Guide to the Papers of Abraham Moshe Bernstein (1866-1932), 1878-1937, RG 36

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Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of Abraham Moshe Bernstein (1866-1932), 1878-1937, RG 36

ID: RG 36 FA

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Abraham Moshe Bernstein (1866, Shatzk, Byelorussia – 1932, Vilna, Poland), cantor, choir master, composer of Jewish liturgical and popular music, music teacher, musicologist and writer. Active in the S. Ansky Historical Ethnographic Society in Vilna where he headed its Music Department from the early 1920s until his death in 1932. Collector of Yiddish musical folklore and author of the Muzikalisher pinkes , an anthology of Yiddish folk musical creativity. The papers contain Bernstein’s manuscripts and published works.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection relates to Bernstein's career and consists of the following:

Printed musical works by Bernstein. Musical manuscripts by Bernstein. Liturgical works: Friday evening prayer service; Sabbath morning service; High Holiday prayers; Psalms; zemirot; secular works; children's songs, 12 notebooks. Ethnomusicological works and transcriptions. Arrangements by Bernstein. Works attributed to Bernstein.

Manuscripts of articles and essays by Bernstein relating to Gershon Sirota, Solomon Salzer, Abraham Baer Birnbaum. Partial Yiddish translation of Ecclesiastes. Choral volumes and individuals' part books in manuscript, used by A.M. Bernstein and his choir at Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna. Printed music by others: Samuel Alman, Mattiah Bensman, Eduard Birnbaum, D. Deutscher, Aron Friedman, Sh. Greentsayg, Erno Hoffman, Louis Lewandowski, Arno Nadel, David Nowakowski, Aron Merko Rothmuller, Nakhum Sternheim, Joshua Samuel Weisser, Eliakum Zunser. Musical manuscripts by others.

A collection of Jewish folk songs and tunes which was gathered by Bernstein as part of the project directed by him for the S. Ansky Historical-Ethnographic Society in 1926. Many of the collected songs were published in the anthology Muzikalisher pinkes (Musical Record), Vilna 1927 (reprinted in the U.S. by the Cantor’s Association in 1958). A significant part of the 1926 collection has not been published hitherto.

Manuscript of A.M. Bernstein's autobiography, Gilgalim . Obituaries of Bernstein. Photographs of famous cantors. Family photographs of the Bernstein and Punski families.

The music and folklore materials in the A.M. Bernstein papers derive largely from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus, which were the territories that made up the Jewish pale of settlement in the Russian empire. Additionally, there are items sent from Breslau, Boston, and New York, as well as Sephardic tunes from Palestine.

The A.M. Bernstein Papers were deposited at YIVO in Vilna in 1937. Looted by the Einsatzstab Rosenberg and sent to Germany in 1942 or 1943, these papers were recovered by the YIVO in New York in 1947. Some biographical materials including Bernstein’s autobiography (see Supplement C, f.29/4516) were added to the collection by the Punski family from Brussels in 1974.

The bulk of the collection was cataloged by Albert Weisser in 1969. Addendum materials were described by Chana Mlotek in 1984.

Historical Note

Biographical Note

A.M. Bernstein Chronology

Sources and bibliography (abbreviations and full citation) follow the chronology

1866 - Born July 21 (Tishah B’Av) in Shatzk, small town in the province of Minsk, western White Russia. Sixth child of moderately well-to-do parents, (BM, SH). (Other sources give Bernstein’s date of birth as 1865; however, his brother’s article is so detailed and knowledgeable about his early life, and my check on the Hebrew and civil calendars, have convinced me that 1866 is probably the correct date.

1870 - Sent to "kheyder" (elementary religious school) in town. He was so put upon by its autocratic teachers and the clamorous and wailing atmosphere that he became literally ill. (BM).

1871 - Allowed to study in the town "Bet Midrash" where he made remarkable strides. First began to show musical aptitudes in assisting his father, an amateur cantor, during services. (BM, SH).

1875 - Attends Yeshiva in Minsk. (BM).

1876 - Death of Bernstein’s mother to whom he was extremely devoted. Became an enthusiast of the cantor Yisroelke Minsker der Khazn, a “Baal Tefilah” who was known for his sweet hazanut and exemplary diction. Became a member of Yisroelke’s choir but was troubled by the taunts and “vulgar behavior” of his fellow choir members. (BM).

1879 - Enters the famous yeshiva in Mir, Poland. (BM).

1881 - Leaves yeshiva in Mir. Wanders from town to town in Poland. Great dissatisfaction with the prevailing lack of idealism, musicality, style and religious devotion in the hazanut circles he encounters. Extreme economic deprivation. Search for cantor to whom he could be apprenticed with confidence and dedication. (BM).

1884 - Arrives in Kovno, Russia. Befriends Cantor Raphael Yehudah Rabinowitch of the Kovno Khor-Shul with whom he undertakes intensive cantorial studies. Bernstein is convinced that he has found what he has been searching for. Rabinowitch has an enormous influence over him (BARA). Bernstein becomes member of his household. Does extensive reading in Yiddish, Hebrew, German and Russian literature (BM), and is made cantorial assistant and choir master to Rabinowitch (ST). Attends music school in Kovno and works with diligence to acquaint himself with general music history and music theory (LYT). Begins to compose in earnest – finishes songs Am Olam (text by Mordekhai Tzvi Mane) and Zamd un Shtern (text by Shmuel Frug) (BM).

1888 - Becomes cantor at second Khor-shul, Adat Yeshurun in Bialystok (BM, SH).

1889 - Engaged as choir master for Cantor Baruh Leib Rosowsky in Khor-shul, Riga (BARO)

1891 - Engaged as cantor at Vilna Khor-shul, Taharat Hakodesh, 35 Zavalna Street (LNYT, LYT, ST, ZA). (Other sources make the date of this event 1893. But as all other sources agree that his ministry here lasted thirty years and his successor, Eliyahu Zaludkowski, was engaged in 1921 has convinced me that 1891 is correct.)

1893 - Marries Lina Ansell, December 25 in Riga. Six children.

1898 - Publishes in Vilna the song Am Olam (Hebrew) as No. 1 of collection Neginot Yisrael: Liedersammlung aus der Hebraischen Poesie nebst Tonzeichen Zum Gesang mit Klavierbegleitung . Some sources (LYNT, LYT) list 1893 as the publication date of this song, but I have not been able to trace any published copy prior to 1898.

1900 - Publishes in Vilna the songs Al Hareri Tziyon (text by Menahem Mendel Dolitzky) and his subsequently very popular Zamd un Shtern (text by Shmuel Frug) under one cover, the first in Hebrew the second in Yiddish. Some sources list 1893 as publication date (LYNT, LYT), others 1898 (FR). I have found no earlier publication than 1900.

1901 - Publishes children’s song Hisheleg (text by Zalman Shneur) and Shirat Ha’aviv (text by Yavitz) in publication Olam Katan , Vienna, No. 1. (Hebrew).

