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Guide to the Collection on Poland (Vilna Archives), 1850-1939,  (bulk 1919-1939), RG 28

Collection processed and Yiddish finding aid prepared by Shloyme Krystal in 1990. The English-language version prepared by Chava Lapin and Marek Web in 2007 with additional processing by Rivka Schiller, with the assistance of a grant from the Gruss Lipper Family Foundation. Processing completed and encoded by Shayna Goodman in 2011 as part of the CJH Holocaust Resource Initiative, made possible by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany.

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
Email: archives@yivo.cjh.org
URL: http://www.yivo.org

©2011 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. All rights reserved.

Electronic finding aid was encoded in EAD 2002 by Shayna Goodman in April 2011. EAD finding aid customized in ARCHON in 2013. Description is in English.

Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Collection on Poland (Vilna Archives), 1850-1939,  (bulk 1919-1939), RG 28

Predominant Dates:bulk 1919-1939

ID: RG 28 FA

Extent: 9.5 Linear Feet

Arrangement: The collection consists of a single series arranged geographically and alphabetically. It was organized in the 1950s from the surviving fragments of the pre-war YIVO Vilna archives. Materials are grouped in folders according to locality name. In the present finding aid the locality’s Polish name and the corresponding Yiddish name are shown together in the folder title with the Yiddish name in parentheses, e.g.: “ RZESZOW (Rayshe)”.


The Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection is comprised of documents that were amassed at the YIVO in Vilna, mainly as a result of collecting work by the volunteer YIVO “zamlers” (collectors). The bulk of the collection relates to Jewish communities in over 260 cities and towns in interwar Poland (1919-1939). Documents of earlier years are also included.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Poland (Vilna Archives) Collection consists entirely of ephemera and fragmentary materials. Included are printed materials, announcements, invitations, leaflets, notes, minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and posters. The materials are loosely linked by the fact that they derive from the same town or city. The following topics are included: political organizations such as Agudas Yisroel, Bund, Hehalutz, Mizrachi, Poalei Agudas Yisroel, Poale Zion; community elections, elections to the Sejm (Polish Diet); business and economics: banks, credit unions, taxes; labor: trade unions, strikes; cultural activities and groups: Yiddish cultural organizations, publishing houses; religious matters: synagogues, ritual slaughter (shekhitah), rabbinical figures; sports clubs, games; historical events: pogroms, German occupation of Poland during World War I. Of special interest are town histories compiled by YIVO correspondents who took part in a project by the YIVO Historical Commission for Poland to research and write Jewish communal history in the places where they lived.

Historical Note

Although fragmentary in nature, the documents in this collection reflect in considerable detail the period between the two world wars and the situation of the Jewish minority in reborn independent Poland. In the course of twenty years, the Jewish community in Poland led the existence of a national minority whose status was formally vouchsafed by the Minority Treaties which Poland signed, but which was largely ignored. In reality, hostility toward Jews from both the government as well as from large segments of the population prevailed. At the same time, Jewish communities strived to develop and maintain a host of internal institutions and organizations which served the most crucial needs of the people, such as health care, education, and economic needs. Jewish autonomy was a fact of life despite the government’s reluctance to recognize it as such.

Of singular importance were the community councils (kehillah, kehiles) which constituted an internal administration for the Jewish population on a local level. kehillah elections (in which the majority of Jewish political groups participated) are richly illustrated in this collection through election announcements, leaflets, appeals, and other forms of electoral campaigning. Elections to the Sejm (Polish parliament) are well documented in a similar manner through electoral propaganda materials published by the political parties, which participated in the elections individually or allied as blocs with other groups. A significant number of documents pertain to the 1930s, which were years of a worsening political and economic situation for Jews in Poland.

Subject/Index Terms

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Permission to use the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archivist.

Use Restrictions:

Permission to publish part or parts of the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archives. For more information, contact:

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

email: archives@yivo.cjh.org

Acquisition Method: These records were part of the YIVO Vilna Archives which were taken by the Germans during World War II and recovered by YIVO New York after the war.

Separated Materials: There is no information about materials that are associated by provenance to the described materials that have been physically separated or removed.

Related Materials: Related material can be found in various collections in the YIVO Vilna Archives which contain similar geographic and historical content about Polish Jewry. Related materials are also found in RG116-Poland, a territorial collection created in New York in the post-war period, which is of similar structure and provenance to RG28.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form:Identification of item, date (if known); Collection on Poland (Vilna Archives); RG 28; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1: Poland (Vilna archives), 1850-1939

Series 1: Poland (Vilna archives)
Folders: 8.5
Arrangement: Alphabetical
Box 1
Folder 1: ALEKSANDROW KUJAWSKI (Aleksandrov)
- Flyer about a lecture by Dov Oyerbach on the topic “Body and Spirit”
Folder 2: AUGUSTOW (Augustov)

- Document from the office of the Governor of Vilna Province about sale of possessions of a Jew who failed to pay wartime taxes, 1915

- Appeals re: municipal election, 1927; 4 flyers

Folder 3: BARANOWICZE (Baranovitsh)

- Poster about a lecture: The Role of the Woman in Jewry

- Poster about a lecture at the TOZ

- Poster about protest meeting: The appalling legal murder in Erets-Yisroel

- Flyer about a lecture: The Trial over Modern Woman

- Flyer about a lecture: “Obligation, Love and Jealousy”

- Flyer about a lecture “The Jews of Poland”

- Lecture “The Purpose of Human Life”, 1925, with a short note about the presenter

- Invitation from the Jewish Culture and Education Society to a Family Costume Event

- Poster from the Jewish Culture and Educational Society to a presentation by Dr. Prylucki on the topic “The Developmental History of the Yiddish Language and Literature”

- Poster for the presentation by Bella Pevzner: “My Personal Impressions of Jewry in Faraway Places”; “Woman as a Creator and Destroyer of Worlds”

- Flyer from the Social Labor Youth “Frayhayt”

- A Purim wish from the Women’s Association

- Correspondence

- Open letter to the Jewish population about activities of city prominent, Samuel Zurawicki

Folder 4: BARANOWICZE (Baranovitsh)

- Elections to the Sejm, the Jewish Merchants’ Association, List no. 36 for Zakheym

- Voting slips and correspondence about elections

Folder 5: BARANOWICZE (Baranovitsh)

- Elections to the Jewish Kehillah, appeals from:

- Jewish Artisans Union

- Retail Merchant Association

- Butchers’ List

- Non-partisan Union “Akhdes”

- Elections to City Council

- Appeals from the Merchants Association (2);

- Bund (1); Poalei Zion–Tseyre Zion(2);

- Retail Merchants (4); WIZO (3);

- Artisans Union (1);

- Jewish Democratic Committee (1)

Folder 6: BARANOWICZE (Baranovitsh)

- Oversized

- kehillah documents re: finances, 4/10/1937

- Lists from emigration office

- Orphanage

- Kashrut

- Announcement about a child prodigy cantor

- Correspondence

Folder 7: BEDZIN (Bendin)

- City Council Elections, 5/20/1935; Appeals from BUND (4); Poalei Zion(5); Merchants’ Association (1); Jewish National Bloc (2); Bloc to defend Jewish rights (1); Jewish General National Economic Bloc (1); Flyers to the unemployed, 5/6;

- Announcements re: lecture by Yoel Mastboym, “Man and Woman, Who is Right?”

Folder 8: BELCHATOW ( Belchatov)

- City Council elections: Election flyers from BUND (6), 9/4/1927; Artisan Association (1); Poalei Zion (1); Poalei Emuney Yisroel (2); Non-partisan committee (4); Religious Workers (1); A group of Belchatow women who returned from Eretz-Yisroel; Flyers from Bund about antisemitism, December 1937; Announcement from Bund about the “ghetto–seats” for Jewish students

- A Circular from Tseirey Agudas Yisroel;

- Miscellaneous

Folder 9: BELZ (Belz)

- Sejm elections, 1931

- Appeals by the BBWR (Government list)

- Article from “Der Morgn”, 10/31/1930

- Appeals from rabbis to vote for the BBWR

- Miscellaneous

Folder 10: BELZ (Belz)
- Business papers of Belz Jews, 1855
Folder 11: BERESTECZKO (Berestechka)
- General characteristics of the shtetl
Folder 12: BEREZA KARTUSKA (Kartuz-Bereze)

- City Council elections, 7/24/1927, flyer from general Jewish list;

- kehillah elections, 7/1/1928, flyers from Democratic People’s list; National Zionist Artisans

Folder 13: BIALA PODLASKA (Biale-Podlask)

- Certification from local War-Invalid Association, about two performances, 3/12/1926

- Sejm elections, 1927: Flyers from Bund, (2)

- Poalei Zion, (1); Artisans Union, (1);

- Petty Merchants Union, (2); National Jewish List

- Flyer from the Union of Young Agudas Yisroel about a lecture “The obligations of the religious Youth in our time”

Folder 14: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- Financial reports from the Jewish Kehillah, 1917-1925

- announcements and letters

Folder 15: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)
- kehillah elections, 1919, Flyers from: United Zionist Bloc; Handicraft workers list; Socialist-Zionists; Orthodox Bloc; Folk-Party; Poalei Zion; Declaration and list of candidates from Bund; Zionists artisans; The Bialistoker Zionist Organization; Hassidic Union; Democratic Party; Democratic Youth Party; Owners’ Organization; Senior Salesmen and Saleswomen; Democratic Union; Women’s Commitment of Old-Age Home and “Hospice” (Hekdesh); Merchants, Storekeepers and Industrialists
Folder 16: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)
- Elections to Sejm, 1928; election appeals, Minorities Bloc; an invitation to a Bund meeting; “Bund”, “Earth and Work”; Tseire Zion; Minorities bloc; Rabbi Rubinshteyn’s list; Democratic National Bloc; “Akhdes”; Handicraft Workers’ Union; Religious Jews; Jewish National Bloc for Wislicki; Socialist Bloc, Jewish Elections Committee for Mr. Leon Bernatski
Folder 17: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- Trade unions: reports, 1925-1929

- announcement, 1926

- questionnaire forms

Folder 18: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)
- Artisans; miscellaneous materials
Folder 19: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)
- Hehalutz, miscellaneous materials
Folder 20: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- School and Culture

- School Reports, 1920

- Library of Yugnt-Fareyn (Youth Society), reports

Folder 21: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- Orphan Care:

- Minutes of a Conference, 1926;

- Report of a visit to Slonim, Baranowicze and Nieswiez area;

- Minutes of Conference of Orphanage Committee, 29 and 30 May, 1923;

- Circulars and Miscellaneous

Folder 22: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- Report of Situation of Male Nurses

- Shelter for the Poor

Folder 23: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)
- Excerpts from a police report of the pogrom, June 1 and 2, 1906
Folder 24: BIALYSTOK (Bialistok)

