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Guide to the Records of the American Jewish Committee Executive Offices (EXO-29),   Morris Waldman (1879-1963).  Files 1905-1963,  RG 347.1.29

Processed by Dr. Cohen. Additional processing by Rivka Schiller, with the assistance of a grant from the Gruss Lipper Family Foundation. Additional processing by Vital Zajka as part of the Leon Levy Archival Processing Initiative, made possible by the Leon Levy Foundation.

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Electronic finding aid was converted to EAD 2002 by Vital Zyka.  In 2013 the EAD finding aid was migrated to Archon and customized for display in the online Guide to the YIVO Archives. Description is in English.

Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Records of the American Jewish Committee Executive Offices (EXO-29),   Morris Waldman (1879-1963).  Files 1905-1963,  RG 347.1.29

Predominant Dates:bulk 1930-1945

ID: RG 347.1.29 FA

Extent: 22.0 Linear Feet

Arrangement: The collection is arranged alphabetically according to the names of the folders, derived from the names of persons, organizations or topics, with the consecutive numeration of folders throughout the boxes of the whole collection. The folder order reflects the original AJC arrangement and contains some minor discrepancies in the alphabetical and chronological order.

Languages: English, French, German


The collection represents the papers of Morris David Waldman (1879-1963), a rabbi, social worker and communal leader, who was appointed executive secretary of one of the main Jewish defense organizations, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), in 1928. The executive secretary had top executive function at the organization and was in charge of working out and implementing the organization’s projects and policies regarding monitoring the civil and human rights of the Jews, and intervening on behalf of the Jews both in the U.S. and abroad. In 1942, Waldman was promoted to executive vice-president, a position he held until his retirement in 1945. The Morris Waldman Files relate to all of Waldman's activities as acting executive secretary and vice-president of the AJC.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The materials comprise the documents of the AJC executive secretary and vice-president for two decades, the 1930s and 1940s. The bulk dates are 1933-1945, representing the correlation between the AJC activities and Nazi rise to power, European turmoil and the Holocaust. The materials reflect the activities of one of the oldest and most influential Jewish defense organizations in the U.S. on behalf of American and world Jewry. The two main avenues of these activities were the fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish discrimination in the U.S., and combating anti-Semitism and persecutions against Jews in Europe. A considerable body of documents covers the debates related to the boycott of German goods in the 1930s, to the creation of the World Jewish Congress, to Zionism and support for a Jewish national home in Palestine. Many documents reflect the AJC’s effort to provide relief for the Jews of Europe during World War II, and show that often the information which reached the AJC was not complete or adequate, and that the understanding of the real situation, as well as the whole realization of the utter destruction of the European Jewry, did not come until after the war. There is an interesting file on the visit of S. Michoels and I. Fefer of the Jewish Antifascist Committee’s visit to the U.S. in 1943. The documents from the later period of WWII and the post-war period reflect AJC’s preoccupation with efforts to exert influence on the shaping of the post-war international situation through their contacts with American officials and through direct participation in the work of the San Francisco Conference and the Peace Conference in Paris.

Among the documents are correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, statements, reports, pamphlets, publications, press clippings. Among letters are those from such significant world leaders and politicians as Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Eduard Benes, Joseph Wirth and prominent American personalities like Stephen S. Wise, Cordell Hull, Edward Stettinius, and Wendell Willkie.

Historical Note

Morris David Waldman, a rabbi, social worker and Jewish communal leader, was born in Bártfa, Austria-Hungary (now Bardejov, Slovakia) in 1879 and brought as a child to the U.S. at the age of four. Waldman received education at New York University, Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University. He worked as a rabbi in New Jersey, and then in 1906-1908 headed the Galveston Project, aimed at directing East European immigrants to the less populous areas of the United States. At the same period Waldman was involved with the Industrial Removal Office, which had a mission similar to the Galveston project.

Prominent in the field of social work, Waldman was managing director of the United Hebrew Charities of New York from 1908 to 1917, and served as vice-president of the New York State Conference of Charities and Correction (1912), president of the New York City Conference of Charities (1915), and became a trustee of the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York City (1917), and a trustee of the Federation’s Board (1919).

In 1921-1922 Waldman held the post of European director of the Medico-Sanitary and War Orphans Departments of the American Joint Distribution Committee, when he organized relief for the European Jewry and introduced a number of social work and public health care innovations which substantially raised the level of Jewish health in Eastern Europe. Waldman advocated for advancements in social work, like the District Service Plan in Boston, Planned Parenthood in Detroit, and bureaus of Jewish education based on the principle of community control. Waldman was instrumental in aiding the creation of the Bureau of Philanthropic Research and the National Desertion Bureau.

In 1928 Waldman became executive secretary of the American Jewish Committee. At that time the only paid AJC executive was Harry Schneiderman, the assistant secretary from 1908 to 1949, aided by several low-salaried clerks. The post of executive secretary was vacant for 14 years before Waldman’s appointment. This vacancy reflected the position of the contemporary directors of the AJC who detested wasting funds on numerous expensive staff and preferred personal contact with prominent and influential members of the Jewish community and shtadlanut-style diplomacy to more systematic, wide-ranging and diverse work among the Jewish community to exert pressure on the powers that be, interceding on behalf of Jews within and without the U.S. Morris Waldman brought to the AJC his organizational and social work experience, fully employing it in his new position. With the Nazi rise to power in Germany and the growth of anti-Semitism in the United States, he organized in 1933 a comprehensive educational program aimed at familiarizing the American people with the general situation in Germany and the plight of the Jews. Under Waldman’s leadership, a public relations department, originally known as the survey committee, was established as one of the AJC divisions.

Morris Waldman, not sharing the optimistic views of the AJC president Louis Marshall on the outcome of events in Europe in the early 1930s, immediately recognized the day when Hitler was appointed a chancellor of Germany as a turning point in not only Jewish, but also European history, and he closely followed the situation in Germany. Nevertheless, like the other leaders of the AJC, Waldman considered mass emigration from Eastern Europe unnecessary, opposed the establishment of the World Jewish Congress and took a cautious position on the boycott of German goods in the U.S. Later Waldman changed his stance on Jewish emigration from Europe, and he traveled widely in Europe to assess the conditions of life of the Jews there and in Latin America to find solutions to the placement of large numbers of potential Jewish émigrés. Waldman was involved in the combined efforts of the ADL of B’nai B’rith, Jewish Labor Committee and the American Jewish Congress to combat anti-Semitism and provide relief for the Jewish communities in Europe. Along with the other AJC leaders Waldman interceded before the American government on behalf of the world Jewry, and advocated unity among the American Jewish organizations in the face of war and persecution of Jews.

On the international level Morris Waldman and AJC had close relations with representatives of the British Jews, the Board of Deputies and British Joint Foreign Committee, and especially Neville Laski, President of London Committee of Deputies of British Jews in 1933–1940. Waldman and the Committee were also in close contact with the Alliance Israelite of France and the main Jewish organizations of Germany: Zentralverein Deutscher Staatsbuerger Judischen Glaubens (The Central Association of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith) and Hilfsverein der Deutschen Juden (Relief Union of the German Jews). Waldman was especially preoccupied with the situation in Poland as the home of the Europe’s largest Jewish community. He visited Poland a number of times, meeting with local officials, intellectuals and representatives of the Jewish communities, advocating and intervening in order to improve the lot of Jews in Poland.

As a non-Zionist, like most of the AJC leaders, Morris Waldman was active in the work of the non-Zionist section of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, and he supported collaboration and understanding between Zionists and non-Zionists. The main objection to Zionism on the part of Morris Waldman and his colleagues at AJC was a presumed “self-segregation” of Jews in a separate entity, and alleged dual loyalty in case of the creation of a Jewish state, as well as a specific understanding of American patriotism. Though he was opposed to Jewish nationalism and Zionist ideas, Waldman favored the establishment of the State of Israel.

In October 1945 Waldman retired from what was then his official AJC position as vice-chairman of the executive committee, but he continued his association with AJC as a lay member of the executive committee. Upon retirement Waldman was lauded by Edward Stettinius, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and former Secretary of State, for his advocacy of international legislation to safeguard minorities’ rights. Waldman’s efforts to fight anti-Semitism and strengthen the rights of minorities throughout the world resulted in the International Bill of Rights, a part of the United Nations Charter. Waldman was an author of several books and a large number of articles. He died at age 84 in 1963.

Subject/Index Terms

Administrative Information

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Acquisition Method: Received from the American Jewish Historical Society in 1983.

Related Materials:

This collection forms part of the more extensive American Jewish Committee Records, RG 347, preserved at YIVO.

There is also related material at the American Jewish Archives: Morris David Waldman Papers ; Manuscript Collection No. 23; American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form:Identification of item, date (if known); Records of the American Jewish Committee Executive Offices (EXO-29), Morris Waldman Files; RG 347.1.29; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Finding Aid Revision History: The collection was originally processed in the first half of the 1980s, and additional processing was completed in 2012. Originally the folders in the collection were numbered box by box, but in 2012 the folders were consecutively renumbered. In the 1980s many boxes were overstuffed with folders, and due to shelf space concerns, new rehousing on the box level was deemed unadvisable in 2012.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1: Records of the American Jewish Committee Executive Offices (EXO-29), Morris Waldman Files, 1905-1963,