1903 - Publishes song Hot Rakhmones: nokhn kishinever pogrom (text by Shmuel Frug) in supplement of the publication Der Fraynd , St. Petersburg No. 142, June 28, 1903, pp. 5-6.

1908 - Important notice of Bernstein’s works in St. Petersburg publication Birzhevyie Vedomosti by the music critic Nikolai Feopemptovich Solovyov – “the compositions of A.M. Bernstein deserve close attention because of their religious ecstasy and the beauty of their oriental elements” (LYT).

1912 or 1914 - Publishes in Vilna Avodat Haboreh , Parts I and II, collections of liturgical pieces for cantor solo, cantor and choir by A.M. Bernstein and some of his contemporary cantor-composers. No publication date. The New York Public Library-Jewish Division, in its catalogue, dates these volumes as 1912, all other sources 1914.

1915-1918 - German occupation of Vilna. Bernstein conducts Hazamir Choir and the students’ choir of the professional school “Hilf durkh arbet.” His setting of Y.L. Peretz’s dramatic poem Dos fremde khupe kleyd is performed a few times on local stages. Readies for publication a collection of 150 Hebrew and Yiddish children’s songs and a solfegge manual for children. Sets Shmuel Ansky’s poems Mayn lid and Der shnayderl . Publishes Herzl’s Yortzayt: Troyer lid far a gemishtn khor un klavier (text by M. Shiva), 1917 in supplement to Vilna publication Unzer Osed . Musical director of the Vilna Jewish musical organization Bene Asaf. Receives its first award (BAP).

1919 - Publishes in Vilna the song Tsum hemerl (O hemerl, hemerl klap) (text by Avrohom Reisen) solo voice, with or without choir (Yiddish). Attends first meeting on February 23 of the music section of the S. Ansky Vilna Jewish Historical-Ethnographical Society. Its organization, goals and activities devised by Bernstein (SHM).

1920 - On December 8, participates in a “troyer ovnt tzu shloshim nokhn toyt fun Shloyme Anski. (Memorial evening for S. Anski). Choir under Bernstein’s direction performs his settings of Ansky’s poems Mayn lid , Der shnayderl and Lazare Saminsky’s setting of Ansky’s Di nakht .

1921-1926 - Resigns his post as cantor of Taharat Hakodesh. Bitter disagreements with “gabaim” (synagogal managerial heads) because of their petty bickering and musical insensitivity. Congregation as a whole and Vilna community remain devoted to him. A period of sharp disappointment and hardship for Bernstein. Teaches music in Vilna Hebrew schools and such secular institutions as Mefitze Haskalah where he structures special musical curricula. Organizes male choir at Vilna Teachers Seminary. Writes musical criticism and articles for various publications. Composes children’s operetta Snow White (text in Hebrew).

1927 - Publishes in Vilna Muzikalisher pinkes a collection of religious folk songs mainly of Hassidic origin. Considered Bernstein’s best scholarly work. Published under auspices of the Jewish Historical-Ethnographical Society. Translates Kohelet (Eccliastes) into Yiddish. Tzum hemerl reprinted by Metro Music Co., New York.

1931 - Translates Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) into Yiddish. Publishes Vol. III of Avodat Haborah – cantor, choir and cantor solo, Vilna.

1932 - Dies June 16 in Vilna.

1934 - A.M. Bernstein’s Av Harahamim Shokhen Meromim published in Di khazonim velt , Warsaw, 1 May 1934 supplement.

1935 - A.M. Bernstein’s Tziyona for four part mixed choir (text by Hikiel Zunsky) published in Di khazonim velt , Warsaw, 11 April, 1935, pp. 20.

1937 - Tsum hemerl published by White-Smith Music Publishers Co., New York, in an arrangement by Boris Levenson for four part choir. Yiddish and English text.

1958 - Muzikalisher pinkes republished by The Cantor’s Assembly of America.

Sources and Bibliography

BAP - Bernstein, A.M. “Di Muzik in Vilne far der tsayt fun di okyupatsie” (Music in Vilna During the Time of the Occupation) in Pinkes far der geshikhte fun Vilne in di yorn fun milkhome un okyupatsie , Vilna, 1922, pp. 683-688. (Yiddish).

BARA - Bernstein, A.M. “Yidishe shul muzik un R.Y. Rabinovitsh” (Jewish Synagogue Music and R.Y. Rabinowitch), Di khazonim-velt , Warsaw. 7 (May, 1934) pp. 4-8. (Yiddish).

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SHM - Shalit, Moshe. “Preface to A.M. Bernstein’s Muzikalisher pinkes ” Vol. I, Vilna. 1927, n.p. (Yiddish).

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ZA - Zaludkowski, Eliyahu. Kultur-treger fun der yidisher liturgye . (Culture Bearers of the Jewish Liturgy). Detroit, Mich., 1930. pp. 255-256, 292. (Yiddish).

Subject/Index Terms

An-Ski, S., 1863-1920, Bernstein, Abraham Moshe, 1865-1932, Cantors (Judaism), Clippings - Clippings (information artifacts), Jews Music, Music by Jewish composers, Nigunim, Poland, Russia, Sheet music, Theater, Yiddish, YIVO Archives