- Newspaper clippings; Printed Materials “Unzer Lebn”

- Letters to the “Vilner Tog”

- Letters to Chaim Grade

- Miscellaneous documents;

- Manuscript: “Rokhele di Rebetsin”, author unknown

Folder 25: BIELSK PODLASKI (Byelsk)

- Appeal from Bielsk Help-Committee, 1936;

- Financial report from the Kehillah;

- Communal materials;

- Announcement to elections (Polish), 11/16/1938;

- Announcement from Jewish National Bloc;

- Journal of Minutes, Meetings of General Assembly,

- Poalei Zion (Tseyre Zion), 1933

Folder 26: BIELSK PODLASKI (Byelsk)
- Hehalutz Materials
Folder 27: BILGORAJ (Bilgray)
- Short Flyer, 1929, about re-establishing postal service
Box 2
Folder 28: BOBOWA (Bobove)
- Election flyer from Rabbi Ben Tzion Halberstam, the Bobowa Rebbe to the Jewish population, urging them to participate in the elections to the Sejm
Folder 29: BODZANOW (Bodzanov)
- A form-letter from the kehillah of Bodzanov, reminder to pay kehillah dues
Folder 30: BOLECHOW (Bolekhov)
- Appeal from the General Jewish National Bloc about voting in the Sejm elections
Folder 31: BORSZCZOW (Borshtshev)

- A greeting note for Shavues from Rabbi Kron, sent to the cooperative Jewish Bank (1930)

- Copy of an official letter stating that Rabbi Kron is destitute

- Miscellaneous

Folder 32: BRODY (Brod)
- Poster regarding a lecture by Yoel Mastboym, 1930, “Man and Woman, Who is Right?”
Folder 33: BRYCZANY (Briceni)
- To the voters of Britshan, by M. Ferfer
Folder 34: BRZESC (Brisk)

- Status of Jewish Hospital

- TOZ Flyer

- Depositions from residents about the of Polish soldiers

Folder 35: BRZESC (Brisk)

- City Council elections

- Plan of designating electoral districts

- Election leaflets, various groups

Folder 36: BRZESC KUJAWSKI (Brisk Koyask)
- Leaflet from National Bloc for the City Council elections
Folder 37: BRZEZINY (Bzhezhin)
- Elections to City Council: Election Flyers from Poalei Zion, Warehouse and Housekeepers Union, Central Handicrafts Association, Merchants and Storekeepers, Zionist elections committee
Folder 38: BUCZACZ (Butshatsh/Pitshutsh)
- Announcement from the Kehillah to the Jewish population about the town's cemetery
Folder 39: BUSKO (Busk)
- Sales advertisement from the company of Sholem Permelin
Folder 40: BYCHAWA (Bikhave)
- Election flyer from the Block for the Defence of Jewish Rights in Poland
Folder 41: BYDGOSZCZ (Bidgoshtsh)
- Sejm elections, appeals from National minorities Bloc (in German)
Folder 42: CHECINY (Khentshin)
- Announcement re: Kehillah election, United Elections Committee
Folder 43: CHELM (Khelm)

- Political Parties: Bund, Poalei Zion and others

- Activities of Peretz-Library, Sholem-Aleichem Library - announcements

Folder 44: CHELM (Khelm)
- Kehillah activities, Kehillah elections, flyers
Folder 45: CHELM (Khelm)
- Co-op Bank – Financial report for 1929 and miscellaneous items
Folder 46: CHELM (Khelm)
- Sejm elections, announcements
Folder 47: CHELM (Khelm)
- Artisans Union
Folder 48: CHELM (Khelm)

- “TOZ” Society

- Document regarding a conflict in the Khelemer Shtime and the termination of an editor

Folder 49: CHMIELNIK (Khmielnik)
- Notes on meeting about the Sejm elections
Folder 50: CHMIELNIK (Khmielnik)
- Activities of Free Loan Fund
Folder 51: CHRZANOW (Khzhanov)

- Flyers about Sejm elections

- Flyers, re: the Kehillah elections, 1928, 1936

- Letters from the Rabbi of Belz re: Sejm elections

Folder 52: CHRZANOW (Khzhanov)

- Flyer about lecture by Dr. L. Hoffman (Almoyni)

- Flyer about a meeting of the Artisans’Association

- Poster to the unemployed about the library

- Flyer about Jewish workers’ Sport Clubs “Kraft”

- Regarding a dance-evening, 20 October, 1929

Folder 53: CHRZANOW (Khzhanov)
- Typed lecture in German about Jewish pogroms following WWI
Folder 54: CHRZANOW (Khzhanov)

- Flyers and Posters from the Bund

- Hehalutz-League for Labor-Erets Yisroel

Folder 55: CHRZANOW (Khzhanov)
- Miscellaneous materials
Folder 56: CIECHANOW (Tshekhanov)

- Activities of Artisans Union; Hehalutz announcements

- Announcements re: public lecture about the development of Yiddish literature

Folder 57: CIECHANOW (Tshekhanov)

- Membership card of the Ansky Arts Society

- Announcement about the establishment of Music and Drama Sections

- Kehillah flyer

Folder 58: CIECHOCINEK (Tshekhotsinek)
- Announcement from Kehillah administrator about laying a keystone for a synagogue
Folder 59: CIESZANOW (Tsheshanov)
- Kehillah elections, flyers
Folder 60: CZESTOCHOWA (Tshenstokhov)

- Sejm Elections

- City Council Elections

- Kehillah Elections

- Sick-Benefit Fund

Folder 61: CZESTOCHOWA (Tshenstokhov)

- Activities of Artisans Union

- Poster about a lecture, 1913

- Financial Report for 1912 – Free Loan and Savings Association

- Flyers from Co-op Bank

Folder 62: CZESTOCHOWA (Tshenstokhov)

- By-laws of the Society to disseminate Education among Jews (Russian)

- Activities of the trade unions Jewish Agricultural Society

Folder 63: CZESTOCHOWA (Tshenstokhov)

- TOZ Society: Financial Report, 4/1/1930 to 3/31/1931;

- newspaper article in Polish: 5 years of TOZ, 1925-1929

- Miscellaneous items

- Correspondence regarding Tshenstokhover Prese

Folder 64: CZORTKOW (Tshortkov)

- Kehillah elections

- Appeals from the parties

Folder 65: CZORTKOW (Tshortkov)

- I. L. Peretz Society's posters for public readings

- Hehalutz activities

- Bylaws of Oyse-Khesed (Welfare) Association of 1893

Folder 66: CZORTKOW (Tshortkov)
- Announcements regarding credit, National Loan; new bank and other institutions
Folder 67: DABROWICE, DRUSKIENNIKI (Dombrovits, Driltsh, Druhkenik)
- Miscellaneous materials
Folder 68: DEBLIN (Demblin)
- Announcement to the Jewish population about the Kehillah elections
Folder 69: DOBROMIL (Dobromil)

- Form letter regarding 1930 elections

- Polish Invitation to a gathering of Orthodox voters in 1928

- Correspondence from the Hatsefira Society and Linas-Tsedek

- Letters from the Rabbi to the Railroad Company regarding discount train fare

Folder 70: DROHICZYN (Drohitshin)
- Announcement to the Jewish residents regarding the Kehillah elections
Folder 71: DRUJA (Droye)
- Correspondence about a flood in the town
Folder 72: DUBNO (Dubne)

- Advertisement booklet

- History of the town

Folder 73: DUKLA (Dukle)
- Announcement of Sejm election
Folder 74: DYNOW (Dinov)
- Letter from the kehillah in Dinov, signed by David Laub, to the Jewish National Council in Przemysl detailing the problematic situation of Jewish community in Dinov, in the midst of fighting between Ukrainians and Polish inhabitants of the town; November 11th, 1918, the day Poland was reunified and became an independent country
Folder 75: DZISNA (Disne)

- Appeal from the Kehillah about a flood in the town, the condition of Jewish Youth, and Budgets for eventual workshops

- Letters and other miscellaneous materials

Box 3
Folder 76: EJSZYSZKI (Eyshishok)

- Letters about hospital maintenance, 1932-1934

- Elections Flyer to Sejm Elections from a number of organizations about voting for Jan Piotrkowski on 11/6/1938

Folder 77: FALENICA (Falenitz)

- Kehillah printed matter

- Photographs of gravestones

Folder 78: GABIN (Gombin)
- Flyer from Bund about City Council elections
Folder 79: GARWOLIN (Garvolin)
- A letter to the Kehillah, 10/30/1938
Folder 80: GDANSK (Danzig)
- Flyer about a lecture by Dr. Max Weinreich for Merchants Society, 1937
Folder 81: GLEBOKIE (Glubok)

- Announcement to the Sejm election, Polish

- Flyer for the Kehillah elections, 1928

- Contract about renting a mill belonging to the church

- Report from the elementary school for 1928-1929

- Article about Glubok

- Miscellaneous material

Folder 82: GLOWNO (Glovne)
- Announcement about the Kehillah elections, Poster in Yiddish, German and Polish, December 1, 1917
Folder 83: GORA KALWARIA (Ger)
- Announcement to Kehillah Elections
Folder 84: GORLICE (Gorlits)

- Flyer from Zionist to Kehillah Elections

- Flyer for the “Non-partisans”

- Flyer from rural Jews

- Flyer for list number 7, by Rabbi Eliezer Landa

- The situation of Yiddish in Western and Central Malopolska, by Avrom Kornfeld of Gorlice, with language diagram

Folder 85: GORSZKOWICE (Gorshkovits)
- Announcement to Kehillah elections, 1931
Folder 86: GROCHOW (suburb of Warsaw)
- Halutz training farm
Folder 87: GRODEK (Gorodok)
- List of deceased Jews and their ages
Folder 88: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Kehillah elections:

- By-laws

- Flyers from the Artisans, United Socialist Workers Party; Agudas-Yisroel; Folkspartei; Bund; Zionists; Poalei Zion; Shomrey-Shabes; Jewish Women

Folder 89: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Jewish Kehillah

- Report to Starosta (City chief), 1929

- Financial report

- List of Yiddish books to sell

- Various materials and printed matter

Folder 90: GRODNO (Grodne)
- City Council announcements
Folder 91: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Political Parties and Organizations:

- Bund flyer about Sacco and Vanzetti

- Cultural Arm of the Professional Associations

- Strike at the Fuch factory

- Flyer from Grodno Workers and Peasants

- Soviet, circa1919

- Flyers from the Left groups

- Needle workers

- About the strike in the Szereszewski factory, 1910

Folder 92: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Documents regarding social aid

- News and correspondence from Merchants Association

Folder 93: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Artisans’school at the Jewish Kehillah