Series 1: Records of the American Jewish Committee Executive Offices (EXO-29), Morris Waldman Files
Arrangement: Alphabetical order of files according to file name.
Box 1
Folder 1: Abrams, Abba
Correspondence on the Abrams' activities on behalf of AJC
Folder 2: Adamic, Louis
Correspondence on the manuscript of Adamic's book on life of immigrants in America, "What's Your Name?"
Folder 3: Adler, Cyrus
Correspondence with Waldman on worsening of situation for Jews in Germany and Europe; on establishing relations with the incoming Roosevelt administration; reports and correspondence on proposed World Jewish Congress, relations with the American Jewish Congress, ADL of B'nai B'rith, on Nazi German propaganda, on anti-German boycott and other possibilities of pressuring German government
Folder 4: Adler, Cyrus
Correspondence with Waldman on opposition of AJC to World Jewish Congress, on joining anti-Communist movement led by Vatican, on unity among Jewish organizations, on opposition to Brandeis and Wiezmann's views on Zionism, on spreading AJC activities, and on its administration and finances
Folder 5: Adler, Cyrus
1940-1942, 1944, 1946-1947
Addresses and correspondence of tribute to memory of Cyrus Adler; correspondence on Adler's biography in a book form; note on launching of USS Cyrus Adler in New Orleans in May 1944; correspondence on compiling a collection of tributes to Adlers' 75th birthday (1947)
Folder 6: Administrative Committee
1940; 1943
Memoranda and propositions to the Administrative Committee on Washington bureau of Library of Jewish Information; on American Jewish Conference; on fundraising agreement with ADL; on General Jewish Council and Joint Emergency Committee on European affairs
Folder 7: Admissions-Rutgers University
Correspondence on discrimination against Jewish applicants for admission to Rutgers University
Folder 8: Africa-Jews in Africa
Reports and correspondence on the Jewish population in North and South Africa
Folder 9: Agudas Israel of America
Cross reference sheet only, see: UN San Francisco Conference
Folder 10: Agudas Israel World Organization
Cross reference sheet only, see: War and Peace; WWII; Peace organizations
Folder 11: Aid and Assistance
Letters with requests for aid from the Jewish victims of German legislation
Folder 12: All-World Hebrew Central Organization
Correspondence on the said organization, which focused on establishment of a Jewish state in Africa
Folder 13: Alliance Israelite of Paris
Cross reference sheet only, see: War and Peace; WWII; Peace organizations
Folder 14: American Airlines
Letter from American Airlines on passenger status and regulations
Folder 15: American Ambassador
Cross reference sheet only, see: Adler, Cyrus
Folder 16: American Arbitration Association
Correspondence of Carl Austrian with the said organization on support of it by AJC
Folder 17: American Board of Missions to the Jews
1940, 1942-1944
Reports and correspondence on the said organization and its missionary activities among Jews, including Brooklyn
Folder 18: American Committee Against Aggression
Correspondence on requesting support from AJC
Folder 19: American Council Against Nazi Propaganda
Correspondence on support by AJC of the said organization's publication The Hour, and on it's possible communist connections
Folder 20: American Council on Education
Cross reference sheet only, see: American Youth Commission
Folder 21: American Council for Judaism
Report on poll results in Denver; correspondence on Zionist policies
Folder 22: American European Lecture Bureau
Memorandum on the advisability of cooperation with the said organization
Folder 23: American Federation of Labor
1941, 1946
Address from AFL on 40th anniversary of AJC4 memorandum and correspondence on cooperation of AJC and AFL in preventing of public showings of Nazi films
Folder 24: America First Committee
Reports and correspondence on the said organization's isolationist and possibly pro-Nazi views and connections
Folder 25: American Friends Service Committee
Memorandum from Sumner A. Mills, head of the said organization's Foreign Service Section, on the groups connected to relief service in Germany
Folder 26: American Fund for Palestinian Institutions
Minutes of the board meetings of a relief organization for Palestine
Folder 27: American Hebrew
1933, 1936, 1940
Correspondence on the possibility of acquisition of the publication by AJC
Folder 28: American Jewish Congress
1931, 1933-1934
Invitation to AJC to send delegates to a Session of the said organization; correspondence with the Congress, newspaper reports on a conflict between AJC and AJCongress because of AJC's opposition to Congress' internal practices and to creation of World Jewish Congress
Folder 29: American Jewish Congress
Correspondence with the Congress on World Jewish Congress, AJCongress' plebiscite, General Jewish Council, Institute of Jewish Affairs
Folder 30: American Jewish Congress
Memorandum on Stephen Wise's policies and views as the leader of AJCongress; publications of AJCongress
Folder 31: American Jewish Assembly
Cross reference sheet only, see: Foreign Affairs, Speech by Judge Proskauer
Box 2
Folder 32: American Jewish Conference
Correspondence on creation, structure and aims of the said organization, and on reasons of AJC's withdrawal from it
Folder 33: American Jewish Congress-American Jewish Committee
Correspondence on combined effort to create a universal Jewish organization; materials of Pittsburgh Conference (1938) of AJC, B'nai B'rith and American Labor Committee to establish closer cooperation
Folder 34: American Jewish Congress-Elections, Plebiscites
1934, 1938, 1942
Call by Congress to create a "central democratic body" for the Jewish people; proclamations, press releases on 1938 elections to AJCongress; petitions to AJCongress, AJC and other organizations to join the efforts to defend human rights of Jews
Folder 35: American Jewish Historical Society
Letter on transfer of documents of Cyrus Adler and other materials of historical interest to AJHS from AJC for the AJHS annual meeting display
Folder 36: American Jewish Year Book
1907, 1910, 1934, 1948, 1958
Letter from Henrietta Szold to Mayer Sulzberger asking for the said publication to become official organ of AJC (1907); correspondence between Cyrus Adler and Julius Friedenwald on format and content of the Yearbook; summary of the Yearbook contents for the years 1898-1947; correspondence between AJC and JPS on the Yearbook
Folder 37: American Labor Conference on International Affairs
Memorandum on advisability of AJC involvement in the said Conference
Folder 38: American Labor Education Service
no date
Cross reference sheet only, "original filed in Master Alpha on Wall"
Folder 39: American League to Combat Anti-Semitism
1940, 1942
Reports to General Jewish Council (AJC, AJCongress, B'nai B'rith) on inadvisability of support for D. Margolies and his League
Folder 40: American Legion
no date
Cross reference sheet only
Folder 41: American Mothers' Declaration
Report with an outline on strategies to fight Dies' Committee accusations in leftist and communist leanings of Jews; suggestions for activities of women's' clubs in connection with the American Mothers' Declaration
Folder 42: American Palestine Committee
Correspondence on a letter to Sen. James Murray, member of the said non-Jewish organization, with concern about a possible US involvement "in a war in Palestine on behalf of the Jews"; correspondence on inquiry about the said organization from the Jews of Pest, Hungary
Folder 43: American Palestine Institute, Inc.
Correspondence on nature and purposes of the said Institute, and advisability of its financing by AJC
Folder 44: American Palestine Jewish Legion
2 letters requesting contact and related to formation of a Jewish army under British auspices to defend Jews of Palestine
Folder 45: American Philanthropic Foundation
Correspondence on a grant for AJC loan fund
Folder 46: American Principles Bureau
Reports on activities of the Bureau among unions in Philadelphia, in support of democracy and unions, against ethnic and religious antagonisms
Folder 47: American Relief for Germany
Cross reference sheet only, see; American Friends' Service Committee
Folder 48: American Settlers Association
Internal memorandum on the possible candidates from among prominent Jewish figures to join the board of the said Association, created by Scandinavian Americans for better mutual understanding among ethnic groups in the US
Folder 49: American Society
Correspondence between AJC president Louis Marshall and AS secretary Andrew B. Humphrey to recommend US Congress to investigate KKK and similar organizations
Folder 50: American Torah Shelemah Committee
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wertheim, Maurice
Folder 51: American War Heroes Foundation
Invitation to Waldman; memorandum on advisability of cooperation with the said Foundation
Folder 52: American Youth Commission
American Youth Commission of the American Council on Education; its' report "Youth and the Future" offers participation to AJC
Folder 53: American Youth Congress
1937, 1939-1940
Statements of principles and other documents of the said organization; accounts on the annual conventions and possible communist takeover
Folder 54: American Zionist Emergency Council
Statement on withdrawal of AJC from the American Jewish Conference, refuting charges by the said Council
Folder 55: Americans United for World Organization
Statement on purposes and programs; letter to AJC requesting a contribution
Folder 56: Anglo-Saxon Federation of America
Cross reference sheet only; see: Ford, Henry
Folder 57: Annals
1929, 1934, 1936-1939, 1941-1943, 1949
Statements of purposes; accounts of current activities
Folder 58: Annual meetings
1932-1935, 1939, 1943-1944
Minutes of AJC annual meetings; AJC reports
Folder 59: Annual reports
1911, 1943-1945
Reports of AJC , including verbatim report of the 1945 meeting
Box 3
Folder 60: Anti-Defamation League
1913, 1930, 1936, 1938, 1941-1943
Announcement on formation of ADL (1913); list of B'nai B'rith members on the ADL executive committee; reports on ADL activities; memoranda, correspondence on financial contribution of AJC to ADL
Folder 61: Anti-Defamation League
1933, 1935, 1937-1944
Correspondence on cooperation between AJC and ADL; proposals on division of kinds of activities, fundraising and allocation of funds; 1939 Constitution of ADL; materials of Joint Activities Committee, Coordinating Committee, Joint Defense Appeal
Folder 62: Anti-Defamation League
Correspondence on AJC Community Service unit, Joint National Community Service Committee, set up of joint local community organizations
Folder 63: Anti-Defamation League
Joint Public Relations Committee minutes; correspondence on it
Folder 64: Anti-Nazism
Correspondence on German anti-Nazi literature, on soliciting British support for Jews in Germany; Cross reference sheet , see: Wise, Stephen S., Nazi propaganda
Folder 65: Anti-Semitism
1932-1934,, 1936-1937, 1939-1945
Memoranda, reports, lectures on combating anti-Semitism in various places of the world and various spheres of public life
Folder 66: Anti-Semitism, Behavior/ Jews
Correspondence of Rabbi Solomon Fineberg on possibility of imposing ethical and behavioral standards among Jews
Folder 67: Anti-Semitism
Essays on causes and scope of anti-Semitism, on tactics of combating it.
Folder 68: Anti-Semitism, Clippings
Newspaper clippings on anti-Semitism, in English, Yiddish
Folder 69: Anti-Semitism, Incidents
1929, 1933, 1936, 1940, 1944
Correspondence and reports on incidents of anti-Semitism worldwide
Box 4
Folder 70: Anti-Semitism, United States
1934, 1938-1940, 1944, 1949
Memoranda and publications on anti-Semitism in the US
Folder 71: Apton, Abraham (Aptowitzer)
Correspondence on law suite of Apton against Barclay's Bank about recovery of funds paid out to Nazi government
Folder 72: Archives-AJC, Destruction
Correspondence on destruction of confidential materials gathered by Waldman during his trips to Europe
Folder 73: Areas and Regions-AJC Reports-Northeast
Report on state of AJC work in organizing communities
Folder 74: Argentina
1937-1938, 1940-1944
Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings on situation of Jews in Argentina and pro-Nazi tendencies of successive Argentinean governments, assessment of US influence in Argentina
Folder 75: "Assembly" memo
Memorandum draft by Waldman on AJC position in relation to the said Assembly
Folder 76: Aufbau
Cross reference sheet only, see: Germany
Folder 77: Australia
Cross reference sheet only, see: International Labor Office
Folder 78: Austria
1932-1935, 1937-1938, 1940-1942, 1943, 1945
Correspondence and reports on monitoring the worsening situation of Jews in Austria and on efforts to provide aid and support to them
Folder 79: Austrian Trade Commission
Letters of introduction from the members of the members of the Commission who came to New York (1934), to help Austria remain independent and resist Nazi
Folder 80: Baerwald, Paul
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 81: Baron De Hirsch Fund
Minutes of meetings of the trustees
Folder 82: Becker, James H.
Correspondence on cooperation in anti-Nazi effort
Folder 83: Belgium
Letter from Max Gottschalk on problems of refugees, in French; biography of Paul Van Zeeland
Folder 84: Belen, F. Lamont
See under: Poland
Folder 85: Benthic, Norman
Cross reference sheet only, see: German Jewry and AJC
Folder 86: Billikopf, Jacob
1912, 1914, 1916, 1922, 1928-1931
Correspondence on advocacy of Jewish causes and aid to Jewish immigrants
Folder 87: Blank, Ruben
Correspondence on aid requests by Blank as a former leader of Russian Jewish community
Folder 88: Blaustein, Jacob
1943-1945, 1949
Correspondence with Waldman on internal AJC affairs
Folder 89: B'nai B'rith
1933-1935, 1937, 1939-1944
Correspondence on establishing a close relationship in order to defend the Jews of Germany and combat anti-Semitism in the US
Folder 90: B'nai B'rith-Pittsburgh Conference
Materials of a conference called to create a united front of American Jewry
Folder 91: Board of Deputies of British Jews
1937, 1942
Correspondence between Waldman and representatives of the Board on situation in Poland, on Freedom and Peace movement (1937), and on sending food packages to Polish Jews via Portugal (1942)
Box 5
Folder 92: Boas, Franz
1933-1935, 1939-1940, 1942-1943
Biographical material on anthropologist Franz Boas; works combating Nazi racial theories; correspondence regarding funding of Boas' work
Folder 93: Brandeis, Louis D. (Justice)
1935, 1941, 1953
Statement on Weizmann Zionism, notes on American public opinion and Palestine
Folder 94: Brasol, Boris
Correspondence on Russian émigré responsible for translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in America
Folder 95: Brazil
1937-1938, 1940-1944
Correspondence and reports on Brazilian Jewish community, political situation and anti-Jewish sentiments; Correspondence on Jewish immigration and fight against anti-Semitism in Brazil
Folder 96: Brazil-Displaced persons
1937, 1940-1942, 1944-1945
Correspondence with Dr. Lorch of Sao Paolo on German Jewish refugees in Brazil, Jewish Displaces Persons
Folder 97: Brazil-Immigration
1946-1948, 1957-1959
Correspondence, reports, publications on Jewish post-war immigration to Brazil
Folder 98: British Guiana
Frederick Blach's report on suitability of B. Guiana for Jewish refugee settlement and correspondence on the report
Folder 99: Brodnitz, Dr. Friedrich S.
Correspondence with Laski and Warburg, filed under: Poland
Folder 100: Brotherhood Day
Suggested program for observance of Brotherhood Day in high school assemblies [4 pages missing]
Folder 101: Brotman, A. G.
no date
Cross reference sheet only, see: Board of Deputies of British Jews
Folder 102: Brown, David A.
Letter to Stroock (by S. Wallach?) on advisability of using Brown's help in fundraising efforts
Folder 103: Buck, Pearl
Brief profile of Pearl Buck along with 6 other persons
Folder 104: Bulgaria
1931, 1939, 1941-1942, 1945
Correspondence and reports on post-WWI developments in Bulgaria, situation of Bulgarian Jews; letter from Bulgarian minister in Washington denying anti-Jewish discrimination; letter of Judge Proskauer to US, UK and USSR on forcing Bulgaria to repeal anti-Jewish regulations; review of Jewish situation in communist Bulgaria
Folder 105: Bureau for Intercultural Education
no date
Cross reference sheet only, see: Master, Alpha Files, Wall
Folder 106: Butler, Nicholas Murray
Excerpt from an interview by Butler, president of Columbia University, to JTA deprecating mass protests and in favor of quiet boycott against the Nazis
Folder 107: Canada
1935, 1940-1944
Correspondence between Canadian and French publishers on anti-Semitism; report on anti-Semitism in Canada during WWII and letter from Canadian Jewish Congress on the report; correspondence on Jewish internees in Canada, on Canadian war effort, inter-communal contacts
Folder 108: Canadian Jewish Congress
1933-1935, 1940, 1942-1944
Correspondence on activities of CJC and cooperation with AJC, on anti-Semitism in Canada and its provinces, on Canadian WWII war effort and Jewish enlistment
Folder 109: Canadian - Manitoba Case (Tobias v. Neufeld and Whittaker)
Correspondence on Manitoba libel suit Tobias v. Neufeld and Whittaker
Folder 110: Canadian Project
Correspondence on study of the effect of Canada's entrance into the war (WWII) on the Canadian Jewish community
Box 6
Folder 111: Cardozo, Louis (Justice)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 112: Cartwright, John K. (Rev.)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Italy
Folder 113: Catholic Committee Against Anti-Semitism
Correspondence with AJC on establishment of Catholic Committee Against Anti-Semitism and its publication The Voice, and on involvement of AJC in advisory capacity
Folder 114: Catholic-Jewish Relations
1933, 1936, 1939-1940
Petition of Christian and Jewish institutions calling for FDR's attention to religious restrictions in the USSR in view of resumption of US-USSR diplomatic relations; list of anti-Semitic leaders and publications in the US; Memorandum warning against Jewish participation in Christian anti-communist efforts
Folder 115: Catholic-Jewish Relations, H.E. Pamphlet
1937, 1939
Correspondence on Catholic publications about Jews
Folder 116: Cecil, Right Hon. Viscount
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 117: Cecil and Presbery, Inc.
Advertising agency's outlines of efforts to combat anti-Semitism in US in response to AJC request
Folder 118: Central Conference of American Rabbis
Correspondence on General Jewish Council, on Justice and Peace Commission, reports on contacts among Jewish religious groups and on meeting of non-Zionist Reform rabbis
Folder 119: Central Organization
Original filed under: All-World Hebrew Central Organization
Folder 120: Central Verein
Original filed under: Foreign Affairs
Folder 121: Chamberlain, Neville (prime Minster)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Europe
Folder 122: Charles, Sacha (Dr.)
1939, 1941
Correspondence with Dr. Charles re his dismissal from employment by AJC
Folder 123: Charts-AJC
Organizational charts of AJC and its subdivisions
Folder 124: Chile
1936, 1941-1944, 1958
Correspondence, memoranda and reports on Jewish community and Jewish refugees, local anti-Semitism and pro-Nazis; letter and memorandum of Jacob Landau to Chilean minister in Washington on difficulty of securing a visa for trips on behalf of AJC
Folder 125: China
1935, 1942, 1944
Memoranda and correspondence on cooperation of German Jews with China and its proponent Dr. Morris William; Jacob Landau's report on conversation with Roosevelt's political adviser to Chiang Kai-Shek, Owen Lattimore
Folder 126: Christian Party
Account of a meeting with an owner of premises where the group called Christian Party met, on its interest in white Russians, Japanese and in local politics
Folder 127: Churchill, Winston (Prime Minister)
1937, 1944
Original filed under: Palestine
Folder 128: Citizenship
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal Material
Folder 129: Citizenship Educational Service
Memoranda, reports and correspondence on the Service, its activities and financing; minutes of luncheon meetings; sales of its publication Footprints of the Trojan Horse
Folder 130: Civil Right-Civil Liberties
Original filed under: Legal Material
Folder 131: Clippings department
List of source newspapers; description of subjects and types of material for clippings
Folder 132: Cohen, Morris A.
A sketch on adventurer and former aide-de-camp to Sun Yat-sen, "Two-Gun" Cohen
Folder 133: Cohen, Robert Waley (Sir)
Letter regarding a meeting with the Polish prime minister
Folder 134: Colombia
Appeal by the Jews of Bogota for help in rebuilding destroyed Jewish businesses and institutions; correspondence on educational materials for cultural and propaganda efforts; reports on anti-Semitic publications in Colombia; request to extend courtesies to Colombian president during his visit to the US
Folder 135: Committee for National Morale
Outline of study on totalitarian propaganda; Reports and recommendations for a National Morals Service; reports on activities of CNM
Folder 136: Committee of Six
Report on Joint Public Relations Committee; minutes of meetings of Committee of six
Folder 137: Committee on Committees
1944, 1946
Memorandum on recruitment for the work at AJC; minutes of meeting of Committee on Committees (1946)
Folder 138: Committee on Cooperation
Roster of the Committee on Cooperation and Executive Committee; memoranda and statements on cooperation among various agencies; memorandum by Horace Kallen, On the Problem and Technique of Meeting Anti-Semitism in the U.S.
Folder 139: Committee on Training for Jewish Social Work
Minutes of meeting and outline of a survey; correspondence on study and treatment of anti-Semitism; draft plans for recruitment, curriculum, placement
