articles by various authors

- Jewish Affairs - published by the Communist Party of the United States, 2/3/71, 4/5/72, 8/9/72, 10/72, 12/73, 3/4/75, 5/6/77, 3/4/80, undated

- article about Jewish Affairs

Folder 54: Articles by various authors

- Jewish Affairs Bulletin, May Day 1986, undated

- Jewish Spectator, winter 1986

- Jewish Life, 7/53

- Jews have always fought for Freedom, published by National Reception Committee for Mikhoels and Feffer

Folder 55: Articles by various authors

- H. Lumer, Soviet Antisemitism - A Cold War Myth

- The Fight Against Antisemitism

- Zionism - Is it Racist?

- Which Way Israel?

Folder 56: Articles by various authors

- H. Lumer, Israel Today - War or Peace?

- The Middle East Crisis

- Marxism and Antisemitism

- A Subjective View of the Left

- What Happened in Poland

- Middle East Peace: A new stage in the struggle, 12/73

Folder 57: Articles by various authors

- Report of an International Socialist Study Group on the Situation of Jews in the USSR, 4/64

- The Truth about the situation of the Jews in the USSR (an interview with P. Novick), 11/64 (Russian)

- Truth about life of Jews in USSR, Novosti Press Agency

- American Jews and Soviet Jewry, 12/30/70 (by Novick, among others)

- Soviet Jewry - a reply yo I. Leibler? by the Communist Party of Australia

- A Brief History of the Kremlin's Strangulation of Jewish Culture - issued by Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry

- Soviet Jewry - A first-hand reply by C. Koenig (French?)

- Komunistishe Partey in di Fareynikte Shtatn in Kamf far Tsuzamenarbet fun Amerike un Sovetn-Farband (Communist Party in the United States in Fight for Collaboration of American and the Soviet Union)

Folder 58: Articles by various authors

- Yidishe Kultur (Yiddish Culture), 4/3/89?

- A Nayer Natsionaler Adres farn Yidishn Folk in Ratn-Farband iz Noytik (A New Address for the Jewish People in the Soviet Union is Necessary), I. Goldberg

- Folk un Medine (People and Country), number 21

- F. Joel, Vergelis un dos Problem fun Farbrekhn un Shtrof (Vergelis and the Problem of Crime and Punishment)

Folder 59: Articles by various authors

- 50 Yor Forverts (50 Years of the Forward), by S. D. Levin, 1948

- Ab. Cahan, Der Redaktor, Lerer, Beletrist (Editor, Teacher, Fiction Writer), 8/6/71

- Ab. Cahan, Der Historisher Emes, B.Z. Goldberg (The Historical Truth), Yidishe Kulture (Yiddish Culture), 6/72

- Der Forverts tsu zayn 75 Yorikn Yubiley (The Forward on its 75th Anniversary), M. Starkman, 5/72

- Yankev Glatshteyn, Bamerkungen (Remarks), Prost un Poshet (Plain and Simple)

- To S. Weber, editor of the Forward, by the National Council of Israel's Hashomer Hatzair

- Ab. Cahan-Ver iz Er? Vemen Fartret Er? (Abe Cahan - Who is He? Whom Does He Represent?) (brochure)

- Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky un Ab. Cahan (Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky and Abe Cahan), D. Globus

- Farvos iz Ab. Cahan Kegn Tsveytn Front (Why is Abe Cahan Against a Second Front), P. Novick

- Ab. Cahan in der Geshikhte (Abe Cahan in History)

Folder 60: Articles by various authors

- Meir Vilner, Tel Aviv:

- Der Kalter Krig un di Frage fun Kultur-Tetikeyt in Ratn-Farband (The Cold War and the Question of Cultural Activities in the Soviet Union)

- Aynladung tsum 50tn Yorikn Yoyvl fun der Yidisher Shprakh-Konferents in Tshernovits 1908-1958 (Invitation to the 50th Anniversary of the Yiddish Language Conference in Czernowitz 1908-1958), 10/25/58, Carnegie Hall