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Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Printed Musical Works by Bernstein
undated, 1898-1900, 1912-1919, 1931
Folder 1
Page 1
Am Olam
Song for voice and piano, 3p [Text by Mordekhai Tzvi Mane]. Hebrew. No. 1 of a projected series to be called Neginot Yisrael: Liedersammlung aus der Hebraischen Poesie. A.G. Syrkin, Vilna, 1898, 6 copies.
Folder 2
Page 13
Al Hareri Tziyon
Song for voice and piano with or without chorus. 2pp. [Text by Menakhem Mendl Dalitzky]. Hebrew. Y. Pirozhnikoff, Vilna, 1900.
Page 15
Zamd un Shtern
Song for voice and piano, 4pp. [Text by Shmuel Frug]. Yiddish, Nos. 2 and 3 of the projected series Negino Yisrael. 1 copy. [Above two titles published together]
Folder 3
Page 20
Descriptive leaflets meant to advertise Avodat Haborah, Parts 1 and 11
Two collections of synagogue pieces for cantor solo, cantor and choir, by A.M. Bernstein and some of his contemporary cantor composers. Edited by A.M. Bernstein. Sz Ryndzinsky, circa 1912 or 1914? 4 copies.
Folder 4
Page 24
Sefer Moreh Teve Hazimrah Part I, 2 sections
Solfegge manual of 90 diatonic gradated musical exercises meant for use by children and young people. Contains songs with Hebrew texts to illustrate solfegge problems. 15pp.; Lithographed by Eisenshtat, Vilna, no date, possibly 1915-1918? 23 complete copies, 1 incomplete.
Folder 5
Page 724
Tsum Hemerl [O hemerl, hemerl klap]
Song for voice and piano with or without chorus. [Text by Avrohom Reisen]. 2pp. Slatkin, Vilna, 1919, 5 copies.
Folder 6
Page 736
Avodat Haborah Part III
Collection of synagogue compositions for cantor and choir, composed by A.M Bernstein and David Novakovsky, 16 pp.
Folder 7
Page 832
Descriptive leaflets meant to advertise Avodat Hoboreh Part III
See above. 1 pp.; Kreines, Kowalsky, Vilna, 1931, 4 copies.
Series II: Printed Material about Bernstein
Folder 8
Page 836
The First Anniversary of the death of A.M. Bernstein
Unsigned article in Yiddish found in folder 6 between pages 743-744; Vilner Tog, No. 6, 1933.
Series III: Musical Manuscripts by Bernstein-Completed Work
undated, 1914
Subseries 1: Sacred
undated, 1914
Folder 9
Page 837
Avodat Haboreh: Asifah Minginot Shire Tefilah
A collection of synagogue pieces, by A.M. Bernstein, composed for cantor and choir, for Kabalat Shabbat and Shaharit Leshabbat, handwritten by Bernstein. Some published in other places. 155 pp. 1 copy.
Folder 10
Page 952
Avodat Haboreh
Six notebooks in Bernstein’s hand, Synagogue pieces in six notebooks composed for cantor and choir, sometimes duplicating works in folder 9 above. Vilna, 1914, 1 copy. For High Holidays, Kabalat Shabbat, Tefilat Arvit Leshabbat, Psalms, Musaf Leshabbat, and Shaharit Leshabbat.
Folder 11
Page 1052
Avodat Haboreh
Ten pieces extracted from Notebook II above [Kabalat Shabbat]. For cantor and choir. 7 pp.
Folder 12
Page 1059
Avodat Haborah
Three liturgical works for the High Holidays extracted from Notebook I above [High Holidays]. Composed for cantor and choir. 12 pp.
Folder 13
Page 1071
Sammlung Synagogaler Gesange [150 Stucke]
One Hundred and fifty pieces of Religious Hasidic folksongs collected and transcribed by Bernstein. Handwritten by Bernstein. Solo voice. Bound copy. 106 pp.
Folder 14
Page 1177
Untitled Bound Volume
Collection of synagogue works for cantor and choir copied out in score form by Bernstein. Volume contains four pieces of liturgical music composed by Bernstein and works by A.S. Erstler, Solomon Sulzer and others. 310 pp.
Subseries 2: Secular
Folder 15
Page 1487
Song for four part mixed choir and piano acc. Hebrew [Text: Yaffe-Silman] 2 pp., 2 complete, 1 incomplete copy.
Page 1491
Heys un kalt
Song for voice and piano acc. Yiddish [Text: Shimen Frug] 3 pp., 1 copy
Page 1494
Herzel’s yortsayt
Song for four part mixed chorus, a capella. Yiddish. [Text: M. Shiva] 1 pp., 2 copies
Page 1496
In keyver: balade
Song for voice and piano acc. Yiddish. [Text: Y.L. Peretz] 3 pp., 1 copy
Page 1499
Kagda Znala By Ty Rodnaya
Song for voice and piano acc. Russian. [Text: V. Velyichko] 3 pp., 1 copy Music possibly by A. Berushu. Arranged by AMB.
Folder 16
Page 1502
Song for voice – no account. Yiddish. [Text: A Ravin] 1 pp., 1 copy
Page 1503
Nes Tziyona
Song for voice and piano acc. Hebrew. [Text: Saul Tchernikhowsky] 1 pp., 2 versions. 2 copies [on second copy – verso: Part of Hashevua. See 15/1487-1490 above]
Page 1505
Numah Ferah: Shir Eresh
Song for voice and piano acc. Hebrew. [Text: A. Lipshutz] 3 pp. 3 copies [on second copy – verso: Franz Schubert’s song “The Organ Grinder”.]
Page 1515
O ir kleyne likhtelekh
Song for voice and piano acc. Yiddish. [Text: Moris Rosenfeld] 2 pp., 1 copy
Page 1517
Two works under one cover

1. [Po] A1 Sefat Hayarden. Cantata for voice and piano acc. Hebrew. [Text: From the Book of Ruth. Jacobson-Rust] 6 pp. 1 copy

2. Halaila Bahadar Olamim. Song for voice and piano acc. Hebrew. 2 pp. 1 copy

Page 1524A
Two works under one cover

- Shirat Setav. Song for voice, no piano acc. Hebrew. 3 pp. 2 copies.

- Bahalomi. Song for voice, no piano acc. Hebrew. 3 pp. 2 copies. Contains stamp of Hevrah Lehatpathut. Mamuzika Halamit Bevilna