Folder 140: Committee to Defend the Foreign Born
Letter from Grace Meyette of the League for Human Rights depicting the said Committees a communist front
Folder 141: Committees-General
1941, 1943-1944
Roster and chart of organization and staff; memoranda and correspondence on general AJC conference
Folder 142: Common Council for American Unity
Memorandum recommending AJC to support the Council; report on activities of the Council
Folder 143: Communism
1933, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1941
Correspondence, memoranda and reports on Jewish participation in the communist movement and methods to combat charges linking Jews to communism; memoranda on Catholic press re Jews and communism
Box 7
Folder 144: Communism and Jews
1920, 1924, 1933-1936, 1938-1939, 1941, 1945
Memorandum rebutting the charges of Jews being the most active group in communist activities; Chamber of Commerce Report; pamphlets and publications on Jews and communism
Folder 145: Community activities-AJC-Area offices
1939, 1940-1941, 1944
Memoranda on organizing regional offices of AJC; correspondence on Boston office
Folder 146: Community activities-AJC-Area representatives
Memorandum on development of local representation
Folder 147: Community activities-AJC-committee
Minutes of meeting of community activities committee of AJC
Folder 148: Community activities-AJC-trips and visits
1929, 1933, 1940-1944
Reports on trips to local communities
Folder 149: Community activities department
Correspondence on nomination of community representation for Sioux Falls; memorandum to staff members on Community Activities Department
Folder 150: Community Service Unit
Minutes of meeting about unified advisory committee of AJC, AJCongress, ADL and JLC in local communities
Folder 151: Cone Family (Greensboro, N.C.)
Correspondence on contribution of the Cone family to the AJC
Folder 152: Conference against race discrimination in the war effort
Correspondence on financial aid and participation of AJC in the Conference
Folder 153: Conference on Democratic Process
Report by Ethel Phillips of AJC on participation in the Conference; reports on study projects related to the main issues related to the Conference, including educational aspects
Folder 154: Conference on Jewish Relations
Exchange of notes on logistics
Folder 155: Consistoire
Cross reference sheet only, see: France
Folder 156: Constitutional Educational League
Memorandum on the League, describing it as an anti-union and anti-New Deal, and its president, Joseph P. Kamp, as connected to known anti-Semites
Folder 157: Contemporary Jewish Record
Reprints, press releases, correspondence, promotional material, circulation survey and subscription forms related to a bi-monthly review of AJC, edited by Harry Schneiderman and Sidney Wallach.
Folder 158: Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations Dealing With Employment Discrimination in War Industries
Correspondence on AJC participation, tactics and funding, creation of subcommittees, transfer of functions to NCRAC; statement on activities from July 1943 through April 1944
Folder 159: Coordinating Foundation
Report of interview of Proskauer and Slawson with Sir Herbert Emerson on war refugees; memorandum suggesting the Foundation to be kept inactive until after the war
Folder 160: Coty, M.
Correspondence on investigation of Coty organization's involvement in aiding Nazis
Folder 161: Coughlin, Father Charles E.
Correspondence on Coughlin's speeches; memoranda refuting anti-Semitic charges and facts' distortions by Coughlin; texts of some speeches
Folder 162: Coughlin, Father Charles E.
Correspondence on Coughlin's anti-Semitic charges and on the means of counteracting Coughlin's influence; request for broadcast in reply to Coughlin
Folder 163: Coughlin, Father Charles E.
Correspondence on statements of Coughlin in Social Justice; excerpts from Coughlin's comment on war
Box 8
Folder 164: Coughlin, Father Charles E.
1917, 1930, 1934-1937
Report (1917) on the Catholic reaction to the Russian revolution; protests by AJC, chief rabbi of England (1930)against the suppression of religion in Russia; poster on Coughlin (1933); correspondence on advisability of editorial critical of Coughlin; statements from Christian and Jewish leaders against Coughlin's distortions regarding Jewish ethics
Folder 165: Coughlin, Father Charles E.
Statements on attacks on vendors of Social Justice; analysis of Coughlin's views and compliance with NAB code; correspondence on questionnaires sent to radio stations; open letter " A Plea to Father Coughlin"
Folder 166: Council Against Intolerance in America
1939, 1941, 1944, 1950, 1953
Statement of purpose, program; correspondence detailing Council's work; circular letter on contributions to the Council's publication American Unity
Folder 167: Council for Democracy
List of patriotic, church and fraternal organizations; correspondence on purpose and policy; statement on the background of Carl J. Friedrich, chairman of executive committee; correspondence on financial matters and taxes; correspondence on CFD activates and publications
Folder 168: Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds
1937-1938, 1940-1944
Tables of payments by federations; reports and memoranda on program and activities; correspondence on meetings, regional structures and finances
Folder 169: Cremieux Decree Revocation
1942-1943, 1947
Text of Cremieux Decree (1870) on equal rights of Algerian Jews; Round table discussion at New School (1943); correspondence on abrogation and restoration of the Decree
Folder 170: Cremieux Decree Revocation-Documents and studies
Statements and publications on the Decree
Folder 171: Cremieux Decree Revocation-Documents and studies
Statements and articles on the background of the Decree, including Hanna Arendt's
Box 9
Folder 172: Cuba
1939, 1942, 1944
Report and correspondence on the Jewish community in Cuba; correspondence on Jewish immigration to Cuba
Folder 173: Cullens, Eddie
Correspondence on the case of Cullens, an American Jew, found guilty of murder in Northern Ireland
Folder 174: Cultural Freedom Committee
1939, 1941-1942
Call for formation of the Committee; press releases (including report on appearance of former Soviet spy gen. Walter Krivitsky on CFC meeting); minutes of meetings; memorandum on academic freedom; membership solicitation letter
Folder 175: Czechoslovakia
1937-1940, 1942, 1944
Correspondence, reports and publications on the Sudeten region problem; correspondence on the plight of Czech-Jewish refugees; report on situation of Jews in Czech lands under German control; "Report of anti-Jewish activity in independent Slovakia"; proposal for repatriation of Jews by a Czech Jewish relief organization in London (1943); letter from president Benes to AJC acknowledging birthday greetings
Folder 176: Danzig
Cross reference sheets only, see; Poland; Laski, Neville
Folder 177: Davidson, Gabriel
Correspondence of Harry Schneiderman and Gabriel Davidson, general manager of the Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society regarding a farm for sale
Folder 178: Davidson Library
Correspondence on a library with an extensive collection of medieval Hebrew literature, willed by Dr. Israel Davidson to CCNY
Folder 179: Deatherage, George
Cross reference sheet only, see: "Knights of the White Camellia"
Folder 180: Defense activities
1933, 1942
Correspondence between Waldman and James N. Rosenberg on the details of AJC defense work
Folder 181: De Gaulle
Cross reference sheet only, see: France
Folder 182: Democracy
1938-1939, 1941-1945
Correspondence related to organization Intercultural Education for Democracy in Schools; correspondence on pro-democracy organizations in the US; memorandum on Education for Democracy
Folder 183: Democratic elections
1934, 1938
Cross reference sheet only, see: American Jewish Congress; Billikopf, Jacob
Folder 184: De Rothschild, Anthony
Cross reference sheet only, see: Landau, Jacob; Laski, Neville; Dr. Weizmannn
Folder 185: Deutsche Freiheitsbibliothek
Letter by Walter Derenberg for support of Freedom Library of books banned by Nazis; correspondence on the advisability of the project
Folder 186: Dictionaries
1934, 1942-1944
Correspondence regarding elimination of derogatory definitions and quotations on Jews from dictionaries
Folder 187: Dies, Martin (Congressman)
Report on interview with Dies on his committee's efforts; confidential memorandum on FDR's relations with Dies
Folder 188: Discrimination
1935-1936, 1938-1939, 1943-1944
Materials of a conference to enlist the aid of Jewish campus organizations to fight discrimination; correspondence on various aspects of anti-Jewish discrimination in the US
Folder 189: Displaced Persons
Report on meeting with Sir Herbert Emerson on displaced persons' relief
Folder 190: Dodd, William E. (Ambassador)
Correspondence on arranging a meeting between Dodd, new ambassador to Germany, and Jewish leaders
Folder 191: Domestic Affairs
1936, 1941, 1943-1944
Correspondence and memoranda on the work of AJC in political, educational and service fields, and propositions of changes
Folder 192: Domestic Defense Coordinating Committee
Proposals for a defense committee; correspondence on organization of DDCC; minutes of meetings, reports of DDCC
Folder 193: Dominican Republic-Refugee Resettlement-Sosua
1940-1942, 1946
Correspondence and reports on possibilities for Jewish immigration and settlements in the DR
Folder 194: Don, A.C. (Rev. Chaplain and Secretary to Archbishop of Canterbury)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 195: Duke of Windsor affair
Letter from Laski on the Duke of Winsor affair and attitude of the British Jews to it, with comment by Adler
Folder 196: Easley, Ralph
Correspondence and reports on Easley and his National Civic Federation
Folder 197: Ecuador
Correspondence on Jewish settling in Ecuador
Folder 198: Ecuador - Nazi propaganda
Survey of Nazi activities in Ecuador and recommended means to combat them; appeal from Jewish organizations in Ecuador to help end propaganda of anti-Jewish boycott
Folder 199: Edmondson, Robert Edward
Correspondence on a libel case against Edmondson, charged with libel of the Jewish religion.
Folder 200: Education
1940-1941, 1944
List of Jewish fraternities and sororities, with numbers of chapters and members; commencement address by Waldman at Hebrew Teacher's College-Boston (1941)
Folder 201: Education department
1938-1940, 1944
Survey of activities of AJC education department; appropriations for ED; staff salary information
Folder 202: Egypt
Survey of the situation in Egypt related to Jews and Nazi propaganda; correspondence on AJYB information regarding Egypt; correspondence with the head of Greek Jewish community in Egypt
Folder 203: Emergency Advisory Council
Correspondence on formation of EAC; reports to EAC
Box 10
Folder 204: Employment
1939, 1941
Plan of establishment of a national council on Jewish employment problems
Folder 205: Europe
1932, 1934-1935, 1937-1939
Correspondence, reports and memoranda on situation of Jews in European countries; correspondence on proposed work on behalf of Jews in Europe
Folder 206: Europe-Committee for Defense of Jewish Rights-Central and Eastern Europe
1935, 1943
List of organizers of the Committee; correspondence among AJC, JDC, British Joint Foreign Committee regarding cooperation with CDJR
Folder 207: Europe-Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe
Correspondence on formation of the Committee, its fundraising and advertizing
Folder 208: Executive Committee
1933-1937, 1939-1940
Internal memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports to EC
Folder 209: Fagen, Melvin M.
Correspondence and reports related to Fagen, AJC staff member, involved in presenting plight of he World Court Jews before the League of Nations and
Folder 210: Falashas (Falashim)
1927, 1930, 1937
Letter o Faitlowich detailing efforts with the Italian government on behalf of Falashas; reports and publications on Falashas
Folder 211: Fascism
Cross reference sheets only, see: Laski, Neville; War and Peace/ News Commentators
Folder 212: Faulhaber, Cardinal
Correspondence on Faulhaber's publications in defense of Jews; clippings reporting anti-Nazi statements by Faulhaber
Folder 213: Federal Council of Churches
Memorandum to FDR from Federal Council of Churches' representative on arms' limitation
Folder 214: Feige, Gregory
1938-1940, 1942
Correspondence on efforts of Fr. Feige to combat racism and anti-Semitism
Folder 215: Fels, Mary
Information on Fels as philanthropist and author of a book "Towards the Light"
Folder 216: Finance and Budget
1930, 1936-1943
Reports, memoranda and on gifts and contributions
Folder 217: Finkelstein, Louis (Rabbi)
Information on president of JTS
Folder 218: Fischer, Artur
Note in German on copies of a message about a bill
Folder 219: Ford, Henry
1920, 1923, 1933, 1936, 1938, 1940-1942, 1944
Correspondence and memoranda on slanderous publications of Ford-funded Dearborn Independent; newspaper clippings on Ford; correspondence on Judson Welliner's visit to persuade Ford to stop anti-Semitic activities; publication The Tragedy of Henry Ford; introduction to the 29th edition of The International Jew; statements and correspondence on Ford's continuing attacks against Jews; copy of a Ford's letter to S. Livingston (1941) disavowing all his previous anti-Jewish statements and activities; correspondence on the continued use of The International Jew in particular in South America, SEE ALSO UNDER: Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Folder 220: Foreign Affairs
1922, 1929-1930, 1933-1935, 1937-1938
Notes on financial support for Jews in Germany (1929), Waldman's comment that Jews in Germany are "sufficiently strong and numerous to wage the fight"; memoranda, interviews, reviews of the foreign press, correspondence on Jews in Germany and Poland; correspondence on the use for German Jews of the Brussels Conference Act of 1890 on escaped slaves
Folder 221: Foreign Affairs
1940-1944, 1946-1948, 1952-1953, 1955
Correspondence, memoranda and declarations on unity among major American Jewish organizations, on AJC's attitude towards Zionism; analysis on the use of foreign language media; minutes of AJC meeting on contacts with the Soviet Union (1955)
Box 11
Folder 222: Foreign Affairs
JTA report on economic measures against Slovakia for its anti-Jewish policies; proposal to organize a counter-propaganda group of refugee writers; correspondence on the US visit of former German chancellor Joseph Wirth, his efforts with catholic leaders on behalf of Jews;
Folder 223: Foreign Affairs
Letter of Proskauer to Weizmann on the Jewish Agency and non-Zionist members; proposals of actions to unite the Jews of America; statement of AJC policy on Palestine; Proskauer's speech on AJC withdrawal from the American Jewish Conference because of it being dominated by Zionists; list of cases in which AJC approached the US and foreign governments on behalf of Jews
Folder 224: Foreign Language Groups
1940, 1942-1943
Memorandum "Foreign Language Groups in the US", correspondence and memoranda on foreign language press; SEE ALSO UNDER: JTA, Overseas News Agency, Czechoslovakia
Folder 225: Foreign Policy Association
Adler's confidential note to Raymond Buell of FPA on situation of Jews in Poland and Romania; SEE ALSO UNDER: Adler, Cyrus
Folder 226: Fortune (Magazine)
1935-1936, 1941, 1945
Correspondence between Schneiderman and Fortune's editor Archibald McLeish on preparation of an article on Jews in America (appeared in February 1936 issue); memorandum on surveys on Jews in Fortune; list of directors of major US railroads
Folder 227: Fosdick, Harry Emerson
Brief information on Fosdick along with prominent individuals
Folder 228: France-Jews-Deportation-Vichy Government
News dispatches, reports on deportations of Jews from France to Eastern Europe; correspondence with the State Department (Sumner Welles) on relief of the French Jewish deportees
Folder 229: France-Alliance Israelite Universelle
1933-1936, 1940-1941, 1943-1944
Correspondence on AIU proposal for AJC to send delegation to Herriot asking for France's intervention on behalf of German Jews; reports (in French) on anti-Jewish violence in Algeria; reports of AIU activities; correspondence on Nazi looting of AIU property in Paris and on removal of AIU headquarters to Vichy and Algiers; correspondence on US representative of AIU
Folder 230: France
1936, 1939-1944, 1946
Correspondence and reports on situation of Jews in France and Europe; correspondence on Vichy government actions against Jews, food relief to occupied France, on status of Jews in occupied France, on possible Petain's part in Dreyfus case; SEE ALSO UNDER: JTA/ Overseas News Agency; Cremieux Decree Revocation; Foreign Affairs; Von Wisl, Wolfgang; Wirth, Joseph
Folder 231: Frank, George I.
Correspondence on "morally objectionable" members of the American Jewish community, on muting of opposition to British White Paper on Palestine
Folder 232: Frankfurter, David (Assassination)
Correspondence on assassination of Nazi leader Gustloff in Davos by a Yugoslav Jewish student Frankfurter, on support for Frankfurter
Folder 233: Franklin, Benjamin
1934, 1939
Correspondence on the false quote from Franklin against Jews
Folder 234: Freedman, Max
Correspondence between Freedman and Proskauer and other Jewish leaders on American Jewish Conference and Waldman's position;
Folder 235: Friedenwald, Dr. Harry
Correspondence on Friedenwald's resignation from AJC, on Proskauer's election as president
Folder 236: Friends of Democracy
1936, 1939-1942, 1944
Request for support from FOD, German-American group struggling against Nazism; Waldman's favorable report of FOD; requests for funds; reports on FOD, Nazi activities and Axis sympathizers in the US, validity of FOD accomplishments
Folder 237: Friends of Europe
Letter from Waldman to Wallach on the latter's European trip and comments on FOE, Rennie Smith and advisability of its financial support by AJC
Folder 238: Fromm, Bella (Articles, etc.)
Society reporter's article "What Racism did to the world"
Box 12
Folder 239: Fundraising
1929-1930, 1936-1938, 1940, 1943
Correspondence on fundraising efforts of AJC; reports on and analyses of contributions; letters on Joint Defense Appeal, Joint Public Relations Committee; SEE ALSO UNDER: Committee of Six; B'nai B'rith; Billikopf, Jacob; Administrative Committee; Stroock, Sol M.
Folder 240: Fundraising campaign
1932-1933, 1935-1942, 1944
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, lists related to fundraising campaign and allocation of funds
Folder 241: Gaebelein, Arno C. (Dr.)
Correspondence on Gaebelein's book reviving the lies of the Protocols
Folder 242: Gaffney, T. St. John
Correspondence and memorandum on pro-Nazi sentiments of a former US consul general(1915-1917) in Munich
Folder 243: Gallup Poll
1937, 1939, 1941-1946
Correspondence on molding public opinion, questionnaire for polling to study various groups; correspondence on validity of certain questions and on other aspects of polling
Folder 244: Gartner, Fred C. (Congressman)
Press clippings on the first openly Nazi congressman from Philadelphia
Folder 245: General Committee
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wertheim, Maurice / Election
Folder 246: General Jewish Council
Correspondence and reports discussing purposes and functions of GJC by constituent organizations--AJC, AJCg, BB, JLC; constitution, minutes and memoranda on GJC
Folder 247: General Jewish Council-American Jewish Congress-Resignations
Correspondence and statements on position of AJCg ; comments in press on AJCg resignation from GJC
Folder 248: General Jewish Council
Statement (undated) on aims and accomplishments of GJC; addresses containing recommendations for GJC; correspondence on fundraising, alternative plans for GJC
Box 13
Folder 249: General Jewish Council- Community Organizations
Lists of GJC-cooperation community councils and committees; reports and correspondence on contacts between GJC and local committees
Folder 250: General Jewish Council-Fundraising
Reports, proposals and correspondence on fundraising for GJC
Folder 251: General Jewish Council- Correspondence A-Z
Correspondence on representation in GJC and consolidation of 4 main American Jewish organizations
Folder 252: General Jewish Council -Committees (Correspondence, Minutes, Misc.)
Separately bound minutes of Executive Committee and Coordinating Committee
Folder 253: General Jewish Council -Finances
Requests and appeals for funds from constituent organizations; notes on sent contributions
Folder 254: General Jewish Council- Plans for Coordination
Proposals, memoranda and correspondence on joint actions and coordinated activities in operation and fundraising of the constituent organizations
Folder 255: General Jewish Council-Public Relations
1939, 1941
Reports and correspondence on the work of public relations committee of GJC
Folder 256: General Jewish Council- Reports
Reports about conference on policies, on AJC representative for West coast, of committee on local communities, on radio broadcasts, of Committee of Eight
Folder 257: General Jewish Council- Statements
Statements on aims and efficiency of various ant-Nazi organizations and publications
Folder 258: German-Jewish Children's Aid
Correspondence on advisability and legality of bringing German-Jewish children to the US, and on establishing GJCA; minutes of GJCA; correspondence of Jewish leaders with GJCA on support and funding
Folder 259: German Jewry and AJC
Reports, correspondence, press clippings on support and relief of German Jews
Box 14
Folder 260: German-American Congress for Democracy
Correspondence with AJC and other Jewish organizations on activities of GACD and on support for it
Folder 261: German-American League for Culture (Kulturverband)
1937, 1939-1940