- A Nit Delegat fun Amerike Bet dos Vort (A Non-Delegate from America Requests the Word)

- A Vendung tsu der Yisroel Efntlekhkeyt (A Message to the Israeli Public)

Folder 61: Articles by various authors

- Materialn far der Yidish Konferents (Materials for the Yiddish Conference), 12/20/69:

- A Yidish Baratung in Moskve (A Yiddish Conference in Moscow), May, June 1968

- Dos Verk fun Shvartsn Nekhtn - Tsum Dershaynen fun Shvartsn Bukh (The Work of Black Nights - On the Publication of the Schwartz Book), Hersh Smolar

- Nekome...far Kritik (Vengeance...for Criticism), Soviet Russia, 3/76

- Vos es Dringt Aroys fun Eyner? A Politik (What Does One Infer? A Policy), 2/75

- Lomir zikh Durkhredn...Sovetn Farband (Let's Have a Talk...Soviet Union), 1977

Folder 62: Articles by various authors

- Natsies, Kultur, Progres - Forzitser funem Natsionalitetn-Rat fun Sovetn-Farband (Nations, Culture, Progress - Chairman of the Soviet of Nationalities), Justas Paleckis, Novy Mir (New World), 4/70 (Russian)

- Zikhroynes un Rayoynes arum 12tn Oygust (Memories and Thought On 12th August), L. Podriatchik, Tel Aviv, 1982

- Vegn di Yudenratn (About the Judenrat), S.B. Federman

- Der Ukrainer Yid (The Ukrainian Jew), New York, 1948

- Abraham Bukh, Nachman Meisel un Andere (Nachman Meisel and Others)

Folder 63: Articles by various authors

- Di Gefar fun Shvaygn (The Danger of Silence), Chaim Suller

- Vos Zogt Oykh di Yidishe Prese (What Else the Yiddish Press Says), Chaim Suller

- Mir Entfern oyf Sullers Fragn (We Answer Suller's Questioning), 2/72

- Fundamentn fun Stalinizm (Fundamentals of Stalinism), J. Stalin

Folder 64: Articles by various authors

- Briv tsu M. Schappes, Redaktor fun Jewish Current (Letter to M. Schappes, Editor of Jewish Current), 10/20/88

- Bamerkungen vegn Vergelis - Novele, Sovetish Heymland (Remarks About Vergelis - Novel, Soviet Homeland), 2/1/75

- Konspekt - 96 Yor Yidishe Prese (Outline - 96 Years of the Yiddish Press), 12/11/60

- Notitsn far a Dialog vegn Yidisher Prese (Notes for a Dialogue About the Yiddish Press), 12/23/79

- Aynladung tsu dem Yontev fun Tsuteyln di Premie fun Roshememshole far Literarisher Shafung tsu Eliyahu Schechtman (Invitation to the Celebration of Awarding the Prize of President for Literary Works (in Yiddish, Israel) to Eli Schechtman), 6/21/73

Folder 65: Articles by various authors

- Jews in the USSR, by S. Rabinovish, Moscow, 1965

- Soviet Jews - Facts and Fiction

- Reprints of the Soviet Press, 12/15/66

- Response ? A Voice of the Left, by A. Sabin (?: P.N.)

Folder 66: Articles by various authors

- Soviet Antisemitism - The Kichko Book, 6/64, Political Affairs

- A Breathing Spell - ? Explosion by M. Schappes, 5/20/67

- Notes and Remarks by Morris U. Schappes, 6/13/56

- Shylock and Antisemitism, Morris Schappes

- Resolution against Antisemitism, Racism and Fascism Adopted on Protest Rally, 11/25/50, prepared by Schappes

- On International Working Class Unity, by P. Togliati, Secretary of the Italian Communist Party

- A Life of A. Miller, review, 3/88

Folder 67: Articles by various authors

- The Vanguard and the Masses - on the present-day significance of Lenin's Left-Wing Communism, 10/73