Page 1525
Vi Lang oy got
Song for voice and piano acc. Yiddish 5 pp., 1 copy
Folder 17
Page 1530
Untitled Collection I
Various works for solo and four-part mixed chorus under one cover. Including Yiddish folksongs, and a work in Hebrew.
Page 1535A
Untitled Collection IA
Various secular works in Yiddish and Hebrew: songs for solo voice and piano.
Page 1536
Untitled Collection III
Various works for solo voice and 4 part chorus. In Yiddish and Hebrew including Purim songs and the Hatikvah
Page 1545
Untitled Collection IIIA
Various works in Yiddish and Hebrew for solo, mixed chorus and a capella
Page 1548
Untitled Collection IIIB
Twelve works for 2, 3 and 4 part chorus, no piano acc. 28 pp., 1 copy. Modern Hebrew.
Page 1549
Untitled Collection IV
Four Yiddish folk songs under one cover for mixed chorus and piano
Page 1552A
Untitled Collection V
Thirty-seven songs under one cover for solo voice and 3 or 4 part chorus. Hebrew and Yiddish.
Subseries 3: Children's Songs (Kinder Lider)
Folder 17
Page 1553
Notebook I
16 pp., 1 copy. Yiddish songs for solo and two voices
Page 1569
Notebook II
24 pp., 1 copy. Yiddish and Hebrew songs for solo and two to three voices
Page 1593
Notebook III
5 pp., 1 copy. Hebrew songs for four voices, Hanukah songs
Page 1598
Notebook IV
16 pp., 1 copy. Songs in Hebrew with text by Zalman Shneur, H.N. Bialik, Epstein and David Frishman, includes Tomar Eheye Rav, melody based on Yiddish folk song
Page 1614
Notebook V
22 pp., 1 copy. Songs in Yiddish and Hebrew for one and two voices
Page 1636
Notebook VI
Shalgiah, operetta for children in Hebrew and Yiddish. 8 pp. 1 copy.
Page 1644
Notebook VII
Hebrew songs for solo voices, includes songs based on Yiddish and Russian folksongs
Page 1692
Notebook VIII
19 pp., 1 copy. Hebrew songs for solo voices, includes melodies based on German folksongs
Page 1711
Notebook IX
Collection of songs in Yiddish using material from Sefer Moreh Teve Hazimrah, unknown author, possibly Bernstein
Page 1730
Notebook X
Di fir kashes. Yiddish [Text: Haggadah]. Solo voice, transcribed by AMB. No piano acc. 3 pp. 1 copy.
Page 1733
Notebook XI
Four works in Yiddish for 2 voices, no acc. No indications as to authorship. Very possibly by Bernstein. 8 pp., 1 copy.
Page 1740A
Notebook XII
Collection of songs in Hebrew for Solo voice, no piano acc. Authorship of texts unidentified, possibly Bernstein. 18 pp., 1 copy.
Subseries 4: Partially finished works in progress
Folder 18
Page 1741
Shoshanat Yaakov
Song for two part choir and piano acc. [Some voice parts unfinished] Hebrew [Text: Liturgy] 4 pp., 1 copy
Page 1745
Mah Gadlu Ma’asekhah
Work for voice and piano acc. [pencil sketch]. Hebrew [Text: Liturgy] 3 pp., 1 copy
Page 1747
Fragment from a Purim Play [In recitative form]
Solo and chorus. No piano acc. Yiddish and German. 10 pp., 1 copy
Page 1748
Untitled Collection V A
Series of solo recitatives, Hebrew. [Text: Liturgy] 13 pp., 1 copy
Page 1761
Untitled Collection VI
Series of unfinished choral responses for the Sabbath. Other liturgical transcriptions. [unfinished]. 19 pp., 1 copy
Page 1780
Untitled Collection VII
Variety of pieces – songs and piano accompaniments to songs found in other places, in Yiddish and Hebrew. 71 pp., 1 copy
Page 1849
Untitled Collection VIII
Variety of incomplete works and sketches in Yiddish. 27 pp., one copy
Page 1876
Untitled Collection IX
Contains partially finished works and sketches. 78 pp., 1 copy
Page 1955
Untitled Collection X
Six works for two part chorus in Yiddish [unfinished except for final editing] 18 pp. 1 copy.
Page 1973
Untitled Collection XI, XII, XIII
Three small pocket notebooks containing mostly children’s songs in Yiddish. 2 voices. 39 pp.; 86 pp.; 39 pp.
Page 2131
Untitled Collection XIV
Unfinished piano accompaniment to songs, piano pieces and songs. 54 pp., 1 copy
Page 2185
Untitled Collection XV
Cantorial Recitatives and liturgical pieces, sketches. Unfinished 34 pp. Includes pieces composed by Mozart set to Hebrew liturgical text by AMB
Page 2219
Untitled Collection XVI
Fragmentary works for chorus. 12 pp., 1 copy
Subseries 5: Ethnomusicological Works and Transcripts
Folder 19
Page 2231
Muzikalisher pinkes
Manuscript of pp. 66-81 of finally published work. Exact replica. In AMB’s hand.
Page 2247
Sammlung Synagogalen Gesange
Manuscript notebook of 206 pieces of liturgical works and folksongs of Eastern European Jews collected and transcribed by AMB. Related to 13/1071-1176 above which was a selection from this manuscript. Contains also some secular material not published by AM Bernestein in the Pinkes.
Page 2434
Zemirot Shel Hasidim
A collection of 100 wordless songs primarily of Hasidic sources. Transcribed and collected by many hands. Volume edited by AMB with annotations in Yiddish. All solo voice 24 pp., 1 copy
Page 2435
Workbooks I, II, III, IV
Contains material later selected for Muzikalisher pinkes. Also material of secular content later organized in Untitled Collection. See above. 75 pp.; 45 pp.; 46 pp. 1 copy.
Subseries 6: Arrangments by A.M. Bernstein
Folder 20
Page 2603
Di Shvueh
[Hymn of the Bund of Poland and Russia]. 4 part mixed chorus. Yiddish. [Text: Shmuel Ansky] 3 pp., 1 copy
Page 2606
Du-Du [Yiddish Folk Song]
Transcribed and arr. by AMB from oral sources. One voice. 2 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2607A
Hatikvah [E Minor]
Arranged AMB for 4 part chorus. 1 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2608
Ki Lo Naeh A and B

(a) No. 132 of Musikalisher Pinkes. Arr. for voice and piano. AMB. 1 pp., 1 copy.

(b) Second version titled Adir Bimlukha. Arr. for piano by Abi-Yosef Bernstein [son of AMB]. 1 pp., 2 copies

Page 2611
Muzikalisher pinkes
Six pieces from published version of Muzikalisher Pinkes. Arr. by AMB for 4 part chorus. 11 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2622
Kiru Levavkhem
Tenor aria “If With All Your Hearts” from Mendelssohn’s Oratorio “Elijah”. Hebrew words adapted by AM Bernstein. 16 pp., 1 copy.
Series IV: Works Possibly by Bernstein
Folder 21
Page 2638
Bikhnaf Eretz Tzafon
Song for voice and piano. Hebrew, no composer indicated. In AM Bernstein’s hand. 3 pp., 3 copies
Page 2644
Di naye neshome
Song for solo voice. Yiddish. No composer indicated. Not listed in FR. Not in AM Bernstein's hand. 1 pp., 2 copies.
Page 2646
Di shefele
Song for solo. Chorus and piano. No composer indicated. Not listed in FR. In AMB’s hand. 4 pp., 1 copy
Page 2650
Arrangement for piano [solo or acc.] No composer indicated. Not found in FR. Not in AMB's hand. 2 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2654
Kinah Al Mavet Rashi
Song for voice and piano. Hebrew. No composer indicated. Not found in FR. In AMB’s hand. 2 pp., 2 copies.
Page 2657
Lealmah Ivriah
Song for voice and piano. Hebrew. No composer indicated. Not found in FR. In AMB’s hand. 1 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2658
Nodu Lamyalelet
Song for voice and piano. Hebrew. No composer indicated. Not found in FR. Not in AMB’s hand. 2 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2660
Ribono Shel Olam
Adon Olam. Mimkomkha. Unfinished Recitatives for voice and piano. Hebrew. [Text: Liturgy]. No composer indicated. Not found in FR. In AMB’s hand. 19 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2680
Vehi Sheamdah
Song for solo voice. Hebrew. [Text: Haggadah]. No composer indicated. Not found in FR. Not in AMB’s hand. 1 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2681
Shir Eresh, Alizim Verikudim
No composer indicated. Not found in FR. Not in AMB's hand. 2 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2683
Untitled Collection XVII
Songs for solo voice. No composer indicated. In Yiddish. Not found in FR. I AMB's hand. Material not found in any other place among AMB's works. No authorship indicated. 5 pp., 1 copy.
Series V: Fragments, Stray Pages, Unidentified Works
Folder 22
Page 2688
Series VI: Literary Works by Bernstein in Manuscript
Folder 23
Page 2768
Variety of articles, Reviews, and belle-lettres
by AM Bernstein in empty sheets of galley proofs of Muzikalisher pinkes. circa 1927. Some pieces still unidentified. 33 pp., 1 copy.
Series VII: Documents Relating to Bernstein
Folder 23
Page 2801
Postcard; List

- postcard to A.M. Bernstein from H. Solomon. [Warsaw]. February 27, 1928.