Analysis of and reports on composition, activities and publications of GALC; GALC's appeal for funds; copy of GALC's letter to FDR; memoranda on communist domination in GALC and internal strife there; minutes of meeting of Philadelphia branch of GALC
Folder 262: German-American League for Human Rights
Correspondence on the need of a non-sectarian foundation for scientific study racial attitudes and origins of them
Folder 263: German-American Writers Association
Cross reference sheet only, see: Germany
Folder 264: German Press
Excerpts and translations from German press on European and US politics; AJC reports on Nazi values, activities and propaganda; newspaper clippings in German
Folder 265: Germans in the United States (A. Fischer)
Reports, statements and newspaper clippings on German Americans and German-Jewish relations in the US
Folder 266: Germany
Reports to AJC sub-committee on Germany, on Nazi menace, on anti-Jewish discrimination and persecution, on possible measures of support and relief for German Jewry
Folder 267: Germany
Correspondence, reports on situation in Germany, legality of Nazi treatment of Jews, enlisting help of Britain in influencing situation in Germany; publication in Opinion with accusations of AJC on inadequate attitude to conference in Geneva; US Senate resolution (1934) on Germany's treatment of minorities; minutes of meeting of Joint Council; letter of Bentwich to Laski on submission of German persecution of Jews to the League of Nations; excerpt from memoirs of former German ambassador to the US Bernstorff on murder of Rathenau and German anti-Semitism
Folder 268: Germany
Reports, correspondence and publications on persecutions of Jews in Germany; memoranda and reports on German-Polish relations, on Nazi propaganda, economic situation in Germany
Folder 269: Germany
Correspondence on German fines for Jewish emigrants; correspondence on anti-Semitic pamphlet "Who Profits By War"; reports and memoranda on situation of Jews, economic and cultural developments in Germany
Folder 270: Germany
1943-1944, 1946-1947
Memoranda and reports on Nazi propaganda and politics, on persecution of Jews; correspondence on opportunities for relief and rescue of Jews in Nazi-occupied areas; AJC telegram to Justice Murphy praising the founding of the National Committee Against Nazi Persecution of the Jews; publications on post-war future of Germany
Folder 271: Germany
Samples of Nazi propaganda and ant-Semitic cartoons; memorandum on Germany and the Jews in historical perspective; memoranda and reports on persecution of Jews; State Department instructions to consuls (ca. 1930-1933)
Box 15
Folder 272: Germany - Boycott (Demonstrations and Protest Meetings)
1933-1936, 1942-1943
Correspondence on possible negative repercussions for German Jewry of boycott and protests; Adler's letter to Wasserman of Deutsche Bank on AJC non-involvement in boycott agitation and protests
Folder 273: Germany - Boycott- Public Opinion
Correspondence on AJC position against organized boycott; correspondence with Abba Hillel Silver on possibilities of intervention with German government via German business firms; correspondence on reaction on boycott in America and on its efficiency
Folder 274: Germany - Boycott -Organizations
Circular letter by Veterans German Boycott Committee; letter o Levinson of Chicago Committee for Defense of Human Rights advocating individual boycott; letter of Green of AFL to Ryan of ILO calling for labor involvement in boycott
Folder 275: Germany - Boycott- Mass Meetings
Statements and letters on protests against German treatment of Jews; correspondence on advisability of mass protests and preference for behind the scenes work
Folder 276: Germany - Boycott -England
Correspondence with British Jewish organizations on position regarding boycott of German goods
Folder 277: Germany - Boycott- Jewish Leaders
Debates between Leon Fram and Philip Solomon on merits of Jewish boycott of German goods; on boycott between Waldman and Fred Lazarus of Columbus, Ohio.
Folder 278: Germany - Boycott- Jewish Agencies
1933-1935, 1938
Appeal for boycott by the American League for the Defense of Jewish Rights; correspondence and circular letters on the organized boycott of German goods; letter from AJCg to American rabbis for sermons on boycott during High Holy Days
Folder 279: Germany - Boycott- AJC- B'nai B'rith
Correspondence on advisability of boycott; joint statement by AJC and BB opposing organized boycott and mass demonstrations
Folder 280: Germany - Boycott- AJC
1932-1936, 1939, 1942
Correspondence on anti-Semitic policies on German steamship lines; correspondence on advisability of boycott and on stemming protest measures in the US in order not to harm German Jews
Folder 281: Germany - Boycott - AJC - Statements
Statements related to boycott issues; Waldman's memorandum to executive committee re pro-boycott announcement by AJCongress; responses by executive committee members in opposition to boycott
Folder 282: Germany - Boycott - Mass Media
Correspondence, editorials, articles on participation in boycott
Folder 283: Germany - Derenburg's Office Reports
Memoranda and reports on conditions of Jews in Germany, on Nazi persecutions and discriminatory measures, on pro-Nazi groups in New York,
Folder 284: Germany - Economic Matters
Transcript of radio broadcast series "The Tragedy of the German Worker" on WLOL station in Minneapolis
Folder 285: Germany - Group Libel Legislation
1933, 1935, 1938
Undated review of activities of the Central Verein in Germany against ant-Jewish libel; press releases by AJC (in English, Yiddish); SEE ALSO: German Jewry and AJC
Folder 286: Germany - Hitlerism
Correspondence, memoranda and reports on history of Nazi party and its raise to power, on pro-Nazi support groups in the US, on Hitlerite propaganda and anti-Jewish publications and methods of combating them; account by "NJL" of a meeting with ambassador Kennedy in London(1938); Waldman's paper "Effects of Hitlerism in America"
Folder 287: Germany - Jewish Agencies
1934, 1938
Correspondence with AJCongress and B'nai B'rith on rally "The Case of Civilization Against Hitlerism" at MSGarden; correspondence Adler-Laski on British Jewish leaders' meeting with Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax; memorandum against visits with Jews of Germany because of feared Nazi retributions
Folder 287b: Germany - Jews
1934-1935, 1937
Hillel Foundation inquiry to AJC on a Jewish physician; correspondence with Canadian Jewish Congress on protest to the League of Nations against German discriminatory laws
Folder 287c: German y- Jews - Property Registration
Correspondence about German decree on registration of Jewish property and its application to Jewish refugees in the US
Folder 287d: Germany - Jews - Ways and Means Committee
1933, 1936
Correspondence on proposal to settle German Jews in Rhineland to form a buffer territory between France and Germany; report recommending formation of a ways and means committee to supplement the work of existing agencies for American Jews
Folder 287e: Germany - Jewish Agencies-AJC-American Jewish Congress
Correspondence with AJC on demonstration against Nazi regime; statements by AJCongress attacking AJC leadership
Box 16
Folder 288: Germany - London Conference-Relief of German Jewry (Oct. 29-Nov.1, 1933)
List of organizations' representatives on the conference; speeches and addresses, reports to the committees on relief, reconstruction and academic; resolutions of the conference
Folder 289: Germany - Mass Media
1933, 1935-1937, 1939
German press reports; publications in American press against Nazi regime; information on AJC publications "White Book", "The Voice of Religion";
Folder 290: Germany - Nazism- American Jewish Congress
1933-1934, 1942
Correspondence on joint defense efforts against Nazism, on call for funds by AJCongress on behalf of Jews in Germany;
Folder 291: Germany - Neu Beginnen
Memorandum on organization aimed at bringing Germany to a constitutional democratic form of government; reports on underground socialist activities in Germany
Folder 292: Germany - Policy Committee (German-Jewish Situation)
Minutes, letters and comments of AJC Policy Committee; letters to Adler protesting AJC passivity re German Jews, and his replies; proposals on relief for German Jews
Folder 293: Germany - Religious Persecution- Catholics
Lists of documents and publications on persecution of religion in Germany
Folder 294: Germany - Religious Persecution - Catholics
1936-1937, 1939, 1941-1942
Articles and reports on persecution of Catholics in Germany
Folder 295: Germany - Reports
1933, 1935
Reports "German Situation", Observations in Germany" (M.J. Karpf), "Foreign Policy and Jewish Question in Germany", "Analysis of Recent Situation"
Folder 296: Germany - Schools
Article from German-American weekly Neue Volkszeitung "Schools in the Third Reich"
Folder 297: Germany - State Department's Efforts
1924, 1933, 1935-1936
Waldman's memorandum to Proskauer on efforts to make State Department more liberal in issuing visas to refugees; draft of a statement to State Department; correspondence on contacts with State Department and need of direct approach to FDR
Folder 298: Gerstenfeld, Rabbi Norman
Correspondence of Proskauer with Rabbi Gerstenfeld
Folder 299: Gieseking, Walter (German Pianist)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Mass Media
Folder 300: Gottschalk, Max
1937-1939, 1944
Correspondence and memoranda of director of Overseas Department of AJC Gottschalk; SEE ALSO: Landau, Jacob; Peace Conference
Folder 301: Graduate School for Jewish Social Work
Minutes of meeting of Federations and Welfare Funds and correspondence on curriculum and financial problems of GSJSW
Folder 302: Grants
1939, 1943
Waldman's letter to I.M. Yanuker re grant to ITA-ONA; memorandum "A policy to govern the making of grants"; lists of organizations receiving grants from AJC and ADL, their current status and recommendations; SEE ALSO: Schairer, Reinhold-US Committee of Educational Reconstruction; Landau, Jacob, Service Bureau for Intercultural Education; Volunteer Land Corps, Inc.; German-American Congress for Democracy; Yahuda, A. S.
Folder 303: Grants- Committee
Minutes of meetings
Folder 304: Great Britain - Anglo-Jewish Association
Overseas News Agency comments on German refugee press; correspondence between Waldman and Sir Robert Waley Cohen on Palestine, Poland and relations between AJC and Anglo-Jewish Association
Folder 305: Great Britain
1935-1939, 1941-1942, 1944
Correspondence on joint efforts by American and British Jewish organizations to coordinate activities and bring pressure on Germany and impose boycott ; correspondence on refugees and post-war problems
Box 17
Folder 306: Great Britain - Anti-Semitism
1933, 1935, 1943-1944
Correspondence on combating manifestations of anti-Semitism in Britain and in British military
Folder 307: Great Britain - Board of Deputies of British Jews
Correspondence on Zionists; discussion of aims of Board and AJC; correspondence on Palestine, on relations between the Board and AJC
Folder 308: Great Britain - Anglo-Jewish Association - Joint Foreign Committee
1935, 1941, 1943, 1945
Correspondence onAJA's cooperation with AJC and BB
Folder 309: Greece
List of treaties and agreements between Greece and US; correspondence and reports on situation of Jews in Greece; copy of Strauss' letter to Venizelos
Folder 310: Greenbaum, Edward S.
1937, 1939
Waldman's letter to Greenbaum on enlisting help of the media to further work of AJC
Folder 311: Group Libel
1935, 1940, 1943, 1945
Materials on legal aspects of libel and defamation; memoranda on group libel
Folder 312: Groupement d'Etude et d' Education
Cross reference sheet only, see: Waldman, Maurice- European trip
Folder 313: Guatemala
1938, 1940, 1944
Correspondence on refusal of Guatemalan authorities to permit passage through the country to a person because he is a Jew; Jacob Landau's interview with president Arevalo of Guatemala
Folder 314: Guenzel, Martin R. (Dr.)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wallach, Sidney
Folder 315: Guinzburg, Eli
Cross reference sheet only, see: United Jewish Appeal
Folder 316: Guinzburg, Harold K.
Correspondence with Waldman on situation in Europe and Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to Europe; SEE ALSO: Landau, Jacob
Folder 317: Guyana
Cross reference sheet only, see: Von Weisl, Wolfgang (Dr.)
Folder 318: Halberstam, Rabbi
Request for help from Galicia and Waldman's reference to local relief organizations
Folder 319: Harand Movement
Memorandum on Congress against race hatred and human misery proposed by Irene Harand; memoranda and correspondence on cooperation with Harand movement; letter from Harand Movement to Landau asking support in acting against Munich exhibition; SEE ALSO: Landau, Jacob; Latin America; Paris Bureau
Folder 320: Hate and Hate Merchants
1930-1931, 1933-1935, 1938, 1940-1942
Correspondence, memoranda and reports on anti-Semitic individuals and organizations, and anti-Jewish propaganda in the US
Folder 321: Hate Literature
1930, 1939-1941, 1944-1945
Correspondence on possible legal action against Pelley and his Silver Shirts; correspondence on anti-Semitic publications; SEE ALOS: Legal Material; War and Peace; Lowenthal, Marvin
Folder 322: Hauptmann, Bruno
Correspondence on Hauptmann as Lindbergh baby's kidnapper; German press reports of Hauptmann as a tool of a Jew Isidor Fisch; correspondence among Schneiderman, Sulzberger and Robert P. Goldman on possible involvement of Fisch in Lindbergh's case; correspondence on accusations of ritual murder in Lindbergh's case; SEE ALSO: Laski, Neville
Folder 323: Hearst, William Randolph
Interchange of cryptic telegrams on Heart between Paul Block and Henry Ittleson
Folder 324: HICEM (HIAS-JCA Emigration Association)
Letter from Max Gottschalk to Waldman, in French; SEE ALSO: Gottschalk, Max; Columbia; Immigration; Latin America
Folder 325: Hillman, Sidney
Cross reference sheet only, see: Singer, Erin
Folder 326: History and Breakdown of a Republic
Review of Nazi propaganda materials and methods
Folder 327: Hoenig, Sidney B.
Correspondence on Hoenig's publication "Toward the Understanding of the Jew"
Folder 328: Holidays and Holy Days
1936, 1940-1942
Addresses, correspondence concerning conflicts of work and observance
Folder 329: Holland- Jews
List of organizations-contributors to the Jewish Central Information Office in Amsterdam; correspondence related to activities of JCIO
Folder 330: Horwich, B.
Letter from Horwich to Dr. Mordecai Katz on pressure from Zionist leaders to resign from AJC
Folder 331: Hull, Cordell (Secretary of State)
Cross reference sheet only, see: U.S. Government, American Jewish Congress
Folder 332: Human Relations
Statement on the establishment of a chair of Human Relations at the University of Newark
Folder 333: Human Rights
1935, 1942, 1944-1945, 1948-1949
Correspondence, memoranda and statements on various aspects of human rights; press clippings; correspondence and articles on the human rights discussion at the UN; SEE ALSO: U.S. Government; UN San Francisco Conference
Folder 334: Hungary
1937-1939, 1941, 1943
Memoranda, statements, articles on situation in Hungary, religious policy, law system; correspondence and memoranda on Jews in Hungary, on state anti-Semitism, on possibilities for emigration; letter of Dr. Stein to Waldman (1938) on anti-Jewish attitude of the US vice-consul in Budapest; reports on political situation; State Department's letter on deportation of Polish and stateless Jews (1941); correspondence on mistreatment and need of relief for Hungarian Jews
Box 18
Folder 335: Hungary
1944, 1949-1950
Reports of Eugene Hevesi on situation in Hungary; correspondence on Jewish refugees from Hungary; correspondence on relief of Hungarian Jews and appeals to Allied governments and Catholic church; extract from Swiss Rescue Committee asking Allies to bomb rail facilities involved in transporting Jews from Hungary and Slovakia to Poland; messages, cables, memoranda requesting action on behalf of Hungarian Jews ; minutes of Rescue Action Committee (1944)
Folder 336: Hungary- Eckhardt, Tibor
1939, 1941-1942, 1953
Information on Hungarian politician and diplomat; correspondence on anti-Jewish views and politics of Eckhardt among Hungarian-Americans
Folder 337: Hungary- Government in Exile
1941-1942, 1944
Memoranda and correspondence on Free Hungarian Movement and Eckhardt; memoranda and correspondence on Hungarian regency and Eckhardt
Folder 338: Images- Jews
1937, 1943
Memoranda and correspondence on the need of informing gentile population on the Jewish issues and introduction of such information in schools and colleges
Folder 339: Immigration
1910, 1912-1914
Collection of statements by prominent politicians; Broadside: "President Wilson and the Literacy Test for Immigrants"; correspondence on publications on immigration
Folder 340: Immigration
Legal materials, correspondence, petitions and memoranda on unused quotas and various immigration-related issues
Folder 341: Immigration
Correspondence on Congress bills related to immigration
Folder 342: Immigration
Correspondence on Anti-Alien Bill at the 75th Congress and anti-immigration measures
Folder 343: Immigration
Correspondence, reports and memoranda on the problems of Jewish immigration to US and Canada
Box 19
Folder 344: Immigration- Aliens
1934, 1939-1942
Correspondence, memoranda, reports on legislation related to status of aliens
Folder 345: Immigration- Aliens- Enemy Classification
Correspondence re classification of German Jewish refugees as "enemy aliens"
Folder 346: Immigration- Aliens-Freezing of Funds
Correspondence and memoranda on freezing of foreign assets of aliens who have entered the U.S. since June 1940 and lifting of restriction
Folder 347: Immigration-Aliens- Identification Program
Correspondence on efforts to remove designation of German Jewish refugees as enemy aliens
Folder 348: Immigration- Aliens- Internment
Correspondence on internment and release of a German Jewish family; correspondence on Werner von Cluaser conspiracy
Folder 349: Immigration- Hebrew Registration
Correspondence on the use of the term Hebrew for Race and nationality rubric
Folder 350: Immigration- Refugees- Articles
1938-1939, 1941-1942, 1946-1949
Articles on resettlement and employment of refugees and displaced persons
Folder 351: Immigration- Refugees- Facts and Figures
Memoranda and reports on quotas, misconceptions about refugees, assimilation issues, statistics
Folder 352: Immigration- Refugees
1933-1935, 1938-1939
Correspondence with the US government representatives and with international organizations on facilitating solution to German Jewish refugee problem; memoranda and reports
Folder 353: Immigration- Refugees- European Situation
1938-1939, 1948
Correspondence on exempting religious and political refugees from the US immigration limitations; memoranda, correspondence and reports on political and legal situation in European countries
Folder 354: Immigration- Refugees- Galveston Movement
1935, 1937
Correspondence on records of the Movement (Jewish immigration assistance program in 1907-1914)
Folder 355: Immigration- Refugees- Evian Conference
Letter to Adler from Secretary Hull on refugee problem; correspondence on contacts with US government representatives in re Jewish refugees; memorandum of Wldman to Stroock on representation of AJC at Evian by Harold Ginzberg
Folder 356: Immigration- Refugees- Organizations
Memoranda and correspondence on refugee assistance organizations and funds
Folder 357: Immigration- Refugees- Medical Profession
1939, 1941-1944
Memoranda and correspondence on admission of refugee physicians and medical professionals into the country and to practice in the US
Folder 358: Immigration- Aliens- Free Ports
Correspondence and memoranda on the "free ports" for refugees proposed by Samuel Grafton of New York Post
Folder 359: Immigration- Refugees
1940-1944, 1946, 1950
Correspondence, appeals, reports, memoranda, publications related to Jewish refugees
Box 20
Folder 360: Immigration- Refugees- Rescue of
Correspondence with State Department, AFL/ CIO on admission of Jewish refugees and DP to the U.S.; on Bermuda Refugees Conference
Folder 361: Indemnification
Cross reference sheet only, see: Peace problems Committee- Memoranda
Folder 362: Information- Requests for
1931-1932, 1934
Requests for advice and information from Jewish refugees, and AJC's responses
Folder 363: Information and Service Associates Manual
Towards an Understanding of the Jews: A manual of Information
Folder 364: Institute for Propaganda Analysis
Memorandum on help to the Institute in issuing and circulating a bulletin analyzing Mein Kampf
Folder 365: Institute of Democratic Reconstruction
Cross reference sheet only, see: War and Peace- WWII- Peace Organizations
Folder 366: Intergovernmental Committee
Report of AJC officers' interview with Sir Herbert Emerson of the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees on UNRRA, issues related to Palestine, Great Britain, Poland.
Folder 367: Interim Committee
Report on the American Arbitration Association for the Interim Committee
Folder 368: International Labor Conference
Cross reference sheet only, see: Waldman, Morris D.- European Trip
Folder 369: International Labor Organizations
Correspondence on proposed meeting with ILO representatives; Materials of the ILO conference; reports on meetings with Polish delegates; list of Polish labor leaders; materials related to mass migration problems
Folder 370: Interreligious- Pro Deo
1934-1937, 1939, 1941-1944
Reports and publications on Jewish-Christian relations and dialogue; 1934 Spring Valley resolution to promote religious understanding at schools; correspondence on educational campaign to improve relations between Jews and Protestants; reports on the Pro Deo Catholic movement against communism
Folder 371: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish
1933-1939, 1941-1944
Correspondence and publications on Catholic-Jewish interactions and attempts for cooperation; correspondence on Catholic anti-Semitism
Box 21
Folder 372: Interreligious- Catholic- Jewish Attitudes- Anti-Semitism
1936, 1938-1939, 1942-1944
Correspondence and memoranda on the ways to counteract anti-Semitism among Catholics; correspondence on contacts with Catholic leaders, on Catholic publications condemning anti-Semitism; correspondence on archbishop Spellman's article "Bigotry is Un-American" (1944); articles and publications by Catholics condemning anti-Semitism; SEE ALSO: Catholic-Jewish Attitudes; Anti-Semitism; Waldman, Morris D.
Folder 373: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish Attitudes- Anti-Semitism- Bishop McIntyre
Correspondence among Robinson of ADL, Proskauer and Hexter on a speech by Rev. McIntyre that charges of anti-Semitism against Catholics originate among communists; SEE ALSO: Catholic Jewish Attitudes; Anti-Semitism
Folder 374: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish Attitudes- Anti-Semitism- Papal Statements
1938, 1943
Memorandum, publications on statements by popes Pius XI and Pius XII against anti-Semitism
Folder 375: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish- Mass Media (Publications)
1939, 1943-1944
Memoranda on possibilities of cooperation with Catholic press; correspondence on a book about Catholic-Jewish relations by Father Gregory Feige.
Folder 376: Interreligious- Christian-Jewish
Correspondence on Christian-Jewish interactions; letter from Jewish army chaplain detailing the interdenominational use of post chapels; SEE ALSO: Central Conference of American Rabbis
Folder 377: Interreligious- Christian-Jewish Communities
1939, 1944
Letter to Hexter from a rabbi in Pennsylvania with an outline of a plan "Experiments in Christian-Jewish Relationships"; memorandum about institute on inter-faith relations sponsored by the University of Miami's Hillel Foundation
Folder 378: Interreligious- Christian-Jewish- Crucifixion
1928, 1935
Publications on the harm of careless school teaching about participation of Jews in Crucifixion story; correspondence with Texas Hillel Foundation on Texas Department of Education's adoption of a book with erroneous account of Jews in the time of Jesus
Folder 379: Interreligious- Catholic Jewish Attitudes
1937, 1942-1944
AJC Survey on Jewish attitudes; correspondence on Catholic attitudes towards Jews
Folder 380: Interreligious- Christian-Jewish- Crucifixion- Mass Media (Films, Plays, Publications)
1934-1935, 1940-1944
Correspondence on the release in the US of the British film "The Wandering Jew"; Correspondence on the showing of the Passion Plays, on film "Golgotha", on filming of "The Robe", "Mission to Moscow", "For Whom the Bell Tolls"; correspondence on crucifixion in films, magazines, textbooks
Folder 381: Interreligious- Christian-Jewish- Crucifixion- Mass Media- Passion play- Black Hills
Correspondence on Passion Play presentations in Knoxville and Savannah, ADL statement; Correspondence on the Blach Hills Passion Play and measures to deal with it
Folder 382: Isolationism
Memorandum to Waldman from Mr. Trager on a meeting with prominent persons and officials regarding measures to combat growing isolationist sentiment; SEE ALSO: America First Committee
Folder 383: Iraq
Report on a scheme to move Palestinian Arabs to newly irrigated lands in Iraq
Folder 384: Israel
Cross reference sheet only, see: Foreign Affairs
Folder 385: Italian Press
Summary on Italian press in the US with the list of Italian publications; statistical report on Italian press in the US; excerpts from the Italian press on Jewish topics
Folder 386: Italy
1936-1941, 1944
Correspondence on anti-Semitism in Italy and its colonies, on discrimination against Jews; reports and correspondence on the Fascist regime in Italy and its treatment of Jews; report on Falashas; copy of State Department note to Ciano regarding an Italian decree on expulsion of Jews; memoranda on expelled Italian professors; clippings and excerpts from Italian press regarding Jews
Folder 387: Japan
Reports on situation in Manchuria by Jewish National Far Eastern Council in Harbin; correspondence and reports of Lew Zickman on situation of Jews in Japan
Folder 388: Jewish Agency
Cross reference sheets only, see: Palestine, Zionism, Non-Zionism
Folder 389: Jewish Book of the Month Club
Letters from the president Ralph H. Goldman to Waldman praising him for organizing the Club and appointing him a member of the Committee on Social and Economic Science; Waldman's note declining the membership
Box 22
Folder 390: Jewish Central Information Office
Correspondence on activities of JCIO, on Berlin Olympiad, on Arischer Weltdienst, on cooperation between AJC and JCIO
Folder 391: Jewish Communal Agencies
Cross reference sheet only, see: General Jewish Council
Folder 392: Jewish Economy and Research, Bureau of
Letter to "Der Tog" from the BOJER director, outlining its purposes and methods
Folder 393: Jewish Labor Committee
Cross reference sheet only, see: U.N. San Francisco Conference; Wertheim, Maurice
Folder 394: Jewish Occupational Council
Memorandum on AJC contributions o JOC; memorandum on the work of JOC and projects related to it
Folder 395: Jewish Organizations A-Z
1941, 1944
Inquires and requests regarding Jewish organizations
Folder 396: Jewish Students
Waldman's letter to Leidesdorf regarding funds for cultural work with The NYU students
Folder 397: Jewish Telegraphic Agency
1930, 1933, 1937-1943
Correspondence on reporting on situation in Germany; correspondence on exerting publications' pressure on the pope; correspondence on Landau's trips and expenditures; memoranda and correspondence on overseas work; report on formation of Overseas News Agency; correspondence on activities and plans of JTA and ONA; correspondence on financial issues of JTA and ONA
Folder 398: Jewish Telegraphic Agency- Overseas News Agency
Correspondence with Brotman in London; Correspondence with Landau on meetings with State Department officials and representatives of foreign nations; Landau's memorandum on problems of European Jewry as seen by the JTA; correspondence regarding organization of ONA; reports on conversations with count Potocki of Poland; Von Weisl letter to Waldman on Von Rath's assassination
Folder 399: Jewish Telegraphic Agency- Overseas News Agency- Foreign Language Service
1937-1940, 1942-1943
Correspondence on Four Freedoms Association, organization comprising leaders of all foreign born groups to combine war effort; notes on the use of foreign language press
Folder 400: Jewish Telegraphic Agency- Overseas News Agency
Correspondence and memoranda on activities of ONA; minutes of ONA staff meeting (1943); investigation on anonymous charges of ONA's support by communist governments
Folder 401: Jewish War Veterans
Correspondence and reports on Jewish War veterans' support by AJC, ADL and BB
Folder 402: Jews in America- Internal Jewish Affairs
1936, 1939-1940
Memoranda, reports, articles on cooperation and coordination of activities by American Jewish organizations
Folder 403: Jews- A Portrait and a Program
Fragment of a publication with outline and chapter readings; articles on Jews and the war effort against Nazism
Folder 404: Jews- Economic Migration
Report on the solving of "Jewish problem" by migration
Folder 405: Jews- Jewish Question
Statistical Material on the Jewish Question, Typescript
Folder 406: Jews and Judaism
1914, 1927, 1933-1939
Articles, correspondence, typescript of a lecture
Folder 407: Jews and Judaism
1940-1944,, 1948
Correspondence, memoranda, studies
Folder 408: Jews and Judaism
Discussion paper, Memoranda
Box 23
Folder 409: Joint Consultative Council
1933-1934, 1936-1937
Correspondence on forming of a joint committee among AJC, AJCongress and BB on the situation in Germany; correspondence on joint actions of American and British Jewish organizations in holding a conference on situation of Jews in Germany
Folder 410: Joint Defense Appeal- Committee of Six- AJC- ADL
Memoranda of collaboration; minutes of meetings
Folder 411: Joint Defense Appeal
Report of the Joint Defense Appeal of the American Jewish Committee and Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, March 1, 1942 to February 17, 1943
Folder 412: Joint Emergency Committee on European Jewish Affairs
Correspondence; Minutes; Bermuda Refugee Conference materials; Press releases
Folder 413: Joint Distribution Committee
1922, 1925, 1933, 1935, 1938-1939, 1947
Correspondence on obtaining from JDC information on political and economic situation in Europe; correspondence on financial dealings between AJC and JDC; correspondence on JDC activities on refugee relief in Europe
Folder 414: Joint Foreign Committee- Adler-Laski Correspondence
Correspondence on international Jewish conference; on AJCongress and opposition to World Jewish Congress and tactics of Stephen Wise, on situation of Jews in Germany and Austria; minutes of meetings of Joint Foreign Committee; agreement on principles of boycott of German goods
Folder 415: Joint Foreign Committee
1933, 1935, 1939
Correspondence: Adler, Bentwich, Goldman, Kohler, Laski
Folder 416: Joint Foreign Committee (Great Britain)
Minutes, reports, correspondence
Folder 417: Joint Foreign Committee - International Conference
International Conference on relief of German Jewry; Memoranda, correspondence; General Smuts interview
Folder 418: Jung, Leo
Short information on Jung; SEE ALSO: Religion, United
Folder 419: Jung, Moses
Short information on Jung; SEE ALSO: Religion, United
Folder 420: Kaczynski, Zygmunt
Cross reference sheet only, see: U.S. Government/ Coordinator of Information
Folder 421: Kallman, Franz
1936, 1939-1943
Correspondence and memoranda related to mental health issues
Folder 422: Karpf, Maurice J.
1935, 1938
Memorandum "Planning National and Overseas Activities During the Next Decade" by Karpf; letter on efforts to obtain permission for Jewish immigration into Syria
Folder 423: King, Senator (Utah)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Immigration- Refugees- European situation
Box 24
Folder 424: Lander, Bernard
Lander's report on situation in Mexico concerning Jews
Folder 425: Kirstein-Lasker Dinner
Correspondence on arrangements for the dinner, list of attendees; comments by participants
Folder 426: Knights of Columbus
Cross reference sheet only, see: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish
Folder 427: Knights of the White Camellia
Letter to Waldman from Charles Cooper of the Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service with information on George Deatherage of the Knights and suggestions for sources of further information
Folder 428: Kohler, Max J.
Memorial tribute to Kohler from the AJC
Folder 429: Landau, Jacob
1930, 1934, 1937
Correspondence with Managing Director of the Jewish Telegraph Agency Landau on the JTA policies, relations with AJC, on appointment of Waldman as a special representative of AJC
Folder 430: Landau, Jacob
1938-1943, 1947
Correspondence between Landau and Waldman on particular political and Jewish-related issues in various European countries; correspondence on financial issues and JTA funding; correspondence on establishing bureaus and representatives of JTA; correspondence on JTA representative Boris Smolar
Folder 431: Landsbury, George (M.P.)
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 432: Lasker, Albert
Acknowledgement of Lasker's gift the Survey Committee's special education work
Folder 433: Laski, Neville
Correspondence of Laski, member of the Board of Deputies and Joint Foreign Committee, on various aspects of cooperation of British and American Jews, on coordination of relief efforts for the European Jews and on Palestine, on contacts with British government on behalf of Jewish refugees; speeches, memoranda, reports
Folder 434: Latin America
1935, 1937-1938
Correspondence on possibilities for placement of Jewish refugees in Latin America; reports on situation in Argentina, Brazil, anti-Semitism in South America
Folder 435: Latin America
Correspondence on Waldman's trip to Latin America; correspondence and reports on situation in various Latin American countries; correspondence between Moskowitz and Waldman on Pan-Americanism; correspondence and report on the meeting on Latin America with Adolph Berle of State Department
Folder 436: Latin America
Memoranda and correspondence on Pan-American conference, Pan-American Jewish Congress; financial plan for South American activities of Overseas News Agency; memoranda, reports and correspondence on possibilities for Jewish immigration to South America
Folder 437: Latin America
Reports and correspondence on condition of Jewish population in Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American countries; correspondence on ant-Semitism in South America; reports and statistics on Jewish refugees in South America; memorandum on AJC' Overseas Committee and ONA combined effort to combat anti-Semitism in South America
Folder 438: Latin America
1942, 1944-1946
Correspondence with US officials (Wallace, Stettinius, Welles) on greater efforts for promoting prestige of the US in Latin America; report by S.A. Fineberg "American Agencies Promoting Friendliness and Good Understanding with Latin-American Countries"
Box 25
Folder 439: Latin America
Correspondence on coordination of activities of Jewish organizations in Latin America for refugee and displaced persons relief; reports and correspondence on adaptation of Jewish refugees to conditions in Latin America; memorandum and correspondence on survey of Jews in Latin America
Folder 440: Latin America- American Jewish Committee
1937, 1940-1944
Reports and publications by AJC on Jews in Latin America; correspondence on AJC Overseas Committee in Latin America; correspondence on contacts with representatives of Jews in Latin America and on anti-Semitism; Landau's report on his trip to Latin America (1944)
Folder 441: Latin America- Anti-Semitism
Memorandum and report on ant-Semitism in Latin American countries and methods to combat it
Folder 442: Latin America- Confidential Memoranda
Memoranda on general situation, anti-Semitic groups and movements, Nazi influence, refugees in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
Folder 443: Latin America- Immigration- Refugees
Correspondence on status of Jewish refugees in Latin America; correspondence on the foreign ministers' meeting of the American republics; correspondence between Waldman and Sumner Welles of State Department on treatment of Jewish refugees as enemy aliens; correspondence on discrimination of Jewish refugees
Folder 444: Latin America- Immigration- Reports on Colonization and Immigration
Reports on the activities of the Jewish Colonization Association in Argentina (in French, Spanish)
Folder 445: Latin America- Jewish Community
Observations of N. Winestine and R. Pilpel of JDC on contacts with Jewish community during their visits in Latin America
Folder 446: Latin America- Landau, Jacob
Memoranda, reports and correspondence on Landau's visits to South America and on situation with Jews
Folder 447: Latin America- Reports on South American countries
Correspondence and reports on immigration laws and problems of Jewish immigration to South America
Folder 448: Latin America- Subcommittee- Committee on South American Problems
Minutes of and reports on the meetings on Latin America
Folder 449: Latin America- Visits- Landau, Jacob
Confidential Memorandum on Argentina; Memoranda on South American trip; correspondence
Box 26
Folder 450: Latin America- Visits- Reports
Digest of reports from Latin America by Waldman and Landau; correspondence on Waldman's trip to Latin America; Waldman's report of the visit
Folder 451: Latin America- Visits- Waldman
List of US ambassadors in Latin America; notice in Yiddish about Waldman's South American trip; report o Waldman's stay in Argentina; memorandum in German on anti-Semitic propaganda in Argentina; note from Waldman to Stroock on Waldman' s activities in Brazil; report on anti-Nazi organization Das Andere Deutschland; Waldman's report to Stroock on his trip to Latin America and on need for an American Jewish representative in Argentina; report to JDC by Chanin on his visits to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil
Folder 452: Latin America- Visits- Waldman
Messages and reports by Waldman on various aspects of his trip to Latin America, with information on treatment by local authorities, on anti-Semitism, immigration and local Jewish communities; newspaper clippings in Spanish French, Yiddish
Folder 453: Laudin, Luella S.
Correspondence on application for employment by Laudin, letters of recommendation, memorandum from Wallach on proposed radio program
Folder 454: Lazaron, Morris S.
Correspondence on Lazaron's proposal on behalf of AJC
Folder 455: Lazarus, Fred
Correspondence with Waldman on Wertheim, on establishment of AJC Library of Information in Washington
Folder 456: League for Fair Play
Report of activities, list of lecturers of Program service to present lectures in defense of democracy
Folder 457: League of Nations
Draft petition to League of Nations requesting revival of the office of High Commissioner for Refugees; minutes of meeting of the Joint Council on support for petition; SEE ALSO: Fagen, Melvin; Immigration/ Refugees; Laski, Neville; Steed, H. Wickham - Defense of Freedom and Peace; Waldman, Morris D. / European Trips; Wise, Dr. Stephen S.; World Jewish Congress
Folder 458: League of Nations- Bentwich, Norman
Correspondence on coordination of efforts by AJC and the British Joint Foreign Committee and suggestion that the US State Department intervene with Germany on the basis of the Allied declaration of 1919 on minority rights; interviews by Bentwich; correspondence on contacts with British officials on relief of German Jews
Folder 459: League of Nations- Fagen, Melvin M.
Correspondence between James Rosenberg and Cyrus Adler on formation of legal committee on the League of Nations' minority rights activities; paper by Fagen on behalf of AJC "Recourse to the League and the Permanent Court on Behalf of the Jews of Germany"
Folder 460: League of Nations- McDonald, James G.
1933, 1936
Memorandum and letter related to meetings with McDonald, League of Nations high commissioner for refugees
Folder 461: League of Nations- Petitions
1933, 1935-1936
Petitions and appeals on behalf of Jews for protection from persecutions by the Nazi regime; petition in support of letter of resignation of high commissioner McDonald
Folder 462: League of Nations- Petitions- Bernheim
1922, 1926, 1933
Notes on the Franz Bernheim case, Upper Silesia and minorities' rights protection; correspondence among Adler, Proskauer and Waldman on the Bernheim case of petitioning before the League on protection of Jewish minority rights in Germany
Folder 463: League of Nations- Petitions- Correspondence
Correspondence on the approach to the League regarding the petition about minority rights protection for Jews in Germany, on stirring up of a debate and introduction of a resolution against Germany; correspondence on coordination of actions among American and British Jewish organizations
Folder 464: Legal Committee
Legal Committee of AJC, Memorandum by Stroock, Alan M.
Folder 465: Legal Material
U.S Senate and State Assemblies' bills on rights and relief of aliens, defamation of groups
Folder 466: Lehman, Albert C.
Correspondence between Lehman and Waldman on rabbi Abrams' activities on behalf of AJC
Folder 467: Lehman, Herbert H.
Correspondence with Lehman, Governor, State of New York; Director of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation, State Department, on social work training
Box 27
Folder 468: Leidesdorf S.D.
Correspondence on AJC financial matters
Folder 469: Leiken, Bess
Correspondence on clerical issues, on lost papers, one of which a report of a visit by Wickham Steed, British journalist and head of Defense of Freedom and Peace movement
Folder 470: Levin, N. W.
Acknowledgement of a contribution to AJC
Folder 471: Lewis, James Hamilton
Cross reference sheet only, see: Adler, Cyrus
Folder 472: Lewis, Leon L.
Letter to Lewis from Waldman on the exclusive arrangement of the B'nai B'rith with Seven Arts Syndicate
Folder 473: Libel
1935, 1939, 1941-1942
Draft of a memorandum "Laws Affecting Racial and Religious Propaganda"
Folder 474: Library of Jewish Information- AJC
Staff lists, memoranda, reports
Folder 475: Lindbergh, Charles A.
Reaction on Lindbergh's speech in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 11, 1941
Folder 476: Linfeld, Harry S.
1934, 1938-1940
Director of Jewish Statistical Bureau, Special Agent of the U.S. Census Bureau
Folder 477: Lippman, Walter
Excerpt from "Preface to Morals"
Folder 478: Lithuania
Lithuanian ambassador's letter
Folder 479: Loeb, Carl M.
Correspondence on stocks and shares for AJC
Folder 480: London Office
Cross reference sheet only, see: Peace Conference
Folder 481: Lorch, Ludwig (Dr.)
Letter with AJC check as contribution to the Jewish cultural work in Sao Paulo; SEE ALSO: Brazil
Folder 482: Lowenthal, Marvin
Reports, memoranda on WPA project, League of American Writers; correspondence on radio programs, on situation in Canada
Folder 483: Ludecke, Kurt
Memorandum from Leo Stein to Waldman regarding Luedecke, Nazi journalist in the US
Folder 484: Mack, Julian W. (Judge)
Cross reference sheet only, see: War and Peace, Peace Conference, Zionism- Non-Zionism
Folder 485: Magnes, Dr. Judah
1946, 1948
Correspondence, comments on Magnes' brief
Folder 486: Mailings
"Nazi Press Control is Complete" reprint
Folder 487: Manhattan Jewish Community Council
Prospectus, structural planning
Folder 488: Marston, Horace
Cross reference sheets only, see: Overseas News Agency, International Labor Office and Organizations
Folder 489: Marxov, Paul F.
Correspondence on immigrant seeking employment in the US