- Justifying the Law, E.E. Pilchick, The Jewish Spectator

- Followers of the Trail (Jewish Working Class, Class Radicals in America)

- Replies to Questions on Soviet Jewry

- Zionism Equated to Fascism, Soviet Jewish Affairs, 1984

- Soviet Union - Mission of the Soviet Union to the United States:

- What is Behind the Fuss Over Human Rights, 2/23/77

- What is Behind the Fuss, A Few Thoughts About a Resolution Dropped by a Group of American Senators, 2/8/77

- Jews in the Soviet Union/Soviet Life, 3/77

Folder 68: Articles by various authors

- Soviet Jews - Facts and Fiction, 1971

- Paul Novick Visits the Soviet Union, M.U. Schappes, 3/65

- A Message from Bertrand Russell on the Situation of the Jews in the Soviet Union, 4/23-24/65

- The Reactionary Nature of Judaism, P. Mayetsky, Soviet Moldavia, 7/23/59

- Lou Reed, keynote speech, 10/30/93

- Soviet Jewry, by G. kenig

Folder 69: Articles by various authors

- Mikhel Rudavski, Zhurnalist fun Poyln, Shpeter in Shvedn, Artiklekh Geshikt tsu Morgn Frayheyt (Michal Rudawski, journalist from Poland, later in Sweden, articles sent to the Morning Freiheit)

- Di Oyfgabe Oysgefirt - vegn Yan Karski, mit 45 Yor Tsurik in Haynt (The Task Achieved - about Jan Karski, 45 Years Ago and Today)

- A Gloybiker Kemfer Antoyshter un Farlorener - Motl Branis - Anshtot a Hesped baym Frishn Keyver, 3/20/85 (A Faithful Fighter Disappointed and Lost - Motl Branis - By Way of a Eulogy at a Fresh Grave)

- Raport (in Poylish) mit 42 Yor Tsurik (Report in Polish from 42 Years Ago)

- Briv fun Yehudah Elberg tsu M. Rudavski, 8/5/88 (Letter from Yehudah Elberg to M. Rudawski)

- Martirer Veg fun Yidishe Artistn (Martyr's Way of Jewish Artists), Dora Runina

- Vos mit der Aktrise Dora Rubin hot zikh Farlofn (What Happened to the Actress Dora Rubin)

Folder 70: Articles by various authors

- Jews in the American Revolution, Samuel Resnick

- The Farmer in Nazi Germany

- Problems (Russian), 8/19/78

- Detektyw (Detective) (Polish), 12/20/86

- Leningrader Yidisher Dramatisher Ansambl-Program (Leningrad Yiddish Dramatic Ensemble Program) (Yiddish, Russian)

- Jewish State Theater Romania, play: Comedianti (Comedians), theater program

Folder 71: Articles by various authors

- Eynikeyt (Unity), 7/43, 4/46, 5/46

- Amerikaner Yidn Bagrisn di Delegatsie fun Sovetishn Yidntum, Shlomo Mikhoels un Itsik Feffer (American Jews Welcome the Delegates of Soviey Jewry, Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Feffer), 1943

- Spetsieler Numer, Gevidmet dem Ondenk fun Undzere Zeks Milyon Kdoyshim (Special Edition, Published as a Memorial to Our Six Million Martyrs), 4/46

- Ilya Ehrenburg - Tsu Zayn Onkumen in Amerike (Ilya Ehrenburg - On His Arriving in America), 5/46

- Yidn un Arbeter in Erets Yisroel (Jews and Workers in Israel)

Folder 72: Articles by various authors

- Soviet Anti-Semitism - The Big Lie, Moses Miller

- War and Peace in the Middle East, with articles by: M. Sneh, G. Hauser, S. Mikums, P. Novick, A. Bosman, E. Wilenska