- List of the names of the Commission of the Vilner Yidishe Historishe-Etnografishe Gezelshaft Oyf Dem Nomen Fun Shmuel Ansky for the publication of the Muzikalisher pinkes. 1924.

Series VIII:Choral Volumes and Part Books in Manuscript used by Bernstein and his Choir at the Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue
Folder 24
Page 2803
Choral Volume [bound] I
Thirty-three pieces of liturgical works for cantor and 4 part choir. In A.M. Bernstein’s hand. No composers indicated. [Some pieces have been recognized by me as by Naumbourg and Sulzer. By A.M. Bernstein only his Ahavat Olam and Harakhaman- Lesefirah. (See his Avodat Haboreh Part I) were familiar to me. However, many other pieces in this volume may be his.] 231 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2804
Choral Volume [unbound] II
Eleven pieces of liturgical works for cantor and 4 part choir. In A.M. Bernstein’s hand. Most composers not indicated. [I have recognized pieces by Sulzer, Hirsh Weintraub and Josef Goldstein. Of A.M. Bernstein's, I recognized his Shir Hamalot, see Notebook IV, folder 25 above. However other pieces may be by Bernstein.] 81 pp., 1 copy.
Page 2805
Soprano Part Books I, II, III
Books I and II are stamped with the seal of Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna. They contain pieces of the entire liturgical year. Names of most composters not listed. Works recognized: A.M. Bernstein’s Lekhu Neranena. See Notebook 11, No. 6. Book III contains works by Naumbourg, Poliakov, Sulzer, Lewandowsky, Blumenthal, Weintraub, Halevy, Dunayevsky, Handel, Gottbeter.
Page 2808
Soprano Part Book IV
Five pieces for the High Holidays. Works recognized: Lewandowsky’s Kol Nidre and his Ve’al Yede. Other composers not listed.
Page 2809
Soprano Part Book V
Contains six pieces of secular material, In AM Bernstein’s hand. Hebrew.
Page 2810
Alto Part Books I, II, III
These books contain the stamp of the Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue seal. Pieces for the entire liturgical year. Names of composers not listed. In A.M. Bernstein's hand.
Page 2813
Alto Part Book V
Nine songs of secular material. Perhaps used for concert purposes. In Hebrew and Yiddish. Most composed by A.M. Bernstein and in his handwriting.
Page 2814
Tenor Part Books I, II
Pieces for various times of the liturgical year. Book II contains stamp of the Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna. Names of composers not given. Includes pieces composed by Hirsh Weintraub, Lewandowsky, Sulzer and AMB’s Hashkivenu. Book II related to Soprano Part Book IV above.
Page 2816
Tenor Part Book III
Six pieces of secular material. Perhaps used for concert purposes. Hebrew and Yiddish. No authors or composers listed. Handwritten. Related to Alto Part Book V above.
Page 2817
Bass part Books, I, II, III
Book I contains stamp of Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna Seal. Works for various parts of the liturgical year. Name of composers not listed. Contains Bernstein’s Ahavat Olam, Harakhaman-Lesefirah and Hashkivenu.
Series IX: Printed Music not by A.M. Bernstein
undated, 1878-1887, 1902-1936
Folder 25
Page 2820
A bisl libe un a bisl glik, Tsipke
J. Rumshinsky; words by Molly Picon. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Second Avenue Theater. New York City, 1924 4 pp.; 3pp.
Page 2821
Aron Marko Rothmuller, for harp, Edition Omanut, Zagreb, 1936, 6pp.
Page 2822
Two pieces

- A Purim lid. Melody by A. Goldfaden, arr. by Pesah Lwow. 3 part childrens chorus and piano accompaniament

- Tsindt on liktelech. Hasidic folksong arr. by A. Shitomirsky. Extracts from Lider zamlbukh, Yiddish. Society for Jewish Folk Music, St. Petersburg. 1914, 1pp., 1pp.