Folder 490: Mass Media
1935, 1938-1941
Correspondence, memoranda on films including Jewish characters (Oliver Twist, Pelley's Liberation); correspondence on radio broadcasts (The American Family Robinson, anti-fascist international broadcasts); Abba Abrams' telegram to Waldman requesting materials to counter attacks on movie industry; News comments on Roosevelt's meeting with Proskauer and Blaustein
Folder 491: Mass Media - Aachen Broadcast, Germany
First Jewish religious service broadcast from Germany after Aachen was taken by the U.S. First Army
Folder 492: Massachusetts - Temple Ohabei Shalom
materials on 100th Anniversary of Brookline synagogue
Folder 493: McDonald, James
Resume of High Commissioner for Refugees' career to 1935; list of delegates to the High Commission; statement by McDonald at the opening session at Lausanne; SEE ALSO: German Jewry and AJC; Laski, Neville
Folder 494: McFadden, Louis T.
Correspondence on anti-Semitic congressman from Pennsylvania
Folder 495: Medalie, George Z.
Correspondence with Waldman on Judge Rosenman, Wolsey group, Legal and Investigation Committee, selection of an envoy to South America
Folder 496: Medical and Dental Laws
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal material
Folder 497: Meeting of Department Heads
Presentation of views of the public relations department on the Foreign Language Program, in reply to Landau's criticism
Folder 498: Meis, Leon
Cross reference sheet only, see: France
Folder 499: Membership
1934, 1940-1944
Correspondence on membership base of AJC, categories of membership, reorganization plan; memoranda on AJC sustaining membership issue, executive committee members visits to Jewish communities
Folder 500: Mental Health
Waldman's letter to Louis Bamberger suggesting a research for the Institute for Advanced Sudy to counter race prejudice
Folder 501: Messersmith, G.S.
1938, 1940
Letter of Assistant Secretary of State to Landau on uncertainty as to a visit to Cuba; SEE ALSO: Argentina; Austria: Immigration/ Refugees; JTA/ ONA
Folder 502: Mexico
1911, 1931, 1933-1935, 1937-1939
Geological report on a property in Durango state (1911); correspondence and reports on situation and anti-Semitic activities in Mexico; correspondence on prospects of Jewish immigration to Mexico; correspondence on Jewish community and Jewish-Catholic relations in Mexico; newspaper clippings on anti-Semitism in Mexico
Box 28
Folder 503: Mexico
Reports from trips to Mexico (F. Trager, unknown); report of the Commission Against Anti-Semitism of the Jewish Central Committee in Mexico for the year 1939; correspondence on demographic congress in Mexico, on Jewish refugees, on re-establishment of Inter-American Democratic Committee
Folder 504: Mexico- AJC Visits- Lander and Yagupsky
Correspondence on Lander's trips to Latin America and Mexico; Lander's report to Segal on meeting Mexican Jewish leaders; Lander's letter to Spruille Braden of State Department on Sinarquista (right-wing Catholic movement) danger in Mexico; Jagupsky's reports on work in Mexico City
Folder 505: Mexico
1944-1947, 1958
Correspondence between Landau and Medalie on situation with Jews in Mexico; correspondence on cooperation with democratic elements in Mexico and Latin America; correspondence on memoranda on political situation and reactionary groups in Mexico; Landau's memoranda of talks with State Department officials
Box 29
Folder 506: Mexico- Toledano, L.
1942, 1944
Correspondence and memoranda on Mexican labor leader and his pro-Jewish and anti-Nazi sentiments
Folder 507: Mexico- Waldman Visit
Memorandum by Waldman and Landau on behalf of War Refugee Board for Mexican president Camacho requesting safety port for refugees; letter of Waldman, Landau to Camacho about refugees; correspondence and information on Waldman's contacts with Mexican Jewish leaders
Folder 508: Mexico- First Inter-American Demographic Congress
Correspondence on Congress and principles to govern immigration to :Latin America; report on the work of the Congress
Folder 509: Mideast
1941, 1944
Memoranda on Middle East situation; comments on Fisher-Krinsky report; guidance suggestions to AJC chapters
Folder 510: Migration
Cross reference sheets only, see: Immigration
Folder 511: Militant Christian Patriots
Letter to Adler and S, Wise from L. Fry, editor of the "Christian Free Press", with accusations of Jews for their "activities subversive of the U.S. government and people"
Folder 512: Military
Cross reference sheets only, see: Legal Material
Folder 513: Minorities and Minority Rights
1914, 1926, 1933, 1935, 1937, 1942, 1944
Memorandum "Freedom for the Oppressed"; correspondence on the minorities treaties, on Germany and minorities question, on League of Nations and protection of minorities including Jews; correspondence among Wertheim, Hilborn and FDR on Rev. Fosdick to head a movement on behalf of rights for all minorities
Folder 514: Mond, Sir Robert
Cross reference sheet only, see: Laski, Neville
Folder 515: Morgenthau, Henry
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wertheim, Maurice
Folder 516: Moore, Alexander P.
Cross reference sheet only, see: Poland
Folder 517: Morocco
1941, 1943
Correspondence and reports situation in Morocco and North Africa; Waldman's letter to the Secretary of State on behalf of Jews of Morocco; report on conditions in labor camps in Morocco
Folder 518: Moynihan, Patrick J.
Cross reference sheet only , see: Interreligious- Catholic-Jewish
Folder 519: Murray, Philip
Clipping of CIO president Murray's congratulation to AJC on its 40th anniversary
Folder 520: Murray, Wallace
Waldman's letter to Murray with thanks for favorable view of Waldman's thesis on minority rights
Folder 521: Mussolini
Cable messages correspondence with John Silvestri in Rome; Waldman's correspondence with Joint Foreign Committee on possible intervention with Mussolini on behalf of German Jews; letter of Adler to Roger Straus on meetings between DiSilvestro and Mussolini in which he promised to intercede on behalf of Jews via Italian embassy in Berlin
Folder 522: National Conference on Christians and Jews
Letter from Rev. Workman to Everett Clinchy, anti-Nazi Christian minister and writer, founder of the National Conference; report on the Conference work; abstract of Clinchy's report
Folder 523: National Council on Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds
1936, 1939, 1942
Waldman's speech at an event in Oakland, Cal.; critical memorandum on NCJFWF
Folder 524: National Council on Jewish Women
1936, 1947
Letter of Mrs. Goldman to Waldman accepting appointment to AJC executive committee; excerpts from a letter to Waldman on his efforts on behalf of the Council during his trip to Mexico
Folder 525: National Council of Women of the U.S. Inc.
Report on work of the Council, copy of the general Surles letter
Folder 526: National Information Bureau
Cross reference sheet only, see: American War Heroes Foundation
Folder 527: Naturalization
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal Material
Folder 528: Nazism - "Mein Kampf"
1933, 1942
Correspondence between Louis Kirstein and Waldman, Adler and Waldman on publication of Houghton Mifflin (1933); correspondence between Dan Williams of US Information Service and Morris Fine, AJC Librarian, on publication of a condensed version of "Mein Kampf" with notes to expose allegations and lies against Jews
Folder 529: Nazi Propaganda
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings on pro-Nazi German press in the US, on propaganda activities of Pelley and Silver Shirts, on ABC Legion, on anti-Nazi German-American League for Culture, on activities of individual Nazis in the US
Folder 530: Nazi Propaganda- United States
Correspondence and reports on newspaper publications, on visitors to Germany statements, on interviews praising Nazis and Hitler, on Nazi propagandists, on anti-Semitic activities and publications; correspondence on Nazi propaganda at American corporations; correspondence on (German) Bund camp at Andover, NJ.
Folder 531: Nazi Propaganda- United States
1940-1941, 1944
Correspondence between M. Hexter and Wallach on anti-Semitic organizations and individuals; correspondence and memoranda on monitoring the press re anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi sentiments; detailed summary of the Nazi propaganda war against the US (1944)
Box 30
Folder 532: Nazism
1933-1935, 1937, 1939-1947
Correspondence, memoranda, leaflets, newspaper clippings on the Nazi activities in the US; correspondence on pro-Nazi organizations and individuals, on anti-Semitism and intolerance, on Nazi pseudo-science about Jews and Judaism and combating it, on methods and tactics of Nazi propaganda
Folder 533: Near East
Essay on Communism, Russia and Near East
Folder 534: Netherlands
Decree on the Legal Effects of Occupation Measures; Decree on Enemy Property
Folder 535: Neue Tagebuch
Cross reference sheet only, see: Waldman, Maurice D.- European Trip
Folder 536: Newman, James R.
Newman's correspondence on various aspects of assessing and evaluation press publications, on materials concerning Jews; letter of Newman to deans of journalism schools on 10 best liberal newspapers in the US, with replies; correspondence on Murder, Inc. story and its repercussions
Folder 537: New York Chapter meetings- AJC
Minutes of meetings of AJC New York chapter
Folder 538: New York City
Cross reference sheet only, see: Coughlin, Father
Folder 539: New York City Coordinating Committee for Democratic Action
Correspondence on withholding support for the Coordinating Committee
Folder 540: New York Times
Cross reference sheet only, see: Germany
Folder 541: New Zeeland
Cross reference sheet only, see: Zionism- Non-Zionism Relations
Folder 542: Nicaragua
Letter from Dr. von Weisl to Waldman on admission of Jewish refugees to Nicaragua
Folder 543: Niebuhr, Reinhold
Cross reference sheet only, see: Immigration- Refugees- European situation
Folder 544: Nominating Committee- AJC
Correspondence with Judge Proskauer, lists of candidates for vacancies at AJC
Folder 545: North Africa
1942, 1944
Letter to Waldman from Landau on his contacts with Adolph Berle about annulment of the anti-Jewish laws in French North Africa
Folder 546: Normano, Dr. Joao Federico (Dr. Isaac Lewin)
Correspondence on an extradition to Germany case
Folder 547: Nye, Senator
Memorandum on a conversation with Nye on an anti-Semitic incident during his speech at Carnegie Hall
Folder 548: Office Management
1919-1920, 1938-1946
Documents and correspondence related to the AJC office rentals and expenses
Folder 549: Officers- AJC
Correspondence on Presidency of AJC during Maurice Wertheim's tenure
Folder 550: Olympic Games
1933-1935, 1974
Circular letter, newspaper clippings on Boycott of the 1936 Olympiad in Berlin
Folder 551: Organizations
1923, 1935, 1940-1941, 1843-1944, 1954
Lists of organizations and correspondence related to the issues of refugees, fundraising, support of Zionist cause
Folder 552: Organization- AJS Departments and Divisions
Educational department personnel list, description of duties
Folder 553: Organization- AJC
1936, 1938-1943
Memoranda and proposals on organizational structures o f AJC
Box 31
Folder 554: Overseas Committee- AJC
1941-1943, 1945
Recommendations, memoranda and correspondence on the activities of AJC body dealing with various issues and situation of Jews abroad
Folder 555: Overseas Committee- AJC- Minutes
1941-1942, 1944-1945
AJC Overseas Committee minutes
Folder 556: Overseas Committee- AJC- Mailings
1942, 1944-1945
Correspondence on conveying materials to be published in the Contemporary Jewish Record; Waldman's letter to OC members on increased nationalist feelings among foreign language groups in the US
Folder 557: Overseas Committee- AJC- Reports
1942, 1944-1945
Reports on the overseas activities, on South America; OC annual report for 1944
Folder 558: Overseas Committee- AJC- Agenda and Attendance
1942, 1944-1945
Agenda and attendance issues
Folder 559: Overseas News Agency
Landau's memorandum "The Problem of Relief and Reconstruction"; correspondence on establishment of ONA office in Rio de Janeiro; memoranda on Polish language bulletin, on use of foreign language press and radio, on Russian agitation for a second front, on ONA expansion in Brazil; Waldman's letter to Proskauer and Stroock on a rumor of JTA-ONA getting subsidies from USSR and Czechoslovakia to promote their propaganda (1943); correspondence on ONA activities; SEE ALSO: Jewish Telegraphic Agency; Germany
Folder 560: Orloff, Walter
Correspondence on arrest of an American in Germany for "communistic" activities
Folder 561: Palestine
1918, 1925, 1927, 1933-1937
Memoranda and correspondence on situation in Palestine, Jewish Agency, Joint Palestine Survey Commission, Nazi Propaganda
Folder 562: Palestine
Materials on Palestine Conference and attitude to the British Mandate
Folder 563: Palestine
Materials on Jewish immigration and Arab-Jewish relations in Palestine
Folder 564: Palestine
Memoranda and correspondence on the future of Palestine, position on Palestine of the world powers
Box 32
Folder 565: Palestine
Memoranda on the 1939 White Paper on Palestine
Folder 566: Palestine
Statements by Proskauer and Lord Halifax on Palestine; AJC press release on abrogation of White Paper; correspondence on hearings on Palestine resolution; correspondence on activities of AJC in Palestine
Folder 567: Palestine
Correspondence and memoranda on U.S. policy on Palestine
Folder 568: Palestine
Statements on AJC attitude towards Palestine problem; proposals on Arab_Jewish amity pact; map with a plan for federation of Palestine
Folder 569: Palestine- AJC position- Memos on
1920, 1926, 1930, 1939, 1942-1943
Memoranda and correspondence on Jewish claims for Palestine, on position of AJC on Palestinian question, Zionism and "Jewish nationalism"
Folder 570: Palestine- Jewish Agency
1930, 1937, 1939, 1946
Correspondence with representatives of Jewish Agency; letter from Adler to Lucien Wolf on AJC refraining from action on Palestine unless requested by Jewish Agency (1930); article from Paris Herald Tribune on Agency's refusal to discuss proposed partition plan (1946)
Folder 571: Palestine- Partition (Proposed)
Report on views exchange between Arab and Jewish leaders (1937); memoranda and statements describing positions on the partition; letter of Warburg to Waldman describing the stance of non-Zionists towards partition (1937); letter from Weizmann to Stroock on partition and acceptance of minority status by Jews; correspondence with State Department and statements on partition
Folder 572: Palestine- Conferences
undated, 1933-1934, 1938-1939, 1946
Correspondence and memoranda on conferences by the British government and the Jewish Agency for Palestine
Folder 573: Panama
Plea to the Panamanian Code Commission by the "Stateless" Negroes of Panama (translated from Spanish)
Folder 574: Paris Bureau
1935, 1937
Correspondence and reports on Jewish Telegraph Agency's Bureau in Paris; correspondence on Harand movement and anti-Nazi press; reports on anti-Nazi activities in Europe
Folder 575: Paris Bureau
Correspondence on Jews in Eastern Europe; report on British Jewish leaders' meeting with Foreign Secretary Halifax; Weekly Newsletters for September-October 1938
Folder 576: Passaic, New Jersey- Statistics
"A Report on the Enumeration of Jews in Passaic, Nov. 1937" by Sophia M. Robison of Committee on Population Research of the Conference on Jewish Relations, July 1938
Folder 577: Peace Conference
Correspondence on a need of secretarial office in conjunction with a peace conference, on establishment of an Institute on Peace Studies; Memorandum on Jews and the Peace Conference
Folder 578: Peace Problems Committee
Reports and memoranda on AJC Peace Problems Committee; correspondence on formation and composition of Committee and subcommittees within it; programs and proposals for Committee's sessions; information on disbandment (1947)
Folder 579: Peace Conference- Working Committee of Jewish Delegations- Minutes, Etc. (Paris)
Minutes of meetings of Committee of Jewish Delegations at the Paris Peace Conference, November-December 1946; letter to Wise and Goldmann from American and British Jewish leaders
Box 33
Folder 580: Peace Problems Committee- Memoranda
Memoranda prepared by AJC Foreign Affairs Department
Folder 581: Peace Problems Committee- Conference
List of personnel of Committee and subcommittees; correspondence on meetings' agenda and proposals; reports on conference
Folder 582: Peace Problems Committee- Subcommittee on Migration and Repatriation
Letter from Proskauer to Prof. Louis Wirth transmitting AJC Overseas Department memoranda for use by the subcommittee; report of the subcommittee
Folder 583: Peace Problems Committee - Subcommittee on Palestine- Minutes
Meeting of the AJC Palestine Committee for establishing a position on the "Jewish Commonwealth" in Palestine
Folder 584: Peace Problems Committee - Subcommittee on Restoration of Rights and Indemnification
Correspondence, report on the subcommittee activities; minutes of February 1944 meeting
Folder 585: Peace Studies Committee - Preliminary Committee on Publications
Salo Baron's memorandum and program for publications; minutes of meetings of the Committee
Folder 586: Peace Studies committee
Minutes, Memoranda, Correspondence; plan for Research on Behalf of the Peace Studies Committee by Salo Baron
Folder 587: Peace Studies - Research Institute on Peace and Post-War Problems- Minutes and Agenda
Agenda and minutes of meetings
Folder 588: Peace Studies Reports- Research Institute on Peace and Post-War Problems
Correspondence on the Institute; report by the acting director Gottschalk (1941); reports to director, monthly reports by the director (September 1941 through May 1942); chronology and list of completed studies; memorandum "Aims and Work of the Foreign Affairs Department"
Folder 589: Perrin, Francis
Letter from Gottschalk to Slawson on Perrin, Physicist, representative of French émigrés of the U.S. in the French Committee of National Liberation
Folder 590: Personnel Committee- AJC- Personnel Practices
1939, 1941-1944
Code of Personnel Practices, Minutes, Memoranda, C
Box 34
Folder 591: Pitkin, Walter
A letter advocating the use of information to demoralize the Axis powers population
Folder 592: Poland
Correspondence on meeting the Polish ambassador, appointments, anti-Semitism in Poland
Folder 593: Poland
Correspondence on meeting the Polish ambassador, appointments, anti-Correspondence related to Polish diplomatic representations in the U.S.
Folder 594: Poland
Correspondence and memoranda related to the situation of Jews in Poland
Folder 595: Poland
Memoranda, statements and reports on Jews in Poland, translations from Polish press
Folder 596: Poland
Memoranda and correspondence on political situation, anti-Semitism and war in Poland
Folder 597: Poland
Memoranda and correspondence on the German atrocities in Poland
Folder 598: Poland
Communications with representatives of Polish government in exile
Folder 599: Poland
Correspondence on relief to Jews in Poland and Polish Jews in the USSR
Folder 600: Poland
Memoranda and correspondence on relief to Polish Jews, on Nazi terror and Jewish resistance
Box 35
Folder 601: Poland
Correspondence with Polish government in exile, Polish organizations and with diplomatic missions in Washington on condemnation of Nazi atrocities
Folder 602: Poland
Interviews and statements on Poland's treatment of Jews
Folder 603: Poland- Jewish situation in Poland-Information Bulletin
Publication on situation in Poland
Folder 604: Poland- Expulsion of Polish Jews
Memoranda and correspondence on Polish-Jewish deportees from Germany
Folder 605: Poland- Russian refugees
Correspondence on immigration of Russian refugees from Poland
Folder 606: Poland- Shehitah
1936, 1938-1940
Bill prohibiting ritual slaughter in Poland
Folder 607: Politics
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal material
Folder 608: Portugal
Cross reference sheet only, see: France; Board of Deputies of British Jews
Folder 609: Position Statements
Statements on ideologies and rights of Jews, and on Palestine
Folder 610: Prejudice
"A Critical Study of Prejudice", A Report by the Boston Council of Church Women
Folder 611: Presidency- AJC
Correspondence with prospective candidates for AJC leadership positions
Folder 612: Pro-Democratic Organizations
An ADL list of organizations defending democratic principles
Folder 613: Pro Deo
Cross reference sheets only, see: Adler, Cyrus; Wirth, Joseph (Leo Simon); Interreligious, Catholic-Jewish Relations
Folder 614: Program and Policy
1914, 1934-1939
Memoranda and correspondence related to the mission of AJC
Folder 615: Program and Policy
Reviews and reappraisal of AJC plans and work
Folder 616: Program and Policy
Materials related to AJC Program Committee
Box 36
Folder 617: Progressive Education Association
Petition and program on Intercultural Education
Folder 618: Protocols of the Elders of Zion
1933-1936, 1938, 1940
Articles on the origin and purpose of the Protocols
Folder 619: Public Relations
Correspondence on organizational proposals and funds for Department of Public Relations; clipping on depiction of AJC name on matchbook covers
Folder 620: Public Relations Committee
Minutes, reports
Folder 621: Publications
"Significant Magazine Articles"
Folder 622: Refugees
1933, 1940
Cross reference sheets only, see: Czechoslovakia; German Jewry and AJC; Immigration- Refugees; Landau, Jacob; Young Women's Christian Association
Folder 623: Religion United
A list of "Mohammedan units" in NYC; A People's Committee for Marshalling the Religious Forces of Mankind Toward World Justice and Peace; correspondence and memoranda on interreligious relations
Folder 624: Religion United
Report of Moses Jung's visit to Swami Bodhananda; draft of a "Statement of Common Connection and Appeal to the Conscience of Mankind"; list of candidates for International Peace Through Religion; appeal to "Mohammedan institutions"