- Miscellaneous

Folder 94: GRODNO (Grodne)

- TOZ Health Care Society

- Miscellaneous

Folder 95: GRODNO (Grodne)

- Announcement from City Hall about full

- recognition of Yiddish language

- Cultural Events

Folder 96: GRODZISK (Grodzhisk)

- History of Grodzhisk

- Announcements from the Jewish Cultural Society of Grodzhisk

- Announcements in Polish from Polish Socialist Party (P.P.S.), Christian Unity Front

Folder 97: GRZYBOW (Gribov)
- A flyer from the Jewish Kehillah instructing Jews to decorate their Houses because of a Eucharist convention
Folder 98: HAJDUCISZKI (Haydutsyshok)
- Announcement to Kehillah elections
Folder 99: HOROCHOW (Horokhov)
- Flyer re: Kehillah elections
Folder 100: HORODNO, HANCEWICZE (Horodne, Hantsevitsh)
- Fragment of an article
Folder 101: HRUBIESZOW (Hrubieshov)

- Copies of pinkassim of the societies “Ner Kedushe” and “Medresh”

- Elections to Kehillah; Public announcements

- Flyers: various parties

Folder 102: IGNALINA (Ignalina)
- Letters from Jewish Kehillah to the newspaper Undzer Tog about a contribution for Brisk
Folder 103: IWANISKA (Ivaniska)
- Statistical tables about the economic conditions of the Jewish population, for years 1932 and 1937
Folder 104: IWIE (Ivye)

- Financial report of the orphanage, 1924

- Letters from the Jewish Kehillah to the district committee of the YEKOPO (Jewish Committee for aid to war refugees) about impoverished children

- Appeal to the Jewish communities in Poland to aid the victims of the fire in Iwie

- Greetings from Yiddish Writer’s Union, 1938, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the local library

Folder 105: JAGIELNICA (Yagelnitse)
- Invitation to a literary evening from the organization “Friends of Culture”
Folder 106: JANOW (Yanov)

- Minutes from the Kehillah Education Committee, 1922

- Memoirs from World War I

- Request to establish a library

Folder 107: JAROSLAW (Yaroslav)
- Invitation to a general meeting of “TOZ”, April 29, 1928
Folder 108: JAWOROW (Yavorov)

- List of impoverished population

- Letter from town-rabbi

- Wedding invitation

Folder 109: JEDRZEJOW (Yendzheyev)

- Invitation to 10th Anniversary of Artisans Union, 16 March, 1930

- Invitation to a lecture

Folder 110: JEZIORY GRODNO (Ozior)

- Resolution to vote for list no. 1 in the Sejm elections, 1930

- Appeal to vote list no. 17

- Request to establish a library

Box 4
Folder 111: KALISZ (Kalish)

- City Council Elections, Flyers from: Poalei Zion; Bund; Artisans; Zionists; Artisans Union; Poalei Agudas Yisroel; Mizrachi

- Kehillah elections, 1924, Flyers; Poalei Zion; Bund; Religious Artisans; Aguda

Folder 112: KALISZ (Kalish)

- Bund: flyers, invitations, announcements

- Union of Clothing Workers, flyers; membership rolls, Hehalutz Hamizrakhi invitation

Folder 113: KALISZ (Kalish)
- Jewish Kehillah: assistance activities for the years 1917-1919
Folder 114: KALISZ (Kalish)
- Artisans Union, Flyers, announcements; invitations, sport events, sports clubs: Morgnshtern, Jewish Tours
Folder 115: KALISZ (Kalish)
- The Role/Participation of Jews of Kalisz in the Polish Uprising in 1863, clippings
Folder 116: KALUSZ (Kalush)
- Handwritten essays: The Jewish Kehillah; state of culture among the population; the economic situation of the population, written in 1937
Folder 117: KALUSZYN (Kalushin)

- Flyer from Artisans Union re: City Council elections, 1939

- Flyer from Bund, April 1929

Folder 118: KAMIENIEC LITEWSKI (Kamenets-Litovsk)

- Kehillah Elections, 9/7/1927: Flyers from Zionists

- Letter from wojewoda, the province governor, regarding the establishment of a Jewish Kehillah in the city, Polish, 5/31/1928

Folder 119: KATOWICE (Katovits)

- Elections to Municipal Council, November, 14, 1926

- PPS Jewish list

Folder 120: KIELCE (Kelts)

- Sejm elections, 1928: Appeals from Bloc of National Minorities;

- Kehillah Election flyers, various years

Folder 121: KIELCE (Kelts)

- Announcements of literary presentations

- Religious Schools and Study Houses

- Kehillah Announcement, 1931

Folder 122: KLECK (Kletsk)

- Kehillah elections, 1928: flyers from Merchants Association; Artisans; Religious; Religious Artisans; Butchers’ List

- Kehillah announcements: Free-loan fund, Women’s Society, Library ledger, 1914

Folder 123: KLIMONTOW (Klimentov)
- Invitation by Artisans Association to a lecture
Folder 124: KOBRYN (Kobrin)

- City Council elections, flyer from Merchants’ Union

- Kehillah elections, flyer by Agudas Yisroel

- Kehillah elections, flyers from butchers, merchants, artisans

- Printed forms from the Artisansbank

- Excerpts from the vital records books, 1911

Folder 125: KOBYLNIKI (Kobilnik)

- Minutes of meetings of elections committee, 5/13/1929, Polish

- Hebrew letter from the town Rabbi

Folder 126: KOCK (Kotzk)
- Information from the kehillah concerning payments for water and the use of mikvah, circa 1920
Folder 127: KOIDANOVO (Koidenav)
- Yiddish writer’s report of a pogrom perpetrated by the Polish soldiers on July 10th, 1920
Folder 128: KOLO (Koyl)

- Kehillah elections, flyers

- appeal to the Landslayt in New York

Folder 129: KOLO (Koyl)

- Sejm elections, city council elections, 1929 flyers from:

- Poalei Zion; Petty Merchants, Zionists, Bund, National Bloc

Folder 130: KOLO (Koyl)

- Bund invitations and announcements

- Hehalutz invitations

- Protest-meeting against the Sejm Deputy

- Yitskhak Grunbaum: appeal from religious Jews

- Regulations and announcements from the Jewish town library

- Flyers of cultural events

- Letters, Polish

Folder 131: KOLOMYJA (Kolomey)

- Sejm elections, rules, flyers: Bloc for cooperation with the government; Poalei Zion; National Bloc; Zionists; Aguda, academics

- City Council elections: flyers from Bund, Poalei Zion

Folder 132: KOLOMYJA (Kolomey)

- Kehillah elections, 8/5/1928: Flyers: Zionists;Young Agudas Yisroel; Economic Bloc; Artisans; Religious parties; Poalei Zion; Non-partisan Bloc; Bund; Mizrakhi;Yad khareydis; Petty Merchants; Zionists; others

- Kehillah activities, financial reports, 1929 and 1930

Folder 133: KOLOMYJA (Kolomey)

- Artisans Union, invitations to events; obituaries for deceased members

- Religious work of synagogues and study houses

Folder 134: KOLOMYJA (Kolomey)

- Bund, announcements re: lecture; invitations from Medem Library

- Invitations from the “Jutrzenka” Sports Club

- Subscription card from Dov Liebman Library

- Correspondence from Hehalutz Hatsair

Folder 135: KONIECPOL (Konyetspol)

- Kehillah elections, 4/1927

- Flyer from Poalei Zion

Folder 136: KONIN (Konin)
- Kehillah elections, 1936: Flyers: Artisans Union; Revisionists; Bund; Poalei Zion; Religious
Folder 137: KONIN (Konin)

- Jewish Public Library: Reports for years 1905-1920; miscellaneous printed matter

- Jewish Workers’ Society: financial report, April 1, 1919 to December 31, 1919

- Printed Materials from the Bronislaw Grosser Club’s Tea Room

- Announcements about lectures; membership applications from “Maccabi”

Folder 138: KONSKIE (Konsk)
- City Council elections, 7/3/1927: announcements from Bund and from United Jewish List
Folder 139: KOPYCZYNCE (Kopitshinyets)
- Kehillah elections, 7/22/1928: flyer
Folder 140: KORZEC (Korets)

- Correspondence between the town Rabbi with other rabbis, Russian, 1912

- Report of the committee to assist war-victims, 8/1/1916 – 2/1/1917, Russian

- Announcements from Military Commander of Korzec Russian

- Announcement to create an organization Akhdus

Folder 141: KORZEC (Korets)

- Receipt for contribution from the Kehillah on behalf of the Polish insurgents in Upper Silesia, 1921, Polish

- Letter from Icchak Grunbaum about the Kehillah issue in Eastern Poland and the Sejm, Hebrew

Folder 142: KOSOW (Kosov)

- Jewish Kehillah: announcement re: public auction of bathhouse, 1929; taxes; letter to Jewish parents about education

- Hehalutz: announcements and invitations

Folder 143: KOSTOPOL (Kostopol)
- Explanation from the Kehillah about time-change, German
Folder 144: KOSZYCE (Koshits)

- Kehillah Committee for Reconstruction: plea for help to the Jewish communities

- Free-Loan Society and Co-op Bank

Folder 145: KOWEL (Kovel)

- City Council elections, 1928, flyers

- Announcements about lectures

- Donations for Pesakh

- Letters to YIVO, 1937

Folder 146: KOZIENICE (Kozhenits)
- Announcement from the Bund about elections of the town Rabbi
Box 5
Folder 147: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Minutes of the Society Ahavas Reyim for years 1926-1929 and 1933-1938
Folder 148: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Ahavas-Reyim Society, balance and receipt book
Folder 149: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Records of charitable donations, 1915-1918: Help for refugees and others in need
Folder 150: KRAKOW (Kroke)

- Election materials

- Kehillah elections, 1925

- City Council, 1933

- Sejm ,1928

Folder 151: KRAKOW (Kroke)

- Bund posters and invitations

- Jewish Social-Democratic Party in Galicia, materials

Folder 152: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Hitachdut circulars, mimeographed letters to members of Zionist Worker's party for Western Galicia and Silesia, circa 1930
Folder 153: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Hehalutz Circulars
Folder 154: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Trade Unions: Clothing Trades and Metal Trades, flyers
Folder 155: KRAKOW (Kroke)

- Flyers from Religious parties

- Public Education Association, announcement

- 1935; membership card, 1935

- Bronislaw Grosser Library

Folder 156: KRAKOW (Kroke)
- Artisans Union, announcements; invitations to meetings, lectures
Folder 157: KRAKOW (Kroke)

- Letter exchange between the Society “Ognisko” of Jewish students from the Jagiellonian University and Tsemakh Shabad re: inappropriate attitude of the newspaper Vilner Tog towards Society for writing a letter to the newspaper in Polish instead of Yiddish, 1928