Page 2823
Bene Hekhala
Hasidic folksong. Words: Isaac Luria. Voice and piano, Hebrew. Ost und West Berlin, 1916, 2pp. Hebrew
Page 2824
Berumte Melodie “Wahawienu L’scolaum”
“Wilnaer Balebessel” arranged by Arno Nadel. Piano solo., 2pp.
Page 2825
Der alt-nayer hap nit
[Lekoved Shteiger’s bafrayung]. Words and music Nakhum Sternheim. Solo Voice, Yiddish. Ign. Jaegera, Lwow [1934?], 3 pp.
Page 2826
Di grine Yente
Samuel Weisser [Joshua S. Weisser]. Words by Morris Rund, voice and piano, Yiddish. J and Y Kammen, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1924, 3 pp.
Page 2827
Eleven Jewish National Songs
Sh. Greentzayg. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Y. Petrushenka, Lublin, 1902, 22 pp.
Page 2828
Eli, Eli
No composer listed, arranged by Joseph Kammen. Voice and piano, Yiddish. S. Schenker, New York, 1911, 2 pp.
Page 2829
Es hoybt zikh on mit dir
Joseph M. Ruminshinsky, Words by Isidor Lillian. Voice and piano; Yiddish. Trio Press, New York, 2 pp.
Page 2830
Feygele mayns
Words and music Ludwig Satz, arr. Harry Lubin. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Trio Press, New York, 1925, 2 pp.
Page 2831
Ve’al Yede Avadekha [Halokh Veka-Rota]
Moritz Henle. Cantor and choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. [fragment only]. 2 pp.
Page 2832
In Mayn land
Barukh Guttman. Words Nakhum Shternheim. Voice and piano. Yiddish. Snunit, Lwow. 2 pp., 2 copies.
Page 2833
Shmuel Alman. [English version Louis Levi]. Voice and piano. Hebrew [Liturgy] and English. M.L. Callingold, London, 1930, 4 pp.
Page 2834
Peretz Sandler. Words, Louis Gilrod. Voice and piano. Yiddish. Trio Press, New York, 1924, 3 pp.
Page 2835
Klange der Juden, Sammlung Judischer Lieder und Gesang-stucke
H.N. Golomb. Piano solo. A.G. Syrkin, Vilna, 1887, 10 pp., 2 copies. [one incomplete]
Page 2836
Lozt di zorgn oyf morgn
Peretz Sandler, words Louis Gilrod. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Trio Press, New York, 2 pp.
Page 2837
Loynt tsu hobn kinder
Alexander Olshanetsky, words Jacob Jacobs. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Trio Press, New York , 2 pp.
Page 2838
Maccabee-gimnastisher marsh
D. Deutscher, Piano solo. H. Mac., Vilna, 1924, 3 pp., 6 copies
Page 2839
Mah Nomar Lefanekha
Eduard Birnbaum. Cantor, male choir and organ, Hebrew. Neilah Liturgy, 4 pp.
Page 2840
Mayn Goldele
Joseph M. Rumshinsky, words Louis Gilrod. Voice and piano, Yiddish. J.J. Kammen, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1924, 3 pp.
Page 2841
Melodien Zu Zehn Judischen Volksliedern
Eiakum Zunser, words and music. Voice and piano. A.G. Syrkin? Vilna, 1887, 29 pp., 2 complete copies, incomplete.
Page 2842
Mi Adir
Eduard Birnbaum. Cantor [baritone] mixed chorus and orchestra [Partitur]. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Published by composer, Konigsberg, 1878, 8 pp.
Page 2843
Moses Levinson, words. J. Bluestone. Solo, chorus and piano. Hebrew. Trio Press, New York, 4 pp.
Page 2844
No composer listed. Voice and piano. Yiddish. S. Etshtayn, Vilna, 5 pp.
Page 2845
Oy khanike, oy khanike
Hasidic folksong arr. by Pesah Lwow. 2 part children’s chorus and piano, Yiddish. Extracted from Lider Zamlbukh, Society for Jewish Folk Music, St. Petersburg. 1914, 2 pp.
Page 2846
Palestina iz mayn foterland
Alexander Olshanetsky, words Isidor Lillian. Voice and piano. J.J. Kammen, Brooklyn, N.Y., 3 pp.
Page 2847
Psalm 24
Arno Nadel. Cantor solo and male choir, a cappella, Hebrew [Liturgy]. Festschrift Zum 70 Geburtstage Von Moritz Schaefer, Berlin, Philo Verlgag. 1927, 4 pp.
Page 2848
Psalm 133
Eduard Birnbaum. 4 part male choir Harmonium and piano. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Ferd. Beyer, Konigsberg, [189-?] 13 pp.
Page 2849
Rokhels keyver
Zavel Zilberts, words K.A. Shapiro. Voice, piano and violin or cello obligatto. Yiddish. Joseph P. Katz, New York, 1921, 7 pp.
Page 2850
M.M. Bukshy. Voice and piano. Russian. [Incomplete]. St. Petersburg, 1 pp.
Page 2851
Salomo’s Hoheslied [Song of Songs]
Aron Friedmann. Voice and piano. Hebrew – German Translation Moses Mendelssohn. C. Boas, Berlin 1929, 15 pp.
Page 2852
Nakhum Shternheym. Words and music. Yiddish. solo voice. Richard Brandeis. Prague, 1918, 1 pp.
Page 2853
Louis Lewandowski. Choral parts only. 16 sop, 7 alto, 3 tenor, 3 bass. Hebrew [Liturgy]. No. 89 of larger work
Page 2854
Synagogen Gesange
Arno Nadel. for cantor, 4 part choir, organ. J. Kauffmann, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1930, 13 pp.
Page 2855
Tami Zimrah-Lehamizmor Hakatan
Matthiah Bensman, words and music. 2 part children’s choir, a cappella. 15 songs. Hebrew. Concordia, Warsaw, 1904 7 pp.
Page 2856
[Taini Garema] The Secrets of the Harem
V. Valentinov. Operetta in 3 acts. Vocal score. Moscow? Yiddish translation from Russian by AMB?
Page 2857
Tayer yankele
Yiddish folksong from Kipnis collection [No. 19]. arr. by Matthiah Bensman. Yiddish. Voice and piano. Kipnis Verlag, Warsaw, 3 pp.
Page 2858
Tilemel [The Psalms]
Words and music by S. Smulowitz [Solomon Small]. arr. A. Russoto. Voice and piano, Yiddish. Hebrew Publishing Co., New York, 1910?, 5 pp.
Page 2859
Tirzah Yafah
Samuel Alman, Words H.N. Bialik. voice and piano. Hebrew. M.L. Callingold, London, 1934, 4 pp.
Folder 26
Page 2860
Tov Lehodot [Psalm 92]
Louis Lewandowsky. 4 part chorus and organ, Hebrew, 5 pp.
Page 2861
Tsipke fayer
Notated and arranged by H. Glezer. Solo voice. Yiddish. Sh. Etshtayn, Vilna, 4 pp.
Page 2862
Unter a kleyn beymele
Yiddish folk song from A. Gerstein Collection [No. 31]. Yiddish arranged by A. Sliep, Voice and piano, H. Mac, Vilna, 3 pp.
Page 2863
Fragments, unidentified works, odd and stray pages
Series X: Musical Manuscripts not by Bernstein
undated, 1878, 1912-1927
Subseries 1: Fragments from Part Books
undated, 1878, 1912-1927
Folder 26
Page 2864
Adon Olam
Salamon Sulzer. Cantor and 4 part mixed choir, Hebrew. Not in Sulzer’s hand, 3 pp.
Page 2867
Ana Adona
Lazar Goldberg. Cantor and 4 part mixed choir, Hebrew [Liturgy]. 2 pp.
Page 2869
Hahashmonayim Haktanim [“Die Kleine Khaschmonaer”]
Arie Ben Eres Abrahamson. Voice and piano. Hebrew. 2 pp., text by Zalman Shneur
Page 2870A
Two pieces

- Der shnayder. Yiddish. [Text: Shmuel Ansky].

- Mestetchko Ladenyu, Hasidic Folksong. B. Antomoni. Voice and piano. 10 pp. Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian. [Text: Folk Sources]