- Jewish Welfare in Colonial Times, H. Blods

- Writers, Writings - Pride and Perjury, David M.M. Oshinsky

- The Truth about Antisemitism in the Soviet Union, Tom O'Connor

- Nationalities Policy and Zionism, K. Orlovsky and S. Polin

- Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky un Ab. Cahan (Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky and Abe Cahan), Dr. D. Globus

Folder 73: Jewish National Problem

- Di Natsionale Frage in Itstikn Moment - Di Yudn Frage (The National Question in the Current Moment - The Jewish Question)

- Di Natsionale un Yidishe Frage in Itstikn Moment (The National and Jewish Question in the Current Moment), P. Novick, 1970

- Natsionale Problemen inem Likht fun der Virklekhkeyt (National Problems in the Light of Reality), P. Novick, 1969

- The National and Jewish Question in the Light of Reality, William Foster, Political Affairs, 12/57

- A Proper Approach to the National Question (handwritten remarks), 1/65

- Assimilation: An Exchange by P. Novick and H. Luner, 1965

Folder 74: Jewish National Problem
- The National Question Today, P. Novick
Folder 75: Jewish National Problem

- On the Jewish Question, P. Novick, Judah Waters?

- Critical Remarks on the National Question, V.I. Lenin

- The Communists and the Liberation of Europe, Maxine Levi

- The American Communists and the Jewish Question, Hanan?

- Talks with Soviet Leaders in the Jewish Question, J.B. Salsberg

Folder 76: Jewish National Problem

- Dear Ms. Biali, letter signed by Pat, 2/9/69

- International Affairs - Moscow, USSR, to the Morgn Freiheit, 12/15/69

- Lackeys at Beck and Call, by Yevgeny Yevseyev, 10/4/67

- I welcome the opportunity…, by Morris U. Schappes, 1/26/71

- Di Farsmet Geshikhte? fun Tsionizm (The Poisoned History? of Zionism) (Russian), 11/16/77

- A Briv tsum Redaktor fun Morgn Frayheyt (A Letter to the Editor of the Morning Freiheit), from Victor Abramovitch (Russian), 2/25/71

- To the editors of Morgn Freiheit, from Alfred Kutzik, New York, NY, 12/2/87

- Makhn a Sof tsu di Banditishe Handlungen fun di Pogromshtikes (Making an End to the the Roguish Actions of the Pogromists)

- Makhn a Sof tsu di Tsionistishe Provokatsies (Making an End to the Zionist Provocations) (translated from Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper)

- Vos far a Role hot Geshpilt di Yevsektsie in Ratn Farband biz Ir Likvidatsie (What Sort of Role did the Jewish Section of the Communist Party Play in the Soviet Union Until its Liquidation), in Tsukunft (Future), 1950

Folder 77: Moshe Olgin

- Di Verk fun Moshe Olgin (The Work of Moshe Olgin)

- beletristik (fiction)

- kritik (critiques)

- books:

- Amerike (A Reportazh) (America (A Report))

- Sovietishe Mentshn (Soviet Men)

- Sovietishe Shtet un Kultur (Soviet State and Culture)

- Yidishe Kultur Problemen (Jewish Cultural Problems)

- Di Verk fun Moshe Olgin (The Work of Moshe Olgin), 1905

- 29ter Olgin Yortsayt - Notitsn far Olgin Miting (29th Olgin Anniversary - Notes for the Olgin Meeting), 11/24/58

- 48ter Yortsayt (48th Anniversary), 11/22/87

Folder 78: Moshe Olgin

- Ab. Cahan - Ver iz Er? Vemen Fartret Er? (Ab. Cahan - Who is He? Whom Does He Represent?), M. Olgin, 1935

- Kamf Kegn Stalinen iz Kamf Kegn Sovietn-Farband (The Fight Against Stalin is a Fight Against the Soviet Union)

- Amerikaner Komunistishe Parety un der Veg fun Tsuzamenarbet Tsvishn Fareynikte Shtatn un Sovietn Farband (The American Communist Party and the Path of Collaboration Between the United States and the Soviet Union) (Russian)