- A note from I. Grunbaum to the Jewish deputies in the Sejm, 1928, with enclosed letter by Ignacy Daszynski

Box 6
Folder 158: KRASNIK (Krashnik)

- City Council elections, 7/3/1927

- Flyers from Poalei Zion

- Questionnaire from “Hehalutz”

- Informational flyer from Free Loan Association

Folder 159: KROSNIEWICE (Kroshnevits)

- City Council elections, 4/28/1929: Flyers from United Artisans; Jewish National Bloc; Zionists; Orthodox; Zionist Merchants

- Kehillah elections, flyers

Folder 160: KRYNICA (Krinitse)
- Announcement for the Jewish Kehillah about the shortage of houses of worship
Folder 161: KRYNKI (Krinki)

- City Council elections, 1927: Flyers from: National Bloc; Non-partisan, Bund; Artisans, 1928

- Kehillah elections: Flyers from Poalei Zion; Bund; Zionists, others

- Permits for Jews to conduct business, pre-1916, Russian

Folder 162: KRZEMIENIEC (Kremenits)

- Questionnaire to answers for Jewish farmers, Kremenits district

- City Council elections, flyers from Renters and Landowners; National Bloc; workers and impoverished list

- Kehillah elections, flyers and announcement regarding lecture by B. Aisurowicz

Folder 163: KRZEPICE (Kzhepits)
- Kehillah elections, 5/20/1931, flyer from Zionists
Folder 164: KRZYWCZA (Kzhivtse)
- Invitations for the opening of the Beys-Haam, 12 August 1928
Folder 165: KURZENIEC (Kureniets)

- Financial Report to the JOINT of Purchases and Expenses for orphans care, 1/25-2/25, 1923

- Report by Hehalutz

Folder 166: KUTNO (Kutne)

- City Council elections, 1929: Flyers from Bund; Poalei Zion; Leftwing Labor list; letter about registration, Polish

- Kehillah elections: Flyers from Bund, Poalei Zion, Democratic Bloc of the Petty Merchants’ Association; PoaleiAgudas Yisroel; Folkists; Artisans; Religious Bloc; Zionists

Folder 167: KUTNO (Kutne)
- Kehillah announcements and other printed materials
Folder 168: KUTNO (Kutne)

- Political Parties and Organizations

- Bund: invitations; article in the “Folkstsaytung” about an evening commemorating Beinish Michalewicz

- Zionists, Hehalutz; announcements, flyers, invitations; Tseirey-Emuney-Yisroel, and Bnoys-Agudas Yisroel

- “Faraynigte” financial report of election campaign, 1919

- Women’s Association, copies of letters

- Artisans’ Society, invitations

- Trade Union of Needle-workers, flyers from Morgnshtern Sports Association

- Yiddish Literary Society invitation

- I. L. Peretz Library, printed matter

- Society of Friends of YIVO, flyer about Yiddish, 11/30/1931

Folder 169: KUTNO (Kutne)
- Live Gazette “Kutner veker”, 2/11/1928, manuscripts
Folder 170: KUTNO (Kutne)
- Pinkas of the Khevra-Kadisha (hand-written) for 1914-1918
Folder 171: KUTNO (Kutne)
- Legion Berek Joselewicz (paramilitary): announcements, orders, correspondence, statistics
Box 7
Folder 172: LACHOWICZE (Lekhovitsh, Liakhovitsh)

- Kehillah elections, flyers

- Letters

- Report on situation of Jews, fragment

Folder 173: LAJBISZKI (Leybishok)
- Invitation for Zalmen Reyzen to the inauguration of Agricultural Society
Folder 174: LANDWOROWO (Landvorove)

- Reports from “YEKOPO”,

- Kulture-Lige, 1920

- Financial report from the Kehillah for the month of April 1920

Folder 175: LEBIEDZIEWO (Lebedev)
- Lettersfrom Literary Drama Society to Zalmen Reyzen, June 7, 1922
Folder 176: LIDA (Lide)

- Sejm elections – announcements

- Kehillah elections, 1928 and 1932: announcements and other materials

Folder 177: LIDA (Lide)

- Kehillah activities:

- Ritual slaughter: letters, flyers

- Announcements

Folder 178: LIDA (Lide)

- Jewish People’s Bank invitation to general gathering

- Literary and cultural events; posters

Folder 179: LIPICA-GORNA (Lipitse-Gurne)
- Invitation from Hehalutz to a performance, 21 August, 1932, “Der Batlen or The Wedding as a Joke”
Folder 180: LIPSK (Lipsk)
- Letters about a pogrom, handwritten
Folder 181: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Poalei Agudas Yisroel : Circulars
Folder 182: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Poalei-Zion election flyer, 1918 and various printed materials
Folder 183: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Agudas Yisroel, Miscellaneous
Folder 184: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Jewish Folk-Party, miscellaneous
Folder 185: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Tailors’ Union, election flyer
Folder 186: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Mercantile Employees, minutes of the first meeting, Lodz, June 16, 1928, and circulars, 1928
Folder 187: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Bund flyers
Folder 188: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Poalei-Zion, election flyers, 1930
Folder 189: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Election poster, Kehillah elections, 1931
Folder 190: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Election flyers, elections to Sick Benefit Fund
Folder 191: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Election flyers, to Sejm, various years
Folder 192: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Jewish Tourism Society, printed materials
Folder 193: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Kotik’s Library, fragment of a manuscript
Folder 194: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Printed materials from TOZ
Folder 195: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Artisans Union printed materials
Folder 196: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Gordonia, printed matter
Folder 197: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Election Flyers from various Jewish parties, election flyers from Polish Socialists and Christian groups
Folder 198: LODZ (Lodzh)
- Materials from various cultural organizations
Folder 199: LODZ (Lodzh)

- Histories of Jews in Lodz – fragments

- Includes statistical survey of Jewish Lodz in the interwar period

Folder 200: LODZ (Lodzh)
- First World War – Flyers/Announcement from the occupying forces (Russian and German) 1914, 1916
Folder 201: LOKACZ (Lokatsh)
- Flyer issued by “League for the Labor Eretz-Yisroel, 1 March, 1930
Folder 202: LOMZA (Lomzhe)

- Elections to Sejm, Kehillah

- Flyers from political parties and organizations

Folder 203: LOMZA (Lomzhe)

- Bund announcements and flyers

- Medem Library activities

Folder 204: LOMZA (Lomzhe)
- Hehalutz activity announcements
Folder 205: LOMZA (Lomzhe)
- Artisans Union announcements and flyers
Folder 206: LOMZA (Lomzhe)
- Letter in Hebrew from the Jewish literary critic, David Kagan, 1914
Box 8
Folder 207: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)
- Copies of applications from Jews to German occupation authorities, 1915-1917
Folder 208: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)

- Elections to City Council, 1919-1923: flyers and materials

- Financial report of election-campaign of the Progressive Party

Folder 209: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)
- Elections to Kehillah: flyers
Folder 210: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)

- Activities of Zionist Organization, 1917-1919: announcements; minutes of general meeting, 26 August, 1917

- Song-book

Folder 211: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)

- Youth Society: financial report for 1915; other reports

- Annual report of Credit Society for 1913

Folder 212: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)
- Jewish People’s House: minutes of administration, 1918; library; reports and materials
Folder 213: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)

- General census, 1916

- Seyfer takones of the society Keren Hatorah

- Lectures on Jews under the German occupation in the First World War; situation of Jews in German principalities; schools in Lowicz

Folder 214: LOWICZ (Loyvitsh)

- Sport activities

- Statute and other materials of the Jewish Gymnastics Association, Russian; Club “Bar-Kokhba”; “Hazemer”

Folder 215: LUBACZOW (Lobatshov)
- Letter from town-rabbi urging people to vote for the government
Folder 216: LUBLIN (Lublin)

- Kehillah elections, 1931-1936

- Announcements from the Revisionists, Judenstaat Party Zionist list; Mizrakhi and Independent Orthodox, Religious List;- Poalei Zion, Bund, others

Folder 217: LUBLIN (Lublin)

- Announcement from Governor General about establishing a Polish government, November 9, 1916

- Flyer re: Senate elections from Jewish National Economic Bloc

- Clippings from Yiddish press about Lublin

Folder 218: LUBLIN (Lublin)
- Bund, Skif flyers, minutes of meetings, 1929-1936
Folder 219: LUBLIN (Lublin)

- HekHehalutz – letters and circulars

- Tseirey-Agudas Yisroel communication

- Questionnaire from Jewish Sport Club Hapoel

Folder 220: LUBLIN (Lublin)
- Trade unions, Women’ Society, TOZ and other materials
Folder 221: LUBLIN (Lublin)

- Artisans Union

- Cooperative Bank for artisans

- Circulars and Invitations

Folder 222: LUCK (Lutsk)

- 1930 Sejm elections flyers

- Kehillah elections , announcements: Zionists; Communist Party; lists of candidates

Folder 223: LUCK (Lutsk)

- Credit Association

- Advertisements

Folder 224: LUCK (Lutsk)

- Artisans Union: invitation to Union anniversary, 1925

- Poster for lecture by Alter Kacyzne ,“The Gap between Poet and Reader”

- Announcements from Keren Hehalutz

- Letter from khazn Teichtel, 1/17/1928

- “Voliner Prese”, “Lutsker Tsaytung” - correspondence, announcements

Folder 225: LUKOW (Lukov)

- Announcements for Sejm elections

- Flyer from Artisans Union

- Flyer from Union” of Needle-Trade workers

Folder 226: LUNINIEC (Luniniets)
- A flyer from the Shliamarnikes trade
Box 8A
Folder 227: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Book publishers
Folder 228: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Zionist Student Organization
Folder 229: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Election materials
Folder 230: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Elections for Kehillah; 1928 election flyers
Folder 231: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Artisans Unions
Folder 232: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Needle-trade union
Folder 233: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Jewish Agriculture Society
Folder 234: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Not used
Folder 235: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Hehalutz
Folder 236: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Tseirey Agudas Yisroel
Folder 237: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Merchants Associations
Folder 238: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Bund
Folder 239: LWOW (Lemberg)
- Miscellaneous
Box 9
Folder 240: MACIEJOW (Matsheyeve)

- Kehillah elections flyers:

- Zionists, artisans, Petty Merchants

Folder 241: MAKOW (Makeve)

- Jewish Kehillah: election flyers, statutes, activities

- Artisans Union registration form

- TOZ announcements

Folder 242: MAKOW (Makeve)