Page 2871
El Barukh Gadol
Composer not listed. Cantor, mixed chorus, piano, Hebrew [Liturgy]. 5 pp.
Page 2876
Eli, Eli
Composer listed as “B. Thomaschewsky”. Voice and piano, Yiddish. 1 pp.
Page 2876A
Eli Tsiyon
No composer listed. Solo cantor, soprano and 4 part chorus. Hebrew. 2 pp.
Page 2877
Elohe Ad Shelo Natzarta
Hasidic Table Song. arranged Ludwig Finkel. Bass part only. Hebrew and Yiddish. 2 pp.
Page 2879
Emet Ki Atah Hu
No composer listed. Cantor 4 part chorus. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 2881A-B
Faryomert, Farklogt
Yiddish folk song collected in Podbrodz by Khaye and Aron Ayngeltzin. solo voice. Yiddish. 2 pp.
Page 2882
Hasidic sources. No collector or transcriber listed. Solo voice and unison choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 4pp.
Page 2888
Heber Melodiak
Erno Hoffmann [Gyujtemenye]. Bound collection in manuscript of Yiddish folk songs, Hasidic zemirot and nigunim. Solo voice, some with piano acc. Hebrew and Yiddish. 63 pp.
Page 2952
Hineni Heani Mimaas
A. Berkowitz. Cantorial recitative. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 2955
no composer listed. cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 2961
Khasidisher nign [Dem Rebn’s Nign]
notated by Bezalel Tzinman. solo voice. March 20, 1922, 1 pp.
Page 2961A-B
Arie “Ben Erez” Abrahamson. Solo voice. German [Text: Hugo Salus]. 2 pp.
Page 2961C-D
Kolibelnya Pesnya [Lullaby]
Jacob M. Skliar. op.1, No. 1. Voice and piano. Russian. dedicated to my sister Lyuba M. Skliar. Nov. 27, 1914, 2 pp.
Page 2962
Mayn kleyne
A. Glezer. [Text: Z. Segaloviatach]. Voice and piano. Yiddish. 2 pp.
Page 2964
Two pieces
Mikdash; Ve Sham Ru. both by Herman Semitin. Recitatives for cantor. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 2 pp.
Page 2966
David Nowakowsky. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. incomplete. 1 pp.
Page 2967
no composer listed. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 4 pp.
Page 2971
Mekhalkel Hayim
Isadore Blumenthal. 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. May 18, 1913, 3 pp.
Page 2974
Magen Avot
David Nowakowsky. 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Odessa, November 18, 1912, 3 pp.
Page 2976A-B
Magen Avot
Schnitman. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 2 pp.
Page 2977
Morgen Gottesdienst [En Kamokha etc.]
Eduard Birnbaum. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 2981
no composer listed. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 2984
Nigun Shel Hasidi Kotzki; Adres tsum Reboyne Sheloylem
Hasidic material. collected by Gendlish. Solo voice. Russian. 2 pp.
Page 2988
Sefer Avuriah Lizman Hamorim
No editor listed. Recitatives for cantor. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Bet Hakneset Hagodol, Vilna, 1927, 48 pp.
Page 3036
Sefer Kebutzat Shirim
[fragment of a larger work]. Cantorial anthology collected and edited by Aba Yakov Bengis. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Vilna, January 29, 1878, 158 pp.
Page 3195
Shema Yisrael
Yoshe Slonimer [Yosef Altshuler]. Soprano solo and 2 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 1 pp.
Page 3196
Shoshanat Yaakov; Yismah Mosheh

- 2 part choir

- cantor and 3 part choir. composer not indicated. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 4 pp.

Page 3200
Shuvi Nafshi
Louis Lewandowski. 4 part choir. 1 pp. [score]. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 11 pp.
Page 3211A
Shuvi Nafshi
no composer indicated. solo voice. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 1 pp.
Page 3211B
Simhu Voroni; Lo Nishtakhave
No composers indicated. 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 17 pp.
Page 3212
Torat Adonai
No composer indicated. cantor, 4 part choir and organ. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 6 pp.
Page 3217-B
Ve’al Avdekha Haneviyim
No composer indicated. Cantorial recitative. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 2 pp.
Page 3218
S. Gurovitch. Cantor, alto solo, 4 part mixed choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 4 pp.
Page 3222
No composer indicated. 4 part mixed choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 2 pp.
Page 3224
Yehi Ratzon Milfanekha
Abraham Narver. Recitative for cantor. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 3227
Two pieces

- Yehi Shalom. Solo, unison choir and piano

- Adonai Malakh. 4 part choir. no composer indicated. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 10 pp.

Page 3237
Two pieces
Yehudah Hamakabi; M.M. Dolitzky. Voice and piano. Yiddish. Stamp of “A. Bernstein Chor-Dirig. II Cantor Kovno”. 4 pp.
Page 3243
a, b, c) Yotzer Meshartim
No composer indicated. 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 3 pp.
Page 3244
Untitled Collection XVIII
M. Burstein. Cantor, 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 8 pp.
Page 3252
Untitled Collection XIX
M.A. Fomin. Recitatives for cantor. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 9 pp.
Page 3261
Untitled Collection XX
Recitatives for cantor. David Yakolevitch. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 53 pp.
Page 3315
Untitled Collection XXI
David Nowakowsky. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 30 pp.
Page 3343
Untitled Collection XXII
Joshua Samuel Weisser [Pilderwasser]. Cantor, 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 19 pp.
Page 3362
Untitled Collection XXIII
Schargorodsky. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 13 pp.
Page 3375
Untitled Collection XXIV
Various composers. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 24 pp. "
Page 3399
Untitled Collection XXV
Jacob Teper. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 17 pp.
Page 3419
Untitled Collection XXVI
Hayim Wassertzug. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 24 pp. Only first page contains composer’s name. Handwriting different for pieces nos. 3 and 4
Page 3442
Untitled Collection XXVII [Fragment]
Cantorial anthology, no editor or collector indicated. Cantor and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 113 pp.
Page 3554A
Uvashofar Gadol
Composer not indicated. Bass solo. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 1 pp.
Page 3555
Soprano Part Book V [Five Fragments]
114 pp. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Pieces most often incomplete. Contains amongst others works by Y. Gottbeter, David Roitman, A. Paliakov, Y. Teper, Zaydel Rovner.
Page 3669
Alto Part Book [Four Fragments]
103 pp. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Pieces most often incomplete. Contains amongst others works by Y. Gottbeter, A. Poliakov, P. Rubin, Yakovkin, A. Berkowitz.
Page 3773
Bass Part Book [Nine Fragments]
53 pp. Hebrew [Liturgy]. Pieces most often incomplete. Contains amongst others, works by Y. Gottbeter, Wolf Shestapol, Nissl Belzer Spivak, D. Rubin, Y. Weiss, Akiva Durmashkin, A. Poliakov.
Subseries 2: Fragments Scraps and Unidentified Pieces
Folder 26
Page 3827
Series XI: Supplements A-B: Miscellaneous Compositions
Subseries 1: Supplement A
Folder 27
Page 3984
Shema Yisrael

Yosef Meslonim [Yoshe Slonimer Altshuler]. No indications of composers except following:

- Cantor Rabinowitch aus Bialistok [Mosheh Bass Rabinowitch?] Selah

- Kartzoni-Melekh Elyon Naaritzkha

- Mimkomkha ‘asher shirat Bevilna’. Anthology of cantorial recitatives and works for cantor and 3 and 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 239 pp. Bound copy of mss in different hands. No title page. Merely indication in Hebrew script. Shema Yisrael-Yosef Meslonim. Back page contains indication in Hebrew script. Min Hahazan Mohilev. Indication in Hebrew script. Min Hahazan Mohilever [probably owner of copy]