Folder 79: Moshe Olgin

- Der Hamer + 12? (The Hammer and 12?), 12/28

- Redagirt fun M. Olgin (Edited by M. Olgin)

Folder 80: Morning Freiheit

- Morgn-Frayheyt (Morning Freiheit), 4/2/22

- Editorial in the New York Jewish Morgn Freiheit, 6/25/65

- The Jewish Question and the Statements of Soviet Leaders

- Jewish Life in the U.S. and the role of the Morgn Freiheit, 1957

- A Vendung tsu Ale Gevezene Leyener fun Tog-Morgn-Zhurnal un tsu Ale Yidishe Leyener (A Message to All Former Readers of the Day-Morning Journal and to All Yiddish Readers)

- Undzer Hartsike Bagrisung dem Libn Khaver P. Novick tsu zayn Vern 86 Yor Alt (A Heartfelt Welcome to Dear P. Novick on his Turning 86 Years Old)

- Freiheit: Stolen Legacy

Folder 81: Morning Freiheit

- The characters and aims of the Morgn Freiheit, by P. Novick, 4/6/69

- Vos Kumt for in der Morgn-Frayheyt (What Happened at the Morning Freiheit), 1972

- Morgn-Freiheit - Materialn vegn Rasizm, Neger Rekht, Kamf far Andzhela Deyvis - Dershinen in di Ershte Zeks Khadoshim fun 1971 (Morning Freiheit - Materials about Racism, Civil Rights, Fight of Angela Davis - Published in the First Six Months of 1971)

- Derklerung vegn der Klage fun Pesakh Novick Kegn Forverts (Statement About the Complaints of Paul Novick Against the Forward)

- Fun a Dialog - Tsu Atakes oyf der Morgn Frayheyt-Derklerung fun der Redaktsie (From a Dialogue - On the Attacks on the Morning Freiheit-Statement from the Editorial Staff), 1972

- Freiheit attacked

- Program - 54th Jubilee-Concert of the Morgn Freigiet, 4/4/76

- The Morgn Freiheit's "Balanced" Approach, by J. Levy, 3/71

- Anti-Soviet Incitement by Morgn Freiheit denouced, Daily World, 5/10/75

- Answering the Morgn Freiheit lies, 6/17/77

- Dringendike Vendung tsu Ale Yidishe Organizatsies (Argumentive Message for All Jewish Organizations)

Folder 82: Morning Freiheit

- Fighting, Progressive Traditions of Morgn Freiheit, Paul Novick

- Di Morgn-Frayheyt tsu Ir 64tn Friling - Ven iz der Onhoyb Geven? (The Morning Freiheit on its 64th Spring - When Was the Beginning?), 1986

- The Morgn Freiheit: Its Future in Question - People Daily World, 9/15/88

- Morgn Freiheit - April 2, 1922 editorial, 9/11/88

- Farewell to the Morgn Freiheit - After 66 Years, a Controversial Yiddish Paper Closes its Doors, Summer 1989, The Book Peddler

- Interview with P. Novick, 12/18/86

- a feww corrections regarding the Morgn Freiheit

- Tsu Ale Gevezene Leyener un Fraynt fun der Tsugemakhter Morgn-Frayheyt, a Vendung fun P. Novick (To All Former Readers and Friends of the Closed Morning Freiheit, a message from P. Novick)

Folder 83: Morning Freiheit

- Freiheit Almanac, 1926

- Information Bulletin on Right Wing Organizations

- Spetsiele Korespondents fun Muni Taub, Kanade - Yidishe Haskore bay Baby Yar, Kiev (Special Correspondence from Muni Taub, Canada - Jewish Memorial Service at Babi Yar, Kiev)