- Announcement of a Bund event

- Appeal from organizing committee of the trade unions

- Announcement from the Hehalutz, League for Labor Eretz-Yisroel

Folder 243: MAKOW (Makeve)
- People’s University: by-laws; minutes of administration meetings, August 27-29th, November 29th, 1929; financial reports
Folder 244: MAKOW (Makeve)
- People’s University: Correspondence with the district schools department; general correspondence; correspondence register
Folder 245: MEDZYRZEC PODLASKI (Mezritsh)

- Flyers from Bund

- Obituary poster at death of Beynish Michalewicz

- Flyers from trade unions

- Circular from Hehalutz

- Announcement from Culture Institution

Folder 246: MEDZYRZEC PODLASKI (Mezritsh)

- Kehillah flyer

- Artisans Union

- TOZ activities

Folder 247: MERECZ (Meretsh)

- Lists of eligible voters

- TSBK: correspondence with the School

- Committee

- Kehillah finances

Folder 248: MIECHOW (Miekhov)
- Kehillah elections, 1936: appeals from Agudas Yisroel; Revisionists; Orthodox; Non-Partisan Economic Bloc; Zionist Organization
Folder 249: MIELEC (Mielets)

- Sejm elections, 11/16/1930: flyers for the Pilsudski list

- Kehillah elections flyer

- Invitation to a dance

Folder 250: MODZIAL (Modzial)
- Report from Hehalutz, 1930
Folder 251: MOSCISKA (Moshtsisk)
- Kehillah elections, posters, announcements
Folder 252: MOTOL (Motele)
- Various flyers
Folder 253: NALIBOKI (Naliboki)
- A letter explaining that the town had no kehillah because of paucity of the population, 1928
Folder 254: NIEMENCZYN (Nyementshin)
- Election printed matter
Folder 255: NIESWIEZ (Nyezvizh)

- Appeal for elections to Sejm

- Report of TOZ activities, October 1926 to October 1, 1927

- Financial report of organization Briyut, 1924 -1925

Folder 256: NOVOGRODEK (Novogrudek)

- Sejm elections, 1928: appeal from Jewish National Bloc

- Kehillah elections, announcements from political parties

Folder 257: NOVOGRODEK (Novogrudek)

- Contract with soyfer (scribe) to write a Torah scroll dated 30 September 1912

- Memoirs by a member of the “Khevre Shokdey Melokhe,” circa 1880

- Miscellaneous

Folder 258: NOWOJELNIA (Novoyelnie)
- Invitation to a prayer
Folder 259: NOWORADOMSK (Novoradomsk)

- Senate elections, 1922: appeal from United Jewish Elections Committee

- Invitation to a meeting of Independent Socialists, 1916

Folder 260: NOWO-SWIECIANY (Nay-Sventsiyan)

- YEKOPO Committee to aid war-victims:

- Correspondence, circulars, list of aid distributed

- financial report for January 1920

Folder 261: NOWO-SWIECIANY (Nay-Sventsiyan)

- Report of the Kehillah, 1920

- Activity of People’s Bank

- Activities of ORT

- List of teachers employed in Yiddish elementary schools, 1923-1930

Folder 262: NOWO-WILEJKA (Novo-Vileyke/Novovileyke)
- Invitation to graduation ceremony of the Mendele-School
Folder 263: NOWY DWOR (Novydvor)

- Flyers from Bund

- Flyers from Clothing Workers Trade Union

Folder 264: NOWY SACZ (Nay-Sants)

- Sejm elections: appeals from Elections Committee

- Kehillah elections: appeals from Poalei Zion, Orthodox, Zionist Mizrakhi, Zionist Labor-Party Hitakhdut

- Kehillah flyers

Folder 265: OLKIENIKI (Olkenik)

- Flyer of Merchant Association about purchasing patents, 12/14/1928

- Report of a Purim play at the Yiddish folk-shul elementary school

Folder 266: OLKUSZ (Olkush)

- Elections to City Council in 1926:

- Appeals in Polish: PPS (Socialists),

- Democratic Union

- Appeals from, Jewish People’s list, merchants and business owners United religious Youth Elections Committee; United National Youth Bloc

- Flyer from the Society “Postep” about Announcing a general meeting for December 18, 1926

- Receipt from the Agudas Tseirey Yisroel (Young Agudas Yisroel)

Folder 267: OLSZANY (Holtshani)
- Appeal about fire damages
Folder 268: OPATOW (Opatow)

- Hehalutz correspondence with the central committee

- “Opatover Nayes” (Opatov-News), a mimeographed poster-newspaper, 1924

- City Council Elections; appeals for list no. 5, Mizrachi, list no. 1

Folder 269: OPOCZNO (Opotshne)
- Election appeal for list no. 5, Agudas Yisroel in City Council elections
Folder 270: ORLA (Orle)
- a letter about the election campaign
Folder 271: OSTROG (Ostrog)

- Elections to city Council, 1927: flyers from Jewish Petty Merchants’ association, non-partisan list, non-party bloc (Pilsudski), list no. 11

- Invitation from Merchants’ Association to a general meeting

- TOZ flyers and invitation

- History of the town, in Russian

Folder 272: OSTROLEKA (Ostrolenka)

- City Council Elections, 1927: Appeals from Poalei Zion – Tseyre Zion

- Appeal from Kibbutz “Brit-Hapoel” about jobs

Folder 273: OSTROW MAZOWIECKA (Ostrove)

- Elections to City Council:

- Announcements from National United Bloc,

- Orthodox Jewish National Bloc, Bund

- Announcements from Zionist Organization about restrictions on emigration of the Hehalutzim to Palestine

- Appeals of Artisans Union about the Sejm elections

- Flyers about cultural events, lectures


- Appeal from the Kehillah, 1925

- Appeal from the Rabbi about the Sejm elections, 1928

- Announcements from the Kehillah about the cemetery

- Announcement about the selection of the town Rabbi

- Announcement from the Kehillah about taxes, 1926

- Elections to the City Council, 1927, and to the Kehillah:

- Appeals from the associations of artisans, retail merchants, Jewish National List, Central Merchants’ Association, Agudas Yisroel, Non- partisan bloc, Poalei Zion – Tseyre Zion

Folder 275: OSWIECIM (Oshvientshim)
- Appeal to vote for the list no. 1 in the election to the Sejm and Senate, 1928
Folder 276: OSZMIANA (Oshmene)

- Two student notebooks from the TSYSHO school, 1937

- Announcement from the Oshmene election-committee about the Sejm election

Folder 277: OTWOCK (Otvotsk)

- Appeal from the Worker’s Union List to City Council Elections

- Appeal from Bund about the City Council elections, 1921

- Appeal from the National list

- Appeal from the Orthodox list

- Obituary flyers re: the pogrom victims in Palestine

Folder 278: OZDZIUTYCZE (Ozdutshitsh)

- Weekly children’s magazine “Shprotsungen” (“Sproutings”), 10 July, 1920

- Children’s wall-newspaper, 25 July 1920

- Minutes of TSYSHO (Central-Yiddish School Organization), 1927-1928

- Correspondence with TSYSHO, 1922-1928

- Minutes of a Zionist group

Folder 279: OZORKOW (Ozorkov)

- Appeal from Bund about the City Council election, 1927

- Appeal from Poalei Zion re: City Council election, 1927

- Appeal from General Zionists re: City Council election

- Appeal from Agudas Yisroel and unaffiliated employers re: City Council elections

Box 10
Folder 280: PABIANICE (Pabiants)

- Kehillah election: Appeal from the United Bloc of all the Synagogues

- Kehillah activities

- Association of Artisan Weavers

Folder 281: PIASKI (Piask)

- Kehillah elections, 1926: leaflets

- Printed matter from ArtisansAssociation

- Permit for a dramatic presentation in the Sholem-Aleichem Library

Folder 282: PINCZOW (Pintshev)

- Sejm elections, 1930: appeals

- Kehillah elections: appeals

Folder 283: PINSK (Pinsk)

- Sejm elections: flyer for unification of Ukraine, Russian

- Elections for City Council, 3/27/1927 and 8/31/1930: flyers and announcements

Folder 284: PINSK (Pinsk)

- Kehillah elections, 11/1/1936: Flyers from Poalei Zion; Bund; Artisans; Petty Merchants; Mizrahi; Zionists; other

- TOZ, printed matter

- “Hakoah” Sports-club, financial reports, 3/10/1925 and 4/15/1926

- documents regarding the Great Synagogue

Folder 285: PINSK (Pinsk)
- Proofs of the publication: “1000 years of Pinsk”
Folder 286: PINSK (Pinsk)

- Reports from City Administration, 1927-1933, Polish

- “Pinsker Shtime”, correspondence

Folder 287: PINSK (Pinsk)

- Child-care:

- Reports from committee for orphan care from 10/1/1930 to 1/1/1934

- Centos of the Polesie region: report, 1936

- Letters from the orphanage to City Administration, 3/2/1927

- Centos summer camps: statistical charts for 1926 to 1936

Folder 288: PIOTRKOW TRYBUNALSKI (Petrikov)

- Call to a Bund meeting, 1918

- Poster re: Sejm elections, 1930 and a lecture by Z. Katz

- Call to help build a trades school

- Announcement from Emigration Office of the Kehillah

Folder 289: PIOTRKOW TRYBUNALSKI (Petrikov)

- Letter from Rabbi Meyer Shapira to Agudas Shlomey Tseire of Lomzhe

- Makabi Sports Club poster and program

- Trade Union of Office Workers, invitation to a gathering, 24 May 1924

Folder 290: PLISA (Plise)
- Letters from local inspector about disallowing Kehillah-elections, July 20, 1928
Folder 291: PLOCK (Plotsk)

- Kehillah announcements, election flyers

- Jewish Artisans Union: activities, flyers about cultural events and lectures, 1924-1927

- Announcements from the Bund of its 30th anniversary

- Maccabi flyers

- Miscellaneous

Folder 292: PLONSK (Plonsk)

- Kehillah elections, 1936: appeals from: Poalei Zion, League for Labor Palestine, Artisans

- Membership card of the Sports-Club “Shtern”

Folder 293: POCIEJOW (Potsheyov)

- Appeal for Sejm elections, 1928

- Letter from Khone Zalts, Anarchist activist, November 10, 1932

Folder 294: PODBRODZIE (Podbrodzye)

- Budget of the Trade School for Tailoring; list of students

- Invitation to 25th Anniversary of the Public Library

Folder 295: PODDEBICE (Podembits)
- Printed from the Artisans Union
Folder 296: POSTAW (Postav)
- Appeal for Sejm elections, 1935 Letter from a resident to the editor of the “Vilner Tog,” May 6, 1926, regarding the Rabbi’s activities
Folder 297: POZNAN (Poyzn)

- Anti-Jewish propaganda leaflets and postcards describing a wealthy fat Jewish couple vis-a-vis an emaciated Polish family ; a Polish peasant unloads a barrel full of Jews near the signpost “To Palestine; A Jew gets a Pole to crawl into a cage for a meager 1 grosz