Subseries 2: Supplement B
Folder 28
Page 4224
Schir Zion Part I
Solomon Sulzer. Cantor, 4 part choir. Hebrew [Liturgy]. 214 pp. Printed copy. First six and last ten pages missing. Contains stamp of Taharot Hakodesh Synagogue, Vilna seal. Dedicatory page reads “Als Geschenk von Simon Joffe gewidment der Wilnaer Synagoge Taharot Hakodesh, Wilna. D. 26 Kislow 5652” [1892]. Embossed on outer covering of bound copy “Gottes – dienstliche Gesange der Israeliten”.
Series XII:Supplements C-D: Biographical Materials
undated, 1937
Subseries 1: Supplement C
undated, 1937
Folder 29
Page 4328
A.M. Bernstein’s autobiography in manuscript “Gilgalim (biografye fun a shlim-mazl)"
189 pp.
Page 4516
A.M. Bernstein’s last note
Letter concerning A.M. Bernstein archives – YIVO Vilna 1937. Obituaries and announcements of memorials. Pictures of famous cantors (a wall chart).
Subseries 2: Supplement D
Folder 30
Page 4523
7 photographs of Bernstein and Punski family and of gymnasium classes in Vilna
Series XIII: ADDENDA: Folk Music Collection from the S. Ansky Historical Ethnographic Society

This Addenda consists of manuscripts of Jewish songs and melodies that Abraham Moshe Bernstein assembled in 1926 for the S. Ansky Jewish Historical Ethnographic Society in Vilna. The collection is comprised of Shabbes-zmires (Sabbath hymns and melodies), holiday songs, religious, ritual and secular songs, Hasidic melodies and folksongs. Most of them are in Hebrew, some in Yiddish and others have no words altogether. The Addenda was processed by Chana Mlotek in January 1984 as part of the Max and Frieda Weinstein Music Project.

In 1926 Bernstein supervised a project to collect nigunim (melodies), most of which were published in a volume Muzikalisher pinkes, Vilna 1927 (This publication was reprinted in the U.S. by the Cantor’s Association in 1958).

This addenda consists of hitherto unpublished manuscripts.

Included among the Hasidic sources whose nigunim were collected are the Barkover ( f. 11), Gerer (f. 9), Talner (f. 11), Czortkover (f. 2), Libishayer (f. 1), Lubavitcher (f. 7), Stoliner (f. 1, 7), Slonimer (f. 1), Kosover (f. 3), and others.

The yeshivas, whose more "secular" songs were harvested include the schools of Volozhin (f. 2), Vilkomir ( f. 2, 10), Lechowicze (f. 7), Nowogrodek ( f. 2 , 10), Slobodka ( f. 7, 10), Slonim (f. 2), Kleck ( f. 10), and others.

Materials hail largely from Polad, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia; more specifically, from localities: Aleksandrovsk, Ostrowo, Bialystok, Berditshev, Dabrowice, Dvinsk, Warsaw, Vitebsk, Vilna, Vilkomir, Vladimir, Khomsk, Lomza, Lwow, Swislocz, Stolin, Slutsk, Semiatycze, Pinsk, Kovno, Kolomyja, Kamieniec, Kosow, Krakinove, Krementshug, Radvits, and Ejszyszki.

Beyond that, there are items acquired and sent from Breslau, Germany, Boston and New York, as well as Sephardic and Yemenite melodies from Palestine.

Among the unusual nigunim worthy of mention is the song Riboyne-shel-Oylem that the Lubavitch Rebbe sang as he was being released from Prison (f.1, 2), a melody heard in a production of Sholem-Aleichem’s play Mazl-Tov ( f. 1) and apparently the original of a melody in a setting of The Dybbuk by An-sky ( f. 10). Two items are particularly venerable - a melody of Tsur misheloy (a “table nigun” sung before the blessing following a meal) , that was received from R’Avrom Yankev HaKohen of Vilna , who had heard it from his father, R’Shloyme HaKohen, Vilner who in turn, remembered it sung by his father, R’Yisroel Moyshe HaKohen (f. 45:7), and dance-themes annotated by an old musician in Swieciany.

There are also melodies to a number of songs for which the text only, but no music appear in the very first collection of Yiddish folksongs published by Shaul Ginsburg and Pinhas Marek in Petersburg in 1901 ( f. 1). Included as well are several art-scores composed for texts by the poets, Dovid Fishman, A. Zak, H. N. Bialik, and Zalmen Shneur (f. 15).

Folder 1: Hebrew and Yiddish songs
religious and secular works including Hasidic nigunim, includes the Riboynoy shel oylem, a nigun sung by the Rebbe of Lubavitch when he was released from prison, and a melody heard in Shalom Aleichem’s play “Mazal tov”, about 25 titles
Folder 2: Religious songs
liturgical pieces and Hasidic nigunim, including a number of Passover songs in Hebrew, Arabic and Lithuanian
Folder 3: Various nigunim
liturgical works and Hasidic nigunim
Folder 4: Vos mir zenen
a song about the alef-beys in Yiddish
Folder 5: Zingt di Alef
the “alef sings,” a work supplied by the Peretz Collector’s Circle of YIVO in Kolomyja
Folder 6: Zmires l'Motsey Shabbes
five liturgical works for Saturday evening
Folder 7: Shabbos zmires
liturgical works for Saturday evening, including Zmirot sung by Hasidim, about 60 pieces
Folder 8: Khasal Sidur Pesakh
pieces from the Passover Seder, Hebrew
Folder 9: Sent by Michal Lucki, Lomza
five songs gathered and sent by Michal Lucki including Sabbath songs sung by Hasidim
Folder 10: Vikhi-od Lanetsakh
liturgical works and Hasidic nigunim, including the Lamdonishe nigunim, around 33 pieces
Folder 11: Melodies, annotated by Avrom Tesletsky, Baku
three melodies sung by Yosef Talner, Hasidic court composer and others, transcribed by Avrom Tesletsky
Folder 12: Kum ikh arayn tsu springen
a Purim song recorded by Yankev Glatshteyn, who heard it from a student, 1926
Folder 13: Krayts – march, Vider – march, Mikita - march annotated by Khayim Smorganski
marches and dances annotated by Khayim Smorganski, Vilna
Folder 14: Lebedik, lustik – arranged by L. Efron
two Yiddish songs arranged by L. Efron
Folder 15: Notebook of musical notations
notebook of about 20 musical pieces
Folder 16: Shivas Tsiyon - E. Tsanzer , annotated by Bernstein
three pieces including Shivas Tziyon, by E. Tsanzer, transcribed by Bernstein
Folder 17: Page of notes, no text, Bernstein
unidentified handwritten music, 1 pp.
Folder 18: Various music missing
cantorial pieces and Hasidic nigunim, about 50 titles, originally numbered 77-114, no 105
Folder 19: Fragments
fragments of liturgical works, 2 pp.
Folder 20: Some personal papers belonging to Bernstein
letters to the Cantors Association, Warsaw; photo of Bernstein on deathbed; obituary
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