Folder 625: Religion United
Copies of a proposed statement
Folder 626: Reorganization Committee
Reports, proposals, correspondence on reorganizing and restructuring of AJC
Folder 627: Reorganization Committee- Reports and Recommendations
Correspondence and reports on activities of Committee
Folder 628: Reorganization Committee
Minutes of meetings
Folder 629: Proskauer, Joseph M.
1933-1935, 1943-1946
Correspondence of M. Waldman with Judge J.M. Proskauer
Box 37
Folder 630: Republican Party
1940, 1942, 1943
Memorandum by Lawrence Dennis, "Grand Strategy for the Republican Party Until 1944" (12/1/1942)
Folder 631: Review of Events
An article for a bulletin on current events
Folder 632: Robert, Sir
Private note to Sir Robert; SEE UNDER: Landau, Jacob
Folder 633: Roosevelt, President Franklin D.
FDR to Sol Stroock on situation in Germany; SEE UNDER: Nazi Propaganda
Folder 634: Roosevelt, Theodore
Cross reference sheet only, SEE UNDER: Wallach, Sidney
Folder 635: Ross, Father John Elliot
Brief information on a Catholic author and educator
Folder 636: Roth, Samuel (Author of "Jews Must live")
1934, 1936
Correspondence on a controversial book author
Folder 637: Rothschild, Richard
Cross reference sheet only, see: Survey Committee
Folder 638: Rukovina- Magyar, Baronin Emma
Cross reference sheet only, see: Von Weisl, Wolfgang, Dr.
Folder 639: Rumania
1916, 1919
Memoranda in French and English on situation of Jews in Romania
Folder 640: Rumania
1925, 1929-1930, 1933
Memoranda and correspondence on anti-Semitism in Romania
Folder 641: Rumania
Memoranda and correspondence on contacts with Romanian government and embassy in Washington
Folder 642: Rumania
Memoranda on situation in Romania; correspondence with Romanian Jewish organizations
Folder 643: Rumania
Memoranda and correspondence on persecution of Jews in Romania
Folder 644: Rumania
Memoranda on situation with Jews in Romania; correspondence with State Department
Folder 645: Rumania- AJC Correspondent-Wm. Filderman
Reports and Memoranda on protection of minorities' rights in Romania
Folder 646: Rumania- AJC Correspondent-Wm. Filderman
Memoranda in French, German and English on Romanian Jews
Box 38
Folder 647: Rumania- Free Movement
1941-1942, 1944
Materials on Romanian Jewry's relief and on reactionary Romanian movement
Folder 648: Rumor Clinic
Correspondence on the Boston Herald's rubric devoted to exposure and refutation of rumors, often anti-Semitic
Folder 649: Rumors
Correspondence on battling rumors
Folder 650: Saar
Materials on protection of minority rights in the Saar Region
Folder 651: Saudi Arabia
Memorandum on talks of a State Department representative and king Ibn Saud
Folder 652: Schacht
Correspondence on German Reichsbank's President's visit to the U.S.
Folder 653: Schairer, Reinhold
Memoranda and proposals on post-war education reconstruction in Europe
Folder 654: Schenley Distillers
1939, 1941
Controversy around the use of the name Quaker by a Jewish-owned distillery
Folder 655: Schneiderman, Harry
1933-1934, 1936-1937, 1941, 1959
Correspondence on money gift to the Assistant Secretary of AJC for his 25-year service
Folder 656: Schneiderman, Harry- Memoirs of AJC
1939, 1950
Manuscript of a memoir and correspondence
Folder 657: Schottland, Charles (Major)
Memorandum on anti-Semitism in the U.S. Army
Folder 658: Schwabacher, W.S.
Activities of Wolfgang Schwabacher's Information and Service Associates for struggle against ant-Semitism and exposing Nazism
Folder 659: Schwarzbard, Shalom
Cross reference sheet only, see: Landau, Jacob
Folder 660: Selig, Mr.
A note on "Mr. Selig's unfinished work"
Folder 661: Selznick, David
Correspondence on Committee membership
Folder 662: Service Bureau for Intercultural Education
Correspondence, memoranda, reports
Folder 663: Service Bureau for Intercultural Education
Programs, correspondence, booklets
Folder 664: Service Bureau for Intercultural Education
Correspondence, minutes of the board
Folder 665: Seven Arts Feature Syndicate
1937-1939, 1944
Correspondence on purchase of the Syndicate by George Joel and its resale to a new corporation to be controlled by a board including Waldman, Backer, Guinzburg
Box 39
Folder 666: Singer, Erin
Correspondence on monitoring press
Folder 667: Slawson, John (Dr.)
Correspondence on AJC meetings, Waldman's West Coast trip, organizing a unit for Latin America; report on interview with Sir Herbert Emerson on refugees
Folder 668: Smith, Rembert G.
1942, 1944
Correspondence with a minister and author, founder of The Oklahoma League Against Communism, Nazism and Fascism
Folder 669: Snyder, R.S.
1933, 1942
Correspondence on anti-Semitic pastor
Folder 670: Solis-Cohen, Leon (Dr.)
Correspondence of Solis with Waldman on establishment of local chapters of AJC
Folder 671: South Africa
A letter from South African Board of Jewish Deputies on fundraising for Jewish purposes overseas
Folder 672: Soviet Union
1916, 1930, 1933-1935, 1937-1939
memoranda and correspondence on situation in Russia and the USSR related to Jews
Folder 673: Soviet Union- Rulers of Russia (Pamphlet)
Correspondence with the State Department on the origin of an anti-Semitic material
Folder 674: Soviet Union
1941-1944, 1946-1947
Correspondence on Russian War Relief, situation in the USSR, Soviet views on the Middle East
Folder 675: Soviet Union - Aid to Russia
1941-1944, 1946-1947
Correspondence on aid to the USSR war effort and post-war reconstruction
Folder 676: Soviet Union - Polish Jews
Plea of Polish Embassy in USSR to Wendell Willkie on behalf of Polish Jews in Russia
Folder 677: Soviet Union - Russian Delegates in U.S.
Correspondence on the visit of Solomon Michoels and Itzik Fefer of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee
Folder 678: Speakers Bureau
Materials on lectures to expose and counteract Nazi propaganda
Folder 679: Speyer, Herbert
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wirth, Joseph (Leo Simon)
Folder 680: Staff
1937, 1939-1945
Correspondence on staffing, lists of employees, salary amounts
Folder 681: Staff- Association
By-laws, correspondence and memoranda of AJC Staff Association
Folder 682: Staff - Directories
Lists of staff members with job titles, addresses and telephone numbers
Folder 683: Staff - Meetings
1942, 1944-1945
Correspondence; minutes of staff meetings
Folder 684: Staff - Parties
Memoranda, invitations, lyrics and scripts from the AJC staff events
Folder 685: Staff - Professionals
1942, 1944-1945
Memoranda, minutes of professional staff meetings
Folder 686: Standard Oil Company
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wertheim, Maurice
Folder 687: Stavisky, Sashe
Correspondence on Stavisky scandal and use of it as and excuse for anti-Semitic remark in press
Folder 688: Steed, Wickham
Correspondence on the visit of the head of the Defense of Freedom and Peace movement of Britain
Folder 689: Stein, Leo
Correspondence on receipt of certain 'items of interest'; letter on a book about Jews in North Africa;
Folder 690: Stettinius, Edward
Cross reference sheet only, see: Palestine
Folder 691: Steuben Society
1933-1934, 1943
Correspondence with a German-American organization on its pro-Nazi and anti-Boycott stance
Folder 692: Strauss, Lewis L.
Letter from Carl Austrian to Strauss regarding a memorandum on Canada
Folder 693: Strauss, Manny
Correspondence between Strauss and Waldman on the list of AJC representatives in San Francisco and Los Angeles
Box 40
Folder 694: Stroock, Sol M.
1934-1935, 1937-1938, 1940-1942
Correspondence with Chairman of Executive Committee, then President of AJC (1940-1941)
Folder 695: Students
1932, 1935, 1940, 1947
Cross reference sheets only, see: Discrimination; Europe; Lowenthal, Marvin; Survey Committee
Folder 696: Sullivan, Edward L.
Correspondence on anti-Semitic editorials by Sullivan at the American Glass Review
Folder 697: Sulzberger, David
1941, 1943-1944
Correspondence on a member of Executive committee
Folder 698: Survey Committee
1936-1941, 1943
Correspondence on reorganizing the Committee; on use of exiled scholars
Folder 699: Survey Committee - Educational Department Survey
Reports, memoranda and correspondence on anti-Nazi educational programs
Folder 700: Survey Committee - Membership
Lists of members
Folder 701: Survey Committee - Minutes and Agenda
Agenda and minutes of meetings of the Survey Committee
Folder 702: Survey Committee - Reports
1938-1939, 1941
Reports on publications, radio programs, legislative matters
Folder 703: Survey Committee - Scope and Function
Memoranda, structural organizational chart
Folder 704: Sweeney vs. Pearson
Friends' of the court (amici curiae) letter, correspondence
Folder 705: Switzerland
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wyler, Leopold S.
Folder 706: Synagogue Council of America
Cross reference sheet only, see: American Jewish Council
Folder 707: Syria
Cross reference sheet only, see: Karpf, Maurice J.
Folder 708: Taft, Robert (Senator)
Cross reference sheet only, see: U. S. Government (use of "race" referring to Jews)
Folder 709: Tagebuch, Frank
Notice on payment to Tagebuch
Folder 710: Tanganyika
Cross reference sheet only, see: Jewish Telegraphic Agency/ Overseas News Agency
Folder 711: Tannenbaum, Frank
Memorandum on Columbia Professor Tannenbaum's influence on president Cardenas of Mexico
Folder 712: Textbook Commission
Report, statement and memorandum of Committee on Textbooks
Folder 713: Textbooks - Study of History and Civics
1937-1939, 1941
Correspondence on attitudes related to race in religion in textbooks on American history and civics
Folder 714: Thompson, Dorothy
Cross-reference sheet only, see: France
Folder 715: Touro Synagogue
Materials from the Celebrations of the Tercentenary of Religious Liberty in Rhode Island
Folder 716: Trojan Horse
Memorandum on anti-Semitism
Folder 717: Trager, F. N. 1940-1943
Reports on organizational activity and on trip to Mexico
Folder 718: Trend of Events
Remarks on inaccuracies in AJC publication
Folder 719: True, James
Correspondence on anti-Semitic publication
Folder 720: Turkey
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wertheim, Maurice
Folder 721: Turner, Reverend - Universal Christian Council
Cross reference sheet only, see: Wallach, Sidney
Folder 722: Tydings Resolution
Correspondence on a U.S. Senate resolution by Senator Tidings on treatment of Jews by the German government
Folder 723: Ukrainian organizations (U.S.)
Correspondence on pro-Nazi sentiments in some Ukrainian organizations
Folder 724: Un-American activities
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal Material
Folder 725: Un-American Affairs Committee
Cross reference sheet only, see: Dies, Martin, Congressman
Folder 726: Uniforms
Cross reference sheet only, see: Legal Materials
Folder 727: Union Now?
Correspondence on a memorandum "Union Now?" by Clarence Straits, about creating a Commonwealth-like union of all English-speaking democratic nations to fight Nazism
Folder 728: Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Stenotyped remarks on the Union by Waldman in Detroit
Folder 729: Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
Cross reference sheet only, see: Adler, Cyrus
Folder 730: United Americans
Correspondence on an anti-Nazi organization
Folder 731: United Fund for Refugee Children, Inc.
Cross reference sheet only, see: Apton (Aptowizer), Abraham
Folder 732: United Jewish Appeal - Eli Ginzburg's Report
Correspondence on book by Eli Ginzburg "Report to American Jews"
Folder 733: United Nations
Cross reference sheet only, see: Palestine
Folder 734: United Nations - San Francisco Conference
Correspondence, memoranda, news reports on the results of Dumbarton Oaks conference, and San Francisco Conference in relation to human rights and fundamental freedoms
Box 41
Folder 735: United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (UNRRA)
Interview with Sir Herbert Emerson. See also: War and Peace/ Post-War Relief
Folder 736: United States Flag Association
Correspondence on the purposes of this organization and fundraising practices
Folder 737: United States Government
1932-1933, 1937-1940, 1943-1944
Correspondence on contacts with the U.S. Government representatives on situation of Jews in Europe, on Jewish refugees and on anti-Semitism
Folder 738: United States Government - Congressional Investigation - Dies
Correspondence on the activities of Congressman Martin Dies' House Committee on Un-American Activities
Folder 739: United States Government - State Department
1934-1935, 1938-1939, 1941-1942, 1944-1945
Correspondence with the Department of State on treatment of Jews in Germany, on rescue of European Jews and Jewish refugee relief and admission into the U.S. A copy of a letter by Secretary of State Cordell Hall to Carrie Chapman Catt, an erstwhile suffrage leader and anti-Nazi activist; Department of State organization chart with the divisions' heads names.
Folder 740: United States Government - Coordinator of Information (Col. Wm. Donovan)
Correspondence on individuals and structures in Belgium in view of the post-war development
Folder 741: United States Government - Office of War Information
Data sheets and correspondence on the Nazi propaganda and combating pro-Nazi rumors; Office's publication Magazine War Guide, Chronology of the Nazi record.
Folder 742: United States Government - Office of War Information - British Division
Correspondence on Office's requests for AJC publications
Folder 743: United States Government - Office of War Information - Foreign Language Division
Correspondence on OWI and other publications in foreign languages
Folder 744: United States Government - Military Selective Service - Refugees
Correspondence on registration of refugees with the Selective Service
Folder 745: United States Government - Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
1942, 1944-1945
Reports and memoranda of the Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, also known as the Rockefeller Committee, to counter the Nazi and Axis propaganda in Latin America
Folder 746: United States Government - Jewish Senators and Congressmen
List of Jewish members of the U.S. House of Representatives, correspondence, addresses and publications on erecting a memorial to Congressman Michael Edelstein.
Folder 747: United States Government - Military Selective Service - Church Affiliation
Correspondence on statement of religious affiliation as a possible impediment for selection by the Military Selective Service
Folder 748: United States Government - Military Selective Service
Correspondence and memoranda on attitudes towards Selective Service Draft Law and registration of Jews for the Selective Service and draft.
Folder 749: United States Government - War Refugee Board
Correspondence and memoranda on establishment of the war refugees Board. Copy of a letter from the Secretary of War, Colonel Henry L. Stimson.
Folder 750: United Youth For Victory
Correspondence and publications on organization for young people not in military service for preparing for the national defense needs.
Folder 751: United States Government - War Production Board
Correspondence with the War Production Board on the publishing issues related to the war-time regulations.
Folder 752: United States Government - Works Project Administration
1937, 1941
Correspondence on AJC cooperation with the WPA's Writers Project and Historical Records Survey Projects.
Folder 753: Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Memoranda, reports, correspondence and encyclopedia's entries related to the Kohut-Landman Universal Jewish Encyclopedia project, proposed lists of persons to be selected for encyclopedic articles, financial support for the project.
Folder 754: Uruguay
1941-1942, 1944
Correspondence and cables on immigration to Uruguay
Folder 755: Vanikoff, Maurice
Correspondence and affidavits on transfer of a book collection of Vanikoff from Casablanca, French Morocco, to AJC in New York; Correspondence with Department of State on shipment arrangements.
Box 42
Folder 756: Vatican - Pope Pius XII
Reports, correspondence on the Pope's position related to persecution of Jews and anti-Semitism
Folder 757: Venezuela
1938, 1940-1941
Report on trip to Venezuela, correspondence on immigration of refugees into Venezuela
Folder 758: Vice
Correspondence with the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice on Samuel Roth, Author of a book "Jews Must Live"
Folder 759: Virgin Islands
Memoranda and correspondence on admission of aliens to the U.S Virgin Islands; note on State Department's blocking of establishment of refugee heaven on VI
Folder 760: Volunteer Land Corps
Letters from Dorothy Thompson on behalf of the Corps and her column in New York Post describing the aims and methods of the corps; correspondence on financing of the corps; memorandum by Frank Trager denying the AJC funds for the corps
Folder 761: Von Weisl, Wolfgang
Memoranda on current events in Europe and correspondence with a writer and journalist, leading figure of the Zionist Revisionist Movement
Folder 762: Waldman, Morris D.
1905, 1925, 1928, 1930, 1933, 1936-1945
Biographical information, memoranda and articles, documents related to a Latin American trip, newspaper article
Folder 763: Waldman, Morris D. - "Beyond a National Self-Determination"
Waldman's article in Contemporary Jewish Record, and reactions on it, including that of Sumner Welles, former Under Secretary of State
Folder 764: Waldman, Morris D. - Speech Correspondence
Correspondence on papers and speeches presented by Waldman
Folder 765: Waldman, Morris D. - Correspondence A-Z
Correspondence on papers and speeches presented by Waldman
Folder 766: Waldman, Morris D. - Speeches, Reports, Articles
1926, 1932, 1934-1937, 1939
Manuscripts and published articles by Waldman
Folder 767: Waldman, Morris D. - Speeches, Reports, Articles
Typewritten manuscripts by Waldman
Folder 768: Waldman, Morris D. - Speeches, Reports, Articles
Typewritten manuscripts and correspondence
Box 43
Folder 769: Waldman, Morris D. - Speeches, reports, Articles
1944, 1946, 1956
Typewritten articles on AJC history and on minority rights, article by Waldman in NYT
Folder 770: Waldman, Morris D. - Trips
1929-1930,, 1938, 1940-1941
Correspondence, reports and statements related to Waldman's travels
Folder 771: Waldman, Morris D. - Trips, European
Correspondence of Waldman while in Europe
Folder 772: Waldman, Morris D. - Trips, European
Feb.- Mar. 1937
Correspondence, memoranda, statements, notes
Folder 773: Waldman, Morris D. - Trips, Membership Drive
Correspondence on Waldman's travel to principal American cities and accounts of contacts with local communities re withdrawal from the American Jewish Conference
Folder 774: Waldo, Richard
Correspondence and newspaper clippings related to anti-administration and unfavorable to Russians remarks of columnists
Folder 775: Wallach, Sidney
1933-1934, 1936, 1941-1943
Correspondence and memoranda on the publishing and organizational issues
Folder 776: Wallach, Sidney - European Trips
Memorandum and agenda on Wallach's trip to Europe
Folder 777: Wallach, Sidney - European Trips
July 1937
Correspondence and reports from Wallach's trip to Europe
Folder 778: War and Peace
1920, 1937, 1949-1942
Correspondence and memoranda on international peace initiatives, opening of the Second Front in Europe, and post-war order
Folder 779: War and Peace
Memoranda on post-war order in Europe, and on Nazi propaganda; materials of the Congress on Post-War Peace, and Building the Peace conference
Folder 780: War and Peace
Memoranda and correspondence on situation in the U.S. Army, war effort against Japan, atomic bombardments
Folder 781: War and Peace
Materials on peace treaties with Axis countries, on post-war Germany and strengthening peace; article Can We Stop World War III?
Box 44
Folder 782: War and Peace - Peace Studies
Reports, correspondence and memoranda on post-war order and anti-Semitism; reports of Research Institute on Peace and Post-War Problems; memoranda of Max Gottschalk on meetings with various persons of influence
Folder 783: War and Peace - Pageant - "We Will Never Die"
Correspondence, booklet, We Will Never Die- A Memorial Dedicated to Two Million Jewish Dead of Europe, Madison Square Garden, March 19, 1943
Folder 784: War and Peace - Peace Studies
Correspondence and memoranda on proposed Institute of Peace Studies.
Folder 785: War and Peace - Jews - War Effort
Correspondence on Jewish contribution to the war effort, and exposing anti-Semitic rumors
Folder 786: War and Peace - Jews in Army and Navy
1942, 1944
Correspondence on spreading information and popularizing evidence of wide range Jewish participation in the armed forces, and fighting anti-Semitic rumors to the contrary
Folder 787: War and Peace - Civilian Defense
Correspondence on the issues of volunteers for the Office of Civilian Defense
Folder 788: War and Peace - Anti-Defamation League
Correspondence on informing the public of Jews in the military, on fighting anti-Semitic rumors; leaflet "Cohen answers", cartoon "Labor-The American Way. Something the Enemy Will Never Understand"
Folder 789: War and Peace - Belgium Decrees (Before and After the War)
Belgian published legislation on property , war damages and restitution, in French and Flemish; translations in English
Folder 790: War and Peace - Jewish Army
Correspondence and statements on the question of organizing Jewish military force under British command
Folder 791: War and Peace - Minorities and Minority Rights
1933-1935, 1939, 1943
Correspondence, statements, publications on the minority rights in the countries of the world as compared to minority rights in Poland and Germany and related to Jews
Folder 792: War and Peace - News Commentators
1939-1940, 1942, 1944
Correspondence, memoranda, statements on foreign-language broadcasting in the U.S., especially Italian, as a potential avenue for Axis propaganda