- Lleaflet describing victorious Trotzky gazing upon Polish victims being executed by the Reds

- Leaflet calling on Poles not to let the Jews grab their money

- Leaflet describing a Jew in the Red Army uniform bringing a herd of sheep to the slaughterhouse, includes a quote from the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion about conquering the world

Folder 298: PROBUZNA (Probuzhne)
- Announcements from the Kehillah, hand written, 1927 and 1928
Folder 299: PROBUZNA (Probuzhne)
- List of material damages incurred during military activity in Probuzna, list of damaged goods belonging to Chaim Simcha Stock circa 1918
Folder 300: PRUZANA (Pruzhane)

- Municipal elections

- Appeals from workers and independents; the Bund and artisans; the National Bloc

- Description of the town and its Jewish population in 1937

- A letter from the town Rabbi

Folder 301: PRZASNYSZ (Pzhaznish)

- Acknowledgements for contributions to build the town Synagogue, 1920

- Announcement from Artisans Association

Folder 302: PRZEDBOZ (Pshedbozh)
- Kehillah elections, 1936, announcement
Folder 303: PRZEMYSL (Pshemishl)

- Kehillah elections, 1928: flyers by the Orthodox; letters from Agudas Yisroel; documents regarding Khesed shel-emes (care, handling, burial of the poor); National Bloc; Poalei Agudas Yisroel

- Sejm elections: announcement by the National Bloc

- Posters and flyers from the Kehillah about sale of matza and other items

Folder 304: PRZEMYSL (Pshemishl)
- Materials of the pogroms of 1918-1919 and 1931; lists of injured and an estimate of the damage
Folder 305: PULAWY (Pulav)
- Photocopy of weekly issue Shprotsungen, 20 July, 1917
Box 11
Folder 307: RADOM (Radom)

- Rules for kehillah representatives

- Information about the Hehalutz in Radom

- Political leaflets

Folder 308: RADOMSKO (Radomsk)
- Election leaflets, all elections, 1919 – 1939
Folder 309: RADOMYSL (Radomishel)
- Receipt for donation from the committee for Labor Israel in Poland, 1930
Folder 310: RADUN (Radun)
- A clipping about the library of the TSBK in Radun, 1926
Folder 311: RADZYN (Radzin)
- Elections to City Council, 1927: Flyers from National Jewish Election Committee; Bund; Poalei Zion, Leather Workers Union
Folder 312: RAWA RUSKA (Rava Ruska)

- Business papers of Jews of Rawa, 1847-1856

- Announcement from Agudas Yisroel for Kehillah elections

Folder 313: REZEKNE (Rezhitse)
- Announcement about City elections
Folder 314: ROHATYN (Rohatin)

- Announcement about lecture by Yoel Mastboim, 18 June 1930

- Letter to a Rabbi from Agudas Yisroel

Folder 315: ROPCZYCE (Ropshits)
- Announcement of the Kehillah election, April 2, 1933
Folder 316: ROWNE (Rovne)
- City Council election flyers, July 17, 1928
Folder 317: ROWNE (Rovne)

- Correspondence with Kultur Lige re: economic situation, 1921

- Announcement about lecture by Professor Zaretsky

- Announcement by the Union of Clothing Workers

Folder 318: ROZANA GORNA (Rozhan)
- Election flyer, 1928
Folder 319: ROZPRZA (Rospshe)
- Announcement of the Kehillah elections, May 20, 1931
Folder 320: ROZWADOW (Rozvadov)
- Sejm elections, 1935: Flyers
Folder 321: ROZYSZCZE (Rozhishtsh)

- Newspaper clippings about the fire in which the home of the Radoshits Rebbe R’Ber “Saba Kadisha” went up in flames

- Membership book of the Co-op Bank

- Sick Benefit Fund of the Artisans Union

Folder 322: RYMANOW (Rimanov)
- Description of the town
Folder 323: RYKI (Riki)

- Documents regarding Ryki kehillah from the archive of Noah Prylucki

- Description of the town

Folder 324: RYPIN (Ripin)
- kehillah material: Correspondence with the town administration, 1900-1919
Folder 325: RYPIN (Ripin)

- JOINT Questionnaire

- Materials from Bnei Zion

- Materials from Youth Help Committee

- Financial report from evening courses

- Budget of Public Library, 1920

- Flyers for City Council elections, August 31, 1930

Folder 326: RZESZOW (Rayshe)

- Appeal from the Rebbe of Strzyzow (Strizhev) to vote for Jozef Pilsudski

- Membership card of the Jewish workers’ Association “FOROYS”

Folder 327: SADOGORA (Sadigure)
- Appeal from the Rabbi about Sejm elections
Folder 328: SANOK (Sanok)

- Trade Union of Clothing Workers minutes, Ocotober 14, 1928-December 1928

- Polish Announcement of a lecture by Yoel Mastboim

- Questionnaire about theatre

- Letter to the YIVO Terminology Committee, 1932

Folder 329: SANOK (Sonik)

- Materials regarding the kehillah, 1927: Election materials from United People’s Bloc, General Religious Elections Committee, List no. 1, Dr. Fentsik

- Appeals for Support for Yad Kharutsim, which posts obituary announcements in the newspapers

- Appeal for aid to the victims of violence in Palestine, 1929

Folder 330: SANOK (Sonik)

- Zionist activities, "Yidishe Shtime", 3 issues, 1-21-1928 and 21-1921 and undated

- Poster for a Reading, 1924

- Poalei Zion party

- Invitation to a lecture at Hehalutz

- Correspondence and Circulars

Folder 331: SAPOCKIN (Sapotskin)
- Reports from Hehalutz, Hebrew, 1926
Folder 332: SARNY (Sarne)
- Invitations from TOZ to the opening of a sanatorium facility
Folder 333: SASOW (Sasov)
- Appeal for financial help, 1937
Folder 334: SEMIATYCZE (Semiatitsh)

- Appeal from the Committee "For the sake of the wall” regarding Erets-Yisroel

- Kehillah elections flyers

- Kehillah activities, including campaigning against the Shekhita law

- Call to the mass meeting of the Relief

- Committee for the Khevre Bris-Akhim, Anshey-Semiatits”, December 1914

Folder 335: SIEDLCE (Shedlets)

- City Council elections, May 29, 1927

- Flyers for Sejm elections, November 16, 1930

- Flyers for Kehillah elections, November 6, 1936

Folder 336: SIEDLCE (Shedlets)

- 25 years since the founding of the Jewish Arts Organization: appeal, April 4, 1926

- Co-op Bank: announcements and financial reports, 1926-1927

- TOZ communication regarding summer camp

- TOZ invitation to mask and costume ball, December, 1927

Folder 337: SIERPC (Sherpts)
- Questionnaire of 1918 about the town
Folder 338: SKIDEL (Skidel)

- Excerpts from the by-laws of the Khevre-Khaitim (Tailors’ Association), 1798-1884, in Hebrew

- Membership card of Women’s Society

Folder 339: SKIENIEWICE (Skernevits)

- Membership card of the Cultural Society “Progress”

- Lottery ticket

Folder 340: SLONIM (Slonim)
- Elections for Kehillah: appeals; Artisans; Poalei Zion; Economic Bloc; study houses; Zionists
Folder 341: SLONIM (Slonim)

- Letter to the Central Historical Commission in Munich, ca. 1946 regarding actions of the Soviets in Slonim, 1939-1941

- History of Slonim, manuscript

- Talks by a yeshive-bokher about life in yeshiva

Folder 342: SLONIM (Slonim)

- TOZ activities

- Appeal from Bloc for Labor Palestine

- Announcement of a literary evening

Folder 343: SMORGON (Smorgon)
- Kehillah elections, 1928: Flyers from Zionists; Butchers’ Association
Folder 344: SNIATYN (Sniatyn)

- Announcement re: Kehillah elections, 1928

- Announcement from National Bloc regarding elections

- Appeal from United Shoemakers’ Guild

Box 12
Folder 345: SOCHACZEW (Sokhatshev)
- Kehillah elections, 1932: appeals from Religious Elections Committee; Non-partisan Committee; female students of Beys-Yankev Schools
Folder 346: SOKOL (Sokol)

- Flyer re: Kehillah elections

- Invitation from Bund

Folder 347: SOKOLKA (Sokolke)

- City Council elections, 1929, Flyers: Poalei Zion; General Zionists; Poverty-list; Renters; Economic Bloc; Agreement between Bund and elections committee of the Tanners

- Kehillah elections 1928 Flyers: Merchants Association;

- Artisans; Poalei Zion; Linas Hatsedek; Socialist-Zionists

- Kehillah printed matter

Folder 348: SOKOLKA (Sokolke)
- Minutes of the Vaad HaKehillah, 1919
Folder 349: SOKOLKA (Sokolke)
- Merchants’ Association correspondence, flyers, prize contests
Folder 350: SOKOLKA (Sokolke)
- TOZ activity; Linas Hatsedek
Folder 351: SOKOLOW (Sokolov)

- Elections to the Town Council: Leaflets from political parties

- Elections to the Kehillah, 1931, 1936 Election appeals

Folder 352: SOKOLOW (Sokolov) SOLY (Soly)
- Verification of an address, 1920
Folder 354: SOPOT (Tsopot)

- Letters from 1939

- Admission ticket to a dance of the women’s society, 1926

Folder 355: SOSNOWIEC (Sosnovits)

- Sejm elections, 1934

- Appeals from Non-partisan Bloc Committee to defend Jewish rights

- Kehillah elections:

- Announcement from religious Economic Bloc

- Non-partisan workers, artisans, religious

- Agudas Yisroel, Poalei Zion, National Bloc, Proprietiors’ Elections Committee, Revisionists, Mizrahi, Zionists, Labor Zionists

- Jewish Kehillah, announcements

Folder 356: SOSNOWIEC (Sosnovits)

- Announcement from Bund

- Appeals from Clothing Trade Association, Artisans Union

- Announcements from Association Hakhnosas Orkhim

- Flyers against the restrictive decrees by the Mandate (Palestine) Government

Folder 357: STANISLAWOW (Stanisle)
- Printed election appeals
Folder 358: STANISLAWOW (Stanisle)
- Information about the kahillot in Galicia
Folder 359: STANISLAWOW (Stanisle)
- Jewish farmers in the Stanislawow province: correspondence and statistics
Folder 360: STASZOW (Stashev)
- Excerpts from report of events in Stashev on Yom-Kipur, 1914; Excerpted history of Jews in Stashev
Folder 361: STOLIN (Stolin)
- Hehalutz letter
Folder 362: STOLPCE (Stolptzhe)
- Reports on activity from the Women’s Aid Society for the Jewish Poor and Orphaned to the CENTOS (Jewish Orphan Aid Society), 1927
Folder 363: STRYJ (Stri)

