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RG 10 : Vilna Jewish Community Council
RG 13 : Ostrowo Jewish Community Council
RG 28 : Poland (Vilna Archives)
RG 51 : Sofia M. Gurevitch Gymansium, Vilna
RG 102 : American-Jewish Autobiographies
RG 120 : Territorial Photographic Collection
RG 121 : Photographs of Personalities
RG 235 : David Trotsky
RG 236 : Jewish Colonization Association
RG 297 : National Desertion Bureau
RG 347.17.10: AJC Subject Files
RG 347 : American Jewish Committee collection
RG 404 : Brocho Reichel
RG 427 : Sarah Liebert
RG 606: Labor Zionist Organization of America
RG 608: Bneis Rachel Ladies Charity Society of Brownsville
RG 612 : Mercedes M. Randall
RG 618: National Council of Jewsih Women Search Department
RG 653: Jenny Masur
RG 682: Mordkhe Schaechter
RG 703: Kadia Molodowsky
RG 794: Trembowla True Sister
RG 819: Satanover Sisterhood
RG 832: First Soroker Bessarabier Mutual Aid Society
RG 835: First Bratslower Ladies Auxiliary
RG 846: United Sons of Israel
RG 851: Lomzer Aid Society
RG 852: First Wiznitz Bukawinaer Ladies Society
RG 859: First Independent Odessar Ladies S & B Association
RG 861: Independent Elizabethgrad Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 863: First Stryjer Sisters Benevolent Society
RG 870: First Progressive Ladies of Dinewitz
RG 875: Szenicer Ladies Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 883: Antepoler Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 896: Lahishiner Ladies Auxiliary
RG 904: Independent Lutzker Aid Society
RG 907: Minsker Ladies Benevolent Society
RG 929: Leah Benevolent Society
RG 959: Kaluszer Ladies Society
RG 966: Associated Lodzer Ladies Aid Society
RG 968: Kamenetzer Litovsker Memorial Committee
RG 985: Ray Heit Chapter of the Kittever Ladies Relief Auxiliary
RG 990: Lechowitzer Ladies Auxiliary
RG 994: Ida Kaminska and Meir Melman
RG 996: United Grodner Relief
RG 1015: American Federation for Polish Jews
RG 1018: United Rozaner Relief Committee of New York
RG 1022: Duboier Young Men's Progressive Association
RG 1032: Independent Opoler Benevolent Society
RG 1050: Independent Frymcie Radymnoer Frauen Kuv
RG 1087: Krementchuger Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 1092: Narevker Untershtitsungs Verein
RG 1095: Lodzer Young Ladies Aid Society
RG 1101: Rumainian-American Congregation Or Chadash (Philadelphia)
RG 1126: Jill Gellerman
RG 1209: Henry Stollnitz
RG 1386: Homeler Ladies' Aid Society of Harlem
RG 1573 : United Order of True Sisters
RG 1644 : First Independent Kishenever Ladies Benevolent Society
RG 1660: Independent Webster Ladies Benevolent Society
RG 1665: Odesser Young Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 1679: Ladies' Aid Society of East New York
RG 1743: Independent Hebrew Ladies and Men's Benevolent Society
RG 1744: United Lutzker Men and Womens' Benevolent Society
RG 1814: Minnie M. Friedman Ladies Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1925: First Toporower Ladies Sick Benevolent Society
RG 1967: Rochelle G. Saidel

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