Folder 84: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 85: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 86: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 87: Morning Freiheit clippings
- article, 50 Yor Forverts (50 Years of the Forward), by P. Novick
Folder 88: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 89: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 90: Morning Freiheit clippings
- P. Novick about Ab. Cahan
Folder 91: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 92: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 93: Morning Freiheit clippings
- travel impressions
Folder 94: Morning Freiheit clippings
- travel impressions (Israel)
Folder 95: Morning Freiheit clippings
- travel impressions
Folder 96: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 97: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 98: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 99: Morning Freiheit clippings
- English edition
Folder 100: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 101: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 102: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 103: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 104: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 105: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 106: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 107: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 108: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 109: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 110: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 111: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 112: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 113: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 114: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 115: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 116: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 117: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 118: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 119: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 120: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 121: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 122: Morning Freiheit clippings
Folder 123: Morning Freiheit clippings
- article by Gennady Estraikh, Di Yidishe Linke Bavegung in Amerike (The Jewish Leftist Movement in America)
Folder 124: Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Feffer in America
- from Soviet Russia to Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Feffer in America - farewell number, September-October 1943
Folder 125: Alexander Belousov biography

- collected biographical information, 10/4/79 (hand-written), by Belousov, on the 49th anniversary of the Morning Freiheit

- Erev (Evening), by Leib Kvitko

- In Yidishen Vort (In Yiddish Words), 6/24/39, 8/12/52

- Baym Fenster (At the Window), by David Hofshteyn

- In Vinter fun Mayn Lebn (In the Winter of My Life), Anna Safran

- Halbnakht in Pompey (Midnight in Pompei), by Peretz Markish

- Shpitol (Hospital), by Shmuel Dan

- Rivtshe fun Kaleylishekh? un Mayn Zeyde (Rivtshe from Kaleylishekh and My Grandfather), by M.L. Halpern

- Rehabilitirn di Yidishe Shrayber (Rehabilitating the Yiddish Writers), by P. Novick, 8/14/88

Folder 126: Ber Green memorial and material for the Moshe Katz book

- A Por Verter (A Few Words), by P. Novick, 1/15/89

- materials for the Moshe Katz book: Zikhroynes vegn Peretses Rede far di Peterburger Magnatn (Memories of Peretz's Speech in Front of the St. Petersburg Magnates), March 1911

Folder 127: Miscellaneous

- Di Val Kampanie fun 1908 un di Atake oyf De-Lyonen (The Wall Campaign of 1908 and the Attack on DeLeon)

- A Farnunftike Politik Anshtot Puste Barimerayen (Rational Politics Instead of Empty Boasts), by Berl Balti

- Buletin fun dem Demakratishn Komunizm baym Mukr? (Bulletin of Democratic Communism by Mukr?), 2/3/80

- Komitet fun Fareynikte Yidishe Organizatsies - Tsum Prezident fun Medines-Yisroel (Committee of United Jewish Organizations - To the President of Israel, Ephraim Katzir), 6/21/76

- Lackers at Back and Call

- In memoriam of Martha Schlamme

- In memoriam of M.S. Arhoni, 1921-1985

- The Legend of Hannah Senesh

- The Party Crisis - Political Affairs, 12/57, William Foster

- Vegn Zhitlowsky (About Zhitlowsky)

Folder 128: Miscellaneous

- Notitsn vegn Pluralizm un Asimilatsie - Zangvil (Notes about Pluralism and Assimilation - Zangwill), 1/21/64

- The Approach Towards Zionism

- Der Skandal mit Klevansky in 1906 (The Scandal with Klevansky in 1906)

- Y. Vasershtrom - Traditsies fun Gemeynzamen Kamf (Y. Vasershtrom - Traditions of Joint Struggle)

- Der Hayntsaytiker Komunizm - Dos iz di Ideologie fun der Imperialistisher Burzhuazie (Today's Communism - That is the Ideology of the Imperialist Bourgeoisie)

Folder 129: Miscellaneous

- monument commemorating the massacre of 2000 by the Nazis 7/21/41 in Plungian, Lithuania

- In memoriam - tribute to Emma Lazarus

- Israel Deserves Better

- Consumers Unite!

- Unfair Looseness of Terminology

- "Progressives" Defend Israel

Folder 130: Unidentified loose pages
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