Folder 793: War and Peace - Pattern For Peace
Correspondence and memoranda on the interfaith Catholic, Jewish and Protestant peace initiative, initiated by a declaration called Pattern for Peace (October 1943)
Folder 794: War and Peace - Peace Conference Suggestions
Correspondence and memoranda related to a conference on the problems of peace worked out by the AJC Committee on Peace Studies
Folder 795: War and Peace - Peace Studies
Correspondence and memoranda on the AJC Committee on Peace Studies
Box 45
Folder 796: War and Peace - Peace Studies Committee
1940- 1943, 1945
Correspondence on the AJC Committee on Peace Studies
Folder 797: War and Peace - Peace Studies Committee Acceptance
Letters of acceptance from the members of the AJC Committee on Peace Studies
Folder 798: War and Peace - Peace Studies Committee - Minutes
Minutes of meetings of the staff of Research Institute on Peace and Post-War Studies
Folder 799: War and Peace - Peace Studies Committee - Reports
Preliminary general report, reports on Jewish immigration
Folder 800: War and Peace - Peace Studies
Proposals for Jewish studies "relative to conditions following the present war"; Memorandum on plans for research
Folder 801: War and Peace - Peace Studies - Migration and Colonization
Memoranda and correspondence on research center on migration; on problems of Jewish emigration and immigration
Folder 802: War and Peace - Peace Studies - Publications - AJC
Minutes of Preliminary Committee on Publications; memoranda and correspondence on the Peace Studies series of publications
Folder 803: War and Peace - Post War Problems
Outlines for AJC post-war programs, Joint Foreign committee minutes, memoranda and correspondence e on post-war issues
Folder 804: War and Peace - Post War Reconstruction
Bibliography, outlines of study status of Jews and migration problem, Palestine and post-war Jewish policy
Folder 805: War and Peace - Post War Reconstruction - Agudath Israel Statement
1941, 1943
Statements of Aguda program on Post war reconstruction in the Diaspora and in Palestine
Folder 806: War and Peace - Post War Relief
Memoranda and correspondence on relief for Jews in Europe during and after the and activities of AJC and JDC
Folder 807: War and Peace - War Chests
Statements, memoranda, correspondence and bulletins on the campaign for fund raising for wartime and disaster community funds (community war chests), promotes by the national association of local community funds--the Community Chests and Councils, Inc.
Folder 808: War and Peace - World War I - Jewish Statistics
1922, 1934, 1937-1944
Correspondence an memoranda on statistics of the Jewish participation and casualties in the WWI
Folder 809: War and Peace - World war II - Allied Occupation - Foreign Countries
Correspondence and memoranda on principles of relations with the U.S. army of occupation and populations in the occupied countries
Folder 810: War and Peace - World War II - Jewish Statistics
Minutes of the Committee on Statistics of AJC; correspondence and memoranda on Jewish participation in WWII
Folder 811: War and Peace - Liberated Countries
Memoranda and correspondence on Jewish victims of Nazism, JTA News bulletin on Jews in Botosani, Romania
Folder 812: War and Peace - World War II - Peace Conference
Correspondence on Dumbarton Oaks Conference
Folder 813: War and Peace - World War II - Peace Organizations
Correspondence and memoranda on American OSE, National Planning Association, Geneva Research Centre, Central and Eastern ropean Planning Board; proposals for Institute of Democratic Reconstruction, National Committee on Postwar Immigration Policy
Folder 814: War and Peace - World War II - Trials
Correspondence on investigation and prosecution of Nazi crimes against humanity; War Refugee Board memorandum on Auschwitz and Birkenau camps
Box 46
Folder 815: War and Peace - "Speaking Freely"
Correspondence, questionnaire and survey on "Speaking freely" broadcasts;
Folder 816: War and Peace - "Speaking Freely"
Broadcast scripts of "Speaking Freely" radio programs
Box 47
Folder 817: Warburg, Max M.
1939-1940, 1942
Correspondence on Peace Conference, non-Zionists and transfer of old AJC records
Folder 818: Ways and Means Committee
Cross reference sheet only, see: Survey Committee
Folder 819: Weil, Bruno
1935, 1941-1942, 1944
Correspondence and memoranda on situation in Germany, internment camps in German-occupied France; on South American affairs
Folder 820: Weis, J. Max
Correspondence on Weis' service at AJC and resignation
Folder 821: Weizmann, Chaim (Dr.)
Memorandum on Weizmann's and Brandeis' views on Palestine and role of ZOA
Folder 822: Wertheim, Maurice
Acceptance speech as AJC president (was president in 1941-1943); Correspondence on American Jewish Anti-defamation council, AJC affairs and service
Folder 823: Wertheim, Maurice - Elections
Correspondence on elections, report of the Nominating Committee, press release, list of corporate members; letter from D. Ben-Gurion
Folder 824: Western Electric Company
Correspondence on anti-Jewish employment discrimination
Folder 825: Weston, Sidney A.
Correspondence on articles against anti-Semitism in Protestant publications
Folder 826: Wheeler, Senator Burton
Correspondence on isolationist position of a senator from Montana
Folder 827: White, Gilbert
Correspondence on the Friends Service Committee member departing for France
Folder 828: Wiener, Alfred (Dr.)
1929, 1934, 1940-1944
Correspondence with the Director of the Central Jewish Information Office in Amsterdam, and on his immigration to the US
Folder 829: Willen, Joseph
Correspondence and memoranda; letters on attitude towards Zionist movement; letter on meeting with Reinhold Niebuhr; address by Willen at the meeting on conflicts among American Jewish organizations
Folder 830: Williams, Claude
Correspondence an memoranda on Williams' People's Institute of Applied Religion and his association with Communists
Folder 831: Wineman, Henry
Correspondence on help to get a Wineman's relative into the US Navy
Folder 832: Winrod, Gerald B.
Correspondence and memoranda on a preacher, author and founder of the anti-Semitic organization Defenders of the Christian Faith
Box 48
Folder 833: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
September-October 1936
Correspondence of former German chancellor Wirth with Waldman, Simon and European diplomats and religious leaders; in German, with English translation
Folder 834: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
November-December 1936
Correspondence of the former German chancellor Wirth, employed by AJC, with pope Pius XII, Leo Simon and European diplomats; in German, with the English translation
Folder 835: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
Correspondence of former German industrialist Leo Simon with Felix Warburg, Maurice Karpf, M. Waldman; correspondence of L. Simon with J. Wirth; in German and French, with English translation
Folder 836: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
Memoranda, correspondence, holograph notes on contacts with Catholic leaders and the pope Pius XII re condemnation of Nazi persecutions of Jews
Folder 837: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
January-June 1936
Correspondence of Waldman with Leo Simon; correspondence with Wirth
Folder 838: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
July 1936
Correspondence of Leo Simon with Warburg, James de Rothschild, Waldman, C. Adler; correspondence of Wirth with Simon
Folder 839: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
August 1936
Correspondence in French, German and English among Waldman, Wirth, Laski, Warburg, Karpf, Boris Gourevitch, Friendrich von Wiesner
Folder 840: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
Correspondence among Wirth, Leo Simon, Ben-Gurion, Waldman, Warburg, Weizmann, Moskowitz,Karpf, Landau, Cardinal Pacelli on contacts with Catholic church authorities, in English, French, German
Folder 841: Wirth, Joseph (Simon, Leo)
Correspondence among Wirth, Leo Simon, Adler, Waldman, George Schuster, Leonard Stein, Laski on situation in Palestine, the non-Zionists in the Jewish Agency; in English, French, German; SEE ALSO: Foreign Affairs
Box 48a
Folder 842: Wise, Stephen S.
1933-1935, 1938-1940, 1942, 1944
Accounts of controversial activities of Stephen Wise; speeches, interviews and addresses by Wise; correspondence of Waldman, Adler, Kirstein, Stroock on S. Wise and AJCongress position towards German boycott and World Jewish Congress; correspondence of Waldman, Adler, Slawson, Proskauer with Wise; correspondence of B. Vladeck of Jewish Labor committee with Wise on publication about Wise in Yiddish Daily Forward; a tribute message on Wise by Joseph M. Proskauer; extract from testimony of S. Wise before the Hose Committee on Labor; SEE ALSO: Palestine, World Jewish Congress, Zionism-non Zionism
Box 49
Folder 843: World Jewish Congress
Educational campaign materials on proposed World Jewish Congress; correspondence on AJC position towards the WJC; reports, memoranda on the World Jewish Conference in Geneva, off-print from the American Hebrew and Jewish Tribune on World Jewish Conference; article by P. Horowitz "Jewish World Congress: Hopes and Disappointments"; excerpts from address by Nachum Goldmann
Folder 844: World Jewish Congress
Correspondence on WJC among Waldman, Adler, Wallach, Laski; reports and memoranda; pamphlet by AJC "The Proposed World Jewish Congress"
Folder 845: World Jewish Congress
Correspondence and reports on AJC opposition to creation of WJC; memoranda, reports, publicity material; reports by the executive committee in Zurich; statements on WJC by he American Jewish Congress; World Jewish Congress ballot--votes of local Jewish organizations on the WJC; report on activities of WJC; excerpts and translations from the articles on WJC
Folder 846: World Jewish Congress
Correspondence and memoranda explaining AJC position on WJC; correspondence and statements on WJC and N. Goldmann's activities and on WSJ relief effort; JTA releases on activities of WJC and N. Goldmann; photostats of Goldmann's articles; SEE ALSO: Zionist--non-Zionist Relations (letter from Maurice Wertheim to Stephen S. Wise)
Folder 847: World Jewish Congress
Correspondence and memoranda on WSJ relief efforts; balance sheet of WSJ Relief and Rescue Department (1943); memoranda on WSJ subcommittee meetings; confidential AJC memorandum on WSJ (1944); Survey and Analysis of the Proceedings of the WJC, by Louis Shub
Box 50
Folder 848: World Jewish Congress
1915, 1927, 1931-1933
Correspondence expressing opposition to organizing a Congress of American Jewish organizations (1915); correspondence on opposition to the plans of creating WJC; statement on aims and principles of WJC; list of organizations participating in the London Conference (1933); AJC statement asking WJC to approach the League of Nations on behalf of Jews
Folder 849: World Jewish Congress
AJC resolution on WJC; memoranda on WJC and its history; draft of a letter to Sulzberger of the New York Times; pamphlet opposing creation of WJC, "But the Proposed World Jewish Congress Wll Not Represent:"
Folder 850: World Jewish Congress - American Jewish Committee
1936-1937, 1940, 1942, 1944
Mimeographed excerpt from Waldman's letter to Laski; open letter by Adler and Stroock on WJC; correspondence on Nahum Goldmann and WJC; draft of a statement on AJC position towards WJC; circular letter by Waldman on WJC; memoranda and correspondence on contacts with Goldmann and WJC; minutes of Executive Committee meeting on WSJ Peace Institute in Geneva; correspondence on the Peace Institute; AJC statement on WJC (1944); AJC minutes of a meeting on attitude towards the forthcoming session of WJC
Folder 851: World Jewish Congress - American Jewish Congress
1933-1934; 1936
Pamphlet by AJCongress "The World Jewish Congress: Some Questions and Answers"; address on WJC by Dr. Margoshes; manifesto and address on WJC by Bernard S. Deutsch; press releases on WJC by AJCongress; statement on history and mission of AJCongress
Folder 852: World Jewish Congress - Opposition
1934-1936, 1944
Translation of M. Rogalski's article on Waldman's trip to Latin America, criticizing Waldman's views on Jewish nationalism; memoranda, statements, questions and answers, reports, quotes from world Jewish leaders criticizing WJC; English and French
Folder 853: World Jewish Congress - Geneva Conferences
List of delegates at the World Jewish Conference in Geneva (1932); digest of statements on the Geneva Conference of August 1932; correspondence on convening a World Jewish conference and creation of the WJC; NYT article "Dr. Adler Accused of Disrupting Jews" (1932); correspondence with Hilfsverein der Deutschen Juden on Geneva Conference; offprint of Adler's statement on proposed Jewish Conference and Congress (1932); abstract of Goldmann's address at the Geneva Conference; Geneva Conference's resolutions on the WJC (1932, 1933); "Important Extracts from Discussions Regarding the World Jewish Congress at the Geneva Conferences of 1932 and 1933"; English, German, French
Folder 854: World Jewish Congress - Geneva Conference - Speeches - Press Communiqué
Addresses to the Conference by B. Deutsch, L. Recanati, R. Landau, E. Krouker, M. Hudson, M. Dizengoff, M. Nurock, M. Goldmann, N. Goldmann, L. Motzkin, J. Yefroykin, H. Rosmarin, H. Klee; resolutions, press releases; discussion on G. Tedeschi's plan to outlaw anti-Semitism; English, German
Folder 855: World Jewish Congress - War Emergency Conference
Lists of delegates to WJC Conference; translations of articles and interviews in Yiddish press on the Conference; Survey and Analysis of the proceedings of the War Emergency Conference of the WJC by Louis Shub; Bulletin of the Chilean Representative Committee of the Israelite Community on the Conference; English, Spanish
Folder 856: World War I - Jews
"Jewish Activities during the World War" by Oscar Schachter for the AJC
Folder 857: World War II - Peace Treaty (Jews)
Aid-memoire of a meeting of Jewish organizations from various countries on the Peace Conference in Paris
Folder 858: World's Fair
Minutes of meetings of the World's Fair Committee of the Synagogue Council of America; memoranda on and program of the Jewish exhibition at the New York World's Fair's Temple of Religions; correspondence on radio programs on the Fair, and alleged anti-Jewish discrimination by concessionaries at the Fair
Folder 859: Wyler, Leopold S.
1931, 1941-1943
Correspondence on Wyler's effort to expose and combat anti-Semitism; memorandum on ant-Semitism by Wyler; correspondence on Swiss press freedom, on Swiss-German relations
Box 51
Folder 860: Yahuda, A.S.
1940, 1943-1944
Correspondence on ant-Semitism; correspondence on Yahuda's project to establish Section on rab Language and Civilization at New School for Social Research
Folder 861: YWCA
1939-1940, 1942-1943
Correspondence on anti-Semitism, refugee and minorities problems; statements of the functioning of YWCA and YWCA's Committee on Refugees; copies of YWCA secretary Mabel Brown Ellis' letters to the National Refugee Service
Folder 862: Yugoslavia
1938, 1941-1942
Correspondence with Yugoslav Jewish representatives on situation with Jews in Yugoslavia before and after the beginning of WWII; letter requesting inclusion of information on Yugoslav Jewish organizations into the American Jewish Year Book; correspondence with David Albala, special delegate to the Yugoslav legation in Washington; report on situation in Yugoslavia after the war
Folder 863: Younker, Ira M.
Correspondence on various financial and property matters with AJC Treasurer Ira Younker; memoranda, reports, invoices
Folder 864: Zhitlowsky, Chaim
Correspondence on Zhitlowsky's position regarding the Soviet Union and Soviet Jews; appeal signed by A. Brill, B. Z. Goldberg, A. Flexner and Chaim Zhitlowsky for moral support on behalf of Jews in the Soviet Union; draft statement on Zhitlowsky's appeal
Folder 865: Zionism - Non-Zionism
undated, 1927, 1929, 1934-1939
Correspondence on the non-Zionists and creation of non-Zionist section at the Jewish Agency; minutes of the Jewish Agency conference in Lucernerhof (1935); correspondence, statements on common action of Zionists and non-Zionists
Folder 866: Zionism - Non-Zionism
Summary of meetings between Zionists and non-Zionists; Notes on Zionism - Non-Zionism by Sidney Wallach; correspondence and memoranda on cooperation between Zionists and non-Zionists within the Jewish Agency; pamphlet advertising debates on Zionism between Louis Lipsky of ZOA and major Samuel Edelman of the Army Intelligence Reserve Corps
Folder 867: Zionism - Non-Zionism
January-March 1942
Correspondence between Waldman and Wertheim on enclosing of correspondence between Magnes and Weizmann; copies of letters from Anthony de Rothschild to Weizmann and Morris Lazaron; correspondence among Wertheim, Waldman, Wallach, Wise, Louis Levinthal and Louis Lipsky on conference of Zionists and non-Zionists with the list of persons to whom the copies of it were sent; list of participants of a Zionist-non-Zionist dimmer meeting and correspondence on covering the balance for the dinner; statements on the position of non-Zionists and list of questions to Zionist representatives; memoranda on a program of common action; "Proposals for a Program of Action By a United American Jewry"; comments by Waldman on Hexter's memorandum
Folder 868: Zionism - Non-Zionism
April-June 1942
Correspondence on Zionist-non-Zionist conference; "Proposed Resolutions Indicating Program of United Action By American Jewry"; memorandum on Wsaldman's meeting with Nahum Goldmann; correspondence on Kirstein's committee; memoranda on recommendations to the World Jewish Congress; remarks on Berger's pamphlet "Why I am a Non-Zionist"; correspondence with Meyer Weisgal of Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs;
Folder 869: Zionism - Non-Zionism
July-August 1942
Correspondence on Zionist-Non-Zionist conference and Kirstein's committee; "Proposed Resolution Indicating Program of Action By American Jewry on Certain Specified Matters"
Box 52
Folder 870: Zionism - Non-Zionism
September-October 1942
Correspondence on Zionist-Non-Zionist conference; Sketch of a Formula by Samuel Schulman on AJC's position on Palestine and Zionism; joint resolution by ZOA and Hadassah; AJC statement on resolving the differences between "the universalist and nationalist conceptions among Jews"; draft of a proposed joint declaration by AJC and Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs
Folder 871: Zionism - Non-Zionism
November 1942
Correspondence and drafts of memoranda on the meeting of Proskauer, Roensman, Medalie, Rosenblum, Waldman and Backer; A Statement of Policy of the AJC in Regard to Palestine
Folder 872: Zionism - Non-Zionism
December 1942
Correspondence on Zionist-Non-Zionist conference; statement made on AJC annual meeting "on the present situation in Jewish life"
Folder 873: Zionism - Non-Zionism
Correspondence, memoranda, statements on Zionism; article by Jacob Fishman, "The Case of the American Jewish Committee: A Study in Contradictions"; correspondence on negotiations with other Jewish organizations
Folder 874: Zionism - Non-Zionism
1944-1946, 1951
Correspondence on Zionism and Non-Zionism; correspondence on securing cooperation of Non-Zionist leaders; remarks by S. Bucholtz on Zionism and Palestine in the communities visited in the South; memorandum "The Philosophy of the American Jewish Committee in relation to Zionism"; anti-Zionist article by Rev. Pendleton "World Conspiracy" (1951)
Box 53
Folder 875: Zionism - Non-Zionism - AJC Statements and Memoranda
1941, 1943
Memoranda by AJC on Zionism and Palestine
Folder 876: Zionism- Non-Zionism - Kirstein Committee
Correspondence, memoranda, aide memoires on the meetings of the Kirstein Committee; lists of attendees at Kirstein's Committee meetings
Folder 877: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Kirstein Committee - Reports
Drafts of reports of the Committee and of its president Kirstein
Folder 878: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Lazaron, Rabbi Morris S.
Correspondence on Lazaron's position on Zionism and Palestine; Photostat of Lazaron's article in Baltimore Morning Sun "Jewish State or Homeland"
Folder 879: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Minutes of Meetings
Minutes of meetings of representatives of Zionist and Non-Zionist groups
Folder 880: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Nationalism
1936-1937, 1940-1942
Correspondence on Jewish nationalism and Zionism, reflecting AJC's negative position on Diaspora nationalism; memorandum on Christian Pro-Zionist Organizations
Folder 881: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Rosenberg, James N.
Correspondence of Waldman and Rosenberg, prominent anti-Zionist
Folder 882: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Weizmann dinner 6/10/1942
Correspondence on dinner given to Chaim Weizmann at the Waldorf Astoria; list of attendees
Folder 883: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Weizmann-Stroock Conference
Correspondence, memoranda and statements on Weizmann-Stroock negotiations
Folder 884: Zionism - Non-Zionism - Weizmann Visit
Correspondence on preparations for Chaim Weizmann's visit to New York City and on preliminary meetings held for the same; draft on meeting in October 1941 at the Commodore Hotel of representatives of Zionist and non-Zionist Groups; draft of a memorandum by Waldman on the non-Zionist position; lists of attendees of meetings on Jewish Agency; letters of Stroock to Weizmann; memorandum to Anthony Eden by Lazaron; information on Weizmann's visit to Britain
Folder 885: Zionism - Non-Zionism - World Jewish Congress
Waldman's statement on the AJC position on Zionist claims, Jewish nationalism and the World Jewish Congress (November 27, 1941)

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