- Kehillah elections, 1926: flyers

- Invitation to the founding meeting of the Sholem Asch Cultural Society, 1931

- Letter in German, 1936

Folder 364: SUWALKI (Suvalk)
- OSE report, November 1939, re: organization of medical and nursing assistance, and pediatric care for refugees in the Suwalki region
Folder 365: SWIECIANY (Svientshan)

- Sejm elections, call to vote, for the Pilsudski list, 13 November, 1930

- Kehillah elections, 1928 and 1936

- Appeals from elections committee of the TSYSHO (Central Yiddish School Organization); Artisans; Petty Merchants; Non-partisan national groups; Poalei Zion

Folder 366: SWIECIANY (Svientshan)

- Kehillah, religious work

- Announcement about lectures

- Financial report from the Kehillah regarding the homeless for December 1920

Folder 367: SWIERZEN-NOWY SWIERZEN (Sviezhan-Novy-Sviezhan)
- Description of the town
Folder 368: SWISLOCZ (Sislavitch, Svislotch)
- Report by A. Kotik (representative of JDC): description of the town, 15 November, 1921
Folder 369: SZERESZOW (Shereshev)
- Kehillah elections, flyers
Folder 370: TARNOW (Tarnov)
- City Council elections, May 8, 1927 and May 21, 1939, appeals by Bund
Folder 371: TARNOW (Tarnov)

- Announcements re: Sejm elections, December 1930

- Announcement regaring Kehillah elections

- Professional (Artisans) Society for clothing workers

- Announcement regarding Summer Camp for children

Folder 372: TARNOW (Tarnov)
- Flyers about Study and Prayer Houses
Folder 373: TLUSTE (Toust)

- Invitation from EZRA Committee to a masquerade, 2/26/1927

- Announcement from the Kehillah

Folder 374: TOMASZOW LUBELSKI (Tomashov-Lubelsk)
- School Journal
Folder 375: TOMASZOW LUBELSKI (Tomashov-Lubelsk)

- Election Announcements

- Memorial for Pilsudski

Folder 376: TOMASZOW MAZOWIECKI (Tomashov-Mazovietsk)

- Announcement to elections of Sejm, 1930, 1938

- Announcement to Kehillah elections

- Financial Report from Young Agudas Yisrael

Folder 377: TOMASZOW MAZOWIECKI (Tomashov-Mazovietsk)

- Appeals about events in Palestine

- Announcement from Kehillah administration about the National Polish Loan

- Miscellaneous – Societies for tourism and the sports

Folder 378: TORUN (Torn)
- Copies of letters from Merchants’ Association to the Voyevode regarding anti-semitic activities
Folder 379: TUCHOW (Tuchow)
- Announcement from the Kehillah about matza
Folder 380: TUREK (Turek)
- Flyers re: Kehillah elections in 1933
Folder 381: TURGIEL (Turgel)
- Nomination of the town rabbi, 8/14/1934
Folder 382: TURZYSK (Trisk)
- Announcement regarding kehillah elections
Folder 383: TUSZYN (Tutshin)
- A letter from the kehillah, 1931
Box 13
Folder 385: WARSAW
- Political parties: Zionists-Revisionists; correspondence, rules for the “snifim” (branches), printed flyers, press clippings
Folder 386: WARSAW
- Political parties: Mizrakhi; various materials
Folder 387: WARSAW
- Political parties: Jewish Democratic Party; Reports, Flyers
Folder 388: WARSAW
- Political parties: Yidenshtats Party; various materials
Folder 389: WARSAW
- Political parties: Agudas Yisroel; various materials
Folder 390: WARSAW
- Political parties: Poalei Agudas Yisroel; various materials
Folder 391: WARSAW
- Political parties: Tseirey Agudas Yisroel; various materials
Folder 392: WARSAW
- Political parties: Zionist-Socialists; flyers, 1906
Folder 393: WARSAW
- Political parties: Bund; flyers, minutes of the 5th convention
Folder 394: WARSAW
- Political parties: Skit-Socialist Children’s Union; circular letters, 1931
Folder 395: WARSAW
- Political parties: Poalei Zion; various materials
Folder 396: WARSAW
- Political parties: Anarchists, Trotskyists, Faraynigte; various materials
Folder 397: WARSAW
- Political parties: Pilsudski’s Bloc; various materials
Folder 398: WARSAW
- Political parties: Bloc of National Minorities; various materials
Folder 399: WARSAW
- Political parties: Jewish Democratic Folk Bloc; various materials
Folder 400: WARSAW
- Political parties: United Jewish National Bloc; various materials
Folder 401: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Poalei Zion; various materials
Folder 402: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Independent Socialist Labor Party; various materials
Folder 403: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Jewish economic Bloc; various materials
Box 14
Folder 404: WARSAW
- Political Parties: P.P.S. (Polish Socialist Party); various materials
Folder 405: WARSAW
- Political Parties: P.P.S. (Polish Socialist Party); various materials
Folder 406: WARSAW
- Political Parties: P.P.S. (Polish Socialist Party); various materials
Folder 407: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Communist Party; various materials
Folder 408: WARSAW
- Political parties: Catholic Bloc; various materials
Folder 409: WARSAW
- Political parties: Christian United List; various materials
Folder 410: WARSAW
- Political parties: General Instructions; various materials
Folder 411: WARSAW
- Political parties: National Bloc; election materials
Folder 412: WARSAW
- Political Parties: United Zionist Democratic Bloc; various materials
Folder 413: WARSAW
- Political Parties: National Economic Bloc; various materials
Folder 414: WARSAW
- Political Parties: BUND; various materials
Folder 415: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Poalei Zion; various materials
Folder 416: WARSAW
- Political Parties: HeHalutz; various materials
Folder 417: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Halutz Mizrakhi; various materials
Folder 418: WARSAW
- Political Parties: Halutz Hatsair; various materials
Folder 419: WARSAW
- Political parties: Keren Kayemet; various materials
Folder 420: WARSAW
- Political parties: Keren Hayishuv; various materials
Folder 421: WARSAW
- Political parties: Taharas Bnoys Yisroel; various materials
Folder 422: WARSAW
- Political parties: League for Labor Eretz-Yisroel; various materials
Folder 423: WARSAW
- Political parties: Frayland Lige (Territorialists);various materials
Folder 424: WARSAW
- Jewish Kehillah: Budgets and other financial materials
Folder 425: WARSAW
- Jewish Kehillah: Elections, Sh’khite, other materials
Folder 426: WARSAW

- Jewish Kehillah: Kehillah Elections

- Election-literature: Bund; Poalei Zion, Non-partisan United Religious Activists Non-partisan Religious Jews; Democratic Fund for Labor; Mizrakhi; Bloc of Religious Workers, Akhdes-Yisroel; Non-partisan Study Houses; Yitzkhok Blum List; Other

Folder 427: WARSAW
- Election materials for Sick-Benefit-Fund: Announcements from Bund, Poalei Zion and others
Box 15
Folder 428: WARSAW
- Women’s Association
Folder 429: WARSAW
- International World Youth Union
Folder 430: WARSAW
- Synagogues and study houses
Folder 431: WARSAW
- Culture League, general
Folder 432: WARSAW
- Culture League, libraries
Folder 433: WARSAW
- Culture League, People’s University
Folder 434: WARSAW
- Jewish People’s Education League
Folder 435: WARSAW
- Library, Hazamir
Folder 436: WARSAW
- YIVO Pedagogical Division, Yiddish Literary Society, Judaic Library
Folder 437: WARSAW
- Friends of Hebrew University
Folder 438: WARSAW
- Jewish Geographical landkentenish Society
Folder 439: WARSAW
- Association for Jewish Academic Mutual Aid
Folder 440: WARSAW
- Publishing Houses: Central, Kult-Bukh; Kotik; Yakubson-Goldberg; Haseyfer; Limud; Lidsky; Bikher; Alt-Yidish; Kleckin
Folder 441: WARSAW
- Older Russian-Yiddish Publishers
Folder 442: WARSAW
- Catalogs
Folder 443: WARSAW
- Sports Club Gwiazda - Shtern
Folder 444: WARSAW
- Gwiazda – Shtern, correspondence
Folder 445: WARSAW
- Gwiazda-Shtern, leaflets and blank forms
Folder 446: WARSAW
- Makabi Sport-Club
Folder 447: WARSAW
- “Kraft” Sport-Club
Box 16
Folder 448: WARSAW
- Artisans Union, up to 1930
Folder 339: WARSAW
- Artisans Union, 1931-1939
Folder 450: WARSAW
- Artisans Union, Footwear, Cobblers, Furriers, Tinsmiths
Folder 451: WARSAW
- Artisans– Tailors
Folder 452: WARSAW
- Artisans- Tie-makers
Folder 453: WARSAW
- Artisans- Hole-punchers
Folder 454: WARSAW
- Report on Jews in Poland in the 1920’s , written by A.T. (Aryeh Tartakover) and Spero, German
Folder 455: WARSAW
- Correspondence of provisional Jewish National Council, 1927
Folder 456: WARSAW
- People’s Banks: declarations, goals, announcements
Folder 457: WARSAW
- Free-Loan Kassas; Correspondence
Folder 458: WARSAW
- Printed report for 1927 of all Kassas
Folder 459: WARSAW
- Agriculture (farming), Reports in German and in Yiddish
Folder 460: WARSAW
- Co-operative movement, report for 1928
Folder 461: WARSAW

- Aid; a letter from a Jew expelled from Germany, 8/16/1939, to the resettlement committee in Vilna to the needy, various years

- Professional Organizations

Box 17
Folder 462: WARSAW

- Central Commission of Polish Professional Associations

- Announcements for the years 1920, 1931 and 1937

- Newspaper clipping showing statistical data about professional associations in 34 countries in 1922

Folder 463: WARSAW

- National Council of Class Trade Unions, Jewish Division (Kultur-amt) announcements and circulars, 1920-1938;

- invitations to cultural events and gatherings; printed matter

Folder 464: WARSAW
- Class Trade Unions right-to-work Bureau, Circulars, Announcements
Folder 465: WARSAW
- Workers’ Credit Cooperatives Emigration Bureau, letters
Folder 466: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union announcements, loan receipts, minutes of meetings, listings of candidates for election to office, membership cards
Folder 467: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union, Warsaw branch; various materials
Folder 468: WARSAW
- Clothing Worker’s Union cultural events, announcements, handwritten, undated
Folder 469: WARSAW
- Clothing Worker’s Union; calls to union meetings, handwritten and printed, various dates
Folder 470: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union; membership mailings, undated
Folder 471: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union; membership mailings, undated
Folder 472: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union; Communist opposition, announcements, 1924-1930
Folder 473: WARSAW
- Clothing Workers Union, Poalei Zion opposition, flyers, candidate listings
Folder 474: WARSAW
- Unions: Cap-makers, Purse-makers, leather workers, Transport Photographers, Printers, Metal-workers, newspaper distributors, communal employees; various materials
Folder 475: WARSAW
- Union of Sales Employees, announcements and circulars, Announcements from the opposition group, Democratic group, Poalei Zion group, Communist group; various materials
Folder 476: WARSAW
- Union of Sales Employees, announcements and circulars, Announcements from the opposition Group (Bund), Democratic group, Poalei Zion group, Communist group; various materials
Folder 477: WARSAW
- Union of Sales Employees, announcements and circulars, Announcements from the opposition Group (Bund), Democratic group, Poalei Zion group, Communist group; various materials
Folder 478: WARSAW
- Union of Sales Employees, announcements and circulars, Announcements from the opposition Group (Bund), Democratic group, Poalei Zion group, Communist group; various materials
Folder 479: WARSAW
- Food Workers Union, copies of correspondences and minutes, 1920’s
Folder 480: WARSAW
- Bakery Worker’s Union, minutes of meetings, correspondences, 1923-1928
Folder 481: WARSAW
- Warsaw Municipality, 2 reports: Work of the Aid Department, 1916; State of the Typhoid Epidemic in Warsaw, March 1, 1918
Folder 482: WARSAW

- Petitions to Russian Governor of Warsaw, 1915

- List of members of the State Council of the Polish Kingdom

- Invitation from President Moscicki to Noah Prylucki

- paper clippings from various newspapers on anti-Semitism, economic condition of Jews

Box 18
Folder 483: WARSAW
- Newspaper clippings concerning anti-Semitism, 1936-1937
Folder 484: WARSAW
- Newspaper clippings concerning anti-Semitism, 1936-1937
Folder 485: WARSAW
- Clippings regarding Jewish trade and industry, 1920-1923
Folder 486: WARSAW

- “Moment” - Materials about the history of the paper; “Haynt”; “Naye Folkstsaytung”; “Undzer Expres”

- Communiques from Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Folder 487: WARSAW

- Various newspapers and printed matter; The Shadkhan, the Orphan, Domestic Life Jewish Artisans, Theatre, Married Bliss The Child, Awakening, Jewish Annals, Morgenshtern, Undzer Velt, Frayland, Art and Culture

- Hebrew Journals: Haaretz; HeAtid

Folder 488: WARSAW

- “Literarishe Bleter” – Questionnaire (survey) conducted December 1928 among readers yielding some 200 responses

- Two letters to the readers

Folder 489: WARSAW
- Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists, Jewish PEN-Club
Folder 490: WARSAW
- Jewish Education; Petition to German military administration about recognizing the Jewish schools (in German), 1916
Folder 491: WARSAW
- Program of Pedagogic State Lyceum in Warsaw (in Polish)
Folder 492: WARSAW
- Verdict by the Supreme Court in Poland, against a Jewish woman for illegally changing her name from Rifka to Ludwika, June 7, 1921
Folder 493: WARSAW
- Miscellaneous official documents, announcements
Folder 494: WARSAW
- Various invoices
Folder 495: WARSAW
- Calling cards, invitations
Box 19
Folder 496: WASILKOW (Vasilkov)
- Letters to the readers of the Wasilkow Public Library, 20 October, 1926
Folder 497: WASZKI (Washki)
- Article by Tsivion, published (printed) in Forverts, about this shtetl, 15 January, 1915
Folder 498: WEGROW (Vengrove)

- Announcement from the Jewish Kehillah about elections in May 1931

- Announcement from Poalei-Zion to an election rally

- TOZ materials

Folder 499: WIDZE (Vidze)
- Hebrew letter from Rav Siletski to Chief of Teachers’ Seminary in Vilna
Folder 500: WIELUN (Vielun)

- Kehillah elections: flyers from unaffiliated business owners, Religious workers

- Admission ticket and invitation to a gathering of Poalei Zion

- Materials of the Workers’ Society for Physical Education “Gwiazda – Shtern”

Folder 501: WILEJKA (Vileyke)

- Appeal to the Jewish population from the Kehillah about giving aid, 1929

- Letter concerning a court battle with the church

- Meeting of the Zionist organizations, Artisans and petty merchants, 29 February, 1928, concerning the Sejm elections

Folder 502: WISNIOWA GORA (Vishniove-Gure)
- Advertisement from a teacher
Folder 503: WISNIOWIEC (Vishniavits)

- List of candidates for Kehillah elections

- Kehillah Materials

- Orphan Care

Folder 504: WISZNIEWO (Vishneva)
- Jewish People’s Bank: advertisement
Folder 505: WLADYSLAWOWO (Vladislavov)
- Freight-document, dated 1860, Russian and Polish
Folder 506: WLOCLAWEK (Vlotslavek)

- Elections to the Sejm and Senate

- Flyer from Non-partyBloc

- Jewish Kehillah

- Jewish Election Committee for P.P.S.

- Jewish National Economic Bloc

- Bloc to Fight for Jewish Equal Rights

- General Jewish National Bloc

Folder 507: WLOCLAWEK (Vlotslavek)

- Kehillah Elections

- Announcement and Rules

- Appeals: Zionists, Poalei-Zion, National Religious Bloc, Agudas Yisroel, Revisionists

- Artisans Union

- Supplementary Elections to City Council

- Announcements – Poalei-Zion, United Jewish Committee

Folder 508: WLOCLAWEK (Vlotslavek)

- Kehillah Announcements and Flyers

- Announcements supporting State Loans

- Flyers about events in Palestine

Folder 509: WLOCLAWEK (Vlotslavek)

- Appeals about Child Care

- Yiddish School Organization (Tsysho)


- Artisans Union, Correspondence

- Hospice for Sick

- Maccabi Sports Club

Folder 510: WLOCLAWEK (Vlotslavek)

- Items from Horontchik’s Archive:

- A letter from Horontchik about the excesses in Wloclawek

- A passionate announcement to every Jewish heart about not buying and eating “treyf” food at Bund

Folder 511: WLODAWA (Vlodava)

- Announcement from provisional Kehillah committee

- Information from Hakhnose Orkhin Society


- Kehillah activities

- Religious activities – Study houses, Shokhtim

- Kehillah elections announcements: Zionist organizations Mizrakhi, Artisans, Orthodox, Petty Merchants’ Association; Jewish Labor Party and others

- Activities of People’s Bank

- Poster from 1913 (Russian)

- Leaflet from Artisans Union


- Academic Society , cultural events: film “From Egypt to Erets-Yisroel”; meeting re: the opening of Hebrew University in Jerusalem

- BUND events: Fascism and Anti-Semitism; trial of Motke Ganev

Folder 516: WLOSZCZOWA (Vloshtshev)
- Election to the Kehillah, 20 May, 1931, appeal by the Mizrakhi
Folder 517: WOLKOWYSK (Volkovisk)

- Financial Report of Linas Kholim, January 1921-April 1922

- Letter(s) (Polish) to the Police Commandant about a dispute between two Jews

- Program of math-studies for the 7th grade in gymnasium

- Letters from Merchants Association, 1926

- Letters from Rav Ma-Yofis

- Flyer re: the Kehillah elections

Folder 518: WOLOZYN (Volozhin)

- Letter to Zalman Reisen about a man who abandoned his wife in 1926

- Letter about building a synagogue

Folder 519: WORONOWO (Voronov)
- Written minutes of the Kehillah session, 1 November, 1919
Folder 520: WYSOKIE LITEWSKIE (Visoki-Litevsk)
- Kehillah elections – Flyers from artisans, Zionists, Religious parties and Bund
Folder 521: WYSZKOW (Vishkeve)
- Membership card of the Sports-club “Shtern”
Folder 522: WYSZOGROD (Vishograd)
- Theatre programs from the Drama Circle of the Trade Union’s Drama Circle
Folder 523: ZABLOTOW (Zablatov)
- Announcement about Kehillah Elections
Folder 524: ZAGOROW (Zagurov)
- Description of Town in 1935 , handwritten for YIVO in Vilna
Folder 525: ZAMARSTYNOW (Zamarstinov)

- Kehillah election: announcement by BUND re: election meeting

- Elections, 1929

Folder 526: ZAMBROW (Zambrov)
- Miscellaneous
Folder 527: ZAMOSC (Zamoshtsh)

- Announcements from “Zenith”- Sports-Club

- Appeal re: Sejmelections

- Letters to YIVO

Folder 528: ZAREBY KOSCIELNE (Zaromb)
- Certification from the Kehillah in re: applying for foreign passport, 1921
Folder 529: ZAWIERCIE (Zaviertshe)
- Appeal from Keren Aliya, 25 November, 1929
Folder 530: ZDUNSKA WOLA (Z’Dunske-vole)

- Announcement from the Culture Society, regarding workers’ Congress against anti-Semitism, 1936

- Depiction of the shtetl for YIVO (Vilna)

Folder 531: ZDZIECIOL (Zhetl)

- Announcement about election meeting

- Letter from Rabbi Sorotskin

Folder 532: ZELUDOK (Zhaludek)

- Balance for 1 January, 1930 of the Cooperative Folks bank

- Invitation from the Gmina to town Rabbi to a Consultation about the unemployed, 1937

- Invitation to commemorate Pilsudski

Folder 533: ZELWA (Zelva)

- People’s Cooperative Bank in Zelwa: balance as of January 1, 1930

- Assessment of a Jewish-owned household in Zelwa, 1921

Folder 534: ZGIERZ (Zgierzh)

- Announcement re: City Council elections in 1917

- Announcement re: Kehillah Elections

- Artisans Club for Literary Events

- Announcements from Rabbi of Zgierz

Folder 535: ZLOCZOW (Zlotshev)

- Appeal re: Sejm elections

- Appeal re: Kehillah elections

Folder 536: ZMIGROD (Zhmigrod)
- Letter about Kehillah taxes to the church, February 25, 1935
Folder 537: ZOLKIEW (Zhulkov)

- Oversize

- Business papers and court records pertaining to Jews in Zolkiew, Galicia, 1834-1856, particularly from Yankev Apter

Folder 538: ZYCHLIN (Zhikhlin)
- Document from the Jewish Kehillah regarding kosher slaughter
Folder 539: ZYRARDOW (Zhirardov)

- Letters from the Free Loan Fund, financial report covering April 1, 1937-March 31, 1938

- Letter from Joint about the Fund, 12/29/1938

- Article by Borukh Shefner about Zhirardov

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Series 1: Poland (Vilna archives), 1850-1939
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