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RG 826: Independent Bukarester Sick Aid Association
RG 827: Lutowisker Young Men's Benevolent Society
RG 828: First Independent Mukulincer S & B Association
RG 829: Paul Revere Lodge # 464, Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 830: Family Lodge # 189, Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 831: Soroker Young Friends Benevolent and Educational League
RG 832: First Soroker Bessarabier Mutual Aid Society
RG 833: Peretz Hirschbein
RG 834: First Wojnilower Sick Benevolent Society
RG 835: First Bratslower Ladies Auxiliary
RG 836: First Bratslow Podolier Sick Benefit Society
RG 837: Charles Zunser
RG 838: Tolchiner Benevolent Society
RG 839: Moses Family Society
RG 840: Congregation Ahavath Zedek Anshei Timkowitz
RG 841: Akiva Ben-Ezra
RG 842: Gombiner Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 843: Friends of Alexandrovsk Benevolent Association
RG 844: Buczacs-American Benevolent Sick and Aid Society
RG 845: First Uscie Zielone Sick and Benevolent Assciation
RG 846: United Sons of Israel
RG 847: Stoliner Progressive Society
RG 848: Schklover Independent Benevolent Association
RG 849: United Smolewitzer Association
RG 850: Stavisker Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 851: Lomzer Aid Society
RG 852: First Wiznitz Bukawinaer Ladies Society
RG 853: Independent Burdujener Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 854: First Pressburger Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 855: Horodishter Korsoner Lodge
RG 856: Henry H. Klein
RG 857: Kutno Society Bnai Jacob
RG 858: Odessar Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 859: First Independent Odessar Ladies S & B Association
RG 860: Ostrolenker Friendship Society
RG 861: Independent Elizabethgrad Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 862: Congregation Bikur Cholim of East New York (Shepetovka)
RG 863: First Stryjer Sisters Benevolent Society
RG 864: Kodima Benevolent Society
RG 865: Chevra Kadisha Beth Israel
RG 866: Progressive Kovler Young Friends BR. 475 WC.
RG 867: Polotzker Workingmen's Benevolent Society
RG 868: Chaim Hersch Weiss First Janower S & B Association
RG 869: Pannonia Lodge # 185, Independent Order of Odd fellows
RG 870: First Progressive Ladies of Dinewitz
RG 871: Loyal American Lodge # 402,Independent Order of Odd Fellows
RG 872: Ershte Bolshowcer Sick Benevolent Society & Lodge # 517
RG 873: Empire State Lodge # 460, IOOF
RG 874: United Fastoffer No. 1
RG 875: Szenicer Ladies Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 876: First Independent Loposhner Society
RG 877: United Botoshaner American Brotherly and B. A.
RG 879: Samuel Liptzin
RG 880: Radziner Progressive Society
RG 881: First Klevaner Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 882: Riazanifker Benevolent Association
RG 883: Antepoler Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 884: Zashkover Kranken Untershtitzung Verein of New York
RG 885: Congregation Bnei Jacob Anshei Brzezan
RG 886: Chasnick-Bieshenkowitzer Society
RG 887: Baryszer Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 888: Kolbuszowa Relief Association
RG 889: Delatizer Aid Benevolent Society
RG 890: Caucasian Benevolent Society
RG 891: Elinitzer Kranken Unterstitzungs Verein
RG 892: First Djouriner Podolier Alliance
RG 893: Igumener Independent Benevolent Association
RG 894: Shedlowtzer Benevolent Association
RG 895: Bogopoler Unterstutzungs Verein
RG 896: Lahishiner Ladies Auxiliary
RG 897: Latichever Progressive Society
RG 898: United Brisker Relief
RG 899: Ostreicher Galizianer Lodge # 288, IOBA
RG 900: Loyal Benevolent Society
RG 901: First Independent Storoznetzer Bukowiner S & B Association
RG 902: Menorah Benevolent Society
RG 903: Ozarower Young Men's Society
RG 904: Independent Lutzker Aid Society
RG 905: Independent Lemberger Ladies Aid Society
RG 906: Kossuth Association of New York
RG 907: Minsker Ladies Benevolent Society
RG 908: Pokshivnitzer Relief Committee
RG 909: First Bucecer Independent Benevolent Association
RG 910: First Krasner Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 911: Independent Kinsker Aid Association
RG 912: Krivozer Fraternal Society of Greater New York
RG 913: Progressive Mishnitzer Young Men's Society
RG 914: Trisker Voliner Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 915: Stopnitzer Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 916: Chevra Oir Lashumaim Anshei Stopnitz
RG 917: Erste Sadagorer Kranken Untershtitzung Verein
RG 918: Bnai Rezitza Association
RG 919: The Ceres Union
RG 920: Stanislauer Progressive Benevolent Association
RG 921: Swislotcher Benevolent Association
RG 922: Sandzer Society
RG 923: Workmen's Circle Branch 42,
RG 924: True Brethren Benevolent Association
RG 925: Philip Bernstein Sick Benefit Association
RG 926: First Lesznower Sick & Benevolent